World Warrior 2018 - World Warrior Qualifiers R2 - Lee vs Ryo

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Description: Ryo Sakazaki reaches Strolheim, eager to battle for his placements amongst the World Warriors. Ready to greet him is the impoverished Lee Chaolan, the former CEO of the Violet Systems. As the two make battle, however, the Kyokugen heir makes an intriguing offer to the Silver-Haired Demon....

Strolheim Castle. Were people already arriving at the house of Strolheim in anticipation of the event to come? According to this wristwatch doohickey thingamabob on Ryo's wrist? Yes.

And so, the Kyokugen Dragon, having faced a completely devastating defeat at the hands of an inhuman monster, has come to reclaim some of his lost standing by fighting up the ranks. Against someone he knows is a challenging opponent, but... not beyond the scope of men.

Lee Chaolan.

The silver haired CEO had had his own recent falling. But, he had shown that he was worth more than his reputation, and still a strong contender, when he faced the son of Rugal Bernstein himself. So, to Ryo's thinking, he was the perfect opponent. On the rise, and yet still hungry. Like himself. With a match like this, with face on the line, he can expect to be challenged. They'll both want to give their all. Ryo doesn't care about winning or losing in a match like this. It's not about that. It's about facing someone who has just as much desire to push themselves and rise above their limits as he does.

And so, here he is, a wayward soul, approaching this gothic monolith of stone and spire, in the back of a pickup truck by the generosity of a local farmer. The truck comes to a halt, breaks squeaking, just outside the gates. Ryo, with a duffle bag in hand, hops out of the back, and moves around the right side to give his thanks to the driver, who seems concerned for Ryo's safety as he speaks in hushed whispers. It would appear that perhaps the locals do not wish to draw the attention of the Lord of Strolheim. After muttering a few prayers and making the sign of the cross, the driver pulls away, leaving the Kyokugen fighter standing alone at the gates.

He turns, pushing a few stray locks of blonde hair from his rugged face, and lets his cobalt blue eyes lift up to take in the sheer size of the castle before him. It occurs to him that there is a real living and breathing person that calls this place home. In a modern world, Krauser lives like Count Dracula. While he and his scrape by in a dojo in South Town. The world is a strange place indeed.

Tossing his duffle bag over his shoulder, Ryo looks down at his wrist watch. According to it, Chaolan should be somewhere right... around... here...

In turn, Lee Chaolan was looking forward to facing the heir of the Kyokugen clan.

Certainly the grips of poverty was strangling Lee Chaolan; after his fallout with Felicia, the last of his Violet Girl, he had stooped to the worst lows. He was living at Strolheim, as long as he kept his rankings. And should he not qualify? Then he would be homeless. Distraught. The only light in his life now? Was it fighting? No, no.

It was that the bankruptcy proceedings were almost done.

Lee Chaolan strides out, adjusting his gloves as he approaches his opponent, Ryo. His violet-blue leather jacket and black slacks were in a deplorable condition, hastily stitched up and patched with repairs; even his silver hair looked a bit matted Adjusting his watch, he taps it, a smirk on his lips. "Ryo Sakazaki." He says with cadence, adjusting his wrists as he comes to a stop only a few meters from the Kyokugen Heir. "Well, I was actually hoping to bump into your friend Robert." He gives a sideway glance towards him, shaking his head.

"I'm a little disappointed I didn't see any of Kyokugen in my King Of Fighters!~"

Ryo's squinting eyes descend as movement in his periphery draws his attention. Steeled against the light of the sun, Ryo's gaze is a classic Eastwood thousand yard stare as he looks at the state of the fallen fighter. Noting the state of his attire, Ryo is left with one brow lifting high. And his voice, deep and rumbling, mutters forth a simple, "Jesus."

The dufflebag is held out to one side, though, and his fist opens to allow the drawstrings to fall free. The bag collides with the ground with a heavy thump. As for Ryo's own attire? Apparently he's rockin' it old school for now. A sleeveless shirt in a shade of brown so dark it might have been black hugs the powerfully built frame of the hulking warrior snuggly, displaying each muscle that's etched into him like he is a figure chiseled from stone. Around his waist, a black obi is tied, and from it dangles a sleeve orange gi top that hangs around behind him. His pants match. Around his wrists are black bands sporting white Kanji that reads Kyokugen-Ryu Karate.

"Sorry Robert couldn't make it. From the looks of things, you probably want to raid his wardrobe. Does Strolheim not provide you with new clothes?"

It's only slightly jabbing, that comment. For what it's worth, there is an actual note of curious concern to his voice, as he shrugs up his gi top and adjusts it so that it remains mostly folded closed over his chest.

"We had other things going on when you held your tournament. Doesn't look like that whole thing went well for you, either, though. Seems we've both been down on our luck. Let's exchange some punches about it. What do you say?"

With that, Ryo Sakazaki, always the eager beaver when it comes to fighting, adopts his traditional Kyokugen Tiger style stance. Knees bent in a lose back stance. Center of gravity low to the ground, almost level with his knees. Both arms extended before him, his hands open and relaxed, as if ready to grapple, rather than punch. One hangs far out, just about face level, while the other is low, near his knee, for a stronger defense. His youthful features, rugged as they are, seem boyish as he adopts a lopsided grin. Despite the savage brutality that he had suffered at the hands of Ramlethal, Ryo Sakazaki has lost none of his thrill of the fight. He hasn't lost a step. He hasn't lost confidence. He's only gained more love and determination to know his own spirit. And the only way to know a warrior's spirit is to ask his fist.

Lee Chaolan brushes off Ryo's first reaction.

Lee Chaolan turns his facing around, looking across at the martial artist directly now. Ryo makes no attempt to hide his impression of Lee: poverty. And yet, Lee's smile doesn't lose that smile, as Ryo gives his reason on the lack of Kyokugen arrival. Other things going on, it was so smiple. And yet, when Ryo gives him the ultimate offer on the fight?



Lee gives a quick wink, falling into his own fighting stance. "I cannot reject such a charming request!~ Alas, though, Strolheim doesn't provide anything more than a cot to sleep on; and if I lose my qualifiers? Well, I am certain I can... hitchhike my way back. The bus you took, was that provided by Strolheim? Did you pay for it yourself?" He tones drops a bit.

"Is that affordable?"

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Ryo              0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Lee Chaolan has joined the fight here.

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Ryo              0/-------/-------|======-\-------\0      Lee Chaolan

"Bus? That was a farmer's pickup truck. Man, you really have no idea what it is to live a humble life, do you? This must be a real adjustment," Ryo sakazaki returns, tilting his head to one side and eyeballing Lee closely. But, his smile fades, and he says, "For what it's worth, I'm sorry. Tell you what... If I beat you, you can come be my disciple at the Kyokugen Dojo! We'll show you how to live on meager means and you'll get to fight and train and grow stronger!"

A momentary pause, and he seems to be scowling in thought. "And if you win..."

Yeah. He doesn't seem to have anything to offer if Lee wins the fight. But, suddenly, the lights turn on. "And if you win, I'll let you become my disciple and you can live at the Kyokugen dojo where we'll teach you how to live a life of humble means and you'll get to practice and train and grow stronger!"

Satisfied with these terms, Ryo suddenly bursts into action! His feet, clad only in black lycra ankle supports, kick off of the pavement of the dock yard, kicking up swirling motes of dust in their wake. He doesn't leap to the skies, though, instead simply lunging forward in a low, speedy arc that ends with him taking a few thudding steps to close the distance between himself and Lee Chaolan.

"Allow me to give you a demonstration of some basics!"

His breakneck pace allows him to slide sideways, as he chambers a tightly balled fist, a mass of heavy and dense sinew and bone with large, calloused knuckles. Using as much of his upper body strength as well as just his arm, Ryo Sakazaki brings that fist like a cudgel, rising it upward in a sliding uppercut that's aimed squarely for Lee's jaw. Should it connect, the silver haired fallen playboy will find it followed up by another. Far more powerful attack of similar nature, though this one is loaded up with bone shattering force, as Ryo's entire body is propelled upwards towards the sky in the Kyokugen patented flying uppercut, known as:


COMBATSYS: Ryo successfully hits Lee Chaolan with Mouko Raijin Gou.

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Ryo              0/-------/-----==|======-\-------\0      Lee Chaolan

"... You had to take a pickup trunk?"

There is actually a twinge of despair. For Lee Chaolan, he imagined the likes of Ryo to be... well, a step up. Like a bus in. Some -other- fighters had busses. But Ryo... Ryo had a pickup truck? No, he did not have a pickup truck, he hitchhiked a ride. If -this- is what a step up was... And then, he even offers to take him in as a disciple. Naturally, if Lee won, why would he- well actually. Actually, he might still need a place to sleep after the World Warrior. Lee could not believe it himself, but he actually considers it.

Of course, he only snaps out -after- Ryo snaps towards him.

As the martial artist comes roaring in, Lee Chaolan almost wakes up from his dream. The man bounds in, dropping in point blank to shake Lee into reacting. As Ryo slides in to the side, however, the fist comes hammering in with an uppercut. Lee Chaolan turns with it, twisting it away from his jaw into his shoulder. Just enough to mitigate the full impact of it. But NOT enough to escape the second rising uppercut, which -blows- Lee Chaolan backwards, the silver-haired demon flailing backwards into a tumble. Rolling on the ground, he only has a moment to recover.

Adjusting his bruised chin as he does.

"Oh, Excellent!~" Lee Chaolan says brightly, as he rises. "Alas, I think it was my loss on the lack of Kyokugen. I'm likely never going to give such prize incentives again, believe me, at least not to that scale. Did you hear that the finals finally resolved themselves?" Lee Chaolan was making conversation, as he surges back. Hurling forward, he leaps into a singular flying kick, blazing through the air as he aims it squarely for Ryo's center. Should it connect?

It would pivot.

Lee would pin his leg in, and share the momentum to whip his -other- leg around. He would hook it up and over, to wrench it around Ryo's neck, before trying to -slam- them both down. A famous opening gambit for Lee Chaolan, of course.

But always difficult to predict even so.

COMBATSYS: Ryo interrupts Mist Trap from Lee Chaolan with Koho Shippuken.
-@- Dazing Hit! -@-

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Ryo              0/-------/--=====|=======\-------\1      Lee Chaolan

As Ryo descends from his aerial uppercut, he lands nimbly, into a three point crouch, eyes still focused on his opponent. His brows are furrowed together into a look of pure concentration, his eyes blazing with the rush of the fight. Yeah. Ryo looks alive.

"I had heard something about it. Gotta admit, that with everything happening in South Town, it's been a bit under my radar," the Kyokugen Dragon replies. It seems he's not adverse to making conversation as they fight. Hell, he's still finishing his sentence as Lee comes in with that flying kick. Ryo just finishes saying "radar" as he ducks back, drawing himself in like a coiled up spring. Lee's kick flies at his chest, while Ryo surges forth directly at it.

Oh, Lee's kick connects to Ryo's chest. But Ryo is like a freight train, and his momentum carries him forward, making the silver haired demon's knee buckle. Ryo's bare knuckled fist strikes with the speed of a cobra, a straight aimed to cause all of the weight of Ryo's mass to be channeled directly through that punch and into the side of Lee's jaw with a crack like thunder.

"Who wound up winning again?" He brushes off his chest, and reclaims his low, wide legged stance.

Oh no.

That is the last clear thought Lee Chaolan has as he flies in, the casual conversation continuing. Certainly, with what -he- did to Southtown, he could forgive Ryo being out of the loop of a tournament. As he sails through the air, slamming his leg into Ryo's chest, he is met with a -staggering- punch straight into his jaw. THe first was bad. The second blow to the chin? Upends him. Now he isn't rolling, now he isn't responding. He lands hard, his face swelling, as he actually... needs a moment to recover. And when he does, standing up with a lurching sway of his feet?

"Lee Chaolan gives a blank stare."

The silver-haired martial artist says aloud, as he eases himself out. He... what? He seemed to having a kind of a concussion. Almost mindlessly, blindly, he approaches Ryo in the most mechanical technique. No winks, no charm, just straight martial power. He starts to kick at Ryo. A high kick, a low kick, a middle kick, an... endless chain of kicks. A mindless repetition of them, honed by years and years of rote training. It was pure muscle memories, as he kind of works through the motions. All while talking in that... disjointed style. "Ah! He says finally! The winner was the dark horse, the Team Balance, with the beautiful Kasumi and elegant Alma! Ryu Hayabusa was a no show, which almost all but assured it for the Syndicate Team, but they managed to come out on top! Meanwhile, it came down to- And then, he responds to Ryo- It was the Hungry Wolves and Heirs to Destiny. Or was it legends, he wonders! Oh. And then he gives a thumbs up. Excellent!"

And Lee Chaolan doesn't stop the kick chain, until Ryo -makes- him.

COMBATSYS: Lee Chaolan successfully hits Ryo with Infinite Rave.

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Ryo              1/------=/=======|===----\-------\0      Lee Chaolan

Ryo was, perhaps, a bit put off by the lack of charisma put into showboating before the launching of the string of kicks. He had expected the other fighter to be stunned and slower than he was. He had expected something a bit less flashy, by the way he was stumbling. And so when those kicks start raining in, Ryo's defense proves inadequate. Slow. The attacks slip past them, and punish him for letting his guard down.

"Ah! I..." Ryo says, as a foot slams into his face, whipping it to the side. "Don't think I kno--"

Another kick knocks the wind from him as it digs into his solar plexus. He gulps back in a breath of air as the assault continues, and he desperately swats at kicks that are connecting just a scant moment too fast for him to properly deflect.

"...know them."

Ryo finally ducks out, sliding off to one side, having taken enough punishment in that otherwise neverending chain of attacks. He sniffs, blood filling his nostrils and running down the back of his throat, leaving him with a coppery taste in his mouth. He spits it out, and wipes at his gushing nose, before a small chuckling sound escapes his throat.

Without hesitation, Ryo capitalizes on the angle opened up to him by his sliding sidestep, trying to pierce Lee's defenses by virtue of attacking him from the side and slightly behind. The orange clad fighter drops down into a deep, deep horse stance, his legs spread far apart, and standing on the balls of his feet. His back straightens, and his shoulders rise up. His fists snap shut tight enough that the flesh bleaches to the color of bone. One hand lashes out, fingers open and splayed as if he had stopped just shy of palming Lee's entire head like a basketball. And then...

The punch that follows is simple. It's a kind of basic punch taught to white belts in karate dojos across the world. Shoulders straight, fist chambered at the hip and delivered straight forward. The difference between this punch and the punch taught to a novice is that this punch has been practiced a million times and more. It has been tried and tested, botched and eventually, over time, perfected. It uses the principles of kinetic linking to draw power from every single inch of Ryo's body, from the slight pivot on the balls of his feet, the snap of his hip from side facing to forward, and the straightening of his spine, to the final snap of his wrist from the side to straight... all of these little movements lend themselves to funneling power through his arm to one concentrated point on the end of his fist. It isn't unlike the feats of another famous Dragon with his near mythical one inch punches.


COMBATSYS: Ryo successfully hits Lee Chaolan with Tenchi Haoh Ken.

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////                 ]
Ryo              0/-------/---====|====---\-------\0      Lee Chaolan

Lee Chaolan typically brought more charisma, it's true!

But the fact was, as Lee Chaolan struggles through the motions, the attacks spread out more and more. As Ryo finally ducks out of the endless stream, the silver-haired demon doesn't even slow down, his attack escaping off to the side. An opening. The influence of that dragon is quite broad. In fact, Lee Chaolan has his own one inch punch. Lee almost seems aware of it, as his daze fades. His awareness turns towards Ryo, a twinkle in his eye as he turns to move...

But the blow -smashes- into Lee's ribs.

The blow neatly snaps Lee's already extended ribs, as the sense is knocked straight back into him. He actually manages to avoid getting knocked away this time, by merely falling backwards, stumbling away. He actually has to fall on one knee. Holding up a finger, he tries to make it clear that he is just... getting his bearings. Rising up again, he exhales hard. "Now where was I..."

"Oh yes, the teams!"

"Hungry Wolves are Terry Bogard, and Rock Howard- Nnrgh, please." Lee Chaolan forces forward, unleashing a singular kick straight... past Ryo. Oh, there were the feints again. "I believe Rock... Rock is in this tournament. He is Geese's son! They hardly get along though, it's a pity. There are quite a number of father son pairs in fact; you know Rugal? His boy, Adelheid, is fighting in this! An excellent fighter; I doubt you'll have time to fight him, however... Plus, he has a weird thing with his sister." Lee Chaolan tut tuts, as he sweeps a long round-house, leg coming in high as he feints short again, circling around Ryo.

"Oh, speaking of which!"

Lee Chaolan suddenly pivots again, as he unleashes a sudden one-two jab for Ryo's face. These are real attacks, as he comes in with a single thrusting side kick at Ryo's mid-section. "How has Yuri been doing? She's always a treat to fight with; I'm surprised she's not competing in this tournament! She has a lot of raw potential you know." The combination finishes as Lee's other leg suddenly sweeps up for a full forced roundhouse, to -spike- Ryo back down hard.

"You didn't stop her from coming here, I hope."

COMBATSYS: Ryo fails to interrupt Revolution Zwei from Lee Chaolan with Koho EX.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////                  ]
Ryo              0/-------/=======|======-\-------\0      Lee Chaolan

"Oh, them I know!" Ryo says, in response to the Hungry Wolves. Of course Ryo knows them. He and Terry, after all, are sort of legends that run in the same circles. The Beating Up Geese Howard kind of circles. "Terry's a good guy. Rock's not a bad kid, either. The other ones are the ones I don't know. Kasumi and Alma?"

The feints are doing their job. Ryo knows *just* enough of Lee Chaolan to know that they're coming. It doesn't mean that he knows the best way to handle them.

"Bernstein has kids?" Ryo asks as he weaves to avoid the feinting roundhouse. The comment about Adel's sister only makes the Kyokugen Dragon's face crinkle up in mild disgust. He pushes on, having learned from the feints not to worry about those jabs. Instead, as Lee comes in for them, Ryo ducks down to call his bluff with a rising uppercut. Just as he's springing back upwards, however, the jabs catch him in the face, halting his progress. His head snaps back twice, and he doubles over the foot in his midsection. That puts him in the perfect position to be shot to the floor by Lee's finishing kick.

"Me? Stop Yuri from doing anything?" He snickers from the ground as he picks himself back up. "Obviously you don't know her very well. That girl is as hard headed as she is strong. I could no more stop her from doing what she wants than I could stop the rain from falling from the sky. But, she doesn't really come around. I haven't seen her in forever. She has her own life, apparently."

"I know, right?"

Lee Chaolan pauses, letting Ryo pull himself together. It really was comforting, fighting and chatting. It was like a coffee meeting. Basically just like one, yes. "I don't ask about the mother; believe me, if the mother isn't in the picture? You don't want to ask about it. It's one of those subjects that if you pry, you end up dead at the bottom of the Marina Trench. But he's the happy father of a pair of twins... at least, as far as he cares to admit. He has those beautiful secretaries after all..." Lee waits for Ryo to finish his rise, eyeing him carefully, rubbing his badly bruised and bloodied chin. And once Ryo is back up?

And he tears back in.

Lee Chaolan throws out another flying kick, falling short once again. He steps in and over, circling once again as he continues his chatter. "But yes, that's a shame you aren't doing more with her. You Kyokugen types are always so fascinating; I can appreciate a world clan of martial artists all within a powerful family school. Oh! I forgot, the last team, the winners of the 3rd place." Lee Chaolan suddenly -hurls- himself at Ryo's shoulders, attempting a straight takedown as he swings up, and over. All with the causal business air.

"Have you heard of Zach? Honoka? Nakoruru?"

COMBATSYS: Ryo blocks Lee Chaolan's Lee Stunner.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////                  ]
Ryo              1/-------/=======|=======\=------\1      Lee Chaolan

Ryo remains mum on the subject of who might have bred twins with Rugal. He doesn't even want to know. He'd shudder to think of either of those violent, psychopathic secretaries as... mothers. That actually makes him shudder. He's pretty certain that the one would never let a man near her, anyway, unless it was to eviscerate him. The blonde... maybe.

As Lee comes back in, Ryo mounts his defense just in time. The flying kick falls short, but Ryo also steps back, ducking away from it. His hands come up, fingers open and loose, as he matches Lee's circling. He, too, seems to like the casual chatter as they fight. It doesn't detract from his concentration, and it keeps things from being cold and ruthless. As his last fight had been.

"She's my little sister and I practically raised her myself. I wish she would stick around more. Be more of a presence around the dojo and have more to do with her family. But I won't force her. I figure it's a rebellious streak. She needs independence. Once she's got a taste of it, I imagine she'll come back around."

But it's clear by the look on Ryo's rugged features that it does, actually, hurt him more than a little. Even as Lee launches himself at the Kyokugen fighter, and Ryo raises up his arms, practically catching and tossing Lee off of himself, he looks melancholy.

"I've heard the name Nakoruru, before, I think. Something to do with that Raiden business?"

Ryo's stance sweeps back, his hands coming down to one side, near his hip. There, his Ki begins to manifest, glowing orange veins racing along his arms, and ribbons of hazy golden light shimmering between his fingers as they form a sphere. Quickly, that light builds, until it is nearly burning with the intensity of the sun itself.


Thrusting his arms out, his palms outstretched, that sphere becomes a wave. A wall. Fiery and bright, and streaking through the air leaving a trail of glowing mist that smells of ionized air, like just after a thunderstorm.


COMBATSYS: Ryo knocks away Lee Chaolan with Haohshokoken EX.

[                  \\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////                         ]
Ryo              0/-------/----===|=======\=------\1      Lee Chaolan


As Ryo takes in the sadness of his sister, however, Lee Chaolan evens his footwork, recoiling off the take down. He was careful now, on his approach. He couldn't afford another uppercut. As the energy builds. "Nakoruru seems like a nice young girl. Anyways, maybe I could see that she can visit you..." Lee's words hesitate, as the Kyokugen heir builds his power, the chi cascading. The martial artist steps backwards, striding his pacing backwards. Uncertainty flickers in his eyes. Was it a blast? Was it a flicker? was it a wave? The dynamic art of Kyokugen had him pinned. He had to make a choice. He had to make his move. He waits for the unity of action, as Ryo finally unleashes the blast.

And it was a wave.

The delay is what nails Lee Chaolan. The quick fighter gasps aloud as the wave of energy clips him. If it was smaller, it might have only grazed him, but at it's size... the martial artist is actually sent hurtling into a midair spin, as he drops again. His clothing was shredded now; actual clothing damage. It was clear....

Lee's vest was ruined.

And yet, the fighting spirit endures. Lee staggers, falling to the ground into a roll as he collapses. Was this it? "She will come back to you! KIAAAAAI!" Screams Lee as he rolls back up, taking into the air. And there, Lee unleashes a singular, silver-streaked kick, hurling it forward with blinding speed and force to rip into Ryo. Lee Chaolan would not be standing at the end of it, falling down to one knee. "Yield!" He says aloud, holding up a hand as he... cannot stand up.

"I yield!"

COMBATSYS: Lee can no longer fight.

[                  \\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Ryo              0/-------/----===|

COMBATSYS: Ryo blocks Lee Chaolan's Silver Cyclone.

[                    \\\\\\\\\\  <
Ryo              0/-------/--=====|

"..." Ryo looks confused for a moment. He reaches up, scratching the back of his bushy blonde mane of thick, unruly hair, and he squints at Lee as he struggles to clamber to his feet after being sent flying by the might of his Haohshokoken. "Ar-are you trying to offer to set me up with Nakoruru?"

Color flushes his tawny cheeks, painting them in a ruddy hue that wasn't there before. He shakes his head, and as Lee launches his rip-roaring kick, Ryo folds his arms in front of him and raises one foot, so that his body and face are all protected. The kick still hurts. It pushes Ryo back across the ground, until his skids to a halt.

"She's not uh... really my type, you see... I like blonde girls with shorter hair styles and that like to fight!"

Obvious statement is obvious.

Ryo shakes out his arms as he rushes up on Lee, drawing a fist back as if rearing to punch him again, though Lee has relented. And so, too, does Ryo. His fist unclenches, and he relaxes, before turning and falling onto his rear on the ground beside the silver haired fighter. He inhales of the ocean air deeply, and releases a long sigh, before leaning back on his hands, supporting his weight on his arms. "So, disciple... Are you ready for your new life as a student of Kyokugen?!"

At least, Ryo was backing off.

It could have been a trick from the insidious martial artist. And yet, Lee Chaolan had his own devious tricks, outside of the ring. As Ryo suggests that he is setting him up with Nakoruru, Lee Chaolan mimes consideration. "Well, I just think it's nice for single young men to network around! But if you have a type... hmmm....Blond girls... with shorter hair.... who like to fight?" Lee Chaolan thinks... before snapping his fingers.
"Oh, like Blue Mary?"

The rakish grin comes, as he winces. It seems that the fight was over for Lee. The silver-haired demon shuts his eyes a moment, taking in a deep breath, and exhaling. Was this his future? Unceremoniously losing in the World Warrior, and doomed to obscurity.

And Lee Chaolan flashes a thumbs up at Ryo.

"Excellent, Sensei~"

COMBATSYS: Ryo has ended the fight here.

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