Full Name:Amy Johnson
Faction:Sacred Order
Height:5'6" (167cm)
Weight:136lbs (62kg)
Blood Type:B+
Hometown:York, England
Eye Color:Blue
Hair Color:Black
Date of Birth:April 2nd
Hobbies:Reading, climbing, dancing, people-watching
Personal Treasures:Her grandfather's diaries, 'Katzbalger' arming sword
Favorite Food:Yorkshire pudding, traditional fudge
Likes:Learning, the countryside, music (techno/classic rock)
Dislikes:Conceited people, closed situations, idle chatter
Best Sport:Tennis
Love Interests:Promiscuous
OOC Data
Game:Original Character
Voice Actor:Olivia Williams
Theme Song:(Link)


"That's what it means to be a knight. To be a priest. To be a Warrior of the Lord. We sacrifice so that we might succeed; find victory in defeat. Save man by damning him. More than just man... We save the world. I need you to save it with me."

Something of an enigmatic individual, to the average acquaintance Amy appears passionate yet brooding. Though undoubtedly dedicated in her pursuits and personable enough in the right situation, she closely guards her private life and is as given to her own company as that of others. This standoffish approach This standoffish approach is reflected in her unique style of martial arts. While primarily trained in the Franco-Japanese art of kinomichi, as she fights she subconsciously calls forth a spreading mist of energy, drawing upon this to bolster her more powerful techniques. But what others may dub an astonishing level of chi manipulation, she has been led to believe is a form of magic, utilising the breath of the serpent whose coils bind the very earth. This belief seems at odds with her faith - the cross about her neck proclaims her a Christian - but she follows the teachings of the Holy Order, where myth and religion meet. As one of the youngest ranking Officers within the Order of Knights Templar, her quest is to locate and capture the dangerous relics of the world, safeguarding man from his own hubris by shutting away the power that he seeks. She's seen much in her tenure as a Warrior of God, and stands to see much more; great darkness threatens the world at every turn, and there are precious few who both understand what they face and are still willing to stand against it...

Style:Kinomichi and Sacred Mist Techniques
Signature Move:Wyrm Waker -- THROW ENERGY


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FullName: Amy Elizabeth Johnson
Height: 167cm
Weight: 136lbs
Birthdate: Apr. 02 1988 (25)
Blood Type: AB
Race: Human/English
Risk Rating: C

- Knight Officer, Order of Knights Templar
- Adept-level control over mist chi
- Illusionary and binding techniques
- Skilled grappling, negligible striking
- Neophyte swordsman, observe and update progress
- <User note: possible upgrade to C+ rating, reassessment pending>

- Close involvement with Operation Galahad, present in Jerusalem for testing of SubjectFC15. Notable defensive abilities displayed. Witnessed destruction of Templar team as sole survivor: emotional feedback likely, pending psychological evaluation. May be unstable and/or dangerous as result of experience. Seems convinced location of Grail ascertained. Further research required. See user note above.

- Posited as a potential under Messianic Initiative. No suitable evidence declared.

- Possible rogue from Order of Knights Templar. Demonstrates issues with authority, little ability to follow mission briefings. Assembling own team of heretics with apparent view to induction into Holy Vows. Careful monitoring required.


Johnson, Elizabeth Sarah (Biological Aunt & Legal Guardian)
- Professor of Archaeology at York University
- Self-professed 'adventurer', uses the name Sahara in favour of her birth name
- Wanted by several world governments for trespassing and theft of artifacts

Johnson, Joanna Evangeline (Biological Mother)
- Known criminal, for numerous petty offences
- Disappeared in 1989 following birth of her daughter
- Suspected involvement with "R" or other black market organizations

Koenig, Wilhelm (Maternal Grandfather)
- Son of minor German nobility
- Student of House Strolheim
- Served as an officer in the Third Reich
- Escaped trial for war crimes by testifying against his allies

Tucker, Calvin (Biological Father)
- Captain in United States Marine Corps
- Decorated for action in Gulf War and Kuwait City
- Currently M.I.A.
- Last known whereabouts: Capetown, 1999


Bardsley, Father Walter
- Known Darkstalker
- See own file

Kasagi, Mimiru
- Uncertain element, related to former subject Kasagi, Jiro
- Romantic attachment to target?
- Monitor and assess

Le Roi, Sir Michel (Superior & Benefactor)
- Grandmaster, Order of Knights Templar
- Master of Kinomichi, Chi Mastery Unknown
- Expert Swordsman
- Mastermind behind Project Galahad, and the Messianic Initiative
- Known to be emotionally-biased in regard to Dame Amy
- Obsessive, possibly insane, and notably more powerful than his ward
- Risk Rating B+

Towazu, Alma
- Possible psychic
- Romantic attachment to target?
- Very pretty
- Risk Rating B
- <User note: risk rating erroneous, assessment still pending? justify>

Tran, Doctor Richard
/additional permissions required/
#aborting file#

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