Full Name: Mary Ryan
Game: Fatal Fury
Faction: Independent
Team: Independent
Profile: Formerly one of Interpol's most talented agents, exceeded only by Chun-Li, "Blue" Mary Ryan left the organization shortly after Geese Howard reclaimed his hold over Southtown, as she had grown tired of their inefficient and often dangerous treatment of agents. She has a deep grudge against organized crime, as her partner while she was with Interpol had been murdered by Geese's thugs several years ago, leaving her very depressed. She managed to turn herself around by getting a pet; Anton, her dog. She also met the strong-willed Terry Bogard while investigating Geese's return to Southtown, and this also helped improve her moods. Playful and affectionate towards Terry, she's as willing to share a drink with him as she is to spar with him. Due to a variety of reasons, Mary is one of the more popular fighters, and has gained a noteworthy fan-base since her recent performances in the King of Fighters tournaments.
Style: Commando Sambo
Signature Move: Mary Spider -- THROW

OOC Data



Gender: Female
Age: 28 (Febuary 4)
Height: 168 cm (5'5")
Weight: 49 kg (108 lbs)
BloodType: AB
Nationality: American
Hometown: Somewhere in the USA
EyeColor: Blue
HairColor: Blonde
Wins: 8 Losses: 5 Ties: 2
Neo League Points/Fights: 9.9/9

Fight History

Win Neo League 013 #210: Blue Mary vs Sakura Feb 25, 2006
Loss Neo League 014 #213: Alma vs Blue Mary Feb 27, 2006
Loss Neo League 014 #217: Blue Mary vs Acacia Mar 03, 2006
Win Neo League 015-020 #222: Xiangfei vs Mary Mar 08, 2006
Win Neo League 015-020 #224: Benimaru vs Mary Mar 11, 2006
Win Neo League 015-020 #234: Mary vs Yuri Mar 25, 2006
Win Neo League 015-020 #244: Blue Mary vs Sakura Apr 06, 2006
Win SNF 2006.07 Well, This Is Awkward Jul 29, 2006
Tie SNF 2006.08 Shut Up! Mary/Alma vs Kain Aug 12, 2006
Tie SNF 2006.09 Rolento vs Mary, Sie vs Megumi Sep 23, 2006
Win Neo League 040-049 #285: Adelheid vs Blue Mary Oct 03, 2006
Loss SNF 2006.10 Sumo! Blue Mary vs Hinako Oct 05, 2006
Loss SNF 2006.10 Contact! Mary/Rylee vs Cammy Oct 14, 2006
Loss SNF 2006.10 Grapple! Karin/Ingrid vs Mary Oct 22, 2006
Win SNF 2006.11 Chaos! Mary/Kensou vs Kyo Nov 05, 2006