Neo League 951 - #973: Billy vs Faolan

Description: Mix one part Billy and one part Faolan. Result is an assbeating. One day Fao might learn to stop kicking people in the balls. (winner: Billy)


Not much more needs to be said; and at least one of the participants in the arranged match hasn't bothered himself with the details. All that matters to Billy Kane is that this marks his return to the fighting spotlight-- and so soon after he decided to throw his bandanna back in the ring. Finding interest amongst the Neo League officials was as easy as snapping his fingers for service in a greasy spoon, and picking up a challenger met less opposition than smacking the waitress on her cute bee-hind. The world loves a bad boy.

On the helicopter flight over, Kane is mostly silent, one booted foot kicked out into the whipping winds as he slouches in the seat in his old and familiar attire - all blue denim, with an open jacket bearing the near-legendary 'NO SMOKING' logo on the back. Because fuck smoking, and fuck you if you smoke! Fortunately, he's unlikely to come across many cigarettes in the fight locale, which is in the arse-end of the Amazon.

A mess of muddy shacks sits arrayed around a monument of polished bones and brightly-coloured feathers, arrayed into a series of winding platforms on which many of the natives are lounging, dark-skinned and filthy, either draped in simple loincloths or entirely naked to the elements. Speaking of, it's hot-- way hotter than Billy's ready to appreciate, and by the time he's circling overhead it's clear this isn't going to be his kind of battle. Home field advantage to the Irish, as if that even makes any sense. A merc, though? Could be fun.

"That's close enough," he utters with a hint of irritation, cracking his neck and then pushing off from his seat. "Time to make a bloody impression." The cameras below are already trained dutifully upward, as Billy simply steps out of the 'copter. His legs don't flail in the slightest as he enters a momentary free-fall into the sticky upper-forest atmosphere, his bandanna streaming out behind and jacket flapping in the heated winds. He folds up when he begins to naturally plunge forward, spinning into a wild repeated somersault.

By the time he hits the ground, Billy Kane is back on his A-game as he slides to a low crouch. There's a grin on his lips, and his eyes blaze as he extends an arm outward from his chest - pulling from inside his denim garb the crimson three-part rod for which he's named and famed. It's extended with a double flick of the wrist, locking in place then abruptly spun as he springs to his feet, with something sure to pop the crowd back home:


His thick cockney accent twisted by adrenaline into that high-octane, devilish cry, he grins all the wider.

"Where's the unlucky puke who reckons 'e's man enough to face me, eh?"

The rod is thrust forward suddenly, singling out one of the camera crew, for no other reason than because it looks good /on/ camera; he knows how to work a lense, that's for sure. The overweight, bespectacled man shrinks back instinctively anyway, garnering a few smirks from his colleagues.

"The longer he keeps me waiting, the harder I'll break 'is face!"

COMBATSYS: Billy has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Billy            0/-------/------=|

It is probably less finding someone to fight Billy Kane and more finding someone insane enough to fight Billy Kane on a short notice. Through his participation in both SNF and a past run in NDP the officials knew just who to get ahold of. And while he isn't the most steller fighter around they at least know he could care less about who it is he is facing and what sort of odds are against him. Really if you are looking for an Ikari to care about odds you have never met a real Ikari. The fact that the fight itself was taking place so close to home it was easy to lure out Faolan Sheehan onto the scene.

"Yeah yeah yeah. I heard you, fellah." comes the response from the Irishman as he seems to be making his way towards the other fighter. He carries his bata with him and lightly bounces it off his shoulder as he looks over Billy. "Oh yeah, you." No, he has never met Billy before, but he would be living under a rock if he didn't know who the hell he was. "I guess that explains why they couldn't find anyone else right off the bat to face you. Some people got no stones these days."

He hehs a bit and he idly scratches at a cheek as he points the bata towards his opponent for this evening and nods to him. "At least ya get a good workout. Getting to fight an Ikari and all." In fact this is his first time being able to get out after their base was attacked. Things are finally calming a bit to where he can venture out and he is only a few hours away at the moment so it isn't like he will be away for long. "We ready to dance?"

COMBATSYS: Faolan has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Billy            0/-------/------=|-------\-------\0           Faolan

A lashing sideglance takes in Faolan as he pipes up, the Syndicate punk retracting his own staff to sling it over his shoulder in somewhat imitation-- or it would be, if he hadn't practically invented this style of fighting. No hard feelings, though. An Irish mercenary based out of Brazil, fighting armies with a stick? Billy can't even begin to condemn that as anything less than pretty damned original.

"Ain't that the truth," Kane echoes the 'no stones' sentiment with a rewidening of his savage grin, looping his free arm up over the supportive length of his rod. Half-turning to give the cameras a profile of he and Sheehan, he saunters a couple of steps closer until they're almost within striking distance of one another, before pausing to sweep a considering glance up and down the Ikari. "Yeah," he replies as he meets the other man's gaze with a sneering smirk, "We're ready to dance. Been ready since I was born."

Suddenly he slides even closer, a quick step-in that feints an attack, his hip swaying and hands shifting upon his weapon, one turning inward to take a proper grip. But he stalls as immediately as he seemed to begin an attack, barking out a 'heh' of his own and then canting his chin upward, watching Faolan down the length of his craggy nose - broken, naturally, an inordinate numbers of times. This isn't a battle of preening pretty boys.

"'Ear you Ikari are tough. Fast and strong too, eh? 'Ow about you give me your best shot."

That said, he waits, cane still laid across his back and pressed to his neck. A perfectly reasonable posture from which to take a brutal shot to the face.

COMBATSYS: Billy takes no action.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Billy            0/-------/------=|-------\-------\0           Faolan

"Not so sure about the fast, but hey. I think I can get the strong part down decently." he says in response while giving a nod back. "Looking for the quick one you are in need of the likes of Leona or the boss. I don't think either of them really play this kinda of game often." He shifts his stance and doesn't really even flinch at the little feint of an attack. His feet remain solidly planted and his stance wide as he brings his bata about and grips it at both ends while holding it out in front of him a bit. It looks like a rather defensive positioning as he seems to size up his opponent. Is he probably outmatched? Oh, certainly He knows that. Why would he ever let something like that stop him from having fun.

"I will see what I can do." he says and smirks some as he bends a bit at the knees before pushing himself forward, a quick forward dash as he lets go of the bata with one hand and looks to slam the end of it hard into the chest of Billy. "All I say is you do the same for me afterwards. Only proper way to make an exchange now. Don't you agree?" Even if he knows he is going to be out of his league the fucks he seems to give equal zero. Taking a proper beating is a part of life and sometimes he will learn just as much from a good assbeating than beating someone down himself. "I would say the locals want a show, but I am not sure how much they care since we are some pasty white boys."

COMBATSYS: Billy endures Faolan's Fierce Strike!

[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Billy            0/-------/-----==|-------\-------\0           Faolan

Faolan doesn't have far to run-- Billy's right the hell there, and he doesn't budge so much as one iota as the Irish warrior prepares himself and goes through his motions. Put on a show; that's what this is about to Kane, giving himself a boost in both the eyes and hearts of the public. He'll admit it's a lot of fun too, though, especially without really /knowing/ how good his opponent is. He's sure he can take him, but...

To be fair, Billy Kane is always sure he can take anybody. It's the only way to ever win.

The bata comes screaming for his face with considerable force, enough that several of the locals do take notice, even while Howard's bodyguard is himself busy biting short a chuckle at Faolan's comment. Boisterous, hard-hitting, and borderline racist? *crack* As Billy's torso arches inward around the striking end of the bata, he's sure he likes this bold Ikari already. But this is a fight, and they agreed to give each other their hardest shots. Which gives him precisely one option.

"/ALRIGHT/!" Snarling his own enthusiasm for violence, and with a thick welt rising on his bare chest, the British punk throws himself into a countering assault. The cane sweeps around in one hand, before the other darts in to seize it in a doubled grasp, if only briefly; he's already leaping off the floor and toward Sheehan, baring his teeth as he pushes on one end of his extended rod, throwing it into the first stage of a spin that gets the primitive locals to hollaring and hooting in dismay. It's hot enough here as it is...

But Billy's flames burn brighter than the sun, searing gouts of crimson energy sweeping about him to smack against Faolan's own chest-- and higher, and lower, with the sheer spread of them. It's a brutal assault, reaching its completion at a good dozen feet up, when the staff is released back to a single-handed grip and swept outward to smack the Ikari away toward the monument.

Kane's under 'orders' not to end any careers, but nothing was ever mentioned about property damage.

"Your turn!" Yells the punk as he drops in for a landing, energetic and spry. It's not like he hasn't been hit a lot harder.

COMBATSYS: Billy successfully hits Faolan with Red Lotus Requiem.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Billy            0/-------/---====|=======\==-----\1           Faolan

The Ikari is rather rough on the edges. Then again he is an Irishman that doesn't tan living in a hot jungle where he is constantly training and doing missions. That kinda lifestyle can given anyone that sort of disposition. It isn't that he is a bad guy, but he certainly can be crude and come off as a bit of an ass. He slams the bata hard into the jaw of Billy then gets back in his defensive position. "Come on, bring it!" he shouts as he watches the firey chi erupts around the fighter and he comes in for the strike. It looks like Faolan is more than happy to step forward and try to meet that strike. He just really underestimated how hart the Brit would hit.

The blows throw him off balance and the attempt to fire him into the hard monument he was aiming for works. The Irishman is lifted off his feet and he hits the monument with so much force the thing cracks. He slides down into a sitting position and seems a bit out of it, but not taken out fully. A good thing because his fellow Ikari would give him hell if he went down so easily. Even if it was Billy that he was up against they would still give him proper ribbing. "I'm good....that wasn't so bad." he says as he starts to get to his feet. That might be the biggest understatement.

There is a crackling noise that comes from him when he stands up. It isn't the sound of bones snapping or such, but from the blackish chi that is seeping from his hands and starting to snake around the bata he wields. "H'okay, let me try this again." The energy seems to be gathering into one end after he releases and holds the tip pointed outwards towards Billy. It continues to grow larger and crackle loudly before getting fired off, the large orb looking to just slam into the staff fighter and given him a nice electric shock if it connects.

COMBATSYS: Billy overcomes Black Friday Rule from Faolan with Blazing Cane Thrust.

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Billy            0/-------/---====|==-----\-------\0           Faolan

As Faolan strikes the local landmark with the full weight of his burly form, there's a general scattering of ebon nudity as the villagers alternately climb, leap and are thrown from their collective perch. The uproar is considerable-- this isn't a place that's hosted professional bouts before, chosen mostly for being a remote location that might not cause too much uproar if it's set ablaze. That last part is probably a lie, but environmental groups be damned; those guys are all a bunch of pussy hippies anyway!

Something the Ikari clearly isn't. However much of a face he's putting on, Kane - now in his habitual stance, rod held low and exploding with energy as he jolts from foot-to-booted foot - appreciates it, tossing his head and giving the staff a wild spin as he switches position, left to right.

"You know what they say," he begins as Faolan channels his energies, "If at first you don't succeed..."

The sparking sphere is regarded with a sort of distant excitement from Kane, his own aura beginning to bleed outward to those that can sense it, though nothing is visible yet. Faolan's projectile comes on with decent speed, pushing back some of the outlying rubble as it rushes on for the Syndicate punk, who waits until the last possible instant before bounding forward to meet it, his arms thrusting forth the cane-- splitting the electrical orb in half with a sound like a thundercrack as the staff separates into its three segments, bound at their centre by a sturdy chain. The end snaps forth, driven toward the Irishman on a crash course...


Whereupon it /ignites/, spewing more of that searing flame into a localized explosion running up the entire final third of Billy's cane to erupt into Sheehan's chest a half-second after the initial impact. A nasty one-two punch of force and fire, that threatens to send the Ikari right back the way he came with astonishing force; it's possible that Howard's right hand man is trying to hit him even harder than the last time.

COMBATSYS: Faolan interrupts Blazing Cane Thrust from Billy with Jig Kick.
- Power hit! -

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////             ]
Billy            0/-------/-======|==-----\-------\0           Faolan

Really if there are people that are going to complain it would fall on deaf ears for the most part. Faolan doesn't seem apologetic to the damage he and Billy have done so far. Then again maybe he doesn't realize the destruction because he is all too focused on trying to take on the other fighter right now. Even more so he furrows his brow and his expression turns into a rather stern one when he starts to see Billy handle his attack all so well. Focusing so much energy into once burst take alot out of him so he is left kind of in a bad position. When he is in a bad position there is pretty much only one thing to do.

Instead of any sane man he doesn't try to get out of the way. As the staff ignites and looks to slam into him he lurches forward and he grips the bata tightly. "Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu-" he shouts as he manages to collide with the staff and use the bata to catch it and knock it out of the way just as he closes the distance between himself and Billy. All the while he rears back with a leg and kicks upwards to plant his steel toed boot right into the Brit's pillbox. "-ck YOU!"

He staggers back a bit after the kick and regains his balance as he grins once more. "Oi, that kinda shit always is intense. I tend to get a bit carried away." Of course doing something like that to Billy might result into something really horrible.

Expect the unexpected. That should be a rule in this kind of thing. But sometimes...

Sometimes a man just gets cocky, or another man shows he has balls of steel. This might be a combination of the two; though in fairness, as Fao's foot strikes it's rather akin to kicking against a wall, if that wall had a couple of juicy plums placed against it. Yeah, it hurts. It has to. Nature dictates it. And Billy's caught off-guard, rod still busy retracting from the blast wave it leaves as the Ikari closes.

There's practically a 'ding' when he hits.

But that... probably isn't a good thing.

See, there's a reason that Billy has been issued a summary warning not to get carried away and brutalize his opponents in the Neo League; because when he gets like this, just about anything is possible. Raised on the mean streets and tempered from a two-bit thug into a highly-skilled engine of destruction under the expert supervision of Geese Howard, at no point has he ever had to focus on keeping his head under fire. Being hit doesn't mean you play nice-- it means you hit back, harder, and keep hitting until it's good and done.

Which explains why Kane doesn't hesitate even momentarily, teeth still gritted and head swimming with that bizarre nausea that comes from taking a usually-negligible hit right in the codpiece, as he plunges back into the fray with a direct and brutal rotation of his body, whipping the end sections of his returning staff around like nunchaku to batter Faolan in five or six different places in the space of a split second...

COMBATSYS: Billy successfully hits Faolan with Ifrit Crisis+.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >                                ]
Billy            0/-------/-------|>>>>>>>\>>>>>>>\2           Faolan

It'd be pretty savage already, if that weren't just the beginning, but Billy's aura is practically roaring now. His lean torso bunches with honed muscle as he whips the rod back with a controlling snap of the wrist, chambering it momentarily to one side as he springs into a tight somersault. That motion hides a re-introduction of both hands, gripping the staff at one end like a deranged baseball bat as he brings it sweeping overhead. That sweep is something else, though; it's so blazingly fast it seems to MULTIPLY.

The end result equates to being smacked in the head about twelve times over, and Billy keeps on landing and spinning, ending up with a sadistic cackle bubbling from his throat as he accelerates into three heavy blows. When that part's over, he ends up in a crouch, pausing long enough for the production team to insert a dramatic eye glint as he glances toward the cameras. If he's got this far, he's got time-- Faolan should be pretty brutalized already, nicely prepared for the finale, which comes in another gout of fire and flame. This one is every bit as bright as the others, and then some, the staff spinning about as though rocket-fuelled. Hand over hand it spins, generating a blast that even leaves the natives wishing they could remove non-existing clothing.

Billy himself is drenched in sweat by the time it all ends, Sheehan sent on his way with a final batting sweep, the fire dissipating in spitting licks, the heat haze gradually settling as Kane lowers himself to a sunken posture, eyes narrow and mouth set in a hard line. It doesn't last long. He's over it. Really.

"Yeah," Billy utters in belated response as he breathes out, "Me too, mate."

No. Shit.

The Irishman has a rather firey personality. It seems that Billy is more of a literal sense. That rage that he unleashes is not something a more seasoned fighter would want to deal with. Them's the breaks. Faolan perhaps chose poorly on how to handle that last attack, but he wouldn't take it back at the same time. You learn from mistakes and he certainly has learned something this time. Kicking Billy Kane in the balls turns him into a firey dervish of pain. To the point that after the first several strikes he feels numb from the battering and really that is probably good. It makes the burning sensation hurt a bit less really.

His skin is reddened and clothing singed in places by the time Billy is through with him. Really Faolan doesn't know what direction he is pointing until he finally hits the ground head first and kinda of turns into one giant, smoking heap of Irishman.

The bata somehow doesn't even look burned. As if the energy he wields somehow shielded it much better than it did the fighter himself. He also holds a death grip on it despite him looking to be out of it entirely. He just kinda lays there before there is a twitch and he kinda groggily tries to get up. "Mnnggah dunnah." Is said. Whatever he means might be hard to tell. Staggering he actually seems to be coming towards Billy. The intent is he just starts to wildy swing that bata about as he looks to just nail Billy with it as many times as he can. All the while that blackish energy coils around the fighting stick before one final thrust is made in an attempt to slam it into Billy's chest and blast him away. "Gshhh sguihhhk." is all he says afterwards before slumping forward onto his face. He's out like a light.

COMBATSYS: Faolan can no longer fight.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Billy            0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Billy dodges Faolan's Hair of the Dog.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Billy            0/-------/-------|

With his full and fiery fury unleashed, Billy - in spite of the sweat now coating his torso and beading beneath the material of his bandanna - isn't tired so much as he is... well, this is about the closest he ever comes to feeling relaxed and calm in battle, friend and confidante to adrenaline that he is. The oncoming Irishman is regarded first with a loose chuckle, then a raised eyebrow and widening eyes as he keeps on coming, a smoking mess as he sweeps the bata around and through a series of strikes.

Uncoordinated, but pretty poky, all things considered, Kane instinctively decides that the best course of action is simply not to get hit. He starts to shift backward, step by darting step, bobbing his head and weaving about to swoop in and around the weapon's course in a neat little dance. His own cane is held beneath, used as a tool for balance where necessary, and ultimately swung up over his shoulders where it started... as his gutsy and surprising opponent collapses like a sack of muscular potatoes.

"Ha!" Barks the Brit, ambling forward to nudge Faolan with the tip of a boot. He's grinning from ear-to-ear then, only in a quite relaxed, carefree manner. Even the realization he's still stinging down below doesn't break his good mood, as he pauses to unhook an arm from his rod and reach into the back pocket of his jeans for a clip of cash-- part of his Syndicate loadout, of course. Every criminal has to carry one.

"Good show, mate, buy yerself a drink on me," Kane shouts out, for the benefit of the cameras as much as the unconscious Faolan, before unceremoniously chucking the considerable sheaf of sexy green papers onto the downed man. Who knows if there's anything resembling a bar here, but hell; for that much, he could probably buy the entire village. Kane doesn't hang around to find out, sauntering off toward the production crew, his grin spreading to a close-mouthed smirk. When he's within a nice, photogenic range, he inverts his raised hand, twisting it to the sort of 'v' sign that's too hot for TV. If the world loves a bad boy, he'll embrace it; he'll be it. After all, it's what he is. A very, very bad boy.

Leaving rubble and flame in his awake, Billy Kane heads off to rejoin the world of organized crime.

One step closer to reclaiming international fame and fortune. Step three: profit.

COMBATSYS: Billy has ended the fight here.

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