Neo League 951 - #960: Zach vs Eagle

Description: Originally, Hideo Shimazu was to meet Eagle down in Tanzania for a Neo League match... but a last minute cancellation prevents this, leaving a distraught Eagle to desperately not want to waste this trip. Zach Glen, whom happens to be traveling the slow way back to Southtown, happens upon him. Eagle knows well of Zach's power, but also of his lackluster technique - figuring it an easy win to go with the undeniable flash that Zach can bring to the table... little does he know of Zach's most recent developments. To the world at large, however, Zach has never put on a greater performance. (WINNER: Zach)

Dodoma, Tanzania. The famous (or, if you ask some people who have worked him in the past, /infamous/) performer and bouncer Eagle is particularly high-strung after a last-minute call.
"I'm sorry, sir," says one of Eagle's attendants, "but Hideo Shimazu has to cancel the arrang--"
"At the very last minute?!" Eagle exclaims, his irritation and frustration palpable. "As soon as we've arrived down here?!" The British fighting phenomenon paces back and forth, occasionally exchanging harsh glances that suggest this attendant's job is very much at risk.
"I'm sorry, sir, but he said he needs to prepare for the final weeks of the school year over there," the attendant explains, although he'd rather like to lose his job considering how difficult Eagle can be in these circumstances, "unless we find a substitute, and fast, we're going to have to call the League and tell them it's off."
"Barnaby, is it?" Eagle steps over to him with a hand on his shoulder. "I absolutely /cannot/ let this trip go to waste! Not after all the fussing I went through with my agent to work out this week." He harrumphs. "It is already bad enough that I did not receive an invitation to the King of Fighters!"
"Yes, sir, I'm aware," Barnaby is so very aware, "but, in these circumstances..."
"Well!" Eagle starts towards the door. "I'm certain there will be someone out there! I suppose it could not get any worse than having to work with that Genryuusai woman."
"Sir, I..."
Too late. He's already out the door, about the streets. Tanzania's on the upswing in so far as health and political stability goes, although one may hesitate to really call it, truly, a nice place to live in comparison to the more developed countries. Trash litters the streets, and a nearby beach is just full of complete garbage. The beach in question is where a stage has already been set up, cameras already very carefully placed as to not call attention to the pollution.
"Oh, bother." Eagle grouses to himself as he nonetheless makes sure to put on his public face of relative cheeriness and can-do. Someone of his position, after all, must always be 'on.' They must always be ready, for a damned paparazzi might be waiting around the corner for the slightest mistake.
So far, there is no sight of anyone that looks remotely interesting or capable. Let's be honest here, could Eagle really expect for someone fitting his particular needs to just swing by out of nowhere, here on a sunny morning?

As plot may have it, there may just be.

Zach Glen has started what is no doubt going to be an epically painful overland journey from Zambia, Africa to Southtown, Japan. He has his reasons for it, many of which he has kept to himself and a handful of other people. He is currently making his way up the coast towards Ethopia, where he plans to catch a boat across the Red Sea to cross into Saudi Arabia. While he would certainly not mind, for a few reasons, not mind a more... violent journey, he is also dead certain he would not be all that welcome in Egypt which would rule out crossing over into Isreal.

So there is Zach, sword clipped to his belt, walking along the beach because that is the easiest way to follow the coast and at the same time to get some exercise. He chances upon the stage with a somewhat glum look; until he can get his talents back under control somehow his fighting career is on long-term hold.

"Hrm." The older gentleman can only look upon the polluted coastline with a sense of dread, a dread that weighs heavily upon him for all the little niggles and problems his career has been having. King of Fighters has everyone's entire attention! Very few people in comparison are even watching him right now - and yet, instead of wisely taking this chance to train and practice and keep in health in relative safety, he'd rather like to stay in the limelight.
Once you taste fame, it's hard to go back, as some would say.
"I suppose... maybe, there is no helping it," Eagle sighs out loud, arms outstretched and shaking his head as he talks to nobody in particular - Zach may almost certainly see him just a ways away. Resigned to defeat, he turns around and starts to head back the way he came from.
Which happens to be the way Zach's coming from.
His eyes catch sight of that gleaming thing around Zach's neck. From this distance, it is very fetching! Bold. Something that shows confidence and maybe a little hint of danger, he rather likes it although the rest of the young man's ensemble clashes with it a bit.
However, as he draws closer, he recognizes who this man is! His heart races. Yes, maybe, just maybe! Everyone knows about this young man's particular penchant for dazzling displays! This otherwise wasteful trip can yet be salvaged!
"Excuse me, good sir!" Eagle calls as he jogs along up towards Zach. "I am sure you are aware, but I am Eagle," he bows down to introduce himself, "and if I am not mistaken, you would be... Zach Glen, yes?"

Zach is frowning slightly when the Englishman comes jogging up. The psychic doesn't need to be psychic to know that the man wants something of him. "Last I checked," Zach says guardedly. It takes a singular effort of will to keep his hand off of his sword; the only thing Zach knows of Eagle is the name.

He decides to get to the point in that awesomely American manner. "What can I do for you?" he asks. Lord help Eagle if the Brit claims to be a fan; Zach

...has had more than enough of 'fans' for this trip.

Eagle is a very famous name, somewhat disproportionately so! Famous for his performances the world over in the fighting circuit, turning even the most pitched battle into a dramatic and beautiful show! (...According to his publicist.)
Where Zach is guarded, Eagle is chipper and - in a sense - relieved... and unaware of the psychic's trepidation at his sudden approach at what should literally be the middle of nowhere. "Oh, Zach - I hope you do not mind me referring to you by your first name," he asides very quickly, "I'm in a bit of a bind right here, you see, my opponent for a Neo League match riiight here in this very stage," he snaps to it with a drawn stick out of seemingly nowhere, "called it off at the very, very last minute! It's rather vexing, I assure you."

Zach grimaces; he kind of figured the request out before the question had been asked. He looks around. No crowds, mind you, which is... good he supposes. Zach looks at the stage, then back to Eagle. He looks, and sounds hesitant when he answers.

"I'm... not sure that is such a good idea, sir," he says. "I'm not sure I could give you a good fight right now."

"Oh, poppycock!" Eagle has himself a hearty chuckle. "You are quite exciting to watch, Mr. Glen! The way that energy just... simply... explodes!" Which is probably the worst possible way for him to describe Zach's predicament right now as he stretches his arms out wide in all earnest...
Then tosses a stick up and claps his hands together loudly. Camera crews come out of nowhere. (Where in the hell were they hiding?!)
"You see, Zach, I am in absolute dire need of someone with such a lively sense of showmanship like yourself!" Eagle continues on as people start getting set up, effortlessly catching the stick as it falls down in his hand as he gestures towards the stage. "So please, Zach, if you will, I would be honored to have you for a Neo League opponent on such short notice! I'm sure I can make it worth your while."

Zach facepalms as Eagle gets right to the heart of both what Eagle is looking for and Zach is trying to avoid. "Fine," he finally says after thinking about it. "I can give you a fight, but I'm not sure I can give you exactly what you are looking for." He looks up at Eagle. "Would that be okay with you?"

"Oh, come now!" Eagle has himself a little laugh as he guides Zach up towards the stage. It's a nice stage, if hastily constructed. Wooden, powerful amps, colorful overhead lights... it seems there's a drum set down a ways, suggesting there is (or was) supposed to be some sort of musical act later.
"Surely you have it in you, I have seen it," so Eagle says with a wily look in his eye. Yes, Zach will be absolutely, positively perfect! He is sure of this. He is so sure of this he doesn't bother to call Barnaby with the good news as the camera crews - the very best money can buy - are already setting up everything. Cameras, a bit of lightning, microphones. Hell, there's already an announcer doing a mic check just a ways away.
What kind of man is this to so suddenly be able to set this sort of thing up in what is, effectively, minutes?

"Perhaps," Zach says as he slowly pulls the wakazashi out of its sheath, "I shall simply have give you a more practical demonstration." Fights breaking out and getting recorded in short order aren't all that odd really; he's set up one or two in his time. He wouldn't know from camera quality, but he seems to be as ready as he is likely to get.

He settles into a comfortable stance as he holds the short sword in his right hand while leading with his left. He looks around for the referee or the announcer or whomever is going to start this thing.

"Most excellent!" Eagle verbally applauds as he takes center stage. The announcer - a practiced, 50-something veteran who is nonetheless no Turk Gridiron - steps up to say some things.
Just in time for Eagle to take it as the cameras begin rolling.
"Welcome, one and all, to the Neo League!" Eagle announces for himself, much to the frustration of that other man in question. "I am Eagle, here in lovely Dodoma, Tanzania!" Expertly, the cameras do not capture the amount of absolute garbage piled up, because these people are professionals in glitz and glamour and making sure the action stays squarely on the shiny and beautiful parts.
"After just a delay, I do hereby apologize, fans, I will be fighting against the one, the only Zach Glen! Round of applause, everyone," he says as he gestures towards him.
That's not canned applause. Somehow, in a frighteningly short amount of time, there are now spectators. Somehow. A man of Eagle's standing tends to draw crowds, but this amount of draw borders on the ridiculous. "The /powerful/, the /vibrant/, the way his fighting spirit flares! Your excitement may make you all burst into cheer, but I assure you, none more brighter than this young man!"
"Please give me back the microphone," says the announcer who is just a touch upset at being upstaged, the second half of his question barely audible for the cameras.
"He shall be taking on /me/, yours truly," Eagle says as he deftly swings the microphone away from the announcer, "of which I'm sure you need no further explanation or lecturing, hm?" He smiles for the crowd at home.
The announcer manages to yank the microphone clean out from under Eagle's grasp, working up his best practiced smile. "Yes... very well, thank you, Eagle," by which he means he hopes he dies in a fire as Eagle withdraws both his sticks and twirls about right to his starting position as flamboyantly and energetically as ever.
"Fighters, ready!" The ref calls.
Eagle doesn't need to say anything.
"Ready... go!"

COMBATSYS: Eagle has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Eagle            0/-------/------=|

COMBATSYS: Zach has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Zach             0/-------/-------|=------\-------\0            Eagle

Zach lunges forward, bringing his blade forward as he grips it in both hands. He raises it above his head and brings it down sharply on Eagle's collarbone, blunt side first to deal a sharp blow to the older man.

Zach's momentum carries him past the taller Brit, and the landing is such that he may need a second to get turned back around.

COMBATSYS: Zach still bears the choker, which shimmers an odd color.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Zach [E]         0/-------/-------|=------\-------\0            Eagle

COMBATSYS: Zach successfully hits Eagle with Aggressive Strike.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Zach [E]         0/-------/-------|====---\-------\0            Eagle

It is perhaps entirely to Zach's benefit that this man standing before him seems to be a touch more concerned with ensuring the crowd is lively, that they're enthusiastic. It's still smaller than he would like - after all, he is world-class talent. This is a man whom thrives so very highly off of being the center of attention!
He is almost assuredly at the center of a few grimaces and winces among the crowd (and a cracking smile from the announcer) when Zach displays his complete ferocity and cracks him upside the collarbone. (Well, down upon.)
There is but a short stumble upon what the older man realizes is a good, solid, powerful hit. Zach does have a reputation for going for the quick and fast finishes. Eagle, however, is very certain he can work with it.
"Oh, come now," he winces as he puts on his best smile in spite of the very clear bruise on the side of his neck, balancing himself with the click of his heels, "show us some of that wondrous color of yours, Zach!"
It is a very enthusiastic challenge, although there is no mistaking that beneath the cheerful invitation that this man is more appropriately readying himself for Zach's next move, standing straight with one arm crossed up high and the other low, less of a sway in his ready stance as though he were ready to anticipate something.

COMBATSYS: Eagle focuses on his next action.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Zach [E]         0/-------/-------|====---\-------\0            Eagle

Zach blanches as the crowd shows up out of seemingly nowhere. "It's not a 'color'," Zach replies as he dashes back in close to Eagle, trying to thread his way past the sticks to grab the taller man by the front of his shirt. He has learned that outward 'expressions' such as that color Eagle is after can cause trouble.

Basic 'reinforcement', however, tricks that just about any fighter of any energy discipline can use... those are far less dangerous. He channels power through his arms and torso to pick Eagle up and over his shoulder to slam him down to the arena floor before following it up with a pommel strike to the center of the man's forehead. "And not with this crowd here," he answers quietly, hopefully quietly enough that the cameras don't pick it up. "They're here to watch a fight, not get caught up in one."

COMBATSYS: Eagle counters Combo Grapple from Zach with EX Canterbury Blue.

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Zach [E]         0/-------/---====|=====--\-------\0            Eagle

"Then, pray tell, what would you call it?" Eagle asks as he raises a leg up, a stick held horizontally in front of himself while he spins the other back. He's not even making eye contact with Zach at this point, looking down with a knowing smile.
On a significantly more insidious note, there is another reason why Eagle finds Zach such a great find - the known crudeness of his technique when he /isn't/ employing the colors. Easier to control, easier to pace to his liking. He couldn't have asked for a better replacement in the least!
Why, just as Zach goes for the grab, he thrusts the sideways-held stick forward a ways just as a brief buffer to make sure Zach's grab doesn't get in too deep before he thrusts the stick behind him into Zach's upper body, returning his sticks to his typical 'neutral' stance with the side bobbing.
"On the contrary, Zach," Eagle smiles, "the best fights are the ones the crowd feel a part of, even without being inside the ring."

Zach staggers back as he rubs at his chest. That... stung just a bit. He keeps a level stare as he looks at Eagle. "There's getting caught up in it emotionally," Zach says after a moment. "Leaving in a stretcher is another thing entirely."

Zach drives forward once more, leveling the tip of the wakazashi at the center of Eagle's chest. Crude or not, Zach plans on using this fight, and every fight from here until he gets rid of the damn choker that is the cause of his grief, to refine that technique until it is useful on its own!

COMBATSYS: Zach successfully hits Eagle with Small Random Weapon.

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Zach [E]         0/-------/---====|=====--\-------\0            Eagle

Eagle's striking techniques are among the finest in his league. The strength in which he manages swings and thrusts alike are nearly unparalleled - up against Zach, a known softy against that sort of thing, this entire fight appears one-sided. Some members of the audience, themselves, know a bit about Zach's technique from all his appearances in televised fights. He is holding something back - he's doing something very differently.
But why?
Eagle once again outright underestimates Zach's ferocity when he tries to lean his upper body back, hoping for the blow to come just short of outright stabbing him.
He is nowhere near as in control of this fight as he first intends, the sharp poke to the chest a fine reminder that Zach tends to treat fights as fights, where Eagle - very plainly - treats fights as shows. Entertainment. He does not get caught up so much with any of the other underlying themes as to why people get into these fights as he stays leaning back so far as to look like he should be falling over.
"A stretcher?" Asks Eagle, all stretched out with a wince. "Why, it sounds you're selling yourself a bit short..."
At which point, he leans straight back up - hopefully to put Zach just a touch off balance - as he goes to thrust the butt end of the stick into Zach's chest to try and knock some wind out.
"...of breath, why, could I interest you in a breather?"
It is such a bad joke.

COMBATSYS: Zach blocks Eagle's Random Strike.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Zach [E]         0/-------/-======|====---\-------\0            Eagle

Zach raises his sword, barely parrying Eagle's strike before forcing it aside with a grunt of breath. "Zambia /is/ a bit out of your loop I guess," Zach says as he once more presses forward. "So you probably wouldn't know about it." He knows that while Eagle is definitely the better weapon fighter, he still feels like he is holding his own, which surprises him somewhat. He rotates the Violet Miraitou around to resheath it before pulling the sheathed sword free from his belt.

The blunt sheath is slammed towards Eagle's breadbasket in order to wind the man somewhat, before channelling a little more power through his body to use the weapon as a lever to hurl Eagle across the floor!

COMBATSYS: Eagle blocks Zach's Combo Grapple.

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////         ]
Zach [E]         0/-------/---====|====---\-------\0            Eagle

"Know about what, pray tell?" Eagle loses Zach on that thread, but Zach gives him something to know about when he gets the sheath up against his gut in, thus far, a clean hit. He makes something of a show of doubling over in something of jest, a poker face in faking this pain by itself broken by a cracked smile - a sign that Zach's physical strength is, in this case, not quite up to task.
Made ever the more evident when Zach goes to try and lift him up with the sheath, freeing up a thumb on the grip of one of his sticks to push it away from him with a little bit of effort - if only a little, as Zach is a particularly tenacious customer - stepping in to move his own forearm up against Zach's chest and simply shove him up and back in a display that may be simply interpreted as borderline bullying.

COMBATSYS: Zach fails to interrupt Quick Throw from Eagle with Fierce Kick.

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////         ]
Zach [E]         0/-------/--=====|=====--\-------\0            Eagle

"If you have to ask, then I'm not going into it," Zach says as Eagle comes in. He only half-expected that to work. He shifts his weight back slightly in order to throw a rough high kick at Eagle's jaw.

His timing is off, the kick flies up in front of the taller man's face and /then/ the forearm comes in. Zach loses his balance completely, and topples to the ground awkwardly. To his credit, he keeps his grip on the sword, and even manages to get back to stable footing fairly quickly with a quick roll to the side. He stares at Eagle evenly. "Guess you'll have to look into it yourself."

"Ahh, secrets, hm?" Eagle comments as he draws his arm back. "Zach, Zach, Zach! My friend," he gesture to the whole crowd, as he is given - effectively - center stage. "A performance is no time for secrets! A crowd has gathered to witness a truly extraordinary display of talent and power! There is no point in holding anything back!"
With that, he brings both of his sticks together in front of him in something of an 'X' shape, his head slightly bowed. "Discard that notion of secrecy at once, and come at me with all you got!" With this, the crowd whips into a frenzy. /They/ want to see action. /They/ don't know of the woes Zach is facing with that choker.
Showbusiness is rarely fair.

COMBATSYS: Eagle enters a meditative state.

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Zach [E]         0/-------/--=====|=======\===----\1            Eagle

Zach frowns as he watches Eagle draw back. He'd... much rather /not/, thank you. He resets his stance, raising his left arm towards Eagle as he keeps his blade low. It's not the crowd's fault that Zach's not a showman by nature. It's not his fault that his innate 'talents' would make him an excellent one if he chose to. But he figures his gifts should be for more than putting on a show.

He allows himself to make a dangerous gambit, and builds up more power. Perhaps the light show that follows, that radiant purple light that ripples off of the smaller man, will at least satisfy the older man. If he gets past the inherent feeling of /wrongness/ that the display of soul power would give him.

COMBATSYS: Zach gathers his will.

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Zach [E]         1/------=/=======|=======\===----\1            Eagle

"The two fighters are truly growing intense!" Exclaims the announcer, only with this much enthusiasm because he's being paid to. "Zach Glen is displaying his well-known violet lights for the very first time this fight, fans!" They're all cheering. They love the coloration, they love the brightness - it is intoxicating, maybe. A little too powerful, from where they sit, but none of them have the wisdom or know-how to figure out that the fact it's coming on so strong has a /meaning/. A very, very dire meaning indeed.
One that if Eagle himself were aware, is clearly choosing to ignore - if he even knows to begin with, which is highly doubtful.
"Well then, Zach," Eagle says as he relaxes out of the moment of focus and peace, "here I come!" With that, he leaps forward in the air, drawing one stick back in a very blatant tell. There's something playful and goofy in just the way he composes himself in his forward leap, with such a deliberate, blatant maneuver that is met up very predictably by a downward swing of one of his sticks, landing gracefully enough on one leg.
Assuming, of course, Zach lets him. He has the opportunity...

COMBATSYS: Zach interrupts Liverpool White from Eagle with Third Stance EX.

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////               ]
Zach [E]         1/-----==/=======|=======\=======\1            Eagle

"/Shit/," Zach growls as Eagle comes in. The taller man is coming in too fast for Zach to get the weapon between the pair. His response, the one he didn't want to make as Eagle's baton crashes into his shoulder.

Zach rotates his left hand, making the palm skyward as he waves his hand upward. The soul power, that had been racing through him throughout the fight, /leaps/ to his call as a broad blast of soul power rips out of the ground in front of him to toss Eagle clear off of the stage! Zach winces as he shakes his left hand as if to shake the pain out.

Eagle, upon having cooked up that idea to have Zach replace his no-show opponent for the League match, was expecting something beautiful. Powerful, sure, that goes entirely without saying. But no amount of bravado, absolutely no amount of supposed preparation on his part could have braced him for what just happens in an instant.
Wood splinters everywhere. A light shorts out. Eagle, eyes wide at the moment of impact, finds himself blacking out mid-flight until he corkscrews into an assorted mess of trash just off the stage. Camera crews are already wincing, wondering how the hell they're going to spin this when...
When Eagle arises, his vision blurry and his mind aching. What just happened, is what's on his... head? A sweep of his hand reveals absolute garbage of an icky, discolored type best not further described. Oh my goodness, his /hair/, what the hell!
The referee gestures for him to get back on stage, pronto, if he's still going to fight.
"Zach blows Eagle into the sky with a show of his great power!" The announcer says, having a good laugh at Eagle's expense. Let's not mince words, the crews here have a favorite and /Eagle/ is not it, given the difficulties earlier in the day.
A new possibility is laid bare for Zach - his power is dangerous, but with it, he could overcome some he couldn't before. Eagle, clearly his superior otherwise in terms of strength, skill, and speed, is one of them. Just one more great, solid blast like that, and Zach could win. He could send a message to his enemies right here that he's nobody to be trifled with any more.
The prize money for winning might help on the trip, too.
Eagle, for his part, crawls back onto the stage with a cleared throat and a not at all convincing pass through his hair to get all the gunk out. "Good shot," he deigns to say although his tone of voice is significantly less cheery than prior.

COMBATSYS: Eagle takes no action.

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////               ]
Zach [E]         1/------=/=======|=======\=======\1            Eagle

Such an impression would be a sword made of glass, however, even if Zach is the only one who knows it. "I can't take much credit for it," Zach says as he watches Eagle climb onto the stage. He calms himself, catching his breath as keeps a sharp eye on the taller man.

One good shot /could/ end the fight. It'd snap his dry spell for certain, but he recognizes that he would not know if he won that fight on his own, or if it was only thanks to the choker. it would probably drive him insane for a very long time. He bides his time for the moment.

COMBATSYS: Zach gains composure.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////               ]
Zach [E]         1/-------/=======|=======\=======\1            Eagle

"Hmm, I suppose you would... take cash, yes?" The irritation on Eagle is completely palpable, as he struggles to come up with a snappy one-liner while maintaining /something/ of composure for the fight. People are already going to be in trouble on the managerial level, now with attention brought towards the surrounding garbage of this place. Eagle's suit, cleanly pressed, is now completely ruined and smells rank.
It may be an amusing highlight for the blooper reel, though, something Eagle would smile and laugh with on camera but bitterly scowl in the safety of his own home.
"For, my good man, I do believe you have earned quite the payout for this, yes?" He comments as he slinks along up to Zach - nearly tripping over the gap in the floor thanks to that burst of incredible psionic power - and tries to wrap a single arm around Zach's head in a headlock (take note, the stench is awful).
"It is my hope you will have change," Eagle says in none too friendly a manner as he brings a stick down upon Zach's headlocked skull - if he lets him. But if he gets that far in, that's not going to be the whole picture.

COMBATSYS: Zach blocks Eagle's Picadilly Silver.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////               ]
Zach [E]         1/-----==/=======|=======\-------\0            Eagle

Just as soon as Eagle gets that there, he starts making immediate forward movements, trying to push Zach back with a number of swings and thrusts here and there. A rapidfire, difficult-to-predict combo from there, but... is Eagle actually going to be able to make Zach buckle underneath the pressure?

Zach shoves himself free of the headlock as the stick smacks his head. He staggers back, getting his sheathed sword between himself and the incoming stick attacks. He wobbles a bit as his back foot hits the edge of the stage. He looks from it to Eagle. In a flash of insight, he realizes what Eagle was after. His expression, fairly neutral or nervous throughout the fight, shifts to one of anger.

"Right then," he says to himself quietly. He shifts his stance before leaping skyward. He rips the sword free of its sheath before raising the weapon over his head. Soul power is slammed into the weapon, causing it to shudder and wail as he tenses Zach tenses himself. His arc is starting to bring himself down towards Eagle. "YOU CAN'T AFFORD ME!" Zach yells out as he slams the weapon down on Eagle with thunderous force, smashing not only through the Englishman, but through the whole /stage/ as the force of his drop slams Zach to the ground underneath the platform in an explosion of violet tinted wood splinters.

COMBATSYS: Zach knocks away Eagle with Burst Strike!

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////                          ]
Zach [E]         0/-------/-----==|=======\====---\1            Eagle

Eagle is much after an entertaining show as much as he is, in some ways, an easily controlled opponent whose pace he can completely dictate. Eagle mistakenly takes Zach, in a lot of ways, as an easy target given his sloppy technique - a good stepping stone back towards the limelight while all interest is on King of Fighters.
He, at his heart of hearts, gets at least one of these things as Zach leaps up above him, incensed and allowing to use his power to its utmost with that comeback that will be a headliner for the next week or so to come - that Eagle could not afford Zach.
The crowds look away from the shower of splinters that pass (thankfully!) harmlessly overhead. There is thunderous applause as the entire /battlefield/ is, for a brief moment, hidden underneath this great show of explosive power. The cheers, the approval! Without any idea as to what problems this amplified power has given Zach, the masses - or well, the crowd, one guesses, it's not big enough to be considered a 'mass' - show nothing but appreciation.
"I don't believe it, folks!" The announcer exclaims, and this statement is genuine. Even he knows Zach's tricks usually don't hold up at this level of competition, and lookie here! "I don't have to see it to know it, but Zach grounds the Eagle with a decisive, powerful blow. I've... I've never seen anything like it!"
As the dust settles and clears, a bruised, battered, trashed, and /stinky/ Eagle looks up blearily, his moustache frazzled to comical proportions and his already ruined hair mussed up that much further, an eye twitch as he looks up upon the sword-bearing Zach from the dirty sand underneath the stage. His vision swims too much to focus on much beyond seeing that absolutely fabulous choker!
He passes out on the spot before he's able to manage to ask where he could get one of those. The referee, peering in from the side of the stage, raises a hand to the cameras. It's over.
"And it's over, folks! A great, powerful display from the purple power, the violet virtuoso, ZAACH! GLEEEEEEEEEN!!"
And yet, there are murmurs about the stage issue. Most of the people involved just shrug.

COMBATSYS: Eagle takes no action.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Zach [E]         0/-------/-----==|

COMBATSYS: Eagle can no longer fight.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Zach [E]         0/-------/-----==|

Zach wobbles to his feet as he looks out towards the crowd with worry. No screaming, he thinks, that's /great/. Zach sheaths the sword with perhaps a bit more force than strictly necessary. He pulls himself free of the wreckage as he tries to pull himself back together. Taking an inventory of his injuries, he realizes that it's more bruises than anything. Managable pain to be certain.

Zach raises one hand for the crowd, then heads off to collect his money before getting back to his travels. His statement's already been made, in more ways than one.

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