KOF 2017 - Act 2: Mission 2 - Seek And Destroy

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Description: With Yoshiaki captured by NESTS, it is time to make their move. Not directly, of course. They have people for that. Unknowingly pawns of NESTS, both Kula and Sylvie are lured to strike out at the Combot Research Facility. Their mission? Clear out the base, and expose the technology for NESTS to acquire. Unfortunately for them, they are quite expendable, and with Sylvie's previous actions, they have a guest waiting to greet them, fresh out of the depths of G-Corporation skunkworks.

Did she know? Of course not. How she may have ruined a man's life forever. How she may have helped a group that didn't even want her.

"Isn't it great?" Sylvie asks out loud to her traveling companion as she skips plafully towards an unassuming building, a Facility that housed the very important bits and pieces that really put the GUTS into those Combots. Additional knowledge and effort crammed into technology so new that failures could be part of the success. What terrible knowledge could this be used for?

To Sylvie, it didn't matter.

"We're together! To. Get. Ther." She sing-songs, giggling as she spins a bit, walking backwards as she talks to her friend - friend? Could she really call her that? Yes. She could, "I'm so totally almost like you now too! Though I don't sparkle or shine, Sylvie cracks and flashes!" Whatever that may mean.

After her success for NESTS at obtaining important knowledge at the previous Facility, it was found that the initial read-outs based on historical performance, predictive analysis done on Sylvie's previous known training missions, and first hand knowledge no longer truly applied. As such, Miguel was tossed - not physically, but it was possible that he was 'carefully replaced' with Kula. Someone Sylvie knows better than she knew her, "I'm like, so nervous~! A finished model is going to see Sylvie perform from her heart~!" This, Sylvie knew, was not just of the circus - no, there was something more now. A normal person would question. A normal person would be concerned.

Sylvie was a junk person, though.

"Bi bi biiii~!" She proudly exclaims, twisting around and striding towards the facility, hands held high up and stretched out, a grin on her face. For even if it was to be used - even if it was to be a tool, the act felt like an embrace - that they thought Sylvie, even slightly, was worth something. Just a little.

Unless Kula was going to kill her, at which point Sylvie would be /super sad/.

With each step, strawberry blonde hair billows out at her back like radiant plummage. Soft, light, shining in the sun. Though she wears gloves adorned with strange golden accents, and as awkward as they make the task, she braids at least the tresses that frame her face. Then unbraids. Braid, unbraid. Diana taught her this morning, and Kula found herself utterly delighted...

But now, she's on a mission. A mission that from deployment to arrival takes so long, her attention wanders far and wide until it settles on the most recent acquisition of knowledge: Hair braiding. As sophisticated a creation that the ice princess may be, Kula Diamond is still a 'child'.

Twining the feather-light locks once again, Kula is getting very good at this very quickly. She works the strands over and through, Sylvie's chatter registering on the fringes of awareness. Given cause to pause, though, the girl's round face lifts and red eyes flash in a series of owlish blinks. "A... finished model?" she repeats, her confusion ringing out like the toll of a bell, "What does that mean?"

While the companion understands a great deal, especially regarding her, Kula's information was sparse. Sylvie is a stranger, the Combot facility a mystery. NESTS expects her to survey, obtain, and then report. A task that if left in the hands of junk would return incomplete... Or incomprehensible.

If there were a way to write in sing-sing, surely the blonde with eyeballs on her head has discovered it.

"Sylvie, please do your best." The correct protocol here is uncertain, so Kula encourages her... associate. If only they were more familiar, like friends. 'Bi bi biiii~' means that the destination is just up ahead? Loathe though she is to let her hair lie in peace, she increases the width of her stride to catch up to Sylvie, trotting to the failure's side when she flings out her arms as if to collect the building to her chest in a hug. The young girl's head tilts, a curious little kitten. Brief mental notes are made, such as the structure composition, entrances, even cameras. An earpierce that NESTS uses to coordinate asks if she's ready.

"I am ready." Kula replies, touching her collarbone gently, "To perform from the heart." Circus? Is that tasty?

The pairs approach is NOT unnoticed, unfortunately for them. Sylvie is much more easily identifiable, and Kula is factored as a logical threat just for being in her company. As a result, the pair is quickly targetted by the combot facilities defenses.....

A helmetted head appears on a second story-height roof area, with six spider-like orange glowing lights on it. It follows the pair, as if watching them carefully, before leaping into the air! It lands with a deafening crash before the pair, cracking and splintering the pavement beneath! Standing to it's full height, Gigas reveals its massive red-armored form, tenticle-like tubes hanging from its shoulders and back to drag behind it!

After such a landing, most fighters would likely be seeing stars, but not things thing! It lets out a roar as it rushes towards Kula, grabbing at her head with his large meaty hand! If he is able to grab ahold, he'll lift her up, left go, and promptly uppercut her in the gut with the other hand as she drops back down!

COMBATSYS: Gigas has started a fight here on the left meter side.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Gigas            0/-------/------=|

COMBATSYS: Kula has joined the fight here on the right meter side.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Gigas            0/-------/------=|=------\-------\0             Kula

COMBATSYS: Sylvie has joined the fight here on the right meter side.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Gigas            0/-------/------=|=------\-------\0           Sylvie
                                  >  //////////////////////////////]
                                  |=------\-------\0             Kula

COMBATSYS: Kula blocks Gigas' Hydraulic Lift.

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Gigas            0/-------/-----==|=------\-------\0           Sylvie
                                  >  ///////////////////////////   ]
                                  |===----\-------\0             Kula

There was no need to keep Sylvie unaware of her betters. They had tried everything. Positive reinforcement only caused Sylvie to lapse into happy, lazy, and ultimately useless states. Negative reinforcement lead to Sylvie lashing out and acting like a brat. Neutral reinforcement caused her to ... not try. It all was a failure. She never produced what they had wanted all the same. No progress was made. They told her of all the others, had her watch things she could not do, could 'never be like'.

Grinning at Kula, one of the finished products, though young in mind, Sylvie is mindful of all these things. "Doesn't mean anything!" Sylvie exclaims cheerfully, "Not a thing~." She twists around as she pauses, staring up at the building, ominous in its anonymity. Anything could be in there - but she sort of knows, right? Yeah, sorta. Sylvie didn't memorize it again, but it was one of those robot things she dealt with before. Eaaaaasy.

"Whaaa? WHAAAAA!" Sylvie leaps upwards,, extending her hands as she then pulls them to herself, "Ah, Sylvie's gotta do SUPER GREAT now~! She was told to do her best in such a nice way!" Her hips wiggle back and forth as she lets out a soft cry of happiness.

"Oh! The heart's a great place to st-"

Eh? Sylvie is facing Kula as the helmetted head stares at them, "If you reach really deep inside... oh but you shouldn't, because if you try to hug your heart-" The deafening crash causes Sylvie to cry out in surprise with a 'WHAAA!?' as the Gigas lands and menaces them. "That's /totally/ not cute." Sylvie remarks, a little angry - and then the Gigas roars, rushing towards Kula! "WHAT! That's SUPER uncute! You're all zombie frankenstein like! ... Does that mean Sylvie will only make you feel more alive?" The woman asks such a /dumb question/ as Kula is assaulted.

What does Sylvie do? Quite simple, actually - as she leaps towards Gigas, hands twisted downwards. "BZZZT! Time's up! Sylvie is going to find out the hard way!" Shooting herself upwards with her electromagnetic ways, Sylvie's legs lash out towards Gigas as she attempts to strike, strike, strike Gigas with those eyeball adorned feet, electricity sparking below her as she assaults the giant menace!

As much as I'm dying to engage Sylvie in meta, if I did, this pose would never end.

Nobody wants that, an eternally unfinished pose.

One can assume that NESTS kept her ignorant before to ensure the girl's purity. Associating with failures only leads to being a failure yourself, isn't that how it works? Isn't that why she was created to bring the renegade K' back into the fold? Kula... wonders if her companion was lonely during isolation, but she doesn't think so far as to question the mission or the reasons behind their odd partnership. It just is.

Since she's the type to accept words and people at face-value, Sylvie's cheerful deflection and madness ensuing earn little more than an affirmative nod. Kula won't mention it again. Diana had explained to her that people need secrets, things to keep close to their hearts... So how does one fight from the heart?

A head sprouts up from the facility. "What is that?!" cries the girl, utter bewildered. Tentacle monster? Cyborg? 'Living' security? When it leaps from the building, she finds her footing unstable. There's a tremor that passes through the earth and here Kula stands at its epicentre, the first target. Fingers clamp down over her skull, just as her hair bleeds blue, expression shifting from surprise to calm.

It doesn't tickle, being lifted by the head, neck straining to keep it attached. But slamming the ice princess down? Ineffective. Her knees bend, the leather of her chaps creaking audiably and absorbing the brunt of impact. Kula's breath mists before her.

Just a beat, she temporarily erects a solid shield of ice. Snowflakes swirl around the fingertips of outstretched hands. Gigas' meaty fist pushes Kula back, and the soles of her enhanced shoes burrow into the dirt. The temperature plummets...

Without coordination, a fight can quickly dissolve into pandemonium. Even if Sylvie is incapable, Kula must compensate. She will force them to work together. Her eyes of scarlet spy the junk girl, weighing in with her kicks. At the back, front? Does Gigas even have eyes? "At least everything freezes," she exhales into her palm, and incites a flurry of snow.

But this isn't just any little blizzard. Each snowflake has an edge that is razor sharp, and the eye of the storm is the worst of it all. The blades of grass are frosted, the accents of her gloves. It will hold Gigas in place to assist her comrade, making it that much easier for Sylvie to plummel the thing with her feet for as long as Kula can keep it rooted there, if at all.

COMBATSYS: Gigas blocks Kula's Diamond Breath.

[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Gigas            0/-------/----===|-------\-------\0           Sylvie
                                  >  //////////////////////////    ]
                                  |===----\-------\0             Kula

COMBATSYS: Gigas endures Sylvie's Bootie Bootie.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Gigas            0/-------/---====|=------\-------\0           Sylvie
                                  >  //////////////////////////    ]
                                  |===----\-------\0             Kula

With a growl, Gigas brings up it's massive arms, defending against the icy assault from Kula, frost forming over it's armor, but otherwise having little effect. His attention, however, quickly turns to Sylvie as the strange girl leaps into her kicking assault! The behemoth doesn't seem to even respond to it, though it's body rocks in time with the impacts as it seemingly walks into the storm of strikes!

He reaches for her in an attempt to grab her almost out of the air as the move ends, attempting to pull her down right into it's large, well-muscled knee! After such a strike, rather than simply let go, he will turn to hurl her away and into the air head over heels with a roar!

COMBATSYS: Gigas successfully hits Sylvie with Trash Compactor.

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////         ]
Gigas            0/-------/--=====|======-\-------\0           Sylvie
                                  >  //////////////////////////    ]
                                  |===----\-------\0             Kula

Kick kick kick. As the icy assault is waged by Kula, Sylvie lunges at the beast... man? Beast man? with foot after foot, swinging them with abandon at the man. Body twisting as Gigas moves with her strikes, Sylvie growing more and more keenly aware what this means. Each strike, each kick, only succeeding in bringing Sylvie closer and closer to the monster that Gigas was. This was okay, however.

It would guarantee something Sylvie seems to be okay with.

The grasp about Sylvie comes as she begins to speak. "Don't worry! Sylvie has this! Sylvie isn't going to let anything bad happ-" The fist closes, and so do Sylvie's airways. Eyes widen, body tensing as she attempts to push back. Within Gigas' grip, there's a slight fireworks display as electricity crackles, attempting to fight the beasts grip - keeping Sylvie from being squeezed entirely down. It isn't successful enough, Sylvie's junk ways getting the better of her as it clamps down - the impact into the knee is hard, Sylvie bashed about like a doll, hair and odd-bits from her hair shaken randomly before she spirals through the air, unable to right herself.

With air knocked out of her, Sylvie crashes down in a heap - a junky one. Hair, disheveled, obscures her face. "Sylvie's all tired n-now...." The junk girl proclaims as she slowly rises from the ground, shaking herself off with an expressively angry looking face, "But she's gotta stay awake! She's gotta get REALLY AWAKE!"

Both hands erupt upwards and splay outwards, fingers stretched wide. "C'mon, C'mon! Sylvie's still over here! Look. At. MEEEEE!" Electricity arcs off of Sylvie in all directions - except it's in reverse. "Are you ready! Bet you aren't!" Sylvie 'remarks', a surge surrounding her as she kicks off the ground - noticably limping a bit - and raises both of her hands, intending to slam them both against that knee!

It's not as if she is is 'trying' to act like a target, but then again, all things are possible!

Ah, she nearly experiences a modicum of disappointment. Not only does the Gigas block the icy assault, its attention turns to her companion. Dragging Sylvie straight into a knee larger than Kula's own waist, the junk girl spirals off like a loose wheel. For all of her strength, for all that NESTS boasts of their successful project, she is utterly powerless to stop it from happening.

Fingers flexing, snow flakes gently from the gloved digits, gone before it hits the ground. "No, look at /me/." Kula attempts to provoke the beast, to confound, rushing forwards in tandem. This may provide her comrade with just the opening she needs, if only she had patience. Swinging her arms to balance on skates that have suddenly appeared, the ice princess kicks off her toe pick into a pirouette.

Her leg extends outward, more fey ballerina than Olympic figure skater, whipped blue hair like water before it cascades in sheets down her back once again. Quick though the Anti-K' may be, the bladed edge on her sole will connect only after Sylvie, not a moment before. "Do not fall asleep!" she exclaims, because no one ever told her that some things are just expressions and Kula doesn't need to believe them all.

To be young and naive. Sigh.

COMBATSYS: Gigas blocks Sylvie's Strong Punch.

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Gigas            0/-------/--=====|=======\====---\1           Sylvie
                                  >  /////////////////////////     ]
                                  |===----\-------\0             Kula

COMBATSYS: Gigas interrupts Ray Spin from Kula with Fracturing Upper.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Gigas            0/-------/-======|=======\====---\1           Sylvie
                                  >  //////////////////            ]
                                  |=======\-------\0             Kula

As the pair of fighters move around, Gigas quickly goes from aggravated to..... well... MORE aggravated! The little bothers also keep speaking and annoying it further!

He simply tenses his knee as Sylvie strikes with her balled fists, minimizing most of the damage. It is about to move in on Sylvie again when Kula calls it's attention to her!

Strangely enough, it actually listens!

Or warns it of her impending attack. Hard to tell.

Either way, when she leaps into a spin, one of it's beefy arms comes up to stop her attack cold (pun FULLY intended!), before following up almost instantly with a massive uppercut to Kulas small fey-like form!

He smashes his knuckles together afterwards, giving a warcry and making it clear it WANTS to hurt them! To make them stop moving and annoying him! This is HIS territory!

"Eh!?" With the junk girl on the assault, Gigas finds it easy to mostly ignore Sylvie - the knee tensing as Sylvie batters and beats against it - yet it does not break! Sylvie, however, finds herself broken... inside! Gasping as Kula calls out, Sylvie lands only to stomp her foot! "You're all cold and stuff, you shoulda given him the cold shoulder and let Sylvie Paula pound it! If he's all busy with me, then you're more safe!" Which apparently matters, even slightly, to Sylvie.

Just a slight bit.

Kula's spin towards Gigas, is flashy, amazing, a spectator's dream! Sylvie gets to see a finished product spin across the sky brilliantly - and she even is told most certainly to not sleep - as she looks up!

Which is way that beefy fist comes towards Kula and slams her upwards - or perhaps away. Yet the important part is the impact /was/ made. Sylvie looks on in horror - abject bad feelings that make her feel so much more like junk. "Maybe Sylvie can't get you to listen... but she knows how to get HIM to listen!"

It's a faulty move, a foolish plan, but Sylvie follows through /all the same/. Kicking off the ground, electricity flowing through her hands, Sylvie passes right over Gigas, towards those tentacles, and grasps one of them. "I think I can... I think I can!" Sylvie grits as a surge of electromagnetics threaten to pull and drag, even the slightest, Gigas away from Kula. "Super S-Sylvie, Hrgh.. some-where! Just move already!!"

Th..the cold shoulder? What does that even mean?

Kula is too committed, without opportunity to pause and consider the deeper meaning of such words, or lack thereof. As the skate hones in on its target, she's on the receiving end of a brutal uppercut. It tears a surprised cry from the girl's lips, her throat harsh and dry. Without any weight to bring her down sooner, the ice princess sails away on a long trajectory like the home run hit that wins the game. Farewell, Sylvie~

I kid, I kid.

She crashes through trees and branches, indescriminate in their destruction. A leafy hole marks Kula's point of entry. Eventually, the foliage is dense enough at her back, and so it forms a net to catch her. Aching all over, from head to toe, the teen gingerly slips to the ground and plucks bits of bark from her blue sheets of hair. The leather of her violet jacket creaks. In her ear, a voice of alarm crackles, discerning that she has been injured due to a sudden spike in her cardiac rhythm. 'Are you all right? What's your status? Can you hear me?' Questions are endless.

Kula performs a cursory check before doling out assurances. Legs move, arms move. Instead of running to aid Sylvie, the Anti-K' practically flies on her conjured skates. "I am fine," she says, breathless, "I believe that I have suffered a moderate contusion, but I can still fight." Her back is bruised, too. She doesn't mention this, because they can't abort the operation here. No way!

Intense cold unlike anything previously felt heralds her return, the chill permeating the territory of the Gigas. If... it's an actual living thing, then this may annoy it further! What an angry creature. Kula is almost aglow like a beacon as she slides against a sheet of ice that just so happens to lead directly to the Achilles tendon. Does Gigas have that? "Slider shoot!"

Sylvie may get her wish to throw Tentacles Beefaluffagus with Kula's help, but then she might wind up crushing Miss Diamond, too. I know he's heavy, but please don't, okay? :(

COMBATSYS: Gigas endures Kula's Slider Shoot.

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Gigas            0/-------/-======|=======\====---\1           Sylvie
                                  >  /////////////////             ]
                                  |=======\-------\1             Kula

COMBATSYS: Gigas fails to interrupt Power Throw from Sylvie with Giant Press.
? Strange Hit! ?

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////         ]
Gigas            0/-------/--=====|=======\====---\1           Sylvie
                                  >  /////////////////             ]
                                  |=======\-------\1             Kula

Oh, Gigas is mad already! MAD SKILLS!

It trumps it's way over towards where it's last target flew, suddenly stopping as Sylvie yanks on it from behind! It starts to turn around when Kula comes sliding her way towards it, hitting full on. This, combined with the pulling, coincide nicely, and the big lug literally toppes over!

Right towards Sylvie!

By sheer coincidence, she is just too close to him, and fits nicely between the gap between his arm and torso, much like the house that falls on someone, while they stand right where the open window is! It gives a slightly pained groan, as it starts trying to clear it's head and get back up!

It means, of many things, that Sylvie is saying things without thinking of them ahead of time. Kula is icy and cold, but Sylvie wants her to focus on ... wait, did Sylvie have a thought, moments ago? Not that Sylvie would suggest it! It's gone in a flash and with Kula crashing to the ground - Sylvie eyeing Kula as she slowly gets upwards. No voice comes to ask if Sylvie is okay. No worry beyond, perhaps, Kula's - which may be focused on the mission.

The junk-girl hears confirmation, though, "Yes! We're still two on one! Tall dark and gruesome, you're -" HUFF, he's huge, and Sylvie is pulling! "Not getting the better of this twosome!"

It'd be far more enjoyable had Sylvie not been fighting for her 'life' and Kula's, but then again... what drew her to this in the first place?

"Oh! Sylvie knows tons of those, she has a few!" The girl exclaims - and then Gigas twists around. Sylvie, not really touching ground yet still yanking, suddenly finds her field of motion changes from an x to a y axis. "Woah, Sylvie's star is rising!!" Almost swinging upwards, the girl shoots skywards, letting go of the tendril with her momentum. The lightning clad hands spark in the sky for a moment as Sylvie glances about, up and down, before the momentum begins to reverse, dress billowing upwards. There is a crack as Sylvie's form, for a brief moment, illuminates. Electricity pours through her form as she huffs - and then makes a dive straight downwards.

"Shooting... Star.. Sylvie... STRIIIIIKE!"

As the dress billows madly, her hair a mess, eyes nearly glowing bright, the junk girl accelerates downwards towards Gigas, leg first, towards his form as he rises! "Don't look at her, Sylvie's got more than enough eyes to stare right back at all of yours!"

Just as a star falls from the heavens, Gigas is toppled. Its large form pitches not at Kula, who springs to the side like a startled cat, but at Sylvie. Oh no! "Watch out!" she warns her companion far too late for it have any effect.

Kula isn't certain she could conjure enough ice to protect the junk girl without encasing her, as well. While the mission does indeed take precedence, Sylvie's support is of equal value! She can't handle this on her own-- "Huh?" The kooky blonde is spared a pancake life when the thing collapses juuuuuuuust right, strange and coincidental. Or is she flung into the air?

In any case, handwaving such unimportant details, a sigh of relief, her pale hair stirred by a gentle breeze. The earth shudders under the its burden, and her comrade turns herself into a sparking human missile, descending with the promise of pain. Pupils narrow to the size of a pinhead. They swim in the depths of scarlet eyes as Kula determines her next course of action. Of course, preventing the Gigas from finding its feet would be ideal.

Whether Sylvie makes contact or not, once she's through with yells about eyeballs (what) and all, Kula slams hands charged with ice against the dirt. Grass withers at her touch, only crisp reminders left in her wake. Nothing happens. A chilling hush. "Stay down." The Anti-K' demands before a deep rumble signifies impending doom.

It rends the forest floor asunder, an icicle shard lancing through earth and anything else in its path, the point as sharp as a Japanese blade. Armor? Don't mock her. Glistening with malicious intent, the accuracy is deadly, but Gigas may escape. Or be pierced, even somewhere non-vital. Kula keeps trying to figure it out -- is there anything that can be exploited, a bodily weakness? WHAT IS IT?! A decisive battle is preferable to attrition, but how...

COMBATSYS: Sylvie successfully hits Gigas with Medium Kick.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////         ]
Gigas            0/-------/-======|>>>>>>>\>>>>>>>\1           Sylvie
                                  >  ////////////////              ]
                                  |====---\-------\0             Kula

COMBATSYS: Kula successfully hits Gigas with Diamond Edge.

[                   \\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////         ]
Gigas            1/-------/=======|>>>>>>>\>>>>>>>\1           Sylvie
                                  >  ////////////////              ]
                                  |====---\-------\0             Kula

With a roar, Gigas is impaled through his massive arm by Kulas icicle lance! With a snarl, it grabs at the thing, and tears it free to discard on the ground. During this, it is too slow and distracted to manage to block Sylvies attack, which while hitting cleanly doesn't even seem to prompt its attention.

Kula just drew the short straw. She HURT it!

And now it's mad!

He charges at the ice princess at full speed, grabbing at her with its large mitt! If he gets ahold of her, he FLINGS her into the air, and as she drops, shoudler checks her from the side before she impacts the ground!

It's really a combination! A massive combination! Of chance, luck, and a modicum of 'skill'. One that she literately developed, since before her ability to shock was limited! ... Not that Sylvie actually /has/ shocked Gigas yet at all!

With Sylvie safe for the moment, Kula does her amazing work - where nothing happens? Sylvie is front and center as she watches - and as Sylvie barrels downwards, things finally happen - and the woman gasps at just how fast, and powerful, Kula's strike is! The icicle shard that tears from the ground, ripping out towards Gigas as Sylvie comes down and impacts the monster.

THUNK. That's the sound of Sylvie bouncing off, a thud of sole and shoe, both striking at once as Sylvie flips off and poses, "Now will you gi-.. give... u-?"

Kula's suddenly under assault. Gigas is suddenly gone from before her - and it grabs at Kula! "No - no no NO!" Sylvie fumes, "Paula is PRETTY TIRED of being CONSTANTLY IGNORED!" Hands ball up together, small sparks shooting out of each of them - "That's IT! Sylvie's done playing around!" A very important statement that may signify to Kula... what the hell was Paula doing before this? Clearly hitting a giant armored monster with her small fists and feet wasn't going to do anything!

Oh, Sylvie knew that too. The longer it went though, the more attention she got.

Now they're off in their own worlds.

Feet hit the ground first as Sylvie books it forwards, kicking off the ground as hands crackle with electromagnetic energy, following the giant Gigas - as she goes towards those tentacles once more. Gigas likely learned to ignore her when she did that...

Except as those hands crackle for the first time in the fight. Manifested electric energy bursts to life, arcing out towards and between the tentacles - intending on causing Gigas a bit of a shock!

COMBATSYS: Gigas successfully hits Kula with Overkill.

[                   \\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Gigas            0/-------/-------|>>>>>>>\>>>>>>>\1           Sylvie
                                  >  //////                        ]
                                  |=======\===----\1             Kula

So tell me, was Gigas only mildly perturbed before? Slightly irritated? Did you intentionally mislead us?! BEWARE, to all interlopers that dare to encroach on its territory! The steadfast guardian of the Combot facility is EASILY AGITATED!

... I guess that doesn't really sound all that intimidating, because it lacks the impact of just expressly stating that the thing is mad, mad, MORE MAD. I concede the point.

I will also stop goofing around and put on my serious posing face.

If there were a line drawn in the sand, Kula has given Beefy Tentacular the shove straight over the edge of the precipice. The Gigas explodes with rage, and either rips its gigantic arm right off, or breaks the icicle pike and pulls that out, instead. Stunned beyond measure, beyond expression, the massive frame fills the entirety of her vision when it comes to collect horrible reimbursement for damages incurred.

Sylvie's super stomp didn't even phase the thing...

The price Kula must pay is steep.

Gigas' grabby mitt bunches the front of her leather jacket, punctuated by an awful shhhRRREEEP that denotes tearing. Anchored in place, her cardiac rhythm spikes once again. She is flung with ease, like the ragdoll that silently suffers through a child's tantrums. High in the air, limbs flailing in a desperate attempt to right herself, the tiny body of the Anti-K' is no match for a hard shoulder the sends her spilling out across the ground. Kula, laying supine on her back, watches the death and rebirth of a little universe in her eyes.

"These are orders to withdraw," interrupts the voice, coming from her earpiece.

"But, no..." Kula protests weakly.


"No!" She musters her strength to deliver the declaration forcefully, "This is not yet over. I will not let it defeat us." Or Sylvie won't, because the junk girl appears mostly fine, if a bit frazzled. Kula can't kip up as she feels a tenderness in her ribs that was not there prior, so awkwardly scrambling, the ice princess climbs ever so slowly to her feet, clearly worse for wear. "I will finish this."

At the other end of the line, they say nothing at all.

Miss Diamond doesn't exactly understand why her associate is obsessed with garnering the beast's volatile attentions, but she's starting to. Wacky antics and zany shenanigans were a way to stall for time, so that Sylvie could convert her energy into electricity, much like the electric eel? That supposition is probably not far off base. Kula nods to herself, steeling her resolve. She has to help!

Throwing out both arms as if they could embrace the clear sky, a harsh wind whips her hair to the fore. Snowflakes heed her siren's call; the blizzard blasts out all around without preamble. Freezing ice, a myriad of crystalline shards, snow... The real severity of winter is condensed into heartbeats. For the Gigas, it may seem to last an eternity. Kula can only hope that the creature doesn't weather it well. Sylvie? She is untouched, unharmed, not a single eyeball out of place.

Such is the abilities of a final product.

COMBATSYS: Sylvie successfully hits Gigas with Denki Kaijin.

[                     \\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Gigas            0/-------/------=|>>>>>>>\>>>>>>>\2           Sylvie
                                  >  //////                        ]
                                  |>>>>---\-------\0             Kula

COMBATSYS: Kula successfully hits Gigas with Freeze Execution+.

[                            \\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Gigas            0/-------/---====|>>>>>>>\>>>>>>>\2           Sylvie
                                  >  //////                        ]
                                  |>>>>---\-------\0             Kula

Between the pair, they give the Gigas just enough to end it's assault for the time being!

Sylvies electrical charges arcs visibly between his tenticle-like back tubes, causing him to roar in pain, setting him up nicely for Kula to step in and unleash her arctic assault upon him! Within the blizzard of ice and snow, his muffled roars can be heard for a moment before going dim. Once the clouds clear, Gigas can be found standing there, arms up in a guard position, frozen solid. A decently thick layer of frost and ice coats his form, the red and black of his skin visible beneath the transparent coating. While the ice snaps and pops due to thermal differences, Gigas himself seems motionless for the time being. The spider-like lights on his helmet are also dark.

His status as alive or dead is unknown, but at least for the moment, he appears to be inactive and no longer a threat.

COMBATSYS: Gigas takes no action.

                                  >  ////////////////////          ]
                                  |>>>>>>>\>>>>>>>\2           Sylvie
                                  >  //////                        ]
                                  |>>>>---\-------\0             Kula

COMBATSYS: Gigas can no longer fight.

                                  >  ////////////////////          ]
                                  |>>>>>>>\>>>>>>>\2           Sylvie
                                  >  //////                        ]
                                  |>>>>---\-------\0             Kula

"OKAY! YOU GO KULA! You're BEST! Sylvie's totally second though!"

Kula doesn't retreat - and certainly finishes it. The power of a finished NESTS project - that is the power of a fully operational NESTS!? Sylvie stands behind Gigas as she unloads, lightning arcing between fingers and the tendrils - her body arcing off stray bits of electricity as she prepares to unleash something more, dig deeper into herself so that the beast focuses upon herself and not Kula. To really show Kula, and others, she can do it!

She doesn't need to.

Snowflakes suddenly appear, Sylvie glancing left and right, the ice, shards, and freezing bits appearing all around them. Her body twists and her tongue slides out - to touch. It zips by - fortunately - otherwise her tongue would have likely been shorn into as well. Yet Gigas would be surrounded by the blizzard - and Sylvie would have been spared even the frost.

With Gigas staggering slightly from her assault and roaring, Sylvie expects a response. The frozen Gigas shows that it's not quite the same, however. The frost clings and only finally breaks... showing Sylvie it's all over. "E-Eh!? Wha!? That's amaaaaaazing!~" Sylvie sing songs, leaping up and down, hands rising as well. They hold in the air as she stops bouncing, "The way you got beat up, I mean! That's why Kula's totally great! Oh!" Sylvie jogs over to Kula afterwards, "You gotta be more careful too, Sylvie saw what happened! He was all GRRRR and then you were all like 'I'm COLD INSIDE but not dead, YOU'LL be dead! And then you were like 'What killed the giants... THE ICE AGE!'" Pausing, Sylvie nods.

"Yup! So, now that you killed the giant on the beanstalk, lets go get the golden eggs! I can't wait~! Sylvie will lead now! You're all beat up, that's no good."

Looks like all that energy is going somewhere.

The wicked cold snap spares no tree, no blade of grass, no Gigas. Signs of the arctic wind's passing are everywhere, as far-reaching as the facility itself. Surveying the damage she has wrought impassively, Kula does not yet celebrate until she's absolutely, one-hundred percent certain that the creature isn't about to burst free from its icy prison and make quick work of them both. Her hand cups the bottom right of her ribcage.

"I cannot determine whether the guard is alive or machine, but at present, it has been immobilized through combined effort." Teamwork. Kula may have finished the job, but she would have been at a loss without Sylvie. Credit is given where it is due as the girl uses short strides to pace around the beast. Scarlet eyes inspect it, she pokes with a gloved hand. Moments ago, the Gigas was unstoppable, but the tide has turned. Now it stands, a monolith, a testament to the true power of NESTS... At least for awhile. She jumps a bit in fright as the ice pops loudly, mimicing the crack of a gunshot, and has to laugh at her silliness.

Her bubbly companion all but bounds to Kula's side, words rushing by faster than the ice princess is able to follow. "Arara..." Cold inside? Giants? "Was there a giant? Is it still here? I--" Oh...

How embarrassing.

Realizing her error, the teen's face flushes. Red orbs well with tears. Emotions are so new to her, which does she express? "I am sorry." No, not that one, Kula.

What beanstalk? Are golden eggs made from real gold and not edible? The pale blue hair swishes at her back as she is led towards the building by her associate. "Yes, that would be wise. If we were to run afoul of another creature, I am not sure I would be of anymore assistance to you," Kula pauses, teeth finding her protruding lower lip. Diana said that pouting was not for missions, but she WANTS to perform well, to get results, to accomplish. For no other purpose does the Anti-K' exist. "Are you able to conjure more electricity, if required?"

Smiling ever so faintly as the two disappear into the darkened building, Kula adds, "It was very pretty."

COMBATSYS: Kula has left the fight here.

                                  >  ////////////////////          ]
                                  |>>>>>>>\>>>>>>>\2           Sylvie

Sylvie, as she disappears into the building with Kula, "Oh~! Totally! I'm a full battery right now! BZZZT!" There's a sudden flash from the slightly less darkened building, for a moment. "See!"

Sylvie was a little /too/ enthusiastic to perform.

COMBATSYS: Sylvie has ended the fight here.

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