KOF 2017 - Act 2: Mission 1 - The Capture Of Lee Chaolan

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Description: With Japan silent, and Lee Chaolan arrogantly defying them, the United Nations has decided to put an end to any empty words, and resolve the rogue executive permanently. Recruiting the deadliest assassins of the Lin Kuei, the United Nations has staged a hostile retrieval of Lee Chaolan at his vacation home at the beach. Sub-Zero has been instructed to deal with the CEO cleanly and efficiently: Capture the executive while the UN Special Forces occupies his bodyguard force, and extract him from the site. Alive. At least, in a state where he can be revived easily enough. The world will know soon enough that those who defy law and order, will be doomed to be crushed under it's boot.

Sometimes, people needed to relax.

Lee Chaolan was having a tough time as an executive. It's one thing to have business perform below expectations. It's another when you are declared an outlaw by the United Nations. The United Nations demanded that he hand over everything: His tournament, his companies, his technology, and finally, himself. Lee of course disagreed, but it was difficult to disagree with the United Nations. It was any day now, that the UN would do something rash. But until Lee left Japan? He had nothing to worry about. And yet, with his assets being handed off to trusted individuals, Lee Chaolan finally had a moment's respite.

So why not go to the Beach House?

On a coastal highway, winding away from the hustle and bustle of the city, through a small village, to the resorts along the secluded beachfronts faraway, was the beach house. The vacation home was the site of loves and lovers, and pleasures over an island paradise. It was a rental, of course. Maybe people have passed in and through; it wasn't something that Lee could make exclusive.

It wasn't a true paradise, though.

Okinawa was home of a military base, after all. While the quaint little seaside hut was well suited, that was hardly the focus of the silver-haired executive's trip. Lee Chaolan was content to rest at the edge of the ocean, laying in his folding recliner, sipping a high ball under an umbrella in his violet one piece speedo. He was relaxing in the sun, letting the pressures of the world fall off him. Everything would be fine. And if it wasn't?

WEll, his team of Tekken Force bodyguards would watch over him.

Nothing could go wrong on a beautiful day like this.

"Alpha one, clear."
"Alpha 2, clear."
"Alpha 3, clear."
The crisp, disciplined voices of one of Lee's many elite security teams crackle through the security chief's headset as the hulking man hunches before a spread of monitors. So as not to disturb Lee's relaxing vacation, the security head has set up his equipment in a closet on the ground floor, receiving over 18 live feeds from cameras hidden discreetly around the grounds. For the moment, everything seems to be progressing according to plan. Lee is outside, his men are reporting in on schedule. But still he can not relax. That's why he's the head of security, after all. He never relaxes.
Outside, the breeze is light and balmy, providing some relief to the men on patrol. One such man, Chuck Walaski, presses a black-gloved finger to the device in his right ear, left hand pushing up the brim of his helmet to mop at the sweat sliding down his brow. Breeze or no breeze, 8 hours in heavy combat gear is a hell of a thing. Lee isnt' a bad boss though. Once his shift's over he can retire to one of the squad RVs parked on sight and grab a beer.
Hell, that's a thought. Just picturing the cool glass bottle brings a smile to Chuck's face.
It feels cooler already.
"Alpha five," Chuck says into his headset, letting his helmet fall back into place "All cl---glghhhhhk..."
Mid way through speaking, the chill in the air grows sharp and biting, slicing through Chuck's tactical gear like arctic spikes. A hand, fingers clad in black, reaches around to grip Chuck roughly by the throat, squeezing. But that is not the worst of it. For as he struggles, going instinctively for the knife on his belt, the bitter cold enters his flesh. Spreading out from the stranger's hand, a layer of ice crackles to life across the whole of Chuck's body, his form flash frozen between heartbeats.
Hand still in the process of reaching for his knife, the frozen statue of a security guard gapes at the empty stretch of beach before him, eyes covered by a thin film of frost.
Chuck's head is torn brutally from his shoulders with a sound like shattering glass, little flakes of red slush drizzling from the jagged spikes of flesh that protrude from beneath his jaw.
Stepping out from behind the body, Chuck's murderer palms his startled head in one gloved hand. The muscular assassin is clad in a black body suit under quilted cloth armor of a simple arctic blue, the lower half of his face hidden behind a solid blue mask. Black hood pulled up to hide his hair and forehead, all that can be identified of his face is the lightly tanned skin around his eyes, and the eyes themselves, which glow a cool, vengeful blue.
"Alpha 5?"
In the control room,Alpha Leader sits forward in his chair, quickly panning the cameras around to search for his missing soldier. He finds only the decapitated body, standing upright with one hand partially extended, surrounded by pinkish sand.
"Perimeter breach! Hostile on the grounds, get to Lee!" the bald man shouts into his mic. Unfortunately, at that exact moment, every screen on his consol fuzzes out, and his mic lets out a horrible screeching squeal.
"Damn it!" the squad leader rages, tearing the mic from his head and throwing it aside. Huge fists tightening into massive clubs of pain, he lumbers to his feet,the sounds of gunfire starting up in the distance.
It seems that the UN has decided to make their play, and they've sent a specialist in with their hit team.
Outside, the distant pop of gunfire drifts through the air, cutting through the steady woosh of rushing waves. The sun is pleasantly hot, beating down upon Lee's nearly naked form. But the air? The air is chilly. Surprisingly chilly...
From out of nowhere, a disembodied head comes winging over the back of Lee's chair, aimed to collide with the back of the silver-haired executive's own.
Sub-Zero has arrived, stepping down off of the porch to crunch across the pristine white sand. As he moves across the sun-baked beach, the grains beneath his feet seem to crystallize, gaining a layer of glittering frost. The once balmy breeze has turned frigid, but not nearly so cold as the legendary assassin's eyes.

COMBATSYS: Sub-Zero has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Sub-Zero         0/-------/------=|

COMBATSYS: Lee Chaolan has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Lee Chaolan      0/-------/-======|=------\-------\0         Sub-Zero

COMBATSYS: Sub-Zero successfully hits Lee Chaolan with Thrown Object.

[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Lee Chaolan      0/-------/-======|==-----\-------\0         Sub-Zero

Skulls are quite heavy.

Lee Chaolan raises his eyebrows just before the moment of truth. A sensation, an instinct. It starts with gunfire, already a warning. The rush of cold, while meaningless on it's own, is enough to rouse the eyes of the man over his shoulder. He's already moving when the head comes, the skull slamming his head in tandem with his own movement. Flipping the chair, he throws his glass away, sand swirling around him as he rolls. Bringing his hand to the back of his own head, he feels the blood. Only quick enough to mitigate a more serious blow. He doesn't even register what the weapon is until he glances at it... and sees the decapitated head of one of his bodyguards.

And Lee Chaolan realizes that he might be about to die.

Lee Chaolan's smirk fades. Not a look of terror. But of a grim executive, facing a firing squad. Rising into a stand on the sand, he stares at the asssassin, head cocked. He is actually quiet, as he drops into his fighting stance. It's only when his eyes cast his own bodyguard team descending on his position, does he smile again, the confidence surging back. "Hm. I had hoped for a few more warm days after Labor Day." He chimes lightly, adjusting his hair. He gives Sub-Zero a wink.

"Maybe it's not too late~"

And Lee Chaolan moves. Nearly gliding across the beach, Lee Chaolan blitzes forward, kicking up a storm of sand on his advance. The cloud ebbs and flows, flickering and dancing as his steps kick it around. There is a flicker, and a flash. And suddenly, rolling around Sub-Zero, to his left and right respectively, was the recliner chair and umbrella, spreading around with the cloud of sand. Lee Chaolan erupts from the cloud, leaping through the air with a flying kick. He falls short of Sub-Zero, guiding his momentum forward as he swings his other leg around, to catch the frosty assassin in the gut.

And it would begin the rest of the assault.

Should he connect? It would become too obvious that he attack had no teeth. It wasn't a kick, it was a footplant. Lee Chaolan would use the leverage to step up, reversing momentum hard to bring his other leg arching around right for Sub-Zero's neck. There, he would hook it around with the true force of the kick, to bring both himself and his assassin down -hard- into the sands. Or maybe into one of the beachside accessories. Lee Chaolan was not simply moving to dispatch his opponent. He was not so optimistic. He just had to buy time.

So the rest of his team could rescue him.

COMBATSYS: Sub-Zero blocks Lee Chaolan's Mist Trap.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Lee Chaolan      1/-------/=======|===----\-------\0         Sub-Zero

There are plenty of assassins throughout the world who would be more than willing to trade banter with their target. It's become a rather fashionable thing to do. Perhaps they feel that a bit of cheeky repartee might deflect the axe if their target gets the better of them.
None of those things seem to be on Sub-Zero's mind. Glaring at Lee as the silver-haired executive closes in a spray of sand, he focuses the entirety of his cool regard on his target. Little attention is spared for the chair, or the umbrella. These are tricks. obstacles that his prey will attempt to turn against him. But if he is vigilant, it will not matter.
Chaolan's flying foot is caught deftly at the calf, gloved fingers digging into lean muscle with icy purpose. The second kick is met by an uplifted shoulder, the assassin swaying beneath the hooking blow to bleed off much of its force.
Quick as a snake, Sub-Zero's left hand snaps up in an attempt to grip Lee just above his right knee, the lithe executive briefly suspended in the grip of the legendary assassin. And unless he can flip or roll free, he will feel the bite of winter, as horrible, freezing chi is forced into his body through his legs, spreading quickly along his exposed skin.
If Lee can not escape the grip of the Lin Kuei, the blue-clad murderer will twist at the waist, driving his right boot up in a scything kick square between Chaolan's thighs. But, hit or miss, Sub-Zero is forced to fling himself to one side, rolling clear just moments before a spray of bullets tears through the sand where he had been standing.
The chatter of automatic gunfire rolls over the beach, loud now, as the bald-headed security lead steps through the French doors, boots thudding heavily on the wooden planks of the porch. Smoke and flames roar out of the end of his compact SMG as he tracks bullets across the beach, weaving them deftly away from Lee to chase Sub-Zero's tumbling form.
'click click click.'
The gun's feed snaps open and the security chief ejects the magazine, reaching for a fresh reload.
Meanwhile, all throughout the grounds, men in black security uniforms are diving into cover, engaged in a fierce gun battle with UN special ops dressed in desert fatigues. Tan and black seem mostly matched for the moment, neither force able to get the upper hand, though the distant roar of a boat engine could herald the arrival of reinforcements on either side.
On the beach, Sub-Zero rolls lithely to his feet, perhaps 10 feet separating him and Lee, twice that him and the chief, the three of them forming a lopsided triangle. Flicking his icy gaze between the two men, the blue-clad assassin lifts his gloved palms and braces, ready.

COMBATSYS: Sub-Zero dazes Lee Chaolan with Black Ice!

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Lee Chaolan      1/-------/=======|====---\-------\0         Sub-Zero

There were certain classes of people that Lee had trouble with.

Miguel are one of them. Sub-Zero, another. People who just were... brutes. They had no zest or love or delight or grace over an encounter with Lee Chaolan. For them, Lee was just a roadblock. Or worse, a target. Lee Chaolan absolutely detested those types. And like last time, they would show up at his vacation spot, wouldn't they? As the Lee Chaolan finally makes his initiation on the assassin, he expected to have some chemistry.

Instead, he was hit in the crotch.

While Lee Chaolan had gotten a few similar assaults over being too handsy with certain young ladies, he did not expect this from a professional before him. This was his mistake, not Sub-Zero. While the blow to the back of the head threw him off, the creeping ice slows him down enough to be captured by Sub-Zero. He manages to almost pull off a quick, charming quip. But unfortunately, the boot between the legs cuts all wit short. The blow actually stuns the martial artist, more than any ice can, as he gasps in pain. He can't even roll out of the way as the barrage of gunfire cuts across his stance. He was helpless for a moment.

And the spectre of death continues to loom above him.

"... Uncivilized brute." Lee Chaolan finally musters, as the UN and Tekken Force are caught in a stalemate that his team was slowly losing. Lee Chaolan was exposed on the beach, body numbed, legs like jelly. He couldn't even pressure his opponent, snagged between the midsts of pain, he scrambles off of the sand, into a stand. As his bodyguards move to draw away Sub-Zero's attention, he might have even been able to escape now. But as the UN forces descend in, Lee Chaolan throws himself at the assassin's flanks. If he was successful, he would simply climb up to his neck and head, and do a full-forced takedown. A desperate effort. But Lee Chaolan could not use any of his tricks.

And he had to do something before the UN descends on him.

COMBATSYS: Lee Chaolan successfully hits Sub-Zero with Lee Stunner.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Lee Chaolan      1/------=/=======|=======\-------\0         Sub-Zero

The roar of an approaching engine grows louder as a blue and white speed boat zips into sight, its smooth hull skipping across the waves as it angles in toward the beach where Lee and Sub-Zero are locked in combat. Clustered atop the boat are more UN agents in mottled tan body armor, visored helmets hiding all but the lower halves of their scowling faces.
"Shit." Lee's chief growls, swinging his reloaded SMG up and sending a series of controlled bursts out toward the approaching watercraft.
Water and bits of fiberglass spray into the air as bullets rain down on the men clustered within. One is hit on the thigh and goes down screaming, leg fountaining blood across his comrades. Another takes three rounds to the chest, punched backward off of his feet but alive, his vest having protected him. A third is clocked in the side of the helmet, reeling dazedly to the side before pitching overboard to splash into the sea.
But there are many more left in the boat. Seven men kneel at the edge and begin to return fire, the chatter of their SMGs following the whiz and wine of bullets that flash passed over the heads of the two combatants, forcing the Security Chief to duck back inside the house.
Though he is aware of the bullets humming passed, Sub-Zero seems unbothered by their presence. Watching as Lee regains his balance, there is something taunting in the assassin's stance. A casual insolence that seems to suggest the executive is beneath him.
A feeling that is perhaps not as justified as the legendary assassin would like.
Lee's desperate charge forces Sub into a quick twist, the blue-clad fighter attempting to slip beneath Chaolan's grasping arms. Likely his plan was to roll the silver-haired man over his shoulders and back into the sand. Unfortunately, he underestimates his preys' will to live.
Snagged around the head and throat, Sub-Zero tumbles to the ground with Lee atop him, head driven hard into the sand. While normally that wouldn't be an attack to worry about, having his neck twisted by the entire bodyweight of another human is a dangerous situation to find himself in.
Holding on to Sub is like gripping a block of angry, muscular ice. Twisting beneath Lee, the Lyn Kuei rolls forward, sand coating his back and shoulders, attempting to carry the mostly naked executive into a tumble toward the discarded beach chair. In that brief second when he is upside down, the blue-clad assassin digs his head and shoulders into the sand and lashes out, attempting to lock his ankles around Lee's ribs. If he can secure the grip, he will unfold explosively, stretching out on his back and flinging Lee over him to hopefully smash face-first into the discarded furniture. This does leave him open for a moment, however, before he can slam his gloved palms into the beach and throw himself to his feet with a blast of wintry chi.
Meanwhile, far off down the beach, one UN soldier rushes up to another sheltering behind a craggy boulder and slides into cover beside him. Wordlessly, the two men glance at one another, the new arrival reaching for one of many cylinders hooked to his harness.
Popping out of cover, the original UN soldier sprays a series of bullets down range, forcing two security guards to duck back into cover behind the tires of a huge luxury RV.
The cylinder soldier pops a pin from his device and waits, silently mouthing down from 5. Then, he rises up on his knees, and throws.
Both UN soldiers hit the deck as the grenade arcs up and over the RV, landing between the two guards on the other side with a soft thump.
The startled guard is unable to finish his expletive before the RV is rocked up onto two wheels by the force of the detonating grenade, gory chunks of human spraying in all directions.
The Sound of the RV crashing back down is nearly as loud as the heavy thud of the explosive.

COMBATSYS: Lee Chaolan auto-guards Sub-Zero's Front Throw.

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Lee Chaolan      1/------=/=======|=======\-------\0         Sub-Zero


Pure chaos.

Lee Chaolan was forcing himself to fight as hard as he could; he was literally fighting for his life. But his time as the adopted son of the Mishimas has trained him, brutally, as how you fight for your life every day. Lee Chaolan was not going to roll over into his grave. He was going to fight kicking and screaming into the coffin. Instinctively, he felt the firefight between his security team and the UN favoring the government. He needed to draw more attention on him, in a paradox view, in order for his team to support him. He couldn't escape without them.

And they couldn't let Lee escape without Lee.

But as Lee Chaolan takedown Sub-Zero, the powerful ninja was already counter-attacking. Sub-Zero secures a grip, Lee Chaolan is gaining control back into the fight for his life. It comes when the back slam comes. As Lee is smashed back towards his own furniture, the martial artist rolls with it. Catching the furniture, he spins with the impact, colliding with a nearly flawless roll than a clumsy crash. In perfect time too, as a round of bullets pepper the chair, deflecting them away from the silver-hair executive. Lee Chaolan lands on his feet, grip still on the chair, as he flings it to the sides of Sub-Zero. His body was bruised badly, all the more exposed by his mere swimsuit bottom.

And the smirk had not returned yet.

Grimacing at the Lin Kuei assassin, Lee Chaolan weaves his way across the sand as the explosion tears through the air. It was a war zone, a complete war zone. And yet, Lee Chaolan was not going to make his escape unless he dealt with -his- personal assassin. The only way he could get the UN forces focused on him is if it seemed like the assassin was losing momentum. Lee Chaolan had to demonstrate something, anything to draw fire. The executive hurls in, unleashing a staggering roundhouse kick for Sub-Zero's face. It won't connect. It will fall short, as Lee Chaolan pulls short, in order to reposition to Sub-Zero's flanks. Should he make it that far? He would attempting to snatch Sub-Zero's arm to wrench it behind his back, and stomp on Sub-Zero's knees to force him into a humbling kneel. There, he would stomp on the back of Sub-Zero's head again and again.

Until the UN moves to back him up.

COMBATSYS: Sub-Zero counters Lee Harassment from Lee Chaolan with Cold Encounter.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////         ]
Lee Chaolan      1/------=/=======|=======\=------\1         Sub-Zero

It is a dangerous game Lee plays, but one that might actually pay off. So often fighters scoff at the average soldier wielding a gun, but the more pragmatic warrior understands the value of force multiplication. If he can only buy enough time for his team to regroup and come to his aid, they might stand a chance. But that is easier thought than done.
Off in the distance, grenade soldier and his friend vault their boulder and rush forward to shelter beside the recently blasted RV, closing in on the side entrance to the house. The path forward seems clear for them, though elsewhere Lee's security team stands firm, hunkered behind boulders and parked vehicles as they repel the invading UN.
AT the same moment, the speed boat full of UN forces hits the beach not 50 feet from Lee, and the seven soldiers aboard charge out onto the sand. For the moment they seem occupied by Lee's chief of security, who, joined by three other guards inside the house, has smashed out two of the side windows and is pumping a steady stream of bullets toward the oncoming threat.
Throwing themselves flat to the sand, the special forces trade shots, both sides struggling to gain advantage.
At the heart of the chaos, Sub-Zero sways away from the bullet-riddled chair as it is flung passed him, cold eyes locked on Lee's grimacing face. There is satisfaction in the assassin's gaze. A harsh triumph at having wiped the smirk off of his target's lips. The Lyn Kuei are not a joke, and he is not to be taken lightly.
A fact that is driven home when Lee closes, spinning into a vicious roundhouse kick that is intended to fall just short of striking the blue-clad assassin's face. And though Lee's bare foot does not make contact with Sub's solid mask, it does encounter unexpected resistance.
Lifting both gloved hands, Sub-Zero directs his palms toward the executive's oncoming strike, causing the air between them to grow hazy with frigid energy. Then, almost casually, he leans away into a lazy back flip.
At the exact point when Lee's leg is at full extension, the air around his foot and lower leg crackles violently, flash-freezing into a perfect ice sculpture of his illusive target, its chest locked around the silver-haired man's outstretched limb. The ice is not unbreakable,but it is bitingly cold, even numbing.
The assassin's back flip ends with him a good 5 feet further back, hands moving through slow circles as he steps forward to circle around his clone, closing once more with Lee.
it is a grim situation, but not all is lost. At the very edge of hearing, audible now only because the boat engine has died, is the rapid 'fwap fwap fwap' of a quickly approaching helicopter.
Could it be more UN? Or perhaps reinforcements for Lee? Only time will tell.

Piece, by piece, by piece, by piece.

Lee Chaolan's perception of his and the UN team was becoming more blurred by the second. Lee was playing a dangerous game; but when the matter was his very life, what was the point of playing it safe? There was no safe path. There was only death, and the narrow beam holding itself high above it. Lee Chaolan was fighting to stay on that thin beam, fighting to stay balanced.

And Sub-Zero was ready to pull him down below to an icy death.

As Lee Chaolan prepares to rotate around Sub-Zero... he doesn't. Instead, Lee Chaolan finds himself slowed down, frigid and frozen in place just long enough. Sub-Zero did take the bait, for sure. But when Lee Chaolan expected a more passive defense, Sub-Zero was proving himself -very- active in his defense. As Lee moves, following the motions, he finds himself enveloped in the frigid cold, catching only a sculpture. It was one thing to face ice chi in most circumstances.

But of all times to face it...

Lee Chaolan's body was beginning to blacken; not from the bruises, but from the cold. Frostbite was creeping on him. Lee Chaolan needed anything, something. The sound of the helicopter was only a page tucked into the corners of his mind. His attention was fixed dead upon the martial artist that was tearing him apart, piece by piece by piece. Lee Chaolan wasn't slowing down, as he disengages from the shape of Sub-Zero for the real thing. Lee Chaolan was doing whatever he could to stop from slowing down, but... Every second mattered.

And now he was descending.

Lee Chaolan sweeps his leg low, attempting to curl up a wave of sand before him. Letting the sands lift, he rises up, spinning, leaping through the air. Hurling forward with a singular kick, he unleashing a body-blowing flying kick. THe martial artist was aiming to absolutely blow over Sub-Zero, crushing through his defenses and overwhelm him. The martial artist's speed had yet to slow down. Fatigue had yet to crawl on him. And yet, his opponent endured. The fate of his security team was unknown. His smirk was still gone.

And it would not be coming back soon, he feared.

COMBATSYS: Sub-Zero blocks Lee Chaolan's Silver Slash.

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Lee Chaolan      1/----===/=======|=======\==-----\1         Sub-Zero

the rapid 'fwap fwap fwap' of the approaching helicopter grows ever louder, punctuated by the rattle of automatic weaponry and the screams of dying men. All across the beach bodies fall. A good number are in tan uniforms, but significantly more wear black. Time is quickly running out as the security team is ground away, man by man.
Bullets zip and whiz around the chief of security as he steps into view through one of the windows, a shoulder-slung anti-tank weapon resting on one beefy shoulder. Originally planned as a last ditch anti-fighter munition if things went horribly wrong, he now brings it to bare against the cluster of soldiers who disembarked from the boat.
Spotting him, the group of men throw themselves in different directions just moments before he pulls the trigger, sending a compact but powerful rocket hissing out through the busted window. Impacting the beach, it detonates with a gut-churning 'WUMPH!, sending sand and bits of one of the UN soldiers fountaining upward in a blossom of flames.
While the dazed boat team drag themselves to their feet, the UN grenadier and his partner bust through the inside door behind Lee's security chief, gunning down both of the security officers supporting him.
With a roar, the chief hurls himself onto both soldiers in a rage. Brought to the ground in a punching, gouging heap, each of the three men grope for knives, pistols, or anything else that might turn the tide in their favor.
Compared to the chaotic war zone surrounding him, Sub-Zero is a silent, but no less pressing threat. What he lacks in flash and boom he more than makes up in icy resolve, circling slowly around Chaolan while the silver-haired executive jerks his leg free in a shower of fractured ice. With every technique, every shift, their battlefield has been slowly transformed. No longer do waves of heat roll up from the sand. No longer does the sun beat down hot and sharp. The air has become misty and bitterly cold, sand frozen in gentle waves beneath a thin rime of frost.
And still Lee is on the offensive.
The executive's heel strikes the earth, shattering its frosted coating enough to send up a plume of stinging particles. But even as he comes twisting through it, foot scything down, he can see that his assassin is ready. A thick layer of opaque ice forming along his arms, Sub swings them up into a simple cross block, knees bending to absorb the full impact of Chaolan's form.
The sound of Sub-Zero's icy armor fracturing is sharp and clean, not unlike the many gunshots ringing out over the sand. But it is only ice that has broken. The man is left whole.
Shoving Lee back with a surge of his shoulders, the blue-clad assassin leaps back, seeking to gain distance as his gloved palms sweep across his chest and down toward his right hip. Landing with knees bent, he brings his clawed fingers together, a cold wind rolling out from him as he focuses his frigid chi into the space between his palms, bluish light condensing into a ball of living frost.
Flinging his hands forward, the legendary cryomancer unleashes the bolt of energy, watching as it roils and expands, attempting to splash across Lee's nearly naked form and spread. To consume him in living, burning cold.

COMBATSYS: Sub-Zero dazes Lee Chaolan with Arctic Assault!

[                    \\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Lee Chaolan      1/----===/=======|=======\===----\1         Sub-Zero

End of days.

Lee Chaolan's mind was locked on. The support from overhead wasn't for him. The security detail was not designed for a special forces extraction. It was designed for much smaller. Not even Lee, in his schemes and plans, could expect the UN to simply -invade- Japan to take him. As he continues the relentless attack, pushing pressure as his men die around him in the melee, Sub-Zero manages to overpower his kick. Lee Chaolan, overextended, is already expecting a counter-attack. But something so small, something so... insidious. The cold is all around him. And there, Lee Chaolan realizes his mistake. The cold has spread on him.

And spread it does.

Lee Chaolan's entire naked hide is quickly covered in ice, as he is locked into a chill. The coiling, consuming cold wraps around him, as the relentless assault from Lee Chaolan halts. The endless barrage of cold from the assassin had finally crawled up upon. Lee Chaolan's face, a grimace of disgust, was frozen in place as the cold covers him. His body flexed, taut with power, was not enough to rip free just yet. Not a complete freeze deep below the surface. But the shell finally brings him into a brief prison of ice.

And he cannot break free.

He cannot escape.

He is simply that. Frozen in place.


Helpless until he breaks free.

COMBATSYS: Lee Chaolan takes no action.

[                    \\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Lee Chaolan      1/----===/=======|=======\===----\1         Sub-Zero

In a true fight to the death, there can be no hesitation. No doubt. A fighter lives or dies by the sharpness of their instincts.
Sub-Zero's instincts are that of a predator. The moment Lee's body begins to lock up, consumed by the ravenously spreading layer of ice, he is drifting in for the finish.
It is odd. he doesn't appear to be making any attempt to rush, but still he closes with frightening speed, cutting across the frozen ground in an icy rage.
As a sleek black helicopter thunders into sight over the roof of the house, the blue-clad assassin lunges forward, frost crackling across his right shoulder as he aims to slam it hard into Lee's chest, shattering his frozen prison.
In the beach house, the UN grenadier pulls one of his grenades and hooks it through a loop on the back of the security chief's harness, before he and his partner heave the enraged man through the kitchen door and slam it behind him. Throwing themselves flat to the floor, they cover their heads and brace for impact.
Out on the beach, the 6 remaining boat troupers have recovered. Lifting their weapons, they storm toward where Sub and Lee do battle, witnessing their hired assassin curling his right hand into a claw and swinging it up toward the executive's stomach. A wave of arctic chi blasts from his fingertips as he does his best to dig them deep into Lee's abdomen, flash freezing layers of skin and muscle, as well as the organs tucked deeper within.
If Sub can flash freeze Lee's guts, and only then, he will snap both hands up, frigid fingers clamping down on the silver-haired man's bare shoulders. Twisting, he will hurl him to the sand, both hands lifting overhead. A moment of concentration, a flash of misty blue chi, and a two-handed hammer of ice will form in his grip, brought down in a vicious overhead swing meant to catch Lee square on the back of the head.
To kill him?
Is that truly what Sub-Zero was hired to do?
The bald security chief detonates, shaking the entire house and painting the kitchen walls with gore.

COMBATSYS: Lee Chaolan blocks Sub-Zero's Deep Freeze.

[                        \\\\\\  < >  /////////////////             ]
Lee Chaolan      1/---====/=======|==-----\-------\0         Sub-Zero

There isn't much left.

Lee Chaolan watches, struggling, fighting as Sub-Zero takes his position for the executing blow. His eyes widen, in the frigid stance. Curling, twisting, struggling, Lee Chaolan was a fly in a web. He draws in breathes, inhaling, exhaling, with precision and power. The ninja wasn't taking his time. He was dispatching his target. Lee Chaolan waits. He waits, and focuses, and watches. And as the moment comes, with the great ice hammer?

And he breaks free.

Lee Chaolan catches the hammer between his two forearms, the blow causing significant fractures into his arms. That was nearly enough to fell the fighter right here. The martial artist hisses, drawing his other arm back. The frost falls off in sloughs, the executive only just struggling at the skin of his own teeth. He was struggling, struggling in the face of oblivion. He had to break through. Somehow, he had to break through. What happens comes so fast, that Lee had to break through.

It comes in an one-inch punch.

The entire body is used as the frost goes from falling off to -exploding- off. The entire force of Lee Chaolan comes into a singular point, a piercing, full-forced blow aiming squarely for his assassin's sternum. A single, short palm strike, unloading a blow that could pierce steel. All in a crack of an eye, a flicker, a passing. Speed and power, all pouring into a single, desperate point, through the unspeakable pain, ready to catch Sub-Zero at his closest. It wouldn't stop the inevitable, though. Even as Lee Chaolan moves to overpower his ninja?

The UN converges on his position.

If they wanted him dead, he would be dead soon.

COMBATSYS: Lee Chaolan successfully hits Sub-Zero with Death Touch.

[                        \\\\\\  < >  ///////                       ]
Lee Chaolan      0/-------/------=|=======\-------\1         Sub-Zero

As the helicopter hovers, troupes converging down the beach from all directions, it looks as if the UN might wrap things up without a hitch. A quick, brutal strike into a foreign nation to collect a dangerous terrorist.
But the beast is most dangerous when cornered.
What should have been a knock out blow is instead caught on the executive's forearms, Sub's hammer shattering into icy particles as he withdraws the will that holds it together. He can feel the return blow coming. Understands his mistake. He is too committed. There is no time to dodge. No room to maneuver.
Small shards of ice pelt the surrounding soldiers as Lee explodes out of his icy prison, fist impacting the quilted armor of Sub's vest with a meaty 'THMP'. Mist rushes out from beneath the blue-clad assassin's mask as he folds backward, sternum strained near to breaking from the single, devastating strike.
Twisting as he falls, Sub-Zero plants his right knee in the sand, left arm stretched forward to brace against the frosty ground.
Could that be it? Could the legendary assassin of the Lyn Kuei truly be defeated in what amounts to one punch? Could the UN have wasted all of that money and time only to fall short at the home stretch, their enemy so close to defeat?
The air crackles with power, what moisture remains freezing into dusty snow that slowly drifts to earth, coating the beach in a soft layer of white.
All at once, Sub-Zero is moving.
Exploding up from his kneel, he twists his body into a vicious hooking punch, aiming to drive his frost-rimed knuckles brutally through Lee's lips.
Chest heaving with pained breaths that hiss through his mask, the assassin presses forward after his punch, a blade of ice materializing in his grip. This he brings whistling up in a single, cleaving slash meant to carve Lee from left hip to right shoulder, before planting his right boot in the sand and whirling to drive a heavy, spinning boot up into the side of Lee's jaw.
The UN forces only watch, tense, with their guns at the ready.

COMBATSYS: Lee Chaolan parries Sub-Zero's Cold Steel!

[                        \\\\\\  < >  //////                        ]
Lee Chaolan      0/-------/----===|-------\-------\0         Sub-Zero

Lee Chaolan was cornered.

As the last of the security team remains a memory, as the task force surrounds him, Lee Chaolan fights as he has never fought before. It was no mere 'one punch,' as Lee Chaolan musters more than simply 'one punches.' But it was an executing blow. Lee Chaolan doesn't even look at the guns trained on him as the blackened executive is already charging at Sub-Zero. In perfect unison, both Lee and Sub-Zero move as one, predator into prey. The icy punch is unleashed, as Lee Chaolan, focused down to the microcosm, lunges in. Lee Chaolan slips in, as the fist comes.

And just short of the jaw.

Slipping straight past Sub-Zero's attack, Lee Chaolan is already attacking. Hooking his foot, he swings a full forced roundhouse at Sub-Zero's neck. Should it connect, it will become clear that this wasn't a true kick. Lee Chaolan would hook the leg, and use it as a leverage point for the counter-weight kick from the other leg, arcing around to bring the full force around from the opposite direction, to slam Sub-Zero's head in the sand. There was no security to save him now, no way out. At this point, Lee Chaolan only had one thing to prove.

That it would take more than the best Lin Kuei had to offer.

COMBATSYS: Lee Chaolan successfully hits Sub-Zero with Scatter Kick EX.

[                        \\\\\\  < >                                ]
Lee Chaolan      0/-------/--=====|===----\-------\0         Sub-Zero

Though Sub-Zero is on his feet, fighting, moving with Lee blow for blow, it is clear that the chest shot has done some measure of lasting damage. Unable to catch his breath, the silent assassin glares at his silver-haired foe with frigid hatred, each of his powerful strikes being slipped by the tiniest of margins.
None of it matters. Not the men, not the helicopter above. Not the mission. The assassins' focus has narrowed, locked in on the man that is pushing him right up to the very edge of his limits.
Passed them.
Lee's feet strike Sub's neck in rapid succession, batting him first one way, then the other. If it weren't for the rime of frost creeping across his body, it might even have broken something internally. But, as it stands, it rattles the assassin, putting him face-first in the frosty sand.
Downed, barely able to breath, he is clearly on his last leg. But still he rises, coming first to a knee, then to his feet.
Sword raised, Sub-Zero, the legendary assassin of the Lyn Kuei, murderer of Hanzo Hasashi, takes his final stand.
Though he is slowed by accumulated damage and lack of oxygen, Sub-Zero closes the distance in a charge, leading with a lunging left aimed to hammer into Lee's already wounded guts. Relentlessly he comes on, swinging his sword in a broad, hacking horizontal swipe meant to tear open Lee's chest, then following it up with two upward hooks of the blade, stepping forward behind each swing as the crystalline weapon glitters through graceful arcs.
Only once the combo ends, drilled into his body from years of training, does his lack of oxygen catch up to him. Staggering, the assassin loses control over the blade of ice in his hand and falls to one knee, doubled over as he attempts to drag air into his damaged lungs.

COMBATSYS: Sub-Zero can no longer fight.

[                        \\\\\\  <
Lee Chaolan      0/-------/--=====|

COMBATSYS: Lee Chaolan dodges Sub-Zero's Ice Pick.

[                        \\\\\\  <
Lee Chaolan      0/-------/--=====|

And like that, it ends.

Lee Chaolan's execution comes with fierce desperation. As the assassin is dispatched, Lee Chaolan recovers. The executive was ready to collapse. But he was not done yet. He would not be done yet. As Sub-Zero makes his last effort, the martial artist slips under his grips, moving quickly around him over the frost-tinged sands. He had, finally, fought off his assassin.

But it was too little, too late.

Lee Chaolan looks around at the security force, that trained their guns on him. He could... fight one of them in his state. Lee Chaolan slowly drops his defensive stance. Looking from person to person, he holds his hands in the air. "You'll accept my unconditional surrender?" Lee Chaolan asks lightly? The task force leader, uncertain, nods firmly.

Lee Chaolan flashes a thumbs up to his captors.


COMBATSYS: Lee Chaolan has ended the fight here.


"That's the difference between chess and go! In chess, you win with an irrevocable advance. But in Go, it's about controlling the board... exerting influence... and most of all, patience..."
Within a grandiose sitting room of the Mishima mansion, illuminated by the flickering flames of the nearby fireplace, Heihachi sits before a worn wooden goban after an extensive workout wearing only the bottom of a grey gi, clacking down a black stone amidst a rather complex setup. There's an animalistic roar from Kuma opposite as he painstakingly attempts to pluck up a white one, but it slips free and clatters amidst the sea of contrasting colors. Anyone who properly looked at the board would see that all of Kuma's moves are completely random, but Heihachi is still attempting to play seriously regardless.
There's a heavy knocking at the double doors, before one draws inward with a creaking rasp. A uniformed member of Tekken Force peers inwards. "Mr. Mishima! I have confirmed Lee Chaolan has been captured and is being delivered to the United Nations prison as we speak!"
Lazy fingers scratch at Heihachi's moustache, as he carefully puts down a final stone and then takes a number of Kuma's. "So my little tip was useful, eh? What a pity, Lee... I gave you every opportunity in the world to prove to me that you were at least my match mentally. Tch... Where, precisely, did you learn to surrender? It wasn't from me!"
Massive hands thump down, pushing the dynamo of the Mishima to his feet. From the back of an adjacent chair he sweeps off a brown fur coat, dropping it over worn and scarred shoulders. Kuma flips over the goban at this point, knowing enough to understand he was definitely losing.
"I suppose I should finally enter the playing field. As for you, Kuma... with Lee a prisoner of the United Nations, I suppose that makes YOU the acting chair of Violet Industries, doesn't it?" The Tekken Force soldier at the door stands at attention when Heihachi brushes past, excess coat billowing around behind. "Contact the United Nations. It's about time me and my adopted son have a little chat..."

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