KOF 2017 - Act 2: Mission 19 - Welcome to the Jungle

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Description: Heihachi, utilizing the chaos of the broken wards of Mt. Fuji's eruption and Raiden's momentary absence, begins combing the villages for traces of the strange Command Gear he heard about. What began as an extermination campaign for monsters ended up as something more, although he learned a valuable lesson not to play around with unusual opponents... and might have plunged Japan into a far worse crisis...

It would have been a fight.

When the blast cloud broke over Mt. Fuji, it was a damnation for the village. The mystic wards that concealed the village, set by Raiden himself, were shattered by the surge of energy. The village itself was a ring of longhouses, tents, and shanties, with a shrine sitting in the middle, the temple of Raiden. It was a makeshift village, but it was safe, it was hidden for the Darkstalkers that hid within. With the wards broken, there was a fear running through. When the hikers wandered in, and fled. When the scouts went into the woods, and found soldiers descending on them. It was not much longer now, before the outsiders would come.

The elder made a choice.

The children would be evacuated. Kelly Mason would take them out and away to Crow Cabin, a remote cliffside cabin, and one of the few safe places they knew outside of the village. The women would stay indoors. And the rest, the able-bodied men would take the vanguard outside the temple. Nobody would stay in the lean-tos around the temple. THey would fight. If the outsiders wanted this village, if they wanted to take the people within, then they would have to fight for it.

They fought.

RThe villagers were lined up outside the temple in the center of the town, heads down, arms behind their necks, on their knees. The lean-tos were flattened. About two dozen Darkstalkers are in the lineup, as the Tekken Forces hang over them, guns trained on their prisoners. A married couple, a pair of fox-like beings, are forced apart, as they are made on their knees. A young girl, bearing feathered wings of black and white, speaks to the bloodied faced, horned teenager beside her, trying to comfort him. The more advanced houses, broken. Nearby, a pyre was being set up, as three dead darkstalkers; a wolf-like man, a draconic figure, and a rather tentacled horror was heaped like cordwood, casualties of their last stand. It wasn't even a fight. It almost could be considered a massacre.

But the elder knew that the massacre was only about to begin.

The owl-faced man, his clothing a mix of his own feathers and old jackets was away from the main line up of Darkstalkers, arms in cuffs as he has his own personal guard on him. He looks at his people, and he shakes his head. It was foolish to fight. He could see it now. Raiden had forsaken him. The Full Moon Society had forsaken them. And now, he can only ask a single question.


"Why have you attacked our village?"

The Tekken Force was ready.

They were already devoted to searching for the Command Gear. Despite Raiden's immense power, the myriad scouts and forward observations were not far away when the great explosion shattered the leylines of chi throughout Japan. Many new signatures manifested as a result, and some areas not accessible could suddenly be investigated. It was a matter of time, to discover which of those locations held what the organization wanted.

Tekken Force descended, ruthless and cruel, subverting the village with technology, numbers, and tenacity. They are spread throughout the settlement, but for some hours have been oddly passive. As if waiting for something.

And that something has arrived.

Suddenly an incredibly dense and powerful chi drops down, suffusing the entire village. It is electrical in nature, and for a split second there might be hope that Raiden has returned. Yet there is no divinity to this spark; a primal, raw power and nothing more. Tekken Force all shoot up to stand at attention, slipping away from the elder as a lone form begins to approach, helicopter thrumming up after dropping them off and heading back towards the main military bases.

Heihachi is dressed in cargo pants with sleek black military boots, armored kneepads present. His upper body is bare, beyond a tactical harness that segues into shoulder and elbow pads. Fingerless gloves complete the outfit, with smears of camouflage paint along his muscled frame and face. He comes to a stop before the owl, and in such proximity creatures so attuned to chi might feel nearly suffocated. Raiden himself might be no guarantee in defeating this man.

"Because you have something to hide." Heihachi growls out, peering down at the figure. "You are monsters. You are not considered humans, by any ethical law. It is within my right to do what I wish to you... and I will, until I find what I am looking for!!"

A hand sweeps out, attempting to grasp the owl-faced man by the face in a heartbeat. To grip tightly and heft him upwards, before flaring with electricity so powerfully that his ribcage is momentarily visible... unless the elder is well-practiced, the likely result would be blackening to ash and dissipating in a number of seconds...

He had expected this when it came.

The elder was attuned to chi, at least, more so than the others. But so much was not enough for the might of Mishima. The arrival of Heihachi was like a cloud over the village, with the elder gasping for air. Trembling comes. And yet, the elder remains defiant, as he retorts. "We have nothing to hide, but ourselves." The elder says firmly. "And you have no right-" The elder has no time to finish his statement, as the hand wraps around his face. Even when talking was a free action, it was not fast enough to elude the wrath of Mishima. The grip itself, crushing, could have been enough to kill him on a long-enough timeline. But as the energy flows over him, he doesn't even have time to scream as the electrical energy rips through him. He is just practiced enough to avoid becoming ash.

There is a wail from the villagers as the charred corpse of their elder falls to the ground into a barely identifiable heap.

The couple of kitsunes begin to tremble, saying their prayers in the Ainu tongue. A pale-skinned figure with hollow eyes buries his head into the ground. The winged girl stares in fearful awe at the wanton death, tears building in the corners of her eyes. And the horned man struggles, spitting before he takes a swift rifle butt to the back of the head. They were all struggling, suffocating. The primal presence of Heihachi, the pure power that rivaled even Raiden was drowning them, smothering them.

Except one.

The winged maiden fighting back the tears, but her composure was different. Her presence was different. She was as frightened as all the others, more so than the others. The loss of the elder hit them all hard, but it hit her the hardest. For all of the specific cruelty of Heihachi, that's all that was affecting her. Mere human cruelty. There is a suddenly flare of fire, a rustling. A towering figure, almost like an ogre, is suddenly rising up, as chi energy surges over him. Overwhelming power surges, as he knocks aside a Tekken Force soldier, grabbing another as a hostage. Hope rolls over the villagers... but the girl cries out.

"No! Stop!"

"Do not speak to me of rights. You are all beasts...! And in the realm of beasts, the only right you have is strength. Without that, you are all only prey!!" Ashes flake away from his opened palm, the crumpled remnants of the elder only holding a vaguely humanoid shape due to the bones. "This village is useless as well. Purge them."

He begins to turn away as the Tekken Force strides forward, hefting up automatic weaponry at the assembled villagers still alive. Yet the sudden defiance of a much more powerful creature changes matters, and there's a cry of alarm. The assembled soldiers are fairly mundane. Hope might have been valid, were he to have attacked two hours prior. Before Heihachi came.

Before all hope was lost.

The ogre is baited into swinging at Heihachi, the air billowing beneath strength and energy. A great eruption of lightning follows, sending the ogre barreling backwards to crash in the remnants of a house, his arm ripped off at the shoulder. Heihachi flings it aside, and it lands with a great crash, the size of an adjacent soldier. He then finishes twisting away, not giving the maiden another look.

The guns once more lift as the Mishima head starts walking off.


The ogre tried.

He didn't want to fight. He hated to fight. He hated war, and conflict. He hated it all. That's why he came to the village, for peace. He just wanted to stop hurting people. He thought maybe, he could have just scared them away then. And he didn't And maybe... maybe if he kept his temper, if he kept control of himself, they would let the others live. But there was no peace. There couldn't be peace. He was their last chance.

And it slips from his grasp.

The ogre howls in pain as he is seized. And when the impact comes, the howl cuts short. The creature might have survive his arm being ripped off. But the sheer shock of the impact from Heihachi snuffs out the last glimmer of hope for the village. The girl gentle touches her lips with her finger tips, as another friend, another villager dies for no reason. Eyes cast to the earth, as their future is decided.

And the order is given.

The kitsune husband moves his hands to his wife's as the guards shift from detaining the prisoners, to executing them. They embrace, as the guns rise, the wife sobbing. The hollowed eyed man closes his eyes for the last time. "Sorry." The horned teenager says to the winged maiden. "I guess this is it, right?" The girl looks around, holding her heart. "No..." She says softly. "This isn't right. Please no..." She stares at the soldiers, as Heihachi gives the word. 'Fire.'

There is the crack of rifle fire.

And there is a sudden flash of hot, and of cold.

A ringing hangs in the ears, a surge of chi saturates the village. It is a moment of daze, as everything happens in the flash. The prisoners of the village and the soldiers are knocked aside, bowled over at the eruption of flame and ice. A wall of ice bisects the line of prisoners, a bullet frozen in the midsts of the fire.

The maiden had transformed.

One wing was a blue-white woman, a matronly figure of almost impossible grace and beauty, ethereal and unreal as her long flowing hair cascades around her. Her lower torso is absorbed into the back of the maiden. Ice crystals trail from her fingertips, as she touches upon the wall of ice, brow furrowed into intense focus. The other wing? A black-robed reaper, clutching a flaming scythe with green arms, looming over a downed soldier and the horned teenager. It's skull head burns with flaming eyes, as it stares with unchecked rage at both mortals. Both extend from the blue haired maiden, as her clothing changes in a flash. Gone was the simple clothing of a villager, and in its place was black leather straps, thin and binding, clenched tightly over her chest and body. Her skirt was gone, leaving only the leather underpants and stockings underneath. And for all this power, all this surging power, there was not a look of defiance, of rebellion, of hope.

It look of horror on her face, as she stares at the figures growing from her, her long black tail writhing.

"What's... happening to me?"

COMBATSYS: Dizzy has started a fight here.

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Dizzy            0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Heihachi has joined the fight here as a boss!

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Dizzy            0/-------/-------|

The sudden eruption of energy finally makes Heihachi pause.

The soldiers yell in surprise at the flash of frozen wall, crackling up between the targets and themselves. Without haste is slowly turns around, and begins to approach the men. They are continuing to fire, but the bullets impact the tundral wall, ricocheting off and barely cracking it. "Enough." Heihachi growls out, before placing his palm upon the front of it.

And then he flexes, fingers digging in as muscles go tense, twisting forward in a surge of lightning. The majority of the wall collapses inward in that moment, spraying the ground and surroundings with ice and frost. The momentary barrier to the massacre is over, then. "What's this...? You've an interesting energy now, girl. But is it interesting enough?"

Heihachi flicks his hand to the side, removing the rest of the ice from it. "After all... if you were strong enough, then maybe this village doesn't need wiped off the map." A few moments later, Heihachi sighs in disappointment. "...but no. That little trick..."

"IS INSUFFICIENT!" He moves with brutal speed. Not towards Dizzy; instead, he's looming before the kitsune pair. One forearm hefting upwards, crackling with lightning. The husband has time to shove the wife away, but then like a guillotine, the attack descends towards him, about to erase another innocent from this world...!!

COMBATSYS: Heihachi yawns and rubs his neck. "Tch. Boring!"

  [ |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ]

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Dizzy            0/-------/-------|

She didn't understand.

The pair of wings were protecting her, sheltering her, fighting for her. But the girl did not understand. She was afraid, just as afraid as when they descended on the village, just as afraid as when this man had come. As the glacial wall protects her, the assault of the soldiers stopped cold, she only wanted to run, to let everyone escape. But when the surge of electrical energy comes, shattering the wall, the maiden gasps, knocked backwards by the impact. Swiftly, the matronly wing disengages from the wall, catching her and cradling her in her arms. The reaper moves between Heihachi and the maiden, staring him fiercely in the eyes as he outright challenges the master fighter. The maiden fights to stand back up, still dazed by what was unfolding before her. Heihachi says she is strong enough, and is not sufficient, and...


The villagers, staggering, dazed, and confused, were rising up. It was chaos, pure chaos. The horned teenager couldn't stand back up, moving only on all fours, still bleeding. The hollowed eye man opens his eyes, taking in that he might still be alive. The kitsune couple had found themselves the furthest away, the explosion of ice giving them some wounds. But they were further away than before. The husband grabs his wife's hand, and motions towards the edge of the village, into the woods. If they left now, int the confusion, they might-

It was too late.

The maiden covers her mouth, gasping as the kitsune husband is taken up in the hands. She doesn't think. She just speaks, as she looks to her wings. The wife shrieks to the maiden. "Do something!" The matronly figure looks forlornly at her ward. The ghostly woman brings her hands together, staring at the kitsune, as she prepares to intercede on the maiden's wishes-

The reaper stays her hand.

Gripping her, the skull screams at the. The matron shouts back, the words not making sense. Noise, meaningful noise. The argument takes too much time. The maiden looks from the woman to the reaper, tears in the corner of her eyes, unsure what was happening. But it was too late. It took too much time. She balls her hands into fists, before clasping her hands over her heart. The power meant nothing. Before the attack, she was helpless to stop this. And now... the fate had not changed. She was helpless to stop this, as her wings continue to argue, fighting over her over... her safety? What about her safety?


The kitsune is struck dead in that moment. There is not a large amount of time when it comes to the ruthless nature of Heihachi. The ogre, wishing to buy those trying to scatter even another second, rises up to prepare a hammerblow with his good arm. Heihachi twists, throwing out an imbued punch of his own. Another great crack of thunder echoes around, blowing away the remnants of broken ice, and when the glare is over the huge creature lay dead and broken. The Tekken Force soldiers are heard chasing into the woods, trying to hunt down the remaining ones, bullets reporting in the air heavily.

Step by step, Heihachi begins to approach Dizzy. Tendrils of lightning arc up his right hand, thick neck slowly twisting until there's a loud pop. He can feel her spirit reacting to the situation, but she's nowhere near the full potential of her power. "Are you merely going to stand here, as I lay waste to your people? Very well... Then let us see if this will rouse you!!"

Heihachi then kicks off the ground, advancing on Dizzy with swift force. He brings up his left arm, fingers clenching into a tight fist. A sheen of energy goes over it, before an abrupt burst of force accelerates the blow, trying to bring down his elbow right atop Dizzy's head with enough force to kill even a mighty human ten times over...!

COMBATSYS: Heihachi knocks away Dizzy with Strong Punch.

  [ |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ]

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Dizzy            0/-------/----===|

She was just standing.

She didn't know what she could do, what she was capable of. Less than a minute ago, she was just a villager. And now, now she was supposed to be a savior? The figures who saved her life were fighting with each other. Already, she failed to save the kitsune. Already, her fellow villagers were being hunted down. And here she was, staring directly into the wrath of a man who brought all this terror to her village, and for what?

A challenge?

The maiden tries in vain to plead to the man, as he charges at her. "You don't to do this! This is wrong! This is-" And there, as the two spirits argue, the matron suddenly looks aside. Terror seizes her as she grabs the maiden. But she and the reaper can only watch as their ward is suddenly struck with the full force of the Mishima wrath, as the woman is sent hurtling through the air, smashing through the remains of a building. She comes into a crash, head bleeding. It would have killed a human.

But she wasn't, was she?

The maiden gasps aloud, as she forces herself into a stand. Moaning in pain, she didn't understand why she was alive. And why the pain was so fleeting. Gently, the matron helps her rise up. But briefly, the matron shoots a death glare at her counterpart. The reaper, in turn, stares daggers at her, as each blames the other for this. But steadily, both pair of eyes transfix on Heihachi.

They nod in unison.

The matron helps lift the maiden up, steadying her on her feet, as the reaper glares with burning eyes. There is no scythe wielded now, as both hands emerge, the creature's rage building into a cataclysm. Jaw slack, the reaper raises its arms in to the air. It may not be obvious to Heihachi what is happening at first... until the flickers of flames manifest around the Mishima. The maiden only has time to shield her eyes as the area around Heihachi -explodes- into a pyre of consuming fire.

Unless Heihachi disrupts the attack.

COMBATSYS: Heihachi dodges Dizzy's For Searing Cod....

  [ |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ]

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Dizzy            0/-------/----===|

The feel of impacting Dizzy was much as Heihachi remembers. She didn't even muster any proper defense; no muscle tension, no shift, nothing. Death. Whatever potential she might have had is annihilated before the raw force of the Mishima, as is always disappointingly the case.

That leaves genuine surprise when Dizzy instead gets up to her feet. His expression warps, double-taking as the maiden appears to do something to aide her. Still, he can sense that there's a great, sleeping potential within the unknown Command Gear. A grin teases on his face, flexing his fingers in anticipation. "Are you who I've been searching for after all... a Gear?!"

Flame whirls around, and it might be easy to forget that Heihachi is far from immobile. He suddenly kicks off the ground, a massive pillar erupting to consume where he just was. With an animalistic growl, he whips out one foot erupting with lightning energy, before twisting his whole body into a second, aiming to slam them both into Dizzy while breaching the distance between them in a heartbeat!!

COMBATSYS: Dizzy dodges Heihachi's Hell Axle EX.

  [ |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ]

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Dizzy            0/-------/----===|

The pain was already leaving her.

What was she? She just remembers... she just remembers being born here in the village, and greeted by the villagers as a friend. That she would just stay in hiding, which was fine. That was so long ago though, almost 2 years. She didn't really think about what she was, but... what was she?

There wasn't enough time to consider it, as Heihachi already roars in at her.

"If... if I have to fight." She says, lost in the sea of misery that she was floundering in. She just follows her instincts. If she just moved aside, just around the foot, it wouldn't hit her again. She twists her body, much faster than she could imagine, as she slips around the attack, the matron guiding her steps. It was so effortless, so easy, as the second kick is deftly danced around, the power being met with the aloof presence like no other. She looked in awe at her movement, at Heihachi, at the warm, motherly presence of the matron that sheltered her. But Heihachi would not see retaliation from the maiden and the matron just yet.

Heihachi would be greeted by the reaper.

The skull-faced spirit, enraged at Heihachi's defiant evasion, seemed almost delighted as the martial artist slipped in so close. Bringing his arms around, the flaming scythe manifests, erupting into a surge of fire that sweeps over the maiden. She squeaks in discomfort, as the matron -glares- at the reaper once again. The spirit doesn't seem to care, as he moves to slash the weapon across the man's flesh, tearing into him with flame and blade alike. An arrogant move, to be sure.

But the reaper seemed to meet Heihachi's gusto for violence in equal measure.

COMBATSYS: Heihachi blocks Dizzy's Medium Punch.

  [    |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ]

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Dizzy            0/-------/----===|

There's a number of people in this world who can evade Heihachi's full onslaught. However, all of them are absolute masters of technique. Honing their craft through decades, on top of prodigal talent. Dizzy's shift seemed almost confused and suboptimal, heavily reinfored by the peculiar assistance of that great maiden wing. As the second swishes out and flits past her, his eyes widen even more, twisting to land heavily in a crouch.

This strength... he does not think of it as it is now. But what if she mastered it? Where might she be in five, ten years behind a true master? He cannot fathom the levels she could reach.

And that thrills him.

However, what matters now is Dizzy's current level of power. And that is not nearly so sufficient at the current level. Fingers splay and dance with lightning, catching the scythe right on the blade. A few droplets of blood drip down afterwards, Heihachi laughing uproariously. "Are you the potential of Gears, girl?! If so, this all might be worth my time after all!!"

Using the dark spirit's own weapon, he tries to yank Dizzy closer, to swing up with his free hand and grasp her by her tailbase. Brutally he swings a lightning-enhanced knee towards her stomach, before hefting her wings and all straight upwards with the intent of hurling the girl down at his feet with all the force he can muster.

COMBATSYS: Heihachi successfully hits Dizzy with Freefall.

  [     ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ]

[                  \\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Dizzy            0/-------/=======|

For the maiden, it was what she was made for.

She didn't realize she was a weapon. She didn't want to be a weapon. And yet, a weapon can only perform as it can. She moves with daring agility, darting and adjusting, nearly flying out of a range that she can't possibly comprehend. She can't even understand. She just wanted to get away, and as she slips away, to slip further from his grips?

She is grabbed by the tail.

"I'm not a Gear! I'm Dizzy! I- I don't know what I am!" She declares, as she shrieks in pain on the slam into her gut. As the grip on the tail tighten, her legs wince, her back arcing in agony. Her eyes close shut, her body goes limp. Was this all the fight she had? Both of the spirits stretch around Heihachi, their overwhelming presence boiling over. The air was stark contrasts of hot and cold, swimming around. The reaper glares across at the matron. And he nods. She nods back, desperately.

And the reaper grips the maiden.

For a moment, his eyes glows with her eyes, as the foul fire energy flows between both. The reaper suddenly shifts and merges, drawing within the maiden. For a moment, there is only one wing, a fearful looking matron. The maiden, pinned down, suddenly spasms, jerking violently.

And she opens her eyes.

The fire in her eyes flares with the same rage of the reaper, glowing a furious red. She reaches out to grip Heihachi by his leg, as the matron, expression restrained, raises her arm in tandem with the maiden's free one. Immediately, a bolt of ice surges upwards, erupting with fierce power to impale Heihachi through the chest. All with an expression of one possessed.

And one with the killing intent.

COMBATSYS: Dizzy successfully hits Heihachi with I Used This To Catch Fish.

  [               ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ]

[                    \\\\\\\\\\  <
Dizzy            1/------=/=======|

What a worthless tail. It is nothing but an inconvenience in battle, easily turned upon it's owner! And when one wishes to escape, being thrown down at the feet of Heihachi is amongst the worst places you could possibly be. Both of the hits that the Mishima has inflicted upon her he clearly knows are inhuman. She crumples like a house of cards, her unarmored body seeming to have no special physiological characteristics. Yet he can vaguely sense the unseen strings of her feminine wing, keeping her life force intact, suppressing damage, and maintaining her in some unusual way...!

Enough of this. The best bet is to capture Dizzy and take her by force to a research facility. He can coax her true power out at his leisure then, without the risk of this encounter luring unwanted individuals. His body crackles with lightning, bones flashing as he winds up a whirlwind of force.

Dizzy's revival surprises him still. Ice erupts up, slamming into his chest. Were he less of a behemoth, that would have killed him. Yet it did not crash through his ribcage, despite badly wounding the flesh and skin upon it. "Nnngh...!" he hisses, grinning widely. Good. A Gear had to be capable of at least that much, if it's any use...

And then he brings up his arm, letting out a roar before descending it, a long and brutal swing of sheer annihilating force. A great bolt of thunder cracks from the heavens, hitting his fist at the apex, hopefully without Dizzy's ruined body crushed beneath it!!

COMBATSYS: Dizzy dodges Heihachi's Lightning Hammer.

  [                |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ]

[                    \\\\\\\\\\  <
Dizzy            1/------=/=======|

This wasn't the same maiden.

In form, it was the same, yes. But the psychology was transformed. The Reaper had forced itself into her as an override. To tap into the potential that Heihachi was so hungry for. That lusted so much for. Not for his pleasure, no. But because, above all, she had to survive. She had to survive. She had to survive. The thought runs through the reaper and the matron. She had to survive. Dizzy had to survive.

At any cost.

The maiden's flesh was bruised, in the full force of the barrage. But her energy was overflowing now, consuming her. The Reaper was pushing her past her limit. As the executing slam comes, her expression burns into a glower. The executing blow comes down, coming down to crush her. As the roar comes, the swing comes, to bury the body of the Gears. There is a flicker. A flash.

And she's not there.

She rushes in dangerously close into Heihachi, her chest against his, staring into his eyes with a feral rage as Heihachi finishes the swing. The raw electricity in the air was nothing to the pure atomic fire and ice of the lost Command Gear. And in a flash, she was away, bursting backwards. There is a crack of a sonic boom as the maiden stares backwards. Arms burning, she raises one high, manifesting an orb of flame. Kiting far away, daring him to chase her, she begins to unleash a barrage of fiery knives, each the size of a skull, straight into Heihachi. To rip him apart, to tear him apart. Already, a great weight was building in the air. Stones were beginning to rise in the air. The earth was beginning to tremble. The plant began to howl. It had sensed this pain before.

Already, the matron was beginning to prepare her attack.

COMBATSYS: Dizzy knocks away Heihachi with For Roasting Chestnuts....

  [                                 ||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ]

[                       \\\\\\\  <
Dizzy            2/<<<<<<</<<<<<<<|

The change in demeanor is slow to be understood. This is dangerous, in the heat of battle. Heihachi felt the bloodlust from the impaling thrust of ice, but did not connect it to a completely different persona until the deep well of corrupt chi becomes apparent. It's like staring upon an endless ocean, broad and unfathomable in scope.

Heihachi would not have leveraged that attack in retrospect. This has gone from a helpless child to a predator, taking the great power within Dizzy and using it much more effectively. He's caught in the follow-up from the hammerblow, trying to pull himself up faster. But in that heartbeat, the Gear is upon him. He grits his teeth, seeming to rise in slow motion. And then swings, a sharp hook that hits nothing when Dizzy flits away, raining down a destructive onslaught of blows that erupt around Heihachi. Those few Tekken Force that dared to stay nearby are sent flying... as is the Mishima heir, smoking as he lands in a heap. Coughing up blood, the air fills with more scorching projectiles, and he then kicks forward. They rain down behind him as he keeps moving forward, charging at the distant Dizzy as his entire body crackles with self-bolstering chi.

And then he hurls himself upwards, the last swathe of beams flashing just past. Hands come together, twisting behind as he channels crackling lighting between them. "GOOD!! JUST LIKE THIS, MONSTER!!" Before thrusting both forward, trying to impact Dizzy and launch her straight down, to rebound off the ground back towards him...!!

COMBATSYS: Dizzy dodges Heihachi's Demon Breath.

  [                                  |||||||||||||||||||||||||| ]

[                       \\\\\\\  <
Dizzy            2/<<<<<<</<<<<<<<|

A weapon, born and designed.

Energy was overflowing over her, as the agility was only accelerating. The driving compulsion of Dizzy was consuming her, crushing her, finishing her. There was the trapped away skill of her guardian, making her the weapon she was born as. The spiritual force was consuming her, pushing her past her limit. The power was smashing again and again, hammering into Heihachi. Out of rage. Out of fear.

Out of a need for life.

The barrage comes, striking not only Heihachi, not only the remaining Tekken Force... but the remaining surviving Darkstalkers. All were threats. All threats had to be neutralized. As Heihachi burns with the lightning, the burning red eyes of Dizzy erupt, as she flickers and flits, moving with incredible speed. Heihachi wanted to fight a monster. He wanted to fight a gear.

And Dizzy wanted to just survive.

As Heihachi comes descending, to seize Dizzy, she slips and kites, evading the assault of one of the world's most powerful fighters with nearly effortless skill. In reality, Dizzy was burning up inside. But as she keeps her distance, keeps away... she raises her arm into the air. Another orb. There was no words. Only a scream of the Reaper, as the sudden surge of power shudders through the planet. Her eyes transfixed, the fire around her dies down suddenly.

And it begins.

The energy building within, there is an earthquake. The matron, peering behind, knows what must be done. She is ready, as she conceals an orb of water and ice in her hands. And then, the beams come. If Heihachi wanted a taste of what facing Justice would be like, he was about to receive it. As the yawning chasm of pure energy comes first as a thin beam of ice chi, followed by a thin beam of burning flame... and ending with a thermonuclear reaction, as the full force of a nuclear blast is unleashed directly into Heihachi, exploding in a towering font of blast cloud, flattening the village... and knocking Dizzy backwards, stunning her from the full force of the blast.

COMBATSYS: Dizzy knocks away Heihachi with Gamma Ray+.

  [                                                     ||||||| ]

[                       \\\\\\\  <
Dizzy            0/-------/--<<<<<|

Inwardly, Heihachi begins to wonder if Japan was wrong. Had Justice been the one to annihilate Mt. Fuji...? In the face of her welling chi, the destructive force of Gears for war is no longer a matter of question. There is now two he knows of that possess the raw firepower to reshape a battlefield. Amazing. Even his greatest genetic experiments cannot compare in total to one Dizzy.

His strike misses, impacting only the air. Heihachi miscalculated. He went into this expecting nothing, and took an incredible blow that was more damaging than he expected. His chest still bleeds heavily, dripping down his hip and legs. But his wild eyes are unaffected, spark of battle roaring in his veins he has not felt in far too long. "DO IT... SHOW ME THE GREATEST YOU HAVE, BEAST!!"

Then the world becomes just a blip of horrendous power. The ground shudders. Trees are annihilated. Tekken Force vaporized, along with countless others. The clouds disperse, air ionized and crackling. Ground zero is a sizzling, hissing heap.

And then, two trails of smoke are hurtling out towards Dizzy.

Each of them comes from a smoldering tuft of hair. Heihachi is hurtling like a missile, his clothing burnt almost completely off. Massive arms raised up as he leaps again and again, through the destruction and churned battlefield as the plume of smoke continues to rise into the air.

"Like something so petty as an explosion... COULD KILL ME!!"

He then unleashes a brutal three-hit combo towards Dizzy, the last trying to fold her frame over his fist. Intent on descending like a meteor to the ground, and then hurtling her high into the air like a ragdoll. Lightning crackles and gathers in his hand then, preparing all his remaining strength to unleash a final, decisive SMASH of power towards her body when it descends.

Another step is taken... then he teeters, collapsing down to all fours, coughing more blood upon the ground. His vision reels and warbles, trying but failing to get immediately back to his feet. What...? Did he really exert himself and get damaged to this extent...? Nngh. He just... needs a few to catch his breath...!!

COMBATSYS: Heihachi can no longer fight.

[                       \\\\\\\  <
Dizzy            0/-------/--<<<<<|

COMBATSYS: Heihachi knocks away Dizzy with Raijin's Wrath.

[                                <
Dizzy            1/----<<</<<<<<<<|

For a moment, she could have been free.

She could have escaped the terror, the madness, the murder. She could have been alive. When she landed in the dirt, the possession ending, she could have revived. She could have left. She could have found her villagers, her friends. She could have help bring back the village. They could all pretend this away. She could have been safe.

But then, Heihachi wouldn't have lived.

As Mishima's strongest rips from the blast cloud, Dizzy finds herself caught by the pure power of Mishima might. The matron, winded from the Gamma ray, moves to intercept. She only manages to catch the first blow herself, battering through her as she recoils into a wing shape. Dizzy takes the second hit, stunning her as she gasps for air. For all her power, she seemed so frail. The next blast comes, breaking her bones as she is scooped up. She is thrown up, and her body descends. When the final blast comes, the explosion of energy rips through her, blasting her forward. Past the trees, through the forest, into the depths... Into the depths.... away and far away, the unconscious form of Dizzy is sent flying.

Straight for Southtown.

She does not regain her second wind when she lands. The programming was locked in. Dizzy was alive, if barely, by the embrace of matronly Undine, and the reaper possessing her, Necro. The Reaper couldn't leave yet. The Reaper couldn't leave. Because he must protect Dizzy from all the threats. He must destroy all threats. And as the presence around him grows, he knows. He had to eliminate them all.

He had to kill them all to protect Dizzy.

COMBATSYS: Dizzy can no longer fight.

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