Neo League 651 - #655: Horatio vs Naerose

Description: Horatio and Naerose Pair off in the worst desc'd fight ever. Mainly this is due to the lack of a camera crew, but a certain Neo League administrator by the name of 'Gladice Glados' was perhaps the target of this attempt to smear the event as a low paying second hand version of SNF. ( Winner: Horatio )

Despite the loud, roaring engines blaring by over head, the occasional swath of air controllers and baggage handlers running about on the tarmac, or even the small buggies rolling by at a slow pace with puttering sounds coming from their engines, it still seemed a rather interesting place to host a battle. -- Crews were already setting up, pulling up out front of the pick-up pool, grabbing their gear and rushing inside. Up escalators and elevators they went, into the main terminal. Their crew escorted people out of the way, barricaded one of the hallways and left a large, anticipating crowd on the other side by the concession area. The Neo League announcer, who apparently couldn't be bothered to be present, was waiting back at the studio to announce the start of the televised fight and the crew had turned all of the monitors on to the channel playing it.

This wasn't a fight with any of the 'big names' as it were such as the Terry Bogards or the Ryus of the fighting world, but it was staring one of the Neo League up and commers, making a push for first place. The 6th Place runner up, Horatio Alexander. -- Whom, speak of the devil- or the angel, whichever you prefer- was making his way through the crowd from the concession stand with a tray of nachos in one hand and a styrofoam cup in the other with a straw protruding from the top. -- There was a muted couple cheers for him, nothing all that big.. he wasn't 'famous' or anything, but he had a small following of people who were -mildly- interested in seeing if he'd make first before the season was out.

Kneeling down, he slides under the barricade and walks into the main terminal, over to one of the lined, bolted chairs on the far side, setting his drink down, "I'm here..." He says in a voice just barely loud enough to be heard over the gaggling, talking people. Crunching happily away on nachos he waits on his opponent, looking to one of the crew members, "I wasn't sure if I was fighting today... they called me and told me to come up here only about an hour ago... Who am I fighting?" Plucking a nacho free, soaked in cheese, he stuffs it in his mouth and sucks his fingertips.

The scent of a fresh kill carries through the air and attracts the predator. Dressed in red she slowly creeps up on her prey, notice how she attempts to blend. Practically floating on air, led by her nose as though the scent of the nachos were some sort of invisible line dragging her along. Actually in her witches hat, shades and broom, the only thing she might of fit in with was some sort of entertainment hired by the airport to make all of the people whose flights weren't going anywhere soon wouldn't be quite so angry. Of course everyone knows airports don't hire entertainment.

Naerose Delphine, if you choose to call her that, was, in contrast one of the unknown fighters in NL who was not an up and comer, she was infact the dead opposite, someone challenging rock bottom. Rather than slowly inching up, as most fighters were, she was redefining failure. She was challenging the overall largest consecutive rate of losses and setting the record higher with every attempt. When asked once, but a fourth grader doing a report for their class about why she keeps losing, her response was, "Hey, it's just a bad luck streak, it's gotta end with a spectacular good luck streak, right?"

"Hey, can I have one?" The Red Witch asks Horatio, staring ravenously at his nachos.

The fight coordinator with the crew looks blankly at him... and Horatio stares back. For a moment the two just lock eyes, quizzical expressions thrown back and forth before the fight coordinator just ... -walks- stiffly away. "Hey.. Hey! Wait! .. Who am I fighting!? Come on, man..." Sighing, he drops his head and a few people in the audience snicker. Looking down into his plate of nachos he says, "At you're here to bring me comfort, my Sweet, Cheesy, Delicious Friend." Snatching a chip from the paper tray, he munches it down and reaches for his drink.... Only to look up at the Red Witch.

"Hm? ... -- Y- yeah, I guess?" He offers mildly, his eyes slowly searching the area around him for his opponent. Then, seeing no one else coming, he looks around again to check the theme here in the Airport. "Is it... halloween day or something? ... I'm not familiar with many Japanese customs, I'm from Italy." He holds the paper boat out for Naerose to grab a couple nachos, "And besides," taking a long sip from his drink, "even if it was, I dunno if I'd have gone that way as far as a costume goes... -- Actually.. here hold these. I've got to get changed for the match anyway. I had something interesting planned. Watch!" Stuffing the nacho tray in Naerose's hands, he putters off with his drink, "Be right back!" He screams to the fight coordinator who says in return:

"But wait, your opponent is- ... Stupid kid!"

And Horatio returns to his bag behind the counter at the nacho stand and runs into a bathroom to change.

Some have described vampires as junkies whose fix was blood. They lost their personality to the addiction and would hurt anyone who they needed to in order to get it. But every fix was less potent than the last and since blood was found in people they soon descended into the darkness of being bloodthirsty monsters. In this Naerose had something in common. Her fix, staring her in the face, were a pair of nachos, offered up to her by this nice fella from Italy. While eyeing her prey through her dark dark shades (shades of MIDNIGHT DARKNESS) she smiles to Horatio and replies, "I totally know someone from Italy, I'm from America." She smiles widely and the nachos quiver in her finger tips, complete with red painted nails. Actually.. her hand is just showing it's excitement.

In a horror filled moment of crunching and 'mmmmm' ing the nachos lives are cut tragically short and anyone watching on a silver screen (at least nachos watching on a silver screen) would surely scream and cry out for their brethren before being eaten themselves, for what fate does a nacho have in a movie theatre to be eaten.

But hark? What is this? Is he giving these to her? Surely the part about, hold onto these for me would suggest otherwise, but much likee the junkie Naerose has eyes only for the cheesy goodness thrust into her hands. She barely has time for a

"Thankyou!!! <3" before he's gone.

" Well.. I better get to work, these nachos arn't going to eat themselves."

Meanwhile the fight coordinator, while frustrated, probably wasn't surprised. Naerose did afterall have a reputation.

A reputation that he had no idea about. For a struggling student who didn't have rich parents to lean back on, Horatio only had his scholarship and a small part-time job at the Video Store in China Town. What that meant was, all this traveling back and forth for the Neo League before he'd entered the top ten had costed him out of his own pocket. Airfare back and forth to the states, then running all over town trying to get places inside of an hour.. it was all money. Gas money he'd given to what few friends he had to drop him off, and at the astronomical prices of gasoline in Japan- it hurt, then taxi fare which was going through the roof as well, the price of monthly bus passes, plane tickets. He was basically getting paid every week to sign his check over to World Petrol Corporation. Thus he didn't just have money to throw away on one woman he barely knew. Those nachos were his lunch!

The Fight Coordinator looks at his watch, panicing slightly as he notices Horatio has taken a bit too long. Looking at Naerose destroy the boy's nachos, the Coordinator has to turn his head in disgust: "Oh, that's just -disgusting- .. God.. Satoshi! SATOSHI! Get Naerose a napkin, we're coming back from a commercial break in twenty seconds and our viewers don't need to see the -rest- of that ... /FILTH-FEST/ going on with cheese and corn chips!" -- Satoshi scuttles over to Naerose with the typical film-student air, big glasses, dorky clothing, mousy expression and a cloth napkin, proceeding to dab and smudge at her face, "Hold still please, Ms. Naerose!" -- From the back, the audience parts the way as the men's room door opens and out steps... -- IORI YAGAMI!!? ... No, wait, it was just that Cosplay kid. But was he ever accurate.

From the red pants restrained by a single strap joining the upper calves together, right up to the over-long female's school shirt that hung down low, buttoned only just so far, and into the black, half-torso jacket with long sleeves and crescent moon on the back, he was perfectly Iori. His shoes even matched the elder fighters. Returning his bag behind the nacho cart, he walks back towards the ring, hops over the barrier and strikes a pose, throwing peace-signs out to the audience members, "The Cosplay King has returned to South Town!" The only difference was his ever present orange hair in that familiar style with those two streamers of orange running down from in front of his ears. "Let's do this!"

Turning to look at Naerose... realizing then that she was his opponent, he says, "Wow, it's you? ... Huh, and I would h-- HEY, WHERE'S MY NACHOS!?"

When a puppy thinks it did something good and would receive praise, it positively glows. If Naerose had a tail how it would wag, oh how it would wag. For when Horatio returns she knows she did good. Well thinks anyway. Caught red handed, it is pretty clear where the nachos went, with the film student still trying to dab at her face with cheese still going on. The witch is totally like,

"Here you go." and hands back the empty nacho boat without even cheese at the bottom, she literally finished it completely and licked it.

"I finished the work for you so now you don't even have to worry about eating them anymore and I kept it safe." She beams BIG. The event coordinator has at least one thing going for him. The likely hood that someone would be pretty PO'd increased drastically and even though the witch is clearly not getting it, just not getting it, it's unlikely that will fly.

"So lets get this shindig over with, I totally heard you can get free stuff at airports when they don't let certain things on planes they just throw them away! Excellent dumpster diving." Yes ever since they said you can't have liquids on. People always want to get their sodas on the plane.

The witch is totally oblivious to what she's done as she moves into the designated area.
"Man, this neo league is great, the lunch service was choice!" This day couldn't be going better for Naerose so far.

COMBATSYS: Naerose has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Naerose          0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Horatio has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Naerose          0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0          Horatio

Perhaps for the first time in history, Iori Yagami hangs his head in absolute saddness and defeat. Whining, Horatio nearly weeps, "My nacho-ho-hos... Why..." The last word comes out strained. Snapping his head back up, he glares at Naerose, a hand coming up to point a vicious, accusing finger at her. For a moment he just spouts off random and flagrant insults- all while skillfully avoiding curse words- at her in Italian. The Event Coordinator clears his throat and Horatio stops, arm dropping weakly as he looks over at the man, "HM!?" He testily fires and the man, flinching at the tone, reminds him that this is Japan. With a Japanese audience. They speak only one dialect here in most cases- two if you count english as a common tongue. "Oh right," he says, switching back to a more Television Friendly language.

But by then he'd worked out all of his frustration. Muttering under his breath, he slides a foot forward, assuming a strong, but loose posture, stance open ended as his hands come up and clench into fists. Not bothering to launch the first attack, he instead uses a sudden burst of an odd orange energy to gather his strength and focus on his next attack. He intended to open strong on Naerose in revenge for eating his food. Muttering, he says as that orange energy wells up around him like firing, bursting, jubilant explosions not unlike a 4th of July fireworks celebration, his tone an under-the-breath mutter, "I just told you to hold it, you greedy cow..."

Lifting his head in a short jerk, he sends his bangs back out of his face and then nods to her, as if signaling her to come on with an attack. "Tch... -- Your move!"

COMBATSYS: Horatio gathers his will.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Naerose          0/-------/-------|====---\-------\0          Horatio

Well that was a show stopper and here comes Naerose with a realization and she's all unhappy that Horatio doesn't think she did a good job. She even kind of scuffles her foot on the ground and looks down all downcast and then says, as way of defense,
"I'm not a cow.. I just you said hold onto them and I figured I would do you a favor and so I cleaned up . .causes your bowl was all full of these things that were kind of dirty.. and.. stuff."

She adjusts her shades and once again the event coordinator is stuck with the feeling that this is a colossal waste of his time. They can't possible be stalling this fight more. It wasn't the sort of headline battles that gets your name painted in lights on the credits of millions of tv screens. In short, you didn't put running this sort of venue on your resume, you tried to forget about it at the bottom of a whisky bottle. While said event coordinator counted just how much money he had to blow at the air port bar after this was over, to drown his sorrows and forget about it, he finally catches a break.

Naerose was on the move. . . er.. sorta.

"I think you need a hug." The witch decides as she approaches Horatio, reaches out and... tries to give him a hug. A really really big bear hug.

COMBATSYS: Horatio endures Naerose's Strong Throw.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Naerose          0/-------/------=|=======\-------\0          Horatio

He had expected a much more subtle attack... wouldn't have even turned his nose up at a serious, more forceful one either. But this was just ridiculous. Listening to Naerose's words, Horatio frowns and stands up straight, completely out of his stance, "Why? Why though? I was really hungry.. and -- now all I've got is a stomach full of pink lemonade! You owe me... I realize it wasn't that expensive, but... I-- I don't just have a whole lot of money! My top ten matches are pretty much the only thing keeping food in my stomach! And you already know the Neo League doesn't pay that much!" -- Using the five minute delay on the camera, the Fight Coordinator swiftly points to his crew:

"Cut that last statement out! Rewind-- back us up. Splice it in... aaaand BACK TO REAL TIME. -- Can't have up and commers thinking we don't pay the big bucks!" How very disgusting of him, no?

Horatio points at Naerose when she approaches him in attempt to hug him, "Uh-uh.. UH-UH.. H-- HEY! I don't want a hug, I don't need a hug and your affection is just NOT on my AG--AAAAAUGGH!!--GGAHH!! .. WHAT TH--" -- What was she MADE OF!? That hurt like nothing he'd ever felt before out of a simple grappling maneuver. What kind of -- "WHO DOES THAT!?" Yanking his arms out to his sides he breaks the hold and falls back, stumbling away from Naerose, his arm coming back to rub the small of his back, "Ow... -- ow ow .. ow... My back... Now I'm gonna make you pay for my nachos AND for that! My food -will- be avenged!" ... So the Neo League had fallen this far: A battle over food stuff from a cheap concession area at the airport. You could practically -hear- people turning the channel.

Pivoting on a foot and whirling around to spin inside of Naerose's personal space, Horatio pushes off of the ground, windmilling his legs, first the rear leg whipping in and upward in a crescent, then the anchoring foot as it leaves the ground, a double-slicing of that odd orangish golden energy whipping and rippling outwards through the air in a burst of jubilant sparks and streamers, shooting off like bottle rockets.

COMBATSYS: Horatio successfully hits Naerose with Fatal Phoenix.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Naerose          0/-------/=======|=======\-------\1          Horatio

YOWCH! One thing that was serious is that Horatio was totally serious, he was trying to get some massive pain on the witch and she was replying with the tell tale signs of being hurt.

"Owowowowowowwo!" She cries and gets kicked and juggled and totally makes a brilliant display. This was the sort of thing, the clip that might make a highlight video on ESPN later on. The only clip you might find of this fight anywhere. Probably with a headline like, 'Up and commer Horatio opens a can of whoop on opponent.' A couple seconds of this on some countdown before moving to the next scene of Kyo being on fire or something. Extra props given that he was dressed as Iori, but would he be paid extra for that stunt? No.

Meanwhile the witch picks herself up off the ground, dusts herself off and fixes her shades to look at her opponent, the jerk who just totally kicked her a bunch.

"Man, you do a guy a favor, try to give him a hug and he totally kicks you and stuff." She's not looking all that hurt, but seems to decide now is the time to focus on the fight at hand, and more importantly, her opponent.

Meanwhile the crowd is totally like, "Yay Yay yay!" they are cheering, after all, their flights are delayed.

COMBATSYS: Naerose focuses on her next action.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Naerose          0/-------/=======|=======\-------\1          Horatio

Whipping through the air after that last brilliantly executed attack- if he did say so himself- Horatio turns over in air and comes down on his feet, pouncing twice as he hops back from Naerose's energy wrapped body. If it did make a highlight clip, he really wanted to sell it. Dropping back into that familiar stance of- not his own- but Iori Yagami's, he curses-- or at least his version of a curse, which really wasn't a curse at all, but really just abrasive language in his best Iori impression... -- which amounted to Japanese, fluently executed, but with a slight Italian undercurrent in the tone and accent, "Ore ga Kuwai nuka?" -- The crowd eats it up, they go have crazy whooping and cheering, Horatio going through the motions of Iori's vicious, mean spirited taunt and asking his opponent 'are you scared of me?' -- Slipping out of Iori mode and into his own, he assumes his fighting stance once more and takes a breather, inhaling hard and letting out an exhale, slow and centering.

To Naerose, he offers her a gesture that would suggest 'alright, come on', but he wasn't at all being mean about it. The smile on his face indicated that his taunting was just for show. He wasn't trying to make her feel bad at all in fact. "Do your best. I wouldn't want people to feel like we shorted them," and the crowd again gives an approving woop, "We've got an adoring public now!" The announcer had quoted her name a few times, so he felt fairly comfortable that that was it, "And besides, Naerose. You have to survive long enough to buy me more nachos!" Throwing a peace sign, he snickers quietly and says, "So come on with your best."

COMBATSYS: Horatio gains composure.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Naerose          0/-------/=======|=======\-------\0          Horatio

Oh this was going to be a long fight, that was for sure. The witch seems to take this moment of respite to go ahead and make an attack, after all. . .

"The faster this is over the faster that I can get the complimentary cookies and milk!" Of course there was no cookies and milk, but the witch was the sort of people who always looked for the silver lining and when there was no silver lining she just invented one. It wasn't hard to make this stuff up, at least when you were Naerose. Reality had a funny way of working in her head.

"Alright, here I come!" Adn she gets on her broom and delivers the second highlight of the day to the fight coordinator. Not a super spiffy looking move no, just an attack, ANY attack. She's doing something which is good enough for him. The red witch, like a streak of well, red, shoots off on her broom, side saddle (cause she's a lady) toward Horatio.

"Wait.. buy you nachos?!" cries the witch and her flight becomes very erratic before promptly crashing into something. Maybe Horatio will give her a push before turning a row of chairs into a row of.. knocked over chairs.

COMBATSYS: Horatio blocks Naerose's Delphine Charge.

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Naerose          1/-------/=======|=======\-------\1          Horatio

Deflected by his last comment! Success! Hah! Those last words that come out of him about buying nachos are the very distraction he needs. As the witch hops upon her broom and proceeds to fly right at him, his eyes were actually wide for a moment, surprised at the initial speed. But when she comes beelining towards him and those words come out of his mouth, permanently destroying her previous course of action, Horatio leans hard to the left, spinning off of her flank and pushing, his arms stinging about from the quick contact as he attempts to push her aside. Audience members -scatter-. People leap from chairs, roll out of the way, anything to avoid this incoming wrecking ball. And for the second time his eyes go wide, "LOOK OUT!"

Wincing, he cringes at the coming fall out, "Oooh... -- SORRY! --" People's things go flying all over the place, laptops crashing to the ground, cellphones bouncing off of walls, "I- .. I'll pay for that! -- S- sorry! Oh! Watch your baby! .. -- Duck!" ... It was no use... Sighing at the futility of the situation, he ruffles his bangs with both hands and lets out a sigh, "God! You're a calamity waiting to happen! I feel so bad right now!" -- The Fight Coordinator was -red- in the face with wheezing snickers. "And you're no help!" He barks at him, finally looking on, "Move-- move!" He says, waving his arms outward as if to part and invisible sea. -- People quickly oblige, not that they weren't already moving swiftly out of the way when Naerose came rushing in.

Leaning forward he rushes towards her, quickly eating up distance between he and her. With a short hop, he hits a seat and bounces up over it, flipping high into the air, only to unfold himself and come down, foot leading, aimed towards any part of Naerose he could reach with the quick, snapping maneuver.

COMBATSYS: Naerose blocks Horatio's Light Kick.

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Naerose          1/------=/=======|=======\-------\1          Horatio

Chairs fly everywhere and the witch is trying not to get hit by them, but the truth was she was more afraid of being given the bill, so while Horatio is totally like talking about how he's going to pay for them she's totally like,

"Yes yes yes, everything will be alright!" and not going into that more.
When he comes flying over the chairs though, luckily, she's already got her broom up in total defense to avoid getting hit by the incoming chairs. Really only just getting out of the way, but what are you going to do huh? She decides to stay on the ground and transfer the abuse to her broom, to her shoulders and then to her throat!

"Wooowowowowowwo" she exclaims and rings like a bell while deflecting the blow and rolling out of the way, as best she can, flinging out her hand and shouting,
"Sagitta minor!"

More screams as the unaimed chi darts flingg ever which way. Onlookers have to duck, because to non fighters those things could hurt while mostly they go toward Horatio's face.

"Oh snap!" cries the witch, aware it seems, vaguely so , of the havok she just caused, "I totally didn't mean to do that!" She meanwhile breaks out to run away from Horatio.

COMBATSYS: Horatio fails to slow Sagitta Minor from Naerose with Ten O'Clock Sunrise.

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Naerose          1/-----==/=======|=======\==-----\1          Horatio

Why in the hell this fight was going this way was beyond him. To everyone else the whole situation was a riot. He and Naerose had successfully become a fairly decent ever moving joke and despite the havok, people were at the very least enjoying themselves. As chairs are rained down upon them, people duck, and leap out of the way, gathering the pieces of their broken equipment, but for the most part they just can't believe this brawl has turned into an airport terminal wide free for all as opposed to a fight. Coming down on that broom, Horatio tries to remain stoic, to act like impacting it with his foot didn't even bother him. But in truth, it kinda hurt his knee.

Which is why when those darts come flying in, his right arm tries to sweep forward to brush them aside with that odd orange energy of his and instead, he brings up a bare arm, losing his concentration mid-channeling, the darts polkadotting his arm and shoulders, "Ow-- OW OW OW--" then fading away, leaving energy scorch marks about his clothing as he clatterously collapses from the air and lands on a heap of people and chairs. They all groan in protest along with him. Pushed back up onto his feet by the people below him, he bids them a, "Thanks!" and rushes after Naerose.

"Hey! What are you doing! Come back here and fight. You still owe me nachos!"

"Nooo way!" cries the witch and runs around a little more trying to keep her distance from her opponent whom seems HECK bent on hurting her with his feet of steel. Actually she wasn't surprised, most of the time she got involved in these whole fight events it resulted in her getting hurt, but even so, there was hurt and then there was HURT and stuff.

Unfortunately there was another problem with running away the witch hadn't considered and now she was being forced to face the facts. Running also made you really tired. So panting and breathing heavily, illiciting laughs by the people who surely think this is a prank, the witch slows to a stop, bends over and breaths deeply.

"Okay.. Okay, just.. Wait a second.. Lemme.. catch.. my bbreath." She takes off her hat, displaying terrible hat hair and fanning herself then gives a winning smile, fixes her shades and says,
"How bout this, winner buys the loser nachos." The witch looks REALLY confident now for some reason.

COMBATSYS: Naerose focuses on her next action.

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Naerose          1/-----==/=======|=======\==-----\1          Horatio

"Yeah way!" He argues back, striding as fast as he can, forcing his legs to take longer steps, anything to catch the quick footed witch. Panic-runs were always the hardest to catch. When finally she realizes she's just tiring herself out running them around in circles in the terminal, Horatio slides to a stop, staring at Naerose with irritation and determination in his eyes, panting as well. "G--guh... Are you DONE!? -- Jeez!" -- Nodding his head at her request to catch her breath, he does the same, panting heavily. "Y- yeah.."

Standing up straight, hands on his hips, he pants heavily and paces back and forth before her, giving the situation a few seconds and no more... Finally, he falls back into that ready stance and charges-- then stops, wide eyed and pointing as his feet slide, "Wha!? ... How is -that- balance? Winner buys the /loser/ nachos!? ... COME ON!" Furiously tugging at his own hair streamers, he finally just huffs it out and whips around, pivoting off of a foot to hops a few inches off of the ground, coming down on his left foot, the right turning, knee inward as his toe slams into the ground.

A crackling geyser of orange and golden energy shoots up from the ground, rushing towards Naerose in a series of three bursting, upward blasting streams. The jubilant, firework like explosions of power pop and crackle as each geyser streams out, each one larger than the last in a trifecta of bursting storms.

COMBATSYS: Naerose endures Horatio's Rebellious Raven.

[                    \\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Naerose          2/<<<<<<</<<<<<<<|=======\==-----\1          Horatio

The witch gets nailed and she gets nailed hard. I mean come on she wasn't expecting that to come her way. The crowd meanwhilee gives an awestruck Ooooo sound and many gasps and shocks of surprise occur while the witch takes the abuse that is coming her way while crying,

"Oh oh oh oh hoh oowowowowowoowowow."

Of course, after gtting hit over and over by the geyser and finally landing in a aheap o nthe group, there is a silver lining.

"You are totally right. The winner should buy the LOSER nachos." The witch says, while adjusting her shades back on to her face, jumping on her broom and shooting off at Horatio. This time though she's aiming to go slightly to one side of him rather than hit him outright and tries to grab him on her way past, to drag him across the ground and hopefully bring him upp into the air and then drop him. . or crash in the process.

The fans, whom seem happy with the audeince participation of this match. . get out of the way. The fight coordinator is also finally having a decent day. This fight seems to be going to his favor.

COMBATSYS: Naerose successfully hits Horatio with Aquila Charge.

[                     \\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////                  ]
Naerose          1/-------/=======|=======\======-\1          Horatio

And for the second time this week, he's snatched off of his feet. - But rewind to the how. -- Coming around from his attack, spinning back into that familiar Iori Yagami stance, he stands straight, brushes his bangs back, then flings his head over a shoulder to stare down at the ground. - Oh he was in rare form today, really feeling the Iori Waves. -- Of course, the better part of intelligence would have told him to keep his eye on his opponent, but why when there were cameras and people and television crews all snapping off still shots and video and phone cams and such in his direction and he was so perfectly emulating one of his idols? Continuing to standing various Iori-like ways, shifting here, turning there, brushing his bangs back, giving a quick -hmph- or a callous statement rolling out in a fairly decent voice immitation, he goes on feeding into the audience.

And indeed they show him love back. A pair of young girls, no doubt out of respect for his awesome performance, shout: 'We love you, Iori!' -- And Horatio smiles and laughs back. Coming out of his Iori phase, he throws peace signs, thumbs up, cheeses, hams it up for the cameras. "Yeah. I -am- the Yagami. Hehe," that bubblegum smile of his could -not- be destroyed. He was the essence of an adorable fan. Not over the top, not saying or doing too much, but just showing proper respect to his favored fighter of all time. "Say it with me! Clan Yagami Rules! Clan Yagami Rules!" -- He starts a loud chant, directing people like an orchestra with his hands before pumping a fist into the air and shouting another Iori-ism. "Sono mama de shine!"

And that's when he's caught. Completely unaware. Grabbed up by his clothing, his back hits the ground, legs swinging and flailing behind him, arms batting at the witch, "Aahh! -- ARE YOU CRAZY!?" And then he proceeds to go plowing through chairs and people and barricades and the like, thunking and smacking into objects before he's taken high into the air and dropped... right into another airport restaurants concession area! "GAH-AUGH!!" -- there's banging, clanging, glass breaking, a series of collisions, and then silence... -- The audience is stark still, mouthes agape. That looked like it hurt. Staggering out of the restaurant, Horatio frowns balefully up at Naerose, "OUCH... What are you tryin' to kill me?! .. I wouldn't have thrown -YOU- into StarBucks! ..." Charging headlong towards her, twists off of one foot and drops low, his back hitting the ground as he slides out beneath her on her broom, hands out at his sides channeling that odd energy before he brings his palms up, together, a ball of orange, jubilant power the size of a large beachball in hand as he shoves it upwards and it explodes, an area encompassing shockwave of violent orange billows out above him, rushing to consume her.

COMBATSYS: Horatio successfully hits Naerose with Kinetic Low.

[                            \\  < >  /////////////                 ]
Naerose          1/--=====/=======|=======\=======\1          Horatio

%Well that does it for the witch.. She isn't coming back from the odd energy that comes at her this time, It hits her pretty head on and she's taking the moment to answer the question ,
"No way am I trying to kill you, I just figured you were, hey what are you ARUG!"

But you can't make a witch who is laid on her back, totally unconscious buy you nachos, in fact you can't even make her try to buy you nachos. She ends up knocked flat on her back and just sort of lays there. Staring at the ceiling? No wait, is she snoring?

The Fight coordinator waits a moment and then decides to call it.
"That's a wrap folks! Lets get out of here before she wakes up!"

There isn't a lot of post fight stuff going on, maybe an interview conducted hastily while they try to get away from the witch and while Horatio might get a great deal of fan praise and a few asks for autographs. . the crew knows well the antis of this witch. Even some of the 'fans' are cluing in and taking this time to start to move toward the exits.

COMBATSYS: Naerose takes no action.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Horatio          2/<<<<<<</<<<<<<<|

COMBATSYS: Naerose can no longer fight.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Horatio          2/<<<<<<</<<<<<<<|

-- Hasty interview indeed. He doesn't even have the chance to get up and brush himself off before they're headed his way. He does however, make a point to find time to channel everything that is Yagami, "Muda na aga kida!" -- Boy he loved doing that. Coming swiftly out of his Iori pose as he backs away from the microphone suddenly shoved in his face, he stares at it cross-eyed and blinks a few times. The first question: How does victory feel!?

"Well, I-- I guess it'd feel better if I had some nachos..." -- Someone crams a pad in his face beside the microphone and asks for an autograph. He takes the fat sharpie in hand and proceeds to scribble his name with a crucifix at the end of it and hands it back with an awkward, slightly embarassed smile. "Uhmm --" Then another question- and another, and another. After a quick blast of three questions to which his main answer was "Umm.. I dunno." They were gone, packing their things up and leaving him standing there, mind whirling... "Wow.. w-- weird..."

The few people who remain who hadn't gotten on a flight yet clap for him as he gathers himself and waves, throwing peace fingers around, "Thank you, thank you!" Looking down at Naerose, he marches over to her, squats down and waves a hand in front of her face... "Hmm..." -- A couple people wander back from the concession stand and offer him Nachos at pretty much the same time. Figuring they'd see it as comical to bring him nachos after he'd just had a fight over them, he accepts both of the trays and thanks them.

"Oh- wow, hey... thanks, you didn't have to do that..." Eyeballing the unconscious Naerose, he lowers one of the trays near her face, ".. heeeeyyy..." he whistles, "Hellooo... Naerose? ... Ms. Witch? ... T-.. they brought us nachos... I can't eat both of them, do you want one? W.. wake up..." waving the tray before her nose, steaming cheddar no doubt enlightening her nostrils.

Nachos under the nose of the witch was like that vial of nasty smelling stuff that was used in that rocky movie did, or umm boxers. She wakes up with a start and totally sniffs the nachos and then is like, mmmm, the witch, looking not so much worse for wear, really, just tired.. Really tired.

"Hey is this totally for me? AWESOME!" And the witch, just like that, totally happy. It was almost as if no one had ever taken away her.. wait what did they take? She lost a fight, probably felt all sorts of aches and pains, but.. she had free food. What else mattered?

"Aw man, this is totally why I came here. So ah.. My name is Naerose Delphine. I'm on parol." The witch blushes a bit. This was apparently her way of socializing. Comical as it may seem. The fans, chuckle, maybe some wonder if this was a strawman fight. Maybe. It is hard to tell

COMBATSYS: Horatio has ended the fight here.

Dropping back onto his rump on the ground, he hands the witch the nachos as she comes to. Nodding his head in response to her asking of they were hers. "Uh-huh..." Grabbing up a corn chip and stirring it around in the cheese, he stuffs it into his mouth and offers her a strange look when she introduces herself and says she's on parole... Th.. that's not exactly what you say to people upon a hello, but .. he being the non-judgemental sort, he just smiles and says, "We..well okay... My name's Horatio Alexander. I'm not on parole."

Shaking his head to confirm this, he continues eating his nachos and says, "That was a pretty strange fight. I wonder if Mr. Yagami will be proud of it when he watches it... if he watches it... -- Then again, he might be angry that I impersonated him on TV... -- Di," he starts to ask, and looks around. There were still a few people lingering to watch the two but for the most part they were moving on. Looking back, he says, "Did I do a pretty good job as Mr. Yagami?" He wasn't smiling... he actually honestly seemed concerned about it.

"Well.. I'm glad you asked. I actually do SNF fight announcing also and I have let me get my stat sheets out," Naerose begins and then reaches into her hat and starts to shuffle through her cards until she achieves the one she is looking for.
"Ah yes, here we are.. Iori Yagami.." She starts to read the official SNF trading card.

"Mmm.. I dunno, I think.." the witch begins, "That you're not nearly emo enough or mean enough. It says here that he's pretty angsty.. Sorry." The witch/annoncerwannabe smiles wanly, puts the cards into her hat and replaces it onto her head.

"Well, I need to do some training, my parol officer wants me to work on her team see, and I don't wanna let someone down who has been so nice."

"Really?" He says with a pleasant smile. She was glad he asked. Great. Waiting patiently for the answer he wanted to hear, he watches her reach into her hat, pull out that card and start reading. "B-- but I.. I can act emo.. I'm just not that sad, that's all. Mr. Iori has a lot going on. He-- .. n-- no wait.. t--" Crushed. Sighing, he drops his head. Oh well, maybe one day he'd achieve the angst that is Iori, but for now, he was just too smiley. Regardless, he pushes himself back up, still toting his nacho tray and continues eating, sucking cheese from his fingers as he looks down at Naerose and nods.

"If you gotta go you gotta go," shrugging evenly, more chips disappeared from his tray, he thoroughly enjoying the warm, cheesy, slightly tart goodness of well mixed cheese and meat. Well, in this country, more like fake meat, but meat-tasting substances nonetheless! Waving a hand in salute, he says, "I should go get changed anyway. Thanks for the fight, I enjoyed it.. -- Believe it or not, I've got another one scheduled for today! Isn't that wild? I hope I can make it to number one... They said if I win this fight I'll be up against the top contender, Oswald."

"And from what I hear, he's no joke... I'm gonna have to really knuckle up for this one." Turning, he waves again, "Buh-bye, Naerose Delphine! Nice to meet you. Enjoy the nachos." And he was away..

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