Rising Star 2022 - Ristar 2022 R1 - Yun vs Seven

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Description: In this matchup, the indulgent hedonist will face the Twin Dragon. Will Seven see some of himself in the fun loving young man? Will Yun see a potential outcome for his carefree lifestyle? Who cares!? They just have to fight each other for my amusement at the Live House! Watch out for the Escalades in the parking lot!

If there's one thing that Yun Lee knows... it's Southtown. This kid has skated his way back and forth through this place without nary missing a beat. He can skate through this city with his eyes closed and probably has attempted to do so on numerous occasions. So when his Rising Star information points him in the direction of the Live House, well, there's nothing better than that to him on his on schedule today.

Including the shift at Genhanten that he should be at right now but that's what Yang is for. Right?

Anyway, the carefree street fighter and young hero of Shanghai, Yun kickflips on his board over whatever car might be in his way as he makes his arrival to the Old Line's parking lot. He's all grin and grind as he makes sure his skater dude antics are peered at by those that may have gathered around here to watch this Rising Star bout. To make sure of this, he even takes a moment to pull out his phone and fire off a little Twitter...

@AllYunNoYang: 'Bout to kick some ass at the Live House! Watch me flip! Watch me nae nae! #RisingStar2022 #SkateOrDie #WhiteDragonStyle

It had taken special permission from a kind-hearted parole officer for ex-convict Samson Rodgers to secure his spot in the Rising Star tournament. He'd convinced Officer Benedetti of his pure intentions; that he'd use the tournament as a healthy outlet for pent-up aggressions. And as far as Samson is concerned, it is in fact an opportunity to finally find some peace of mind. After all, why else would fate conspire to stage the man's first fight at a bar...

...if not to provide an opportunity for him to have a damn drink?

A meaty hand slams down on the bartop, rattling the empty glasses atop the wood surface and drawing the attention of the Live House's bartender, who's been having an unusually busy day shift.

"My tab," breathes the brute's gruff bass, leaving fumes of whiskey and beer hanging heavily in the air as the paw lifts to reveal a stack of yen before size twenty-plus boots thump heavily across the floor toward the parking lot.

A long shadow is cast as the mountainous man emerges into the light of day, his shaved peak gleaming in the sun and aviators obscuring his eyes from view. Composed of black bracers, an open leather vest, blue jeans and boots, his apparel places him somewhere between hard rocker and biker, though Samson would be the first to claim that they have yet to make a Fender or a Harley big enough for him. He is, after all, huge: at seven foot seven and in the ballpark of seven hundred pounds, he is one of that number who seem destined by design to find a place in the world of fighters. As if to compensate for some perceived lack of recognizability, tattooed upon his exposed skin are the names of the Christian deadly sins, foremost of which is the word 'GLUTTONY' in gothic lettering spread, perhaps appropriately, across his titanic belly.

The word seems to ripple as an enormous belch rumbles from the depths of his prodigious gut.

"That's better," the giant mutters with a pleasant haziness as he saunters on down past the parting crowd toward the approaching youth.

"Go figure. One match in and they pair me with some ninety-pound Asian kid. Looks like it's gonna be a short round."

Large knuckles printed with the words 'WRATH' and 'GREED' crack as the huge man lumbers up in front of the skater. His cold gaze looms behind his sunglasses as it falls on the teen.

"Kid, do your mama a kindness and tell her to turn off the tee-vee. They're gonna vilify me for what I'm about to do to you."

"One sec, bro."

Yun's got a finger up to stave off the arrival of his opponent in the moment because he's likely swiping through Instagram or something. There's always something more important to this new generation when online than when having to deal with whatever real life thing is looming towards them in a manner befitting that of a dangerous presence that seems to come with their own set of threats and banter.

It takes Yun a moment to finish liking a couple more photos before he finally looks up. "Alright, let's do--" Yun's vocals are cut short as he turns to look at the opponent that has been paired with him for the moment. In fact, h's even in the process of trying to put his phone back into his pocket when he realizes that there's a lot to look at. It kind of gets slid into the pocket at the same slow rate in which Yun seems to be looking up, up, and another up to finally get to the aviators. "... uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh." Speechlessness is not a good look right now, Yun. "Well, alright! Finally, a worthy opponent!" Yun's fronting so hard.

The Twin Dragon drops off his board and kicks it up into his hand in a style that makes it very clear he is a master of the art of skating. Mostly because his eyes haven't left the incredible specimen of giganticness that he's been tasked with dealing with in this here tournament.

It takes Yun a full extra moment or eight to move himself out to more of the parking lot area so that he can get some room. He has to save face here and that's why he drops his board and kicks it to the side while sliding his sneakers across the pavement while his arms sway and twist in kata. His grin returns as he pulls all those movements together into some action movie poster worthy fighting stance that he's been waiting to use for an occasion just like this one.

"Alright, Hungry Hungry Hippo..." Yun's hand motions with the universal beckoning gesture of taunting.

Translation: "Bring it on."

COMBATSYS: Yun has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Yun              0/-------/------=|

The corner of Seven's mouth turns up in a smirk at the words 'worthy opponent.' It's almost - actually, it's kind of hard not to interpret it as a compliment. Certainly far more flattering than anything that Seven had had to say. Of course, Yun's mouth doesn't stop there...

Seven rolls his shoulders and neck as the smirk turns into a sneer. Even in the process of loosening up, his posture is passively threatening.

"'Worthy opponent,' 'hungry hippo.' Now, which of those was sincere?" the enormous Southerner drawls. "Then again, maybe you know hippos. Maybe you read 'Congo' too. Maybe you're familiar with the hippopotamus and its lesser-known reputation as the deadliest large land mammal on the planet. Maybe witnessing my magnitude evokes a sensation within you that harkens to the realisation that you've just stepped in the shit of an angry three-ton motherfucker with teeth that will tear you up like a wet paper bag."

Seven cocks his head to one side.

"Maybe you're just too... goddamn... right."

Suddenly, Seven thrusts a mighty hand out - attempting to catch the skater by the front of his shirt - before lurching violently, aiming to spin full circle to gain momentum and lift Yun off of his feet before slamming him onto the hood of an Escalade sitting in an adjacent parking space!

COMBATSYS: Seven has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Yun              0/-------/------=|-------\-------\0            Seven

COMBATSYS: Seven successfully hits Yun with Fierce Slam.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Yun              0/-------/---====|>------\-------\0            Seven

"Or maybe I just saw Jumanji?"

Yun doesn't really seem to be that bothered or whatever by the animal planet speech about hippos. To be honest, it's really hard to tell if he was even listening. There was a part in there somewhere when Yun's eyes glossed over and he kind of lets his guard down enough to visibly look bored. Which means even more words get to come out of the Twin Dragon's mouth. Words that will probably be a mistake.

"Y'know, the whole point of witty banter is to make quips. As in quick, short, turns of phrase. We should look into getting you a quiptionary, maybe a book on tape or--"

Yun doesn't actually get to finish his smarm because Seven's got him snatched up like a ragdoll. "Okay, nevermind, I think you got it!"

The backtracking is no use and the windmilling of Yun's body ends with a vicious crunching against the hood of the Escalade. That cheap plastimetal practically shatters beneath the forcibly slammed back of Yun thanks to Seven's hippo-strength. The pain on Yun's face stays there the entire time he's rolling off the side of the now ruined Escalade and crouches behind the vehicle for a moment. "Okay, I get it. Hippos are cool. Next time I'll pick a more clever fat joke!"

Yun's back on his feet with a slightly wobbly movement due to the pain searing down his back. He spins around the front of the vehicle and extends a swift leg in the direction of Seven's chest!

COMBATSYS: Seven auto-guards Yun's Senpuu Kyaku.

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Yun              0/-------/--=====|>------\-------\0            Seven

Whether the result of the liquid warm-up that Samson imbibed before the match or the pure inertia of his mass in motion, Seven's follow-through is lurching and staggering, enough so that those audience members still encroaching on the designated fighting area see fit to retreat to a safer distance. By the time that Yun rolls off of the Escalade, though, Seven has brought himself upright once more.

"Oh, is 'witty banter' what we were meant to be doin', son?"

Even coming off of the slam, Yun is clearly the quicker to the punch - or, in this instance, the kick. As he comes spinning around at Seven, the giant lifts up his belly, presenting his girth as its own defense as muscles tighten behind layers of fat.


It's somewhat akin to kicking a brick wall, though with considerably more give. Like rubber, the flesh absorbs the impact before rebounding to its full size, ripples running along the giant's gut as he braces, seemingly unharmed by the attack.

"I look forward to your hilarious repartee regarding my corpulence," Seven remarks with all the dryness of the arid Arizona air. "In fact, why don't I collaborate with you on that?"

Stretching his arms out, the hippo-man invokes a classic schoolyard bully tactic by attempting to simply shove Yun off his feet with all of his might. If he succeeds, he'll then throw himself forward - aiming to drop his crushing immensity backside-first onto the youth!

COMBATSYS: Seven successfully hits Yun with Sloth.

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Yun              1/------=/=======|>>>----\-------\0            Seven

Yun's mouth is always the number one thing that gets him into trouble and it seems like this sanctioned combat event is falling prey to that same thing. Yun winces at the pain that goes through his leg as his foot connects with the rubber brick wall of stomach that is the bulk of Seven's defenses! There's even a bit of a hop-limp as his leg comes down and he attempts to straighten himself up into a defensive stance.

Good plan. Except... Seven's not done.

"Oh come on, I'm better than that. I was only gonna' drop like one fat joke. Two, max." Yun tries to explain while backing up and circling away from the trashed Escalade. "All good banter in moderation, right?"


Seven's hand connects with Yun quite easily and the Twin Dragon smacks into the pavement without missing a beat. His already pained back smacks into the pavement and his head follows suit and the dizziness ensues. There's barely a moment for him to realize the eclipsing body of Seven coming towards him and the resulting backside implementation results in cracked ribs and perhaps some internal bleeding. Yun's gutteral response to such impact is very much pain and not witty banter.

"Ugh..." Yun struggles beneath the weight of Seven, reaching up to see if he can't hold the big man in place while one of his stylish sneakers comes up in a desperate attempt to show some flexibility and improv a swift kick at his opponent's... well... whatever his leg can reach. Anything to help get the dude off him.

Notice the lack of banter during this moment because um... pain.

COMBATSYS: Seven endures Yun's Light Kick.

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Yun              1/------=/=======|>>>>---\-------\0            Seven

With his oppressive weight imposed on Yun, Seven takes a moment to draw in a deep breath through his nostrils. "I ain't about moderation, kid. I go by 'Seven.' Know why? 'Cause I'm all seven deadly sins in one big package."

The titan seems to be fishing around in his vest pocket for what appears to be a pack of smokes when the limber kick strikes him right in the spine, causing him to grimace and drop his cigarette before he can light it.

"Hey, now. You still fightin' back?"

Seven pushes himself up off of Yun, one hand searching for the sore spot on the vastness of his back from the kick.

"Ho ho. One day, son, you will look back on your entry into this tournament with regret. And that day..."

He only gives Yun a moment for partial recovery, if taken, before returning on the assault - aiming the toe of a size twenty-something boot at Yun's stomach to double him up before reaching down to attempt to grab him around the waist and lift him into a gutwrench suplex front-first onto the parking lot. If successful, he would then move to sit on Yun's back and trap the teen's arms over his legs before wrapping both hands under his jaw and wrenching - in a move many in the wrestling world might recognize as a 'Camel Clutch!'

COMBATSYS: Seven successfully hits Yun with Envy EX.
Glancing Blow

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Yun              1/----===/=======|>>>>>>-\-------\0            Seven

The white stylized gi of Yun's is no longer as pristine as it started. There is chipped Escalade paint, dirt, grime, and oh, yes, blood. Thanks to the viciousness of Seven and the implementation of a handful of those Deadly Sins. Which, for the record, Yun is none to happy hearing about.

"... Seriously? All of them?" Yun's moment of realization is cut short by Seven's removal of his body from his chest and such. It actually takes Yun a moment to find his feet again and in that moment Yun finds that his time has one again run out.

"Yo, relax. I don't regret /any/ fights, my man!" Then that huge foot connects with his gut and Yun doubles right over in pain, blood splattering the pavement from his mouth. "... okay, except maybe this one." It doesn't take anything for Yun's body to get yanked up and smacked into the street pavement with suplexicated brutality. Something else inside Yun's body cracks and it doesn't look like he's going to be moving for a moment. A moment is all it takes for Seven to apply that strong armed camel clutch.

This is, however, a fight and not exactly a wrestling match so even while Yun's hands are flailing wildly there is no tapping. Yun embraces the being unable to move as opposed to giving up. Yang would never let him live quitting down and Gen would have his head. Either way, Yun attempts to fight through the pain coursing through his entire body at this moment in favor of trying to mount any sort of defense. In this position he lacks the ability to do much of anything but he does try to get his arms free enough to grab at the hands that are camel clutching his jaw and face. He digs deep to see if he can't pull those hands free and puts as much power as he has into trying to get enough room try and flip Seven over his head and get a little space to breathe.

Then again, this dude is HUGE. Will Yun even be strong enough to do something like that?

COMBATSYS: Seven interrupts Strong Throw from Yun with Lechery.
- Power hit! -

[                      \\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Yun              1/<<<<<<</<<<<<<<|>>>>>>-\-------\0            Seven

Samson Rodgers is huge, indeed. To his credit, though, Yun does manage to shake Seven's grip to the point that the giant starts to stand - but as he does so, he hauls the local youth with him, his mighty hippopotamus arms hoisting the teen up against his upper belly, turning him around so that they're face to face.

"I am relaxed, boy."

Intervening in Yun's escape attempt by locking him into a new position of dominance, he tightens his bear-like grip, applying pressure to his spine as his biceps flex, the words 'ENVY' and 'PRIDE' bulging out with the expanding shape of the extensive muscle under the fat. The youth is likely to smell the whiskey on Seven's breath.

"Don't worry. There won't be much more to regret."

Then, squeezing Yun tighter in the bearhug to inhibit evasion, Seven lifts one mighty leg to plant on the foot of a parked low-rider, then brings the other up - before toppling forward, smashing his weight down onto Yun and Yun down onto the roof of the car with enough force to crumple the top of the car and crush the vehicle's glasswork!

Slow Motion makes the pain grow uh, well, painfuller.

Yun can't really do much of anything as Seven decides to introduce him to the most vicious bearhug that he's ever had the displeasure of being caught in. He's fought some wrestling focused individuals before but this is freaking ridiculous. Yun's legs are the most flailable at the moment because he can't get enough room to actually throw a good enough kick.

What good is Kung Fu if you can't even Kick, right?

The crunching of the vehicle beneath the weight of Seven (and kind of Yun but at this point are his couple of pounds even worth adding on?) matches the bones cracking in his body and there will definitely be a hospital visit in the near future.

"If you say so, Chuckles."

Yun the Defiant Dragon seems to be attempting to mount some sort of offense here. Rolling off the (hopefully insured) vehicle so that he can find himself on a half-crouched wobbly stance of bloody smiled smarminess. He seems to barely be able to focus on Seven but this kata he's trying to push through the pain to perform seems to be some sort of moment to gather up whatever inner chi he has to try and get back into this fight.

Yun pushes from his half-crouch into a rush of adrenaline fueled action! A pair of elbow strikes, followed by a pair of lunging palm strikes all sent in a flurry in Seven's direction. If speed happens to be on Yun's side, he aims to finish off this little rapid combo with a high kick that might actually be able to reach Seven's face.

Let's find out!

COMBATSYS: Seven endures Yun's Sorai Rengeki!

[                      \\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Yun              0/-------/----<<<|>>>>>>>\>>-----\1            Seven

Seven may not be on the worse end of the impact - that honour is clearly reserved for the car, whose windows and windscreen have been crushed to smithereens - but even he has to take a moment to reorient himself after rolling off of the roof and onto his feet. He turns around, right into the combination from Yun.


Elbows and palms land flush against the giant's gut, and this time, there is give - belly flesh roiling like a hirsute sea, bruises soon to blossom, as the report of Yun's attacks resound loudly across the parking lot. With the giant off-balance, Yun even manages to find purchase to step up and kick the aviator shades right off of Seven's face, leaving the titan reeling backwards as his glazed brown eyes squint in the fresh brightness of the sun.

"Well, hell, kid," Seven says as he rolls his right shoulder, the sausage-fingers of his left hand prodding gingerly at his own welting exposed flesh. "I felt that one."

It perhaps only becomes clear a moment later that he wasn't just rolling his shoulder passively - rather, he was limbering it up, as now he steps forward, winding his arm back and tightening the hand of 'W R A T H' into a fist of 'WRATH' before lurching into a full-bodied haymaker - aiming to plow his giant hand right into Yun's face with showstopping force!

COMBATSYS: Seven successfully hits Yun with Wrath EX.
# Disabling hit! #

[                                < >  ////////////////////          ]
Yun              1/------</<<<<<<<|>>>>>>>\>>>>---\1            Seven

"Didja'?" Yun'd feeling it now. The cockiness is back in the Twin Dragon's favor. He's got his sneakers moving pretty fast as he lets the adrenaline fuel his body to keep it moving. He looks like he's ready to press his limited advantage and the witty banter comes right along with it because he might as well poke the giant bear, right? "Well there's more where that came fro--"


Yun's movements are cut off in this next moment as that giant Wrathful Fist collides so viciously with his face that there's a good chance that teeth have shattered. Yun's entire body is taken off the ground, those cool sneakers flailing as he sails backwards and across the parking lot. And this is no like, small across the parking lot. We're talking about across the entire parking lot. The whole thing. Yun's body is punched clear across the way and it smashes right into the windshield of a whole different Escalade. The glass shatters, Yun's bones do the same and the Twin Dragon looks like he's not going to be able to do much of anything but drink out of a straw for the next few months. And if that's pushing it.

Glass hits the pavement as Yun struggles to climb out of the second smashed Escalade. His body hits the ground and he's barely able to actually move. It seems like the only thing holding him up is his Will. Even his baseball cap is askew. Yun doesn't even care to reach up and straighten it like he usually does. He just lets it stay askew.

His Adrenaline-fueld willpower allows him a moment to center himself and find his balance. Which leads almost immediately to a rush of speed to close the gap, as he leaps into a strideful fist-first punch aimed for the target known as Seven.

Yun knows he's running out of tricks but he'll be damned if he doesn't give this his all.

COMBATSYS: Yun prepares to take his last stand against Seven!

[                      \\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Yun              0/-------/----===|>>>>>>>\>>>>---\1            Seven

COMBATSYS: Seven blocks Yun's Zesshou Hohou.

[                      \\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Yun              0/-------/----===|>>>>>>>\>>>>---\1            Seven

With Yun sent flying across the parking lot, Seven turns his head and spits on the ground. He turns his back as the Escalade's alarm rings out, presuming his opponent to be down for the count after disappearing into the Cadillac's interior. He even makes it a few steps before the sound of crunching glass alerts him to Yun's almost-horrifyingly-plucky determination in action, and he turns around slowly.

"Lord have mercy on this young man," he says somberly as the swift punch flies toward his gut. This time, Yun's fist plunges deep into the flesh and fat as it relents, a shockwave ondulating outward from the epicenter as the blow is delivered - but the giant has braced inwardly for the impact, and the result is perhaps less than Yun might have hoped for. A low rumble of aggravation and ill-temper escapes alongside an exhalation from Seven as his body tenses - a subtle warning of what's to come that Yun would be able to sense through the fist lost within Seven's girth.

Then, trampling forward, Samson aims to slam bodily into Yun, intending to take him off his feet and carry him along with his belly as he lurches into a nigh-unstoppable run. If the skater doesn't manage to escape or avoid the charge, he'll soon find himself pancaked between the giant and the side of a third as-yet pristine Escalade - before, after presumably hitting the asphalt again, Seven would again heft his immensity into the air before dropping belly-first across Yun's person!

COMBATSYS: Seven successfully hits Yun with The Broad Path.

[                                < >  //////////////////////        ]
Yun              1/------=/=======|>------\-------\0            Seven

Want to know why they are called the Deadly Sins? Fight Seven.

Yun is, as he should, feeling himself. He actually seems to be in better spirits as it seems like he may have had an opportunity to turn the tide in this here battle. The plucky adrenaline was fueling him to the level that he was even starting to get a little bit more cocky than he probably should be considering how he's been so readily trounced since the beginning of this here 'bout.

But that's just Yun. He's even cocky while getting his ass kicked. It's in his nature.

What's also in his nature is the dramatic facial expression of victory that's on his face as his fist collides with the massive stomach of Seven. He almost looks like he's about to celebrate or something. And that's when he's starts to feel that something's off. That belly didn't give the way it should've. Something's not right.

Yun's eyes rise to meet Seven's and there's not even time for Yun to gulp. Instead, his body is yanked up off the ground and he's taken on the Broadest Path across the parking lot (again) in a manner that's so close to making him an insignificant bug on the windshield of life that when he's pancaked between Seven and the Third Escalade, whatever bones he has left are cracked. His eyes are losing light and his baseball cap is starting to slip off his head. His braid bounces as his body drops to the pavement below. There's barely a drop of energy left in Yun's body so he finds himself unable to protect himself from the onslaught of all of Seven's immense size and weight dropping down on to him like the finality of a sentence. A statement made.

As most of Yun's body loses its ability to function. his right hand continues to move, in the most weakest of states. A pathetic attempt at a last ditch open palm sent for any part of Seven he can reach. But that's it. That's all he has left. Impact or not, Yun's body grows still, his eyes close, and that baseball cap slips from his should-be-cracked-but-still-intact skull to lay next to him on the pavement...

COMBATSYS: Yun can no longer fight.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Seven            0/-------/------<|

COMBATSYS: Seven interrupts Improvised Smack from Yun with Gluttony.
- Power hit! -

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Seven            0/-------/-----<<|

For all the cool and calm that Samson Rodgers has displayed throughout the exchange of violence, there is something that has been simmering under the surface that is being brought to boil as he rampages against a young man who barely seemed able to stand /before/ he'd been plowed into a parked motor vehicle for the fourth time. He's quick to get back on his feet after crashing down this time, and when Yun's hand comes up to smack into the extraordinarily-large target that Seven's belly presents, it would likely be enough to simply allow it.

Samson Rodgers doesn't simply allow it.

Instead, Samson's belly smacks back, the word 'GLUTTONY' filling Yun's vision as it's thrust through the offending hand to smash into the teen's mercifully uncracked skull, perhaps a little harder than even Samson himself intended. Wrath, it seems, is the ascendant vice of the moment.

Snorting and panting like a bull, Seven pushes himself up to his full, towering height, red in the face, fists balled at his sides as his muscles flex with the adrenaline coursing through his veins.

"Haha! Nice try, ya little bitch! Come at me again! Let's see what happens!"

Slowly, his breathing steadies as he returns from some elsewhere in his mind - the reality of the situation setting in as the heady mix of whiskey and adrenal fluid starts to fade. Sobering, Samson turns to the nearby crowd and calls out grimly, "Somebody get a referee and a medic, in that order."

With that, he starts to lumber back toward the bar.

"I need another drink."

COMBATSYS: Seven has ended the fight here.

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