Full Name:Celica Ayatsuki Mercury
Faction:Sector Seven
Blood Type:
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
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Status:Available for Apps
Theme Song:


"Are you sick? Want me to heal you?"

The younger sister of Nine, Celica inherited a sizeable amount of potential with magical chi but is only proficient at using the healing arts. Friendly, empathetic, and polite, her carefree and playful personality combined with a warm aura makes her well-liked by many. Determined and selfless, she will help friend or foe, considering all life precious and no individual beyond possible redemption, although this can also manifest as an intense stubbornness. She possesses an incredible life force due to having a spark of near-divine power, almost immune to aging and having the ability to nullify seithr and magical power merely by proximity. While running an orphanage housing a young Jin, Ragna, and their little sister, Terumi took advantage of the weakened fabric between realms surrounding her during a celestial event to temporarily manifest, burning the orphanage to the ground and killing her, earning Ragna's eternal hatred. However, her soul did not pass on, instead bleeding into the Boundary. Kokonoe, while doing personal experimentations in Sector Seven, discovered her soul and retrieved it, housing it in a biologically identical clone. Recognizing her unique potential, Kokonoe granted her an imitation of Nirvana known as Minerva, a highly autonomous doll. She is sheltered by Kokonoe and still tries to find her place in this world and come to terms with her revival. Hopefully, this does not involve wandering far, as she has a legendary inability to navigate even straight lines, her stubborn nature and woeful ineffectiveness requiring people to guide her like a blind dog, a flaw she refuses to acknowledge.

Style:Inept Flailing + Automated Minerva Defense
Signature Move:Minerva -- PHYSICAL ENERGY
Signature Ability:VIGOR -- INNERVATE

Recent Logs

Family Ties - Having found an unexpected treasure in the depths of the Boundary, Kokonoe puts the finishing touches on her most recent creations. - Log created on 16:38:46 01/01/2018 by Kokonoe, and last modified on 23:21:33 01/01/2018. Cast: Celica and Kokonoe.

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