World Warrior 2023 - R3: This One's for the Title of Genius!

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Description: It's King against King as the Sacred Order leaders turned Illyrian monarchs take to the battlefield with the knights and citizenry of Illyria looking on! The most noble of World Warrior duels begins!

Ky Kiske expected many strange matchups when he signed up for the World Warrior. He did not expect to encounter his fellow Illyrian King, especially not this early in the tourney. Perhaps he should have.

Instead of an exotic venue or faraway destination, Ky does the simple thing, the reason thing. He meets Leo in the courtyard of Castle Illyria. Not long ago Kiske fought Ryu Hayabusa here in a battle for the ages, though Ky did not come out on top. Here he hopes for a better result.

Ky presently goes through some drills with Thunderseal, conducting them to help himself stretch and prepare. As he does, a steady trickle of knights start surrounding the arena to watch.

Much like Ky, Leo's journey has been..unique in this. Indeed the entire situation is somewhat unusual now isn't it. Both of the Illyrian Kings involved in this world wide tournament? Both of them set upon by ninjas? Both of them with one victory each? It's enough to make you wonder if there is a conspiracy!

But for now, The Second King is glad to be back in Illyria and, much like Ky, sees the battle here as a good idea for the morale of other members of The Sacred Order and the local citizenry. A crowd is indeed gathering to watch.

"I should have known we'd eventually meet." his deep voice intones as he steps into the courtyard and approaches the other king, "This soon though? I guess that means you've had your own loss as well. A ninja attacked me and tried to down me near an NOL secret base! Turned out that was a match! How absurd!"

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"Really?" Ky answers. "My ninja was at least polite to request a duel when he parachuted into the courtyard. I suppose some ninjas are a bit more polite than others." Somewhere, Chipp Zanuff probably feels offended and does not know why.

"I wish we could have met in the finals, but it seems it was not meant to be." Ky cuts through the air with his blade, taking one swing, then two, before extending the sword and shifting into his typical high-positioned fighting stance.

"So, let us begin!" Ky says, lightning surging along the edge of his blade. As it teaches the tip, the Frenchman swings the blade in a slash through the air, releasing the pent up energy in a crackling, swirling projectile of lightning.

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Both of Leo's Iron Cross Swords had barely formed from the surge of chi and magic has Ky begun his assault.

"Straight to business, eh bambino?" he says with a big grin despite his usual surly yet overconfident nature. It's been two long since the two have engaged in any sort of match, serious or othrewise.

"Just remember.." he begins as he brings his swords around in a wide arcing slash that catches the incoming blast of energy and rips it apart.

"This one's for the title of genius!"

With that, he launches forward, dashing in a blur of gold and brown for the second king in an attempt to cross him up with a double slash of his blades, iron chi trailing behind him in jagged contrails.

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"Oh, I had thought that title was only yours to give out!" Ky rebuts, not as insult but with a good humor. In truth, some people had said the same of Ky, who was seen as a prodigy in the Sacred Order. When Kliff Undersn had trained him, Ky was praised for his natural talent, especially with the manipulation of energy. But Leo, in that next moment, proves that here being a prodigy is not all it takes it seize victory.

The Stun Edge explodes against Leo's guard in a shower of sparks, and the other king is upon Ky with a blur of color and a double slash. The blond ducks and weaves, trying to avoid the incoming strike. His movements, however, are too slow and the blades bite in with a ripping of fabric and mail hidden underneath.

"Ah--" It's as much a shout of pain as surprise, "Too slow on my part, it seems." But Ky doesn't linger, either, striking first with an overhead slash, bring the blade down with both hands. From the end of the cut, he twists his grip, reversing into a backswing back toward the sky.

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His first assault places the Second King into the Brynhildr stance as he crosses past Ky and slides to the stop in a blaze of chi and blades. To say that Leo is a man of great confidence in his abilities would bre an underestatement and an early first successful strike on his friend doesn't do much for keeping that ego under control.

It leads to his undoing as such things should for he is slow in his recovery and counter and he next feels his body being lifted from the ground as thunder peals and lightning ripples and steel sears across his torso.

He griamces, eyes squinted shut from the searing pain as the force of the assault was considerable and he tumbles thorugh the air only to land roughly into a ready combat stance, sliding backwards a few paces away.

The shouts and cries and cheers of the knights and crowds are garbled in his ears as his head rings ...and he instead focuses his attention back on Ky and dashes forward again, rushing down upon him only to leap at the last second and go into a spinning overhead assault that then brings both of his swords down in a wild chi-energized overhead slash with both of his weapons. Even should the blades miss, upon landing he swings again, a third spiraling attack to try and even the odds with the tremendous assault.

COMBATSYS: Ky Kiske blocks Leo Whitefang's Siegesparade.

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Landing a hit does not lure Ky into arrogant boasting; instead, the First King exercises caution as lightning flashes and thunder peals. He hops backward, his boots landing lightly on the ground with a pair of taps. Twirling his blade, he resumes his guarded stance.

"The pressure is on, so it seems," he says, gesturing briefly to the gathering crowd. "I suppose we should give them a proper demonstration---not that I would have it any other way!"

The blades of the Second King come down toward Ky. He raises his blade and braces it with his opposite hand, intercepting the first strike and pushing back. The second, with more effort, the third slides along Thunderseal and and skims along his thigh on the way down. "Tch--an overwhelming strength!"

Adjusting his grip on the blade, Ky slashes upward, a crack of thunder and an arc of lightning following in its wake. Even as it does, he strikes forward his free palm---blood splashing off from flat of his sword pushing against it in the blood. It quickly dries, then flakes away as a spear-like burst of electricity erupts forth from his hand.

COMBATSYS: Ky Kiske successfully hits Leo Whitefang with Lightning Javelin.

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Ky Kiske         1/-------/=======|=======\-------\1    Leo Whitefang


The lightning strikes twice it would seem. Leo's gargled cry of pain is overrun by the roll of lightning and crackle of electricity as he staggers and fails to recover in enough time to disperse and dismiss the attack from the First King. Indeed the blow lands with even more force then the previous one and Leo struggles to upright, falling backwards with eyes wide and body scarred and smouldering.

He spins, great whipping around him as he struggles into his combat stance once again, attempting to regain what bit of balance and dignity he can muster in the face of two overwhelming strikes.

"You speak of strength, Ky, but it's clear you've been training when I've been lax!" He spins his weapons around, whirling them in a flourish as he presses his burly figure into a coiled and ready stance.

"Let's see if I can even these odds!"

WIth that he launches forward in a sudden blur of rushing movement that kicks up debris and dust around him as he lunges in for a crossing slash and then doubles back again for another and then a third swipe, all attacks trailing jagged rushes of iron chi behind him as his blades cut through the air faster then the onlookers can hope to see.

At the end of this all his large frame dips down low and he leaps - spinning into the air with a whirlwind of movements and a pinwheel of his swords rising up skywards, the ground sparking and ripping apart as his weapons whipcrack down and then up again in his spinning assault.


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COMBATSYS: Ky Kiske parries Leo Whitefang's Eisen Sturm!

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Ky Kiske         1/--=====/=======|=======\=------\1    Leo Whitefang

The crowd is filled with gasps, ooohs, and cheers with each exchange, whether it's Ky's blow that strikes true or Leo's. "You sell yourself short, Leo!" Ky says, shifting his grip on his blade and adjusting his stance again, going from his high stance to a lower one more suited for striking two-handed and guarding. Apparently, he seems wary of what Leo might do next.

His worries are not unfounded, it seems, as Leo lunges in with a flurry of strikes. Unfortunately, worries or none, the First King seems woefully unprepared for the sheer ferocity and number of strikes he is faced with. The first seems like one he might evade, but he misjudges. The first hit strikes true, and Ky is caught in the barrage, battering him like a leaf on the wind as blow after iron-chi-laden blow tears into him and eventually launches the knight across the courtyard in a rolling tumble.

But as he crashes, Ky slams his palm and rights himself, vaulting back to his feet for the recovery with a heavy "hup."

And just in time, as the pinwheel strike comes for him. Lightning flashes and thunder cracks as chi channels his energy and strikes out, blade clashing against blade in a dramatic parry that sends lightning and iron chi splashing into the courtyard around them. Ky does not let up, however, lightning chi rippling along his body as he surges with power again and suddenly throws forth a powerful, arcing bolt of chi that shifts from orange to blow as it gathers strength.

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Ky Kiske         1/--=====/=======|=======\==-----\1    Leo Whitefang

The second King lands roughly, turning with a flourish of his coat with -some- satisfaction at the fury of his previous assault..but not total. Electricity dances wildly through the area, inter mixing with the silver-gold flashes of iron chi and Leo turns about just as Ky recovers and prepares his counter assault.

"I sell myself just the right amount, Ky!" he counters, "But this match isn't over yet!"

The roaring arcing bolt of lightning races towards him and Leo crosses both of his before him and then rips them backwards, arcing his back wildly in the swing as his chi forms out into a massive 'X' shaped wall of manifested energy which races out away from him to slam into the approaching bolt of energy.

Bursts of the lightning manage to make their way around his own counter assault, searing into his body, but not bringing him down.

As the two projectiles clash in a blinding display, Ky drops into a forward-leaning stance, energy gathering around him. Lightning crackles around the surface of his skin and the wind billows through his coat as his whole body seems to be gathering a charge, generating more and more energy steadily as he continues to cycle up.

Kicking off the crowd, lightning envelops the First King like a sphere, wrapping around his body in a great barrier of power as he charges forward like a meteor, aiming to smash through the lingering lightning and crash right into the Second King with a thunderous impact of lightning chi and magic sigils.

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The whole of the courtyard fills with light and the roar of the spark as Ky impacts into the Second King right when he's on the verge of a recovery and recoil from the clashing wills of the colliding energies. He braces a foot back, attempting to bring his swords up against the incoming torrent of sorcery and swordplay but even then the power rushes over him, filling his being with its full essence and lifting him from his feet to send him spiraling backwards in an uncontrolled tumble as a spray of blood erupts from his mouth from the energy racing through him.

He lands roughly, a cry emerging from the crowd but it's not one of dismay but one of shock and awe at both of the kings. They are on their territory after all and as far as Leo is ultiamtely concerned, a victory for either of them is a victory for Illyria.

He still wants to win though.

"Urgh. Well done...bambino!" he coughs out as he rolls to his feet, using his nickname for the First King and then correcting that by saying, "King Ky." There's a pause before he adds, "So take this as my parting gift!"

Both of his great swords suddenly seem to unravel, warping together to bein forming what looks like a molten spear as iron chi blazes around the massive man. "Take my blades, harder than any steel.."

He braces his body, ready to spring forward "And add to their strength my dignity and my grace!"

Leo launches, trailing a bolt of chi and magic behind him. The head of the spear forms the visage of a great silver lion which emits a thunderous roar alongside Leo's cry as he attempts to slam into Ky, thundering over him and past him with a final shout of "WINDRAD DES WELTRAUM!"

COMBATSYS: Leo Whitefang can no longer fight.

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Ky Kiske         0/-------/----===|

COMBATSYS: Leo Whitefang knocks away Ky Kiske with Windrad des Weltraum.

[                           \\\  <
Ky Kiske         1/-----==/=======|

The thundering blow from Ky may drive Leo back, but the Second King seems hardly done. As Ky seems to step out of his thunderous charge, the lightning sparks and fades into a scattered bolt and spark. The First King seems ready for Leo to concede defeat, but there's a certain wariness to Ky's movements. After all, even if this is a (relatively) friendly match, Leo Whitefang has never been a man to give up, much less quietly.

And when the furious final blow comes, Ky seems ready to intercept---prepared to catch the charge and guard against it with his blade. For a moment he weighs his options, but he seems confident in his ability to endure.

He is mistaken.

The thunderous blow, a lion's head in fire and iron, smashes right through Ky's guard and bowls him over to a thunderous cheer from the crowd (though perhaps a few boos from Ky's loyal contingent.) Tumbling into a roll, Ky bounces several times before rolling to an unceremonious stop.

"It seems," Ky says, "you have accomplished something truly impressive, Leo. I thought I soundly had you," Ky says, rising up to prop himself on Thunderseal.

And then, having exhausted the last of his strength, Ky collapses as well for a DKO.

COMBATSYS: Ky Kiske takes no action.

COMBATSYS: Ky Kiske can no longer fight.

The Second King tumbles into an ignoble finish despite the blazing display of his last assault. He's spent, needless to say and as his swords reform, he attempts to use them to brace his sliding form and push back up to his feet..only to collapse down once again.

He hears Ky's words and his eyes widen slightly in surprise. " had me.." he mutters, splayed out on the ground on the opposite end of the battlefield from the fallen First King.

"..I suppose fate had other designs in mind..."

He grins, pointing up towards the heavens briefly in an ackowledgement of victory before his arm drops down to the ground and he remains prone.

Sacred Order medics are already en route but for now the crowd simply basks in the incredible display of the two Illyrian leaders with the boo's and dismayed cries rapidly joining the applause and cheers for both of the monarchs.

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