Golden Angel 2018 - Golden Angel R1 - Felicia vs Sasquatch

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Description: Bikini Battle and Chill in the Golden Angel Waterpark's restaurant, when Felicia stops Sasquatch in the midst of a rampaging buffet! (Result: DKO)

The waterpark's restaurant seems to be rather busy on this afternoon; tables filled with tourists and spectators of the ongoing Golden Angel tournament. The waitstaff carries orders from the kitchen out to hungry patrons, as the bussers pick up empty plates and glasses to return them to the back-of-the-house.

Little do the customers know that their peaceful meals are about to be shattered by a force of nature. Sasquatch, on the hunt for the greatest prey of all: bananas.

That furry, monstrous Darkstalker had barely been able to understand the prize offered by the Tournament sponsors; eventually, at great length and effort, it was explained to him that the winner could ask for anything they wished.

Bananas had become increasingly difficult to find with current world events, and so once he understood - in his confused and simple mind - that he could potentially win a lifetime's worth of the delicious yellow fruit, he /knew/ he must attend...

Upon his arrival to the waterpark, he picked up a can of Golden Angel and applied it to his furry, massive body... it took on the appearance of a halved coconut, tied together with coarse lengths of string that looked like a makeshift, Polynesian bra... with nothing else on the rest of his body. Bizarre.

He'd been wandering around the park for days, curious as to what the next step was... never a great thinker even at the best of times, the heat and humidity seemed to be taking it's toll on him. All he remembered was /something/ about being here for bananas, without recalling that he actually had to /win/ the tournament first.

Eventually, some kind soul took pity upon this obviously-confused creature and informed him of the waterpark's restaurant... they made the grievous error of stating that the place served such fruits.

And chaos followed.

Stomping off in the stated direction of the large, retro-style diner, Sasquatch got turned around several times - having to bellow at various members of the staff until they, too, pointed him to the restaurant in the far distance.

Now with a clear idea of where to go, he took off in a run straight towards the double-doors leading into the eatery. Not even attempting to open them normally, he merely crashes into the doorway - sending them flying off the hinges and clattering onto the polished, tile floor of the restaurant.

Amidst the sudden chaos and shouts from fleeing patrons and terrified staff, Sasquatch stands in his coconut-bra and runs his eyes back and forth over the interior of the structure... he steps up to the nearest table and picks up an abandoned plate of half-finished pancakes with syrup. Raising it to his massive nose and taking a deep whiff, his eyes narrow beneath that large brow as he tosses the plate to the side.

(These aren't bananas... WHERE ARE THEY?!??!!) he says in his own language, sounding like an inarticulate series of bellows and shouts to anyone observing him.

When news of the Golden Angel thing popped up, Felicia thought--hey, this could be a great modeling/spokesmodel deal--now that Violet Systems was well--kind of a non-entity--FOR THE MOMENT--it was wise not to try and rest on her laurels and look for work while Lee got his shit together. Which she was going to give him some help with, of course. Kind of ironic that their positions had sort of reversed from when they originally met. She was in full Catwoman form at the moment, having gone in to get hosed down with this Golden Angel swimsuit crap. Probably not the best idea, considering not only did she not know if she was allergic to... whatever that stuff was, but also that she had fur. But hey, animal testing was still a thing, right? She wasn't too worried about moving about like this now, either--especially after helping with the rescue and clean-up efforts in Japan.

"What... is THIS?"

To her shock and chagrin, the Golden Angel spray had formed... a lavender sportsbra top, as well as some form-fitting lavender bicycle shorts that stopped just about where the fur started on her legs. It had formed string bikinis and elegant one-piece swimsuits on other girls... and it for some reason had put MORE clothes on Felicia.

"Sonnuva..." the vein above one of her eyes twitched as she looked down at herself, then suddenly became aware of the racket going on in the distance--due to her SUPERNATURAL CATWOMAN HEARING, of course.

"Ohh!--what seems to be the problem here?!" she said with some alarm, running down to the diner where Sasquatch had begun to go FULL ON OPRAH-MODE and start inhaling everything!

"Sasquatch!? You aren't even supposed to be in here!" she says as if she's chiding a room mate.

Running from table to table and flipping every plate that doesn't contain his favourite food over onto the floor, Sasquatch's large eyes finally fall upon the holy grail... a plate of waffles topped with sliced bananas! He's in the right place!

Lifting it up into the air, he tilts his head back and opens his mouth before dumping the entirety of the meal - ceramic plate and all - into his gaping maw. Crunching down loudly, he swallows the mouthful with a large GULP and a pleased, somewhat contented sigh...

...but surely, that can't be it?!?!

He's about to rush towards the kitchen, realizing that all the /real/ food is hidden back there, when his rampaging buffet is interrupted by the arrival of a recognizable figure; the cat-woman, Felicia... it takes him a moment to try and puzzle out her words, but she seems surprised to see him here. Nevertheless, he stomps over to her with a massive stride that shakes the walls and ceiling of the restaurant with his gargantuan weight.

(Hi kitty-cat!!!) bellows Sasquatch as he flashes Felicia a cheesy, tooth-baring grin along with a pleasant wave, (Nice to see you here!!!)

Suddenly, the furry, coconut-bra clad Darkstalker remembers the reason he was in this waterpark in the first place... yes, this was supposed to be a TOURNAMENT! And then, when he wins, he gets one request from the organizers! That's why he traveled all the way here from the tundra!

(Wait a minute... are you my opponent???) he questions in his own bizarre language, understood by few others... it's accompanied with a thick index finger pointed directly at Felicia, then back at himself. His eyes are wide-open as though he were waiting for a response to his question...

"Yeah, nice to see you too--you wouldn't think cats would be a fan of water, but," Felicia clucked her tongue and leaned against the side of the doorway. She was in bare feet, course--the pads on the bottoms of her feet were a lot better for traction than any pair of sandals or boat shoes even, likely.

"So you came out here for the fights too--all the way from Canada? the temperature here must be killing ya!" she grinned a little, her tail lilting about behind her.

"That's right, and seeing as you just raided this place and went into a full on banana-frenzy, I'm going to have to ask you to step outside to knock some sense into ya--in case you don't go into a full on eat-attack again!" she reached up with a furred, pink-nailed hand and gestured in a 'come here' sorta motion, grinning at him.

COMBATSYS: Felicia has started a fight here on the right meter side.

                                  >  //////////////////////////////]
                                  |-------\-------\0          Felicia

COMBATSYS: Sasquatch has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Sasquatch        0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0          Felicia

Sasquatch's right hand comes up to scratch idly at his skull, tilting his head to one side as he tries to figure out all of Felicia's words... it's a futile task, obviously, but there are a few bits and pieces he's able to pick up on. Being around all these people in the waterpark the past few days, his English has been improving - albeit juuuust slightly.

One thing he can't possibly miss though, is that beckoning gesture from the cat-girl. There's no mistaking that motion, and it mentally confirms in his muddled, confused mind that - /yes/ - this fellow Darkstalker is the first opponent he must face on the road to ultimate victory, and free bananas for life!

With this in mind, his loveable manner seems to take on a dangerous edge, eyes narrowing as he pounds one giant fist into the palm of his other hand. Then, he balls up both fists and begins to slam them against his broad, thickly-furred and muscled chest - bouncing off the two halved coconuts of the 'bra' that the Golden Angel spray chose to bestow upon him.

(Don't stand in my way, kitty-cat!!! I didn't travel here to go home hungry!!!)

Bellowing that final warning, he doesn't give Felicia a chance to back off... he knows how quick and elusive she can be when she's given the opportunity to start dashing and pouncing around. He takes one massive, earth-shaking step towards her and he begins to swing his right hand in a circular motion just behind his head... building up sufficient momentum, he lets loose with a long-ranged punch directly at his opponent.

As the fist travels, the velocity is so great that is actually pulls his entire body forward behind it. Suddenly, Felicia is faced with a wall of Sasquatch headed her way - leading with that ham-sized fist of his.

COMBATSYS: Felicia blocks Sasquatch's Big Smash.

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Sasquatch        0/-------/-------|=------\-------\0          Felicia

"You had enough already, fromy our food rampage!" Felicia accuses, before she has to bring her arms up and girds herself against this terrific straight punch that is coming right towards her. Sasquatch had giant fists of fury--and his blows seemed to expand and enlarge as they sailed through the air. No doubt a Darkstalker technique.

"Nghh--you hit like a truck, still," Felicia recovers herself after she's pushed back--slamming into a sign and causing it to rock back on it's post, bending it slightly. Pulling herself back up she runs toward the giant darkstalker now--jumping and letting those feets of hers do their stuff--coming down in a flying jump kick on him!

COMBATSYS: Felicia successfully hits Sasquatch with Light Kick.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Sasquatch        0/-------/------=|==-----\-------\0          Felicia

(No!!!) bellows Sasquatch after his feline opponent absorbs the impact of that massive fist, (NEVER ENOUGH!!!)

It seems the massive Darkstalker has an appetite to match his size; and the fruit he so desperately craves is in short supply in the Canadian tundra! It's perhaps the only thing that could drag him from his preferred climate to the heat and wetness of this sprawling waterpark. He doesn't intend to leave without getting the prize that he deserves!

Of course, his size also makes him /incredibly/ slow to start moving - relying more on sheer momentum and force than anything remotely resembling agility or speed. As Felicia leaps in at him with a kick aimed at his chest, he simply walks into the blow...

...the force of the cat-girl's leg on his chest is enough to elicit a pained grunt from his thick lips which is followed by another, inarticulate bellow of frustration and anger.

All he wanted was the fruit he was promised; he seems to have forgotten once again that he needs to win the tournament, and that it wasn't simply a door prize for arriving at the Golden Angel. As far as he's concerned, he's been robbed! And Felicia is standing between him and the foodstuffs he feels he's earned the right to!


Before the feline Darkstalker is able to bound away following her jumping kick, Sasquatch lifts both fists high into the air before smashing them onto the tiled floor. The ground cracks from the impact, as a circle of giant icicles rise up from the floor to surround him... if Felicia isn't careful, she'll find herself stabbed from one of the rising spikes!

COMBATSYS: Sasquatch knocks away Felicia with Big Towers.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Sasquatch        0/-------/------=|=======\-------\0          Felicia

"Hey you know what they say--curiosity killed the cat but satisfaction brought it back!" Felicia lands hard with her right foot--and as she falls she lets the kick transition into a bit of a knee drop as she swings her other leg out a bit--transfering her weight back onto her right foot again as she lands and then her left, managing a graceful landing after that jump kick. She didn't need to fall back and catch herself with an arm like a human.

And humans definitely couldn't project giant spires of pure freezing ice like what Sasquatch was doing right now--this was pure darkstalker mojo, baby.

"Oh jeez!" the ice spikes both impale and freeze her--throwing her tumbling back and crashing against the floor, ice around her body shattering as she hit pavement. Ouch.

"Looks like you still got it, now lets see if I do," she pulled herself up on her haunches--all fours really--her hands lifted off the ground as she arched her back and hissed--growled, cat-like and threatening.

It is at this point she pulls herself and springs into the air--attempting to bring the heel of her foot right down ontop of his head. Probably not the best move after that really bad anti-air she just got hit with--but hey, dive kick!

COMBATSYS: Sasquatch blocks Felicia's Delta Kick.

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Sasquatch        0/-------/-----==|=======\-------\1          Felicia

(Now leave me alone!!!) bellows Sasquatch with a pounding on his coconut-bra covered chest, before turning away to stomp off back towards the kitchen. It seems like he's assumed those giant ice spikes have shown Felicia the error of her ways in trying to get between her fellow Darkstalker and his quarry of yellow-skinned fruits.

It's only when he hears a feline hiss from behind his back that he stops halfway to the back of the restaurant... turning around, his opponent is already up in the air and aiming a diving heel down towards the top of his thick skull.

With a speed that is shocking from a creature his size, he reaches out with one massive paw and grabs hold of Felicia's ankle in a tight grip. It's not fast enough to stop her heel from slamming down onto his head, but it does rob the kick of some of it's force - stopping the assault before all of her bodyweight can follow through on the blow.

(You look delicious, too!!!)

That shouted phrase in his bizarre yeti-speak is the only warning the captured cat-girl will get as to what he's preparing to do... holding her by the leg, Sasquatch dangles her above him as he tilts his head back and opens his mouth wiiiiide.

He then tries to drop her straight into his maw; if she's unable to break free, she'll find herself inside the massive Sasquatch's mouth... where it's very, very cold. Of course, he wasn't expecting the taste to be quite so /furry/, so if she does land inside his gullet he'll spit her out in short order - no doubt covered in icicles herself.

COMBATSYS: Felicia dodges Sasquatch's Big Brunch.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Sasquatch        0/-------/-----==|=======\-------\1          Felicia

"I can't! You need to be stopped before you eat some--woaaah!" Felicia however finds herself next on the menu as Bigfoot there tries to pick her up and drop her right into his giant, yawning mouth!

"Since when did you get into Chinese food?!" Felicia goes wide-eyed and her lips draw back in a worried snarl of fear--her furry hands and feet catching the upper and lower jaws of the yeti respectively as she attempts to keep herself from being forced in there.

Her tail swings down between her legs in a complicated manuever to tickle the roof of his mouth--just anything to try and get him to do the opposite of nomphing her down!

"Nggaahh!" she finally is able to break free and lands back on her feet, jumping away from him. She flexes her fist and her pink-nailed claws SHINK out from her fingertips with a fluid motion, attempting to bring both of her clawed hands down on him again and again in a flurry of claw swipes!

COMBATSYS: Felicia successfully hits Sasquatch with Scratch Attack.
- Power hit! -

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////         ]
Sasquatch        0/-------/---====|=======\==-----\1          Felicia

There's a deep, rumbling laugh as Felicia's tail tickles the inside of his mouth, followed by a large sneeze that sprays snot out of his giant nostrils up into the air. It's not pretty, but it gives the feline enough time to break free of his firm grip and spring away. A melancholy howl follows, as he realizes his impending meal has managed to escape her fate!

(AWWW!!! BUT I'M HUNGRY!!! GIMME BANANAS OR I'MA EAT YOU UP!!!) he whines in that bizarre language of his, voice taking on an almost child-like quality as his lips pout towards his escaped meal.

He's about to shout out more threats when Felicia pounces back into action; those pink claws come scratching down over his furred chest, causing him to bellow in pain. He sounds exactly like a wounded animal, as blood begins to stain his thick white fur. One hand comes up to clutch at the scratch marks, pulling back two finger-tips covered in crimson fluid that he stares down at with a vaguely confused look... that is quickly leveled back up at his opponent, suddenly appearing /much/ more angry.

Stomping over to a nearby table, he picks up another plate of food - not even bothering to glance at it to determine what it /is/ - and stuffs the entire dish into his mouth. Chomping down on the ceramic and foodstuffs, an icy blast of wind is exhaled from his mouth as he pounds one fist into a massive, open palm. The temperature of the diner seems to take a significant drop, as he gulps down the plate and lets out a loud bellow.


COMBATSYS: Sasquatch gathers his will.

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////         ]
Sasquatch        1/-------/=======|=======\==-----\1          Felicia

"I'M PROBABLY VERY BAD FOR YOU--DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH HAIRSPRAY I USE ON A DAILY BASIS?!" Felicia is shouting back into the angry, mad horror that the outside of the restaurant has become--feline hissing and screeching followed by yeti howling. She's nearly rocketed off her feet from the howling he emits--it's enough to shatter windows nearby, at least. This is what happens when darkstalkers throw down!

Panting, Felicia has to weigh her options--he was huge and could take a ton of punishment--also he wasn't going to give up till he got those bananas. This left her with few options.

Dancing up to him, she tried to get some of her wind back and haul off with a strong punch to his side as she darted in--she knew if she could keep up the offensive, he'd not be able to use those huge hands and feet to deflect her attacks forever!

"Don't worry, after this--I'll buy you a huge banana split sundae, deal?!" she drew her right arm back and hauled off with a heavy punch!

COMBATSYS: Sasquatch blocks Felicia's Strong Punch.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Sasquatch        1/------=/=======|=======\===----\1          Felicia

The temperature around the restaurant gets so low that drinks on the tables begin to frost over; even icicles start to form on the ceiling above... ahhhh, that's a much more amenable climate for a yeti! He seems more relaxed and comfortable already, as though the chill in the air were giving him some newfound reserve of strength.

Almost immediately, Saquatch seems calmer and happier; though whether it's the temperature or Felicia's promise of a banana split post-fight that calms him, one can only guess. Still, there's one thought in the back of his slow, simple brain as she makes that offer: if he /beats/ her, he'll be one step closer to /all/ the bananas he can eat!

Even a lumbering, confused yeti is capable of doing the math on that one!

As Felicia darts in and rears back to level a powerful - particularly considering her size - punch directly at him, Sasquatch simply raises one palm into the path of the blow, absorbing the impact through his thick arm. The bare skin on his palm stings and aches from the force of the blow, but not nearly as much as catching it in the midsection might have.

Letting out another deep laugh at the feline's attempts to wound him with physical blows, he uses the palm of his hand to try and shove her back a few steps to make room for his next attack.

Raising one leg into the air, he slides forward on the other with surprising speed - aiming to plant the bottom of that giant, spinning foot directly into Felicia's face.


COMBATSYS: Felicia blocks Sasquatch's Big Typhoon EX.

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////             ]
Sasquatch        0/-------/-------|>>>>>>>\>>>>>>>\2          Felicia

"Hey, don't take it out on me--I'm giving you a free hair-cut--you probably needed one anyway and you're saving at least three hundred on vet bills!" Felicia snarls back to Sasquatch--just before the giant foot comes down and bashes into her--she's flipped arse over teakettle, but winds up landing on her feet after doing a full flip--though her face is bruised and bloodied from the impact. She snarls and spits off to the side of her, the splatter against the pavement is more blood than saliva. One of her fingers--two, actually--the pinky and ring finger of her right hand are bent back in a really wrong away--there is a sound of pencils breaking as she flexes her fingers and pops them back into their sockets again, her werecat regeneration repairing the damage.

"You'll take more!? Lets see if you can take all of this cat! Hyah!" she wreathes herself in chi energy, rushing towards Bigfoot with her body battered and bloodied, but still resilient--spinning into a ball and surging towards him, coming out just in time to launch into a series of dizzying kicks and punches!

COMBATSYS: Felicia successfully hits Sasquatch with Dancing Flash.

[                   \\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Sasquatch        0/-------/-----==|>>>>---\-------\0          Felicia

Lowering his spinning leg out of the typhoon kick manuever, Sasquatch stomps his foot onto the ground to crack and shatter more of the tile floor. One can only imagine how much property damage could've been prevented by /not/ inviting the hungry, banana-crazed yeti to this sprawling, expensive waterpark...

...what exactly were the tournament organizers thinking, anyway???


Stepping towards the feline Darkstalker, Sasquatch seems intent on pressing the attack rather than turning away to head back towards the kitchen... it's obvious that Felicia isn't going to give up until she's taken out of the fight completely, or until she forces Sasquatch out of the restaurant. She must have shares in the place, to be so defensive about the stores of fruit and food in the kitchen!

Unfortunately, it turns out that he's walking directly /into/ a flurry of kicks and punches from his opponent. The claws on her feet and hands dig through the thick fur covering his muscular frame, and into the rough flesh underneath. Long slashes are drawn into his skin, blood leaking out and staining the white hair that covers his entire body... he's howling in rage as she assaults him, continuing even after she breaks off her attack and moves back a bit.


Pounding his chest so hard that it rattles the coconuts strung over his pecs, Sasquatch lets out a loud 'AWROOOOO' howl that knocks more glass loose from the already-busted windows. The yeti's entire body begins to spin on his heels as he travels towards Felicia, stopping a few feet away and transitioning into a sliding punch that's aimed directly for her head.


COMBATSYS: Felicia dodges Sasquatch's Medium Punch.

[                  \\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Sasquatch        0/-------/-----==|>>>>---\-------\0          Felicia

"I'm a cat, we never do what you tell us to!" Felicia howls back. When well, in reality--Lee Chaolan seemed to have solved that problem with her--whoops. Call it his greatest achievement. Felicia is not glowing due to her chi anymore, though she's still leaving speed trails and looks like she's still got some residual juice from the spark of adrenaline and chi she just had. Het cat-fu is still strong--she just has to press her advantage and bring this big lug down--and hopefully avoid getting anymore of the restaurant totaled. Though it already was pretty wrecked. Aheh...

"It's called cat-fighting!" she slips to the side as she deftly avoids that huge punch--able to side-step it, but it still catches her hair--which is harmlessly buffeted away from her face and head by the rush of air.

"Just think of the bananas, Sasq--all the bananas you can shove in your mouth!" she rolls toward him and attempts to come out with an uppercut right to his jaw!

COMBATSYS: Felicia successfully hits Sasquatch with Rolling Uppercut.

[                  \\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Sasquatch        0/-------/-----==|=====--\-------\0          Felicia

Damnit! His one weakness!

(Ooooo...) he muses in yeti-speak, as Felicia fills Sasquatch's mind with thoughts of delicious, ripe, pre-peeled bananas - all he can eat! Maybe he really should keep his overwhelming love for the fruit more of a secret; he just can't help himself!

Regardless, the mental image gives him pause temporarily, as one giant index finger comes up to scratch thoughtfully at his chin... as images of his favourite food flash through his head, a trickle of drool slowly rolls out of the side of his lips, slicking the fur on his face as he dreams of stuffing his face wi--


His day-dreaming is cut short as Felicia is suddenly rolling towards him and leaping up with a fist right underneath his jaw! The impact is enough to stagger him, head snapping backwards as that trail of spit flies off the side of his mouth to splatter heavily on the tile floor some distance away.

Raising his massive right hand up to his chin and holding it over his injured jaw, Sasquatch's eyes well up with moisture as he stares down at the feline - looking almost hurt by her trickery. Then, those big, glistening eyes are replaced with a look of determination as he begins to growl low, a sound coming from deep down in his broad, heavy chest.

Once again, his right leg comes snapping up towards Felicia, aiming to punt her in the torso and knock her away. He no longer demands that she leave him alone; obviously her continued attacks have started to frustrate the big lug.

COMBATSYS: Felicia blocks Sasquatch's Light Kick.

[                   \\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Sasquatch        0/-------/----===|======-\-------\0          Felicia

The relatively 'light' kick for Sasquatch is enough to nearly topple Felicia--the sheer force of it almost enough to catch her and pull her right off her feet--and send her torso crashing into the floor--but she's able to bring her arms up to try and guard against it just in time--shutting one eye and wincing as the force of it still threatens to sweep her away. Her larged furred feet curl their toes and her claws try to sink into the ground like grappling hooks--tearing up chunks of pavement and dust as she refuses to let the kick knock her down. Her head snaps back with a 'crik' and she seems to have regained her senses, and her balance.

"Alright, that's it--the biggest damn banana you ever saw, coming right for you!" Felicia proceeds to call up her reserves of chi and barrel right toward Sasquatch, trying to knock /him/ down with her rolled up cannon ball catgirl might!

COMBATSYS: Felicia successfully hits Sasquatch with ES Rolling Buckler.

[                    \\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Sasquatch        0/-------/----===|==-----\-------\0          Felicia

Felicia rolls towards Sasquatch, a spinning ball of chi and angry feline. The giant darkstalker is foolish enough to try and step /into/ the assault, holding his arms out and clearly planning on attacking his opponent mid-assault... seems he's miscalculated - hardly a surprise, given his slow-moving brain and bottom-of-the-barrel IQ. Felicia slams into him heavily, rebounding off of his massive frame as the shockwave of force travels throughout Sasquatch's giant frame...

The impact sends him teetering backwards, almost knocking the massive yeti off of his feet; but at the last moment, he sways forward instead, shaking his head back and forth to try and refocus his swaying vision

(L... LIAR!!!) he bellows, obviously upset that she promised a large banana and instead offered a rolling ball of /pain/ instead!

Both arms are lifted high into the air, the fingers of his massive hands interlocking to form a single fist... with a grunt of exertion, Sasquatch brings both hands down in a double-handed punch to crash down on to Felicia's head with staggering force.


COMBATSYS: Sasquatch successfully hits Felicia with Strong Punch.

[                      \\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////                   ]
Sasquatch        0/-------/--=====|======-\-------\0          Felicia

Felicia screeches as the two-handed heavy sledge-hammer like punch comes crashing down over her head--she can feel ribs protest at the sudden kinetic force and her back is strained--eventually her knees are forced to the pavement and hit with the force to send hairline cracks out across where they meet the concrete. Her neck and temple area take a lot of the abuse, and it more or less folds her up, like she had been crushed against the earth like a rag doll. Which well, she had.

"Okay, okay..." she pulls herself back up and backs away from him, her exhale visible in the air somehow--it's that hot.

"Just give me a few..." she begins to pop her vertebrae and joints back into place, blood rushing to areas it had been forced out of and her body knitting itself back together slowly!

COMBATSYS: Felicia drops her guard to recover.

[                      \\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Sasquatch        0/-------/--=====|======-\-------\0          Felicia

As Sasquatch's double-fisted hammer blow comes crashing down on the cat-girl, he lets out a howl of glee. Finally, he gets his revenge on the one who has stood between him and his prize back there in the diner's kitchen!

One might expect him to turn his back and stomp off towards the freezer in the back of the restaurant, once Felicia steps back to take a breather... but instead, he pounds his coconut-bra covered chest against and unleashes another, ear-splitting bellow into the confines of the eatery.


Seems the giant, hulking Darkstalker has been pushed over the edge with the constant mention of bananas that seem to not exist! He only left Canada because he was promised all the fruit he could eat; and now he's spent the past several days walking around in the heat and humidity, half-starving!

It's clearly gone to his head a bit.

Lowering himself into a crouch, Sasquatch aims his head towards the resting Felicia. Opening his giant jaws as wide as they can possibly go, he inhales deeply and then unleashes a giant, freezing-cold, blue burst of chi that barrels across the length of the restaurant - causing mist to form in the air around it - as it aims to strike his feline opponent.

COMBATSYS: Sasquatch can no longer fight.

                                  >  //////////////////            ]
                                  |=======\=------\1          Felicia

As the freezing ray of chi leaves his maw, Sasquatch suddenly begins to sway back and forth once he stands back up to his full height. Looks like that exertion took the last bit of fight out of him! He slooooowly tips backwards on the heels of his feet, as he falls like a giant redwood in the forest.

The sound when his massive frame finally strikes the floor is almost deafening... to say nothing of the additional damage he's just caused to the tiled surface of the restaurant.


COMBATSYS: Sasquatch knocks away Felicia with Big Freezer.

                                  >                                ]
                                  |>>>>>>>\>>>>>>>\2          Felicia

The huge freezing chi laser wave takes Felicia off her feet--she winds up 20 feet away, frozen as part of an ice sculpture against the side of a building. All that ice energy basically froze in a huge surging stream, plastering her to the wall opposite her battle with Sasquatch and solidified.

There is a gentle, rolling slope of ice leading up to where it crested against the building--finally crowned with the outline of Felicia at the top--who's holding one arm out and mouth agape in surprise--clearly she did not expect this. Every single part of her and that area is transfixed temporarily by the ice, her hair flared back and even her tail curled up behind her as if she meant to spring away out of it in mid-blast.

Damn sexy ice sculpture though, must say. It even sparkles in the light!

COMBATSYS: Felicia takes no action.

COMBATSYS: Felicia can no longer fight.

By the time Felicia is frozen into a scantily-clad ice statue in the distance, the massive floor-strewn form of Sasquatch is actually... snoring. Yes, he fell asleep! What a pity; since the kitchen is now entirely undefended! Alas, such is life when you're a giant yeti.

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