KOF 2017 - Mission 8) Unnecessary Facts

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Description: Sylvie is a junk girl, living her junk life to its fullest. An unaware puppet of NESTS, she lets them pull her strings all under the guise of her own madness. Compelled by the puppeteers to head to HitBit's main research and development facility, her purpose is to infiltrate and investigate. Little does she realize, the disgraced head of the R&D department intends to do the same, and views her presence as a golden opportunity not only to get back into Violet Systems good graces, but to net a pretty new waifu that he can play dress-up with. Can Sylvie protect her innocence against the crazed Yoshiaki, or will she be the next victim of the mad engineer?

What purpose Sylvie has at the main research and development facility is limited to only those at NESTs. Then why, one may ask, is Sylvie currently 'sneaking' into the facility? These days, it doesn't take much. With the defeat of Miggy Mew Mew, while there was a rise of attention for the 'circus', Sylvie was informed that there was something, somewhere, inside the hallways and corridors, labs and labyrinth like maze that the woman strode through.

It was easy to access - even a failure, a junk person, could figure a way in like she did. The trash? Of course. With the ability to rise as she wants, even the dirtiest route is just an eventual path inside. Her dress made it difficult, but when you go through waste like HitBit - really, would it be a problem? It was not. Another odd step followed by another swinging foot. Even as no one watches, Sylvie strides through the hallways. Cameras that would twist towards her finding their reception selectively jammed, interference radiating off Sylvie that made her look like a space alien.

"Nope, not here either! Whatever I'm looking for, it's really good at hiding!" Sylvie remarks out loud, voice warped to the cameras, "C'mon on out, okay! Sylvie's sure getting tired of it!" Digging through a rather large container, the junk girl had gained access to it through overloading the lock. Really easy, when you think about it. "Ahhhh, what would the four eyes here have anyways?" Brushing off her dress, she strode forwards once more, into a larger 'staging area', hips swishing as legs stride forth, arms swinging simply based on her interest. It doesn't really do anything. Not for her. It's all for everyone else, not that she really cared that much about them either.

Oh! Maybe... it could be! "Sylvie sees something shiiiiiny~!" The woman sing-songs, "So that makes it Paula perfect for her!"

Yoshiaki was, likewise, another Junk Person.

Once the CEO and genius behind HitBit and Combot, he had fallen from disgrace after being seduced by a siren. Now thrown out of the company, he had experienced failure after failure after failure. Even after paying that nice lady good money to capture Miguel, what happened? Totally backfired. With his beloved wife stolen away, now he knew he could not return back in good favors with Violet Systems without capturing Miguel. What other way was there to lure out Miguel?

And of course, it's right before him.

A team mate. Of course. Miguel was a wild card, but he showed empathy! A love of friendships! -People!- He just had to capture his teammate. The question was... how? How could he do it. The pencil-necked middle-aged executive, dressed in an ill-fitting ninja uniform, and tried to figure out just how. He had managed to follow her to the complex (he too didn't have -too- much to worry with the security, but using less... natural tools.) Trying hard to figure out just how to lure her, how to actually carry out her plan. But as she hovered over a shiny in a container... he just- he just couldn't help himself. His instincts to impress a girl with his technical know-how was too much.

"That's a Type-B biometric interface!"

Yoshiaki blurts out, peering over her shoulder. He blinks, and chokes, stepping backwards, looking around warily. "Hello! I am Yoooooo- I am Spike Spiegal!" The bespectled man babbles out, looking over Sylvie, up and down. He adjusts his glasses. He pauses again. "I followed you in!" Another pause. "You- You look like you are looking for something!" He sputters a bit, starting to sweat nervously. "I know this place pretty well, m-maybe I can help you!"

"Can I help you?"

Swinging her hips about in abandon with logical reason out the window, pretty Paula is terribly troubled by the lack of an interesting thing. What, exactly, is she supposed to investigate? What, exactly, is she supposed to look at or for? What, exactly, is the cutest bow that she can tie in her hair? "Oh that's easy! Pink! ... Wait no purple... red? ALL OF THEM! Paula's got it! She's a super genius!" Sylvie excitedly claims to no one in the room.

How to lure out Miguel? Paula doesn't care about that any!

Eyes sparkle just like the sparkly object in the container, dress swinging too and fro as Sylvie doesn't even hang steady for a moment, body swinging to some unseen unknown beat that only those without sanity, or maybe it was super sanity, could hear! "Oh yes, this'll do! This'll be great! A Type B biometric interf-whaaaa?!" Sylvie swings around, hands raised before her, fingers wiggling and spread out, "Waaaaah!?" She flails her arms outwards as she then clasps them about her cheeks, "A predator approaches poor Paula Paula! this is Seriously Sylvie's situation!" Pause, "Or is it a seriously Sylvie situation?" Her head tilts once more before she hears the man! "Oh! Howdy cowboy!" She, of course, has no idea about anything and is just CALLING him that, by chance. Somewhere a NESTs operator smirks, "You DIIIIIID!? Well, okay! I am, I'm looking for all kinds of stuff, my eyes are looking at everything right now too, look!" She jiggles her own and the others she wears.

"I dunno, I don't know what I'm looking for, just lots of things. Maybe all of it? Yeah! Show Sylvie all of it!" Of course he probably can't. Sylvie .. of course doesn't care, as she thrusts a hand out towards the man.

So... so forward.

Yoshiaki actually fights to not lose his composure at how kawaii Sylvie Paula Paula was. It was just like his favorite idols. Well, almost. She wasn't quite an Athena, for sure, but there was just something so, so fun an energetic about her. The ex-executive was actually sweating, as she responds with so, so, so much. He swallows hard, his glasses fogging up. "Y- I-" And Yoshiaki says what he has said many times before.

"I am definately not a predator!"

Yoshiaki quickly calms people down when he says that. Taking off his glasses, he defogs them, wiping them. "Yes, yes! Your eyes too! I mean- wow! I am actually quite surprised you were able to sneak past the Combots! I actually designed them, you know." He sputters, taking Sylvie's hand, sort of... side hugging it with his fingers in the limpest, sweatiest grip possible. He swallows hard again, this being the first time he held a girl's hand in a while. Well, a real girl's hand.

"Wh-what are you interested in anyways?"

There'd be a few frozen hells and a few unfrozen ones before Paula Paula Sylvie-chan was ever Athena-like. It'd likely involve something happening to Athena sooner than anything that could happen to Sylvie to shorten that kind of gap! Y - I - P R E D - ATOR!

"Oh! Okay no Predator! Sylvie's happy that there's no predators around, because if there was one, Paula would have to pound them! Well, Paula isn't supposed to let anyone know she's here, though." Eh? "Oh! Yeah, Paula isn't here! Sylvie's little secret." She cheerfully claims, shhhhshing afterwards, blowing on her finger.

Eh? Wha? Huh? Nani? Her hand is grasped through the odd glove, the woman's head tilting as Yoshiaki tells her about the combots, "Oh! Well, Sylvie's all sparky! BZZZZT~! POP!" She claims, her other hand showing a few dancing sparks atop of it as she snaps it, sparks flying for a moment. "Sylvie's here for super secret stuff! She doesn't remember really why, but it was supposed to help, so here she is! So she's looking at everything, since something here is special!" That's clear to her.

"Annyywaaays, Sylvie's gotta go get whatever it is here, so Sylvie can't stay around and talk!" Oh no, leaving so soon!


Yoshiaki's sputtering comes rapidly. If she escaped, well, then Yoshiaki was going to be in it deep. But Yoshiaki couldn't even keep a grip on her, his spindly arms embarrassing even by squirrel standards. Unable to stop the eccentric, sparking girl, his mind races. He had to get to a certain panel, in a certain place. And if he could? Then she would be his in his clutches. And if he couldn't... well, maybe he could trick Miguel into finding his homeless shelter. Desperate, Yoshiaki babbles out.

"I can show you the chi-transferring technology!"

"It's what we used to empower people with chi!"

Way to just blurt it out.


Sylvie Paula Paula was already skipping away, preparing an electric charge, instinctively and not of her own decisions, to cause the spindly man to go away~! Of course that isn't to say she does. Or that she needs to. Words race past the man's mind as Sylvie is already racing out the door, one foot extended infront of the other to leave - but it never really happens. Not as Yoshiaki finally babbles out the last of his words. Oh, he can show her what?

Paula's eyes, all of them that are functional, blink as she twists around, a leg extending before she twists around as one. "You can whaaaaat? You do whaaaaat?" She extends these words unknowingly, "Well, why didn't you say so! Paula's certain that's exactly what she needs to see! So show Paula the chi powery people place!" Comes her almost strange request, a hand raised to punctuate it! "Paula's going to TOTALLY pilfer it! Or maybe just look?"

The hooks were in.

Yoshiaki actually sighs a gasp of relief, as his cunning improv keeps her around. He didn't even register that Sylvie was this close to killing him as a loose end to clear up. No, his mind was on Miguel and the strange and exciting young lady that he has gotten in. "It's not far away! It's just right out of here, and up the hall!" Yoshiaki leads the way, moving quickly as he rushes. He had to be careful, as he moves forward. "The background is actually quite interesting and-" He steps out of the storage room.

And Right into a Combot.

The silver combot stares at the executive with cold, lamp-like eyes. Yoshiaki gives off a high pitch squeak, trembling as the robot stares at him. It raises it's pincher-like claws, snapping them at Yoshiaki's eye level. It is completely silent as it scans the man.

And then it just moves on.

Yoshiaki's eyes are shut tight. Steadily, he opens them, blinking. Looking back behind him, he squeaks aloud. "I guess my credentials as an executive remain!" Yoshiaki says nervously, glancing around. He inches towards Sylvie Paula Paula, now out of fear for his safety than anything else.

"M-m-maybe you should stay close to me!"

Perhaps hooks, but more like a cute kitten that is mewing for attention. Sylvie isn't going to ignore what is most likely nice and helpful, vs the hooks which are painful and she'd have to pry herself away! She wasn't really /that/ dug in! Yet with Yoshiaki leading the way, Sylvie skips along. It's true that Sylvie COULD have killed Yoshiaki, but she's not the craziest and not an effective weapon. What purpose does she have to kill people randomly?

A combot stands before them! And then walks on after scanning Yoshiaki. Sylvie may simply not register as being there due to electrical interference, but Yoshiaki is not accounted for by her! Still, he looks back and squeaks - "Oh, you were a guy that worked here? Maybe I should bring you to them too after!" The woman exclaims cheerfully, because being used as a pawn/weapon is always a cheerful experience. "I'm sure they'd love to meet you!"

"Sure, 'cause Sylvie doesn't know where we're going! That's very bad."


Yoshiaki just assumes that it is Miguel and friends. Really, if Yoshiaki understood the danger he was in, he might have reacted differently. And yet, as the robot leaves, he wipes the sweat from his brow, moving forward as she sticks close. "Y-yeah! I worked here! I in fact used to run this place; these robots you see? They are practically my children!" Well, sometimes more than that. As Yoshiaki moves forward, he types away at a keypad, unlocking a door.

And inside, there are rows of rows of Combots.

Standing by like toy soldiers at various niches, Yoshiaki squeals with delight, rushing across the room to a control panel on the other side of the room. QUickly, he begins to tap away at a terminal. "Good, good, this is very good!"

And Yoshiaki continues his prattling.

"As you can see, these are all the Combot 2.0s; there is a marked difference between the 1.0s, which I am comfortable with in that the 1.0s lack the chi-battery technology. One of our original goals with the Combots was them using energy attacks. I was never successful in breaking through, but it looks like- it looks like the technology is here. They figured it out!" A combot suddenly strides off from one of the niches, moving jerkingly towards a small locker.

"Would you believe that the chi-transfer technology was originally designed for people, not machines?"

Th-Them. Because Sylvie is anything but a good sport involving these things. She just knows what she has to do, but doesn't know the importance about the reasoning. Doesn't understand what the issues are with telling others. Hell, the less she knows the more secure the mission - for now at least. NESTs at the head of the controls could change things heavily, though the eyes that stare at Yoshiaki - at least one of them that may do so - does see him. Unlike the others, it is quite useful in capturing information, as it certainly is doing that.

Of course, Sylvie follows Yoshiaki into a room - with rows and rows of combots.

Someone smarter would immediately try to disable the room. Sylvie looks on, "Oh wow! Look at all those funny toys!" Sylvie proclaims, "Paula doesn't understand their paula purpose! Who plays with them all?" The woman asks, as Yoshiaki begins to poke at the terminal. "Oh, Paula thinks you're one of the Paula players, huh?"

Does she understand!? No, for she turns about, glancing all about at the Combot's, the 2.0's, the 1.0's, and then a working fogure as it strikes out - a journey towards the locker, jerking all the way! Jerking off as best it can into reality! Or onto it? Huh. "Nope! Paula certainly can't! Sylvie doesn't even believe that there was chi-transfer technology, that's gotta be what she was looking for!"

The Combot seems innocent enough, as it reaches the locker. But as Yoshiaki snorts with laughter, unable to contain himself, it becomes all too obvious what the Combot is drawing out. A single staff, bearing tassels at the end of them. It slowly slips on a rob- no, a miko uniform. And there, turning back towards Sylvie, it stares with its mechanical lamps. "Ner Hur Hur!' Yoshiaki laughs aloud. "I wasn't actually your friend, but I really was a predator!"

What a shock.

Yoshiaki moves around the panel, as he fiddles with it. "I am actually Miguel's arch enemy! Your very partner! He was captured attacking my boss, and now, well, he escaped me. But once he finds out that I've captured you, then he will come here, and I will capture you both! I consider that you as a prize, as your chi energy will serve my boss well! And you will find out all too soon, that you have fallen for my trap! By bypassing the Combots, you have only sealed your fate! Now I just have to... tell it..." He pushes some buttons on the panel.

"... Oh.. it doesn't... see you...."

Yoshiaki frowns.

"I guess I will have to be it's eyes! AYAME!" Yoshiaki commands his Combot, as he struggles to get the HitBit attachments on him. Already the Combot was swinging it's staff around, imitating the combat style of the one Ayame Ichijo. "It's time for us to fight as one!"

"It's fighting time!"

COMBATSYS: AY4M3 has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
AY4M3            0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Sylvie has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
AY4M3            0/-------/-------|=------\-------\0           Sylvie

The COMBOT strides forth, and Sylvie does absolutely nothing to stop it! Way to go, Sylvie-chan. Infact, there's laughter as the Combot draws out a staff with tassels. Then a uniform. Then it PUTS IT ON, and it stares at her. Sylvie tilts her head and then looks back to Yoshiaki, who begins to identify that he wasn't her friend. NEVER WAS. ALWAYS A PREDATOR.

Never a friend. "Oh, so you weren't Sylvie's friend either? Sylvie's had a lot of non-friends, and some that were friends that became non. It's a paula pain, you know!" Sylvie almost whines, eyes downcast for a secon as Yoshiaki begins to fiddle with the panel, talking on about how Miguel was the arch-enemy, how she'll have all of her energy taken, how she's doomed.

"Bzzzzzzt, WRONG~! That's cause Sylvie is a junk person, but you're a junk person too!" The area about Sylvie begins to gain a charge, more-so than earlier. The hair around the room would stand on end as the woman's powers, latent initially, are flicked on by her flaring emotions. Eyes, mostly unfocused... remain so, but her attention is solidly upon Yoshiaki. "Paula likes to play with toys too, 'course, you know, Paula was once one also."

"Ah~! You want to make Sylvie super important, like she was in NESTs, right?" She throws up a peace sign, "Well, Sylvie's sure gonna show you what she can do!" She cheers, a second set of peace signs thrown up! "But if you lose, prefators that don't eat staaaaarve~."

Yoshiaki actually felt a little sad.

"Well, uh, I mean, it's not anything, um, personal!" He says, feeling kinda guilty. I mean, yes, he was kidnapping a mentally disturbed young women, to lure out his friend. And almost certainly, he was going to make it a little creepy somehow. But he didn't want to seem like the bad guy here, causing a Paula Pain. "I wouldn't want to be a non-friend-" And then he is interrupted by the bzzt. Turning bright red, he looks in -shock- as she gets shocked, the electrical current running through him. As she fixes her eyes on him, Yoshiaki trembles in terror, blushing red. "T-T-TOYS!?" He states, as he motions his arm, recoiling.

And in sync, so does AY4M3.

The Combot lunges in, sweeping the bo staff with the careful grace of the true Ayame. Sweeping it, it comes in low to high, attempting to catch poor Sylvie right in the thigh. The combot was fighting as a person, a true person. Sylvie might be a junk girl. But if she had to act fast.

If she wanted AY4M3 to be a junk bot.

COMBATSYS: Sylvie endures AY4M3's Medium Strike!

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
AY4M3            0/-------/-------|===----\-------\0           Sylvie

Mentally disturbed? Oh no, Sylvie wasn't disturbed. She was shaken, shredded, maybe stirred even. Not disturbed though! "Mhmm, N O - .. Nfriend!" Sylvie says, so succintly. With energy building around Sylvie, the oddly dressed woman, in dress and with eyes all over her - and atop her - starts to sway back and forth, "Well, I'll play then! It's been a while!" Paula cheerfully exclaims, "But if I break them, I break youuuu~." She already said this once, perhaps.

She'll surely sylvie say it a-gain.

The Combot lunges forwards, the bo-staff swept forwards in a practiced motion. The attempt, to catch Sylvie right in the thigh - right in the thigh. Sylvie's eyes can see it. Sylvie's brain can see it. NESTs can see it, most of all, with one specific eye out of the many. She doesn't move. Sylvie blinks as the Combot lunges in, sweeping the bo staff right at her, but Sylvie /doesn't move/. Her body leans forwards, towards the weapon - hair bristling, dress and beads attatched to it clattering from movements.

It strikes. It hurts. It really does hurt. The pain is numb for a moment before the familiar blossom fills Sylvie's junk body, traveling through the nerves a bit faster than most. The reason being based on electrical impulses passing through her are a tad faster. It makes sense to her. A familiar pain in NESTs that she has forgotten. It's not that she isn't hurt. It's that she doesn't care, nearly throwing herself towards AY4M3 as her leg is forced backwards from the strike. "Oh y'know, that hurt Paula TONs." But the electricity about her sparks, gloved hands reaching out towards the COM-BOT, reaching right besides it's head on both sides, before swinging wide.

"Soooo... discha-JIIIING~!" The light about AY4M3 would simply appear about her next, trails of electricity passing through the air, and possibly it, as Sylvie's hands swing wide. A living battery, Sylvie attempts to complete a circuit within herself - and through the COM-BOT.

"Sylvie could tell you more, but she's all busy now!~"

COMBATSYS: Sylvie successfully hits AY4M3 with Dischar-Jing!.
?!? Weird Hit! ?!?

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
AY4M3            0/-------/-----==|=====--\-------\0           Sylvie

"Um, br-br-break me?"

Yoshiaki lets out a high-pitched whine as AY4M3 sweeps her staff, slamming it stiffly into Sylvie. Staggering on the impact, it follows through roughly, repositioning away from Sylvie. It was ready for many responses. But as Sylvie throws herself into the robot?

It was kind of surprising for both Yoshiaki and the Combot.

THe circuit is completed, running -hard- through the Combot. AY4M3 actually spasms, as its top bursts off. Hot hydralic fluid rushes over its top, as immediately it covers itself up modestly. Spasming and sparking, it's energy, instead of flowing into the robot, flows into Sylvie instead. And Yoshiaki?

WEll, he's plugged in.

"AABBBLAABBBALBABBBABA" He spasms and sputters, as he gets Paula Paula Shocka'd. The combot follows, spinning around wildly with it's bo staff, sweeping once, and twice, and three times, unable to properly control itself. Finally, Yoshiaki collapses, blackened and burnt, with a thin trail of smoke coming from him.

He spits out a foul smelling cloud.

COMBATSYS: Sylvie blocks AY4M3's Requiem For Fallen Blossoms.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
AY4M3            0/-------/-----==|======-\-------\0           Sylvie

"Mhmmm~! Oh, Sylvie doesn't! Promise! Not often. Well, she was supposed to. She didn't, that's why she's here." Pause, "But since she's here, maybe now she can!"

With a cheerful grin atop her face, despite a wonderful bruise from the earlier impact, bruise only now forming of course, Sylvie draws the energy straight from AY4M3, the machine spasming as the top bursts off. That hot hydraulic fluid rushes about, the rating increases, and the robo-philes go off to oil their gears.

But not Sylvie, of course.

With Yoshiaki spasming, Sylvie stops what she is doing, eyes full of wonder as the man spasms and sputters, the combot reacting by doing ... sort of what he does. Only a bit. Somewhat like it? It's ... it's close. The woman of course has little to say on such a subject as she claps her hands, "Dancing? Sylvie likes to dance too!" Of course, with the combot spinning around with the bo staff, sweeping once, Sylvie bends downwards as well, the bo-staff clanging against the flesh and bone of Sylvie as she bends, the second and third response followed with Sylvie's own bending and twisting body - down and up she goes as the staff swings, only until it passes, Sylvie's arms ringing from the impact.

"What a work-out, but you beat Sylvie all up! She's not so handy anymore!"

With her arms numb, Sylvie twists around - leg and body twisting altogether, entire body wrapping forwards behind the kick as it comes down towards AY4M3's head, 'spinning' around like the Combot was as well - at least Yoshiaki PROBABLY won't get feedback if she strikes!

COMBATSYS: AY4M3 blocks Sylvie's Guillo-Ton!.

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
AY4M3            0/-------/-----==|======-\-------\0           Sylvie

Yoshiaki struggles to rise.

"Oh god... oh god, you are just like Nagisa Misumi from Futari wa Pretty Cure!" Yoshiaki squees. "You're amazing! I think..." Yoshiaki coughs, gagging hard on the smoke. And yet, you could almost see the hearts in his eyes. "You are no junk girl! You are..."

"I think I am in love!"

Yoshiaki waggles his arms, as AY4M3 stablizes. Just in time, too, as the kick comes rioting in. While it is able to redirect the kick, the robot takes it hard in the shoulder, dislodging it with a groaning buzzer sound. Yoshiaki, stomping his feet, reaches out. "Grab her, AY4M3! Try and steal her energy." He makes the grabby grab grab hands, face twisted in a sneer. AY4M3 in turn reaches out with a pincher claw, attempting to trap Sylvie by her arm. Should it get a grip? It would slam her into one of the fellow Combots, knocking both to the ground. All while Yoshiaki yells out. "Try and... try and pin her down!"

Even AY4M3's standards are too tasteful for that.

COMBATSYS: Sylvie interrupts Medium Throw from AY4M3 with Kaiten Coil.

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
AY4M3            0/-------/-======|=======\-------\1           Sylvie

"Sylvie's no junk girl!?" Praise. Sylvie Paula Paula is not used to it, but it lights up that junk heart, making it skip a beat for the moment! If he wasn't trying to kill and/or kidnap her, Sylvie would pay more attention. Still, the declaration of love... "Pinch yourself! A lot! Cause Sylvie isn't going to be one of those easy girls!" The twirling kick is a setup, but it doesn't mean immediately - and as AY4M3 takes it full on with that groaning buzzer sound, Yoshiaki stomps his feet - steal her... energy?

"Woah! Sylvie'll just share it, okay?!" Those grabby grabby hands are made and the pincers shoot out towards Sylvie's arm. They clamp. Sylvie looks down as the clamping occurs, obviously not entirely happy! "Ah... you can't pin down Sylvie, she's a free spirit! Watch how she soars~!" Hands, clamped down on, point down towards the ground. A surge of electricity as Sylvie directs the energy downwards begins to spark as her electrokinesis begins to cause her to levitate off the ground, combot or not - and she takes a step. A step that would decide the next few key moments! The step taken, all caution is thrown to the wind!

Electricity sparks as the woman, with a brief humming noise about her, causes an audible pulse of electricity as she takes off from the ground, Combot clamping tight and in tow, tugging, pulling at her arms with her weight. The chi energy floods around her as Sylvie twists backwards, legs kicking at AY4M3 to push her off and away, Sylvie twists upside down entirely as she somersaults mid air again, legs growing tight and pulled back as she slams them forwards with the same energy that points downwards with her arms, attempting to shunt the Combot and send it flying out and away - no matter the pain to her own arms.

After the second mid-air somersault, Sylvie would land and brush off her dress, giving a peace-sign with both hands, both right besides her head. "Hope I shared enough~! Cause Paula's got plenty more!"

More electricity.

Yoshiaki spasms again in tandem to the electrical surge. AY4M3, on the other hand, handles the electrical surge better than its master. The former executive frothes at the mouth as he collapses again. "Oh GOD I do not like electric girls. Except that one ME!ME!ME! music video, I am pretty sure that was about how electric girls are fine..." He sniffles, as AY4M3 forces itself into a stand, sparking and jerking an arm randomly, as it's circuits are barraged. "Um, um, does something." He hits the panel, trying to figure something out. And then it hits him. He makes a motion, down forward circle.

And it unleashes the fire.

Blowing flames out of it's... mouth? Chest? Somewhere around there, fires shoot out AY4M3, attempting to spray poor Sylvie with hot hot hot fire. "That's right! Burn!" Yoshiaki says aloud. ANd then he corrects himself. "Um, burn 'softly' though, uh, please? I mean, this doesn't mean we can't be friends, right?"

Yoshiaki is just laying on those mixed messages.

COMBATSYS: Sylvie dodges AY4M3's Reliquary of Lost Time.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
AY4M3            0/-------/-======|=======\-------\1           Sylvie

Electromancy! Sylvie is an electric human being, or person, but mostly junk! After all, they made Nameless, K', Kula... and then they tried their hands in controlling the storm as well, the force of nature flowing through their machinery, the air, and elder superhuman gods. It didn't work out so well.

Though K' was arguable if that 'worked out' as well.

"Oh!" Sylvie speaks up about the ME!ME!ME! explaination, and forms a little heart with her fingers as she sticks out a tongue and winks~! "It's not like that, but it's totally like that! Sylvie's going to leave you just like the guy in the end~! Or will she? Oh, you'll have a body! She won't eat it though. Not without cooking it!" A bit of rambling here, a bit of rambling there, and Sylvie extends her hands and shakes her hips as the Combot forces itself into a stand, "Oh~! A dance partner, perfect! Welcome back!" Sylvie answers - Do something? Sylvie doesn't truly understand, hips shaking to and fro as she stands expectantly, hands moving up and down in unison, performing a familiar dance.

Then the fire erupts - a billowing flame that licks at Sylvie's body, the fluffy form of her cotton-candy like hair and wonderful clothing, wonderland like clothing, assaulted by the truth of all - fire burns, and that means that anything that is can unbe. A second set of eyes, unknown to herself, interprets the fire's speed. It's strength. It's path through the air as it licks towards the woman. Hands twist downwards in the dance, a flash of yellow as the circuit reforms through the air, accelerating, building, potential to kinetic. Upwards Sylvie fires, almost like a railgun, body twisting to land upside down on the ceiling, electrical current holding her there for a moment.

"Oh, but we're on two different worlds~! I'm up, you're down! But ... Sylvie'll try~! Oopsie-! Geronimooooo!" Her concentration, as suddenly as it comes, vanishes, the woman toppling down like Alice in wonderland, down towards AY4M3, arms grappling for the robotic frame as she attemps to fall atop it, clasping the Combot and twisting it around towards the ground.

The Junk-girl drawing addition energy from the battlefield all the while.

COMBATSYS: AY4M3 fails to counter Medium Throw from Sylvie with The Sunrise of Broken Dreams.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////         ]
AY4M3            0/-------/=======|=======\-------\1           Sylvie

The energy draw was beginning to have some bizarre effects.

It started as Yoshiaki getting severe electrical burns. But as Sylvie was draining more and more from the surrounding environment, things ewre happening. The lights were flickering; brown outs were rolling across the facility. Even the local inactive combots were spasming to life, before going inert.

Inert was the important part here.

As Sylvie falls over to land on AY4M3, the Combot thrusts her bo towards Sylvie's chest. If successful? It would have caught her, pivoted, and slammed her hard on the ground. But as the energy surges draw in and out, AY4M3 actually goes inactive for a moment. Just a moment is all Sylvie needs, as the robot goes limped, collapsed in into a twisted heap. Yoshiaki screams. "GET UP! GET UP AYAME! PLEASE!" He falls to his knees.


AY4M3's eye lamps flicker back on, as it struggles to rise...

Being the figurative vampire of NESTS (time, energy, hopes, dreams, someone's bonus that year, someone's LIFE that year), Sylvie has taken plenty of things in her lifetime. None of them directly... except lately. Ever since her powers began to materialize, electrokinesis becoming a part of her abilities - or rather, existing at all - Sylvie has been more prone to using them. Yoshiaki manages to be on the end of them now, Zach Glenn and the ninja Nakoruru (what a funny name!) previously.

The bo is thrust towards Sylvie's chest, but the surge of energy works out for the NESTS experiment, the woman rolling off and leaping to her feet, head tilting and peace signs waving, just as planned. "You're /really/ preferring it over Sylvie?" Her eyes sparkle for a moment, hands clasping together as she looks on, "That's so sweet, it's amaaaaaazing~! Really, totally amazing!" Into a look of hatred. "Amazing how pathetic you are, I mean! Sylvie's got a cute face, and cute warddrobe and is...!!!!" Stomping the ground once, then twice, Sylvie's hands clasp into tightening fists as she fumes, oh so cutely, "MPHHH!" She exclaims in a moment, a fit of anger, "I'll show YOU! All of your stupid bots too! Go Sylvie, Go GO!!!!!! Da da da da da daaaa! PAULA POWERRRRRR!"

The fists open wide and Sylvie slams them towards the ground - a burst of electrokinetic energy sending another surge, but also sending Sylvie flipping through the air, quickly, towards AY4M3, both fists coming down harshly towards the Combot's form!

COMBATSYS: Sylvie successfully hits AY4M3 with Fierce Punch.

[                     \\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////         ]
AY4M3            1/------=/=======|=======\-------\1           Sylvie

"If Only This Was An Anime!"

Yoshiaki's laminations fill the air as the Yoshiaki sobs, watching his own Combot getting smashed back down with energized fists. The robot's body was beginning to fall apart; the limbs were only barely on. And yet, as it gets caught in a jerking loop with it's head, Yoshiaki can only cry. "Oh no, I am caught between my kidnapping victim, and the robot I love! And what would my dear wife, Tomoe, think about my crazy romantic comedy situation!" And then, his sobs stop. "Wait, that's it."

"That's IT!!!"

Yoshiaki thrusts a finger at the Combot. "AY4M3! Use the ultimate technique that I trained you in!"


AY4M3 does not respond.

Yoshiaki pauses a moment, and remembers. "Oh, uh, hang on." He fiddles with the control panel, and then starts going through the motions. "Uh, okay, there we go. Activating Slayers Mode." He says softly. AY4M3 jerks and spasms, rising right back up into a stand.

And then it beep boops.

Crossing its arms before it, its wrists start to light up, as it starts to chant. Already, it was glowing with an inner light. A digitized voice, recording from a VHS tape it almost sounds like, comes out from the Combot.

"I beseech thy fragments; by all of the power thou possesseth, grant the heavens' wrath to my hand; unleash the sword of dark, freezing nothingness; by our power, our combined might, let us walk as one along the path of destruction..."


The robot suddenly lashes out its arm, an energy sword arcing out in a flash. The laser flickers out shortly after the slash, but the timing and cut is true; it was aiming to slice Sylvie in twain, using the full power of the energized blade. Yoshiaki squees aloud.

"This is much better than Scooby Doo!"

COMBATSYS: Sylvie blocks AY4M3's Laguna Blade.

[                      \\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
AY4M3            0/-------/------=|=======\=------\1           Sylvie

"If only, right~?" Sylvie remarks, giggling a little, the fists smashing down into Yoshiaki's custom Combot! Leaping backwards, Sylvie flicks her hips this way and that, that way and this! Her dress spins with her as she doesn't so much plan, but awaits Yoshiaki's response, "Yaaaawn. Keep it up, ok? Sylvie can keep going alllll day at this rate! So no hurry!" She beams, "It's kinda funny to see, too! Like WOAH! Can this get any worse?" A mean girls vibe, perhaps, that such focus on /his gal/ has drawn out a mean side!

Then again, Sylvie is quite vindictive. "NO! You don't get to think! Sylvie's heard enough! You're not for Sylvie, so you're against! Soooooooo Sylvie's against you!" The woman claims, thrusting a glove towards Yoshiaki.

Oh, hey, the Combot is moving. "The ultimate what?" Sylvie stares a bit at AY4M3 as it doesn't move - before it raises up, "You're going to Sleigh Sylvie?!" It's even said wrong, blame the writers, as the combot rises - Sylvie jerks away somewhat. And then... it beep-boops. Lights, inner voice, words that Sylvie doesn't understand - and then a rush of robotic menace! "Wah!" Sylvie cries out as the energy sword slashes out, laser light and energy swinging towards Sylvie, the full power of the blade impacting Sylvie's arms - as they spark - barely able to withstand the force of the blades, "You... aren't... kiddi-AIEEEE!" The final slash causes Sylvie to be knocked back, toppling against the Combots, apparently dazed.

The impact is normal for a moment, everything might seem fine. The room even stops sparking, stops rolling on and off.

The lights die.

Sylvie raises from the ground, smiling brightly, as she leaps forwards. Sensors do nothing to help as yet another Sylvie seemingly appears from the ground, spinning forwards and posing. A third joins the first two, winking in unison at Yoshiaki, the lights they give off from the eyes and from the sparks the only real lights in the area - as they surround AY4M3 in a triangular shape. One must be the real one. "All together now~!" One cries.

It's not real - the pure amount of energy that was building up was internalized by Sylvie, electrical interference dousing the area in such a concentrated amount that sensor systems are useless, and eyes may lie. What isn't a lie is the surge of energy in that room. One rises off the ground, electricity arcing off their hands, a tidal wave of electricity around it as it spins in the air. Another waves its hands forwards, arcing electricity towards the Combot. A third lunges for the Combot.

What will Yoshiaki do!?

COMBATSYS: AY4M3 blocks Sylvie's Mechahaya Reboot.

[                         \\\\\  < >  ////////////////              ]
AY4M3            0/-------/----===|>>>----\-------\0           Sylvie

Yoshiaki might be able to see through it - but the reality is that none were real.

The massive interference was not seperate entities of energy, but the build up of a /very specific/ amount of chi. The very reserves from Sylvie are drawn away - each and every Sylvie being shorn away at the last moment, pieces of them, like bytes, turned from 1 to 0 as they cease to exist, pulled into the growing ball of energy before Sylvie's hand.

Eyes that rest upon Yoshiaki are cruel, unlike those previously that were simply angry, "Yoshiaki. New target. Enemy of NESTs. Suggestion action is elimination. Course of action decided. Beginning elimination." The ball of energy, sparking, has smaller lines of energy swelling around it as it is simply pushed off from Sylvie's hands, rolling through the room towards Yoshiaki - and not AY4M3.

Sylvie... doesn't wake up yet.

Yoshiaki kinda liked Tsundere Sylvie.

Of course, AY4M3 was a more pressing concern. As the Combot unleashes the attack, it quickly recovers in time for the counter attack. For the robot, the lights going out was nothing; it just turns on the eye lamps automatically. But for Yoshiaki?

"Who turned out the lights?"

As Sylvie rises, Yoshiaki squeaks, throwing his own arms out. AY4M3 meets in tandem, as a tsunami of energy boils from... from... where was it coming from? There were chi sensors, yes, but all of them weren't designed for the Combots. It was everywhere, and both Yoshiaki and AY4M3 choose to turtle up into their demise. The true blast comes hammering into the bo staff. The bo staff shatters, breaking in half as AY4M3 takes the fatal blow. It was able to stop it.

But she said the words.

"Oh god, not NESTS!" He shrieks, as he suddenly -bails out-, taking cover behind the control panel. The Combot, unlocked, suddenly goes back over to auto-pilot... who suddenly seems to detect Sylvie, independent of its master. It lunges in, it's robot claws spreading out wide... before bursting off of its arms, a wave of wires bursting out from it's limbed, to ensnare and entangle Sylvie, to capture her. But the wires do not stop, as they keep pouring, and pouring, and pouring. The Combot turns itself inside out as it continues to rupture, pouring everything inside to out.

Until finally, it stops moving all together.

COMBATSYS: AY4M3 can no longer fight.

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Sylvie           0/-------/----<<<|

COMBATSYS: Sylvie dodges AY4M3's A Long Road to Harmony.

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Sylvie           0/-------/----<<<|

The machine, AY4ME, is thrown into the fire almost haphazardly - but it protects its master due to it's commands. With dis-interest Sylvie barely notices it as the machine's staff explodes. A proper attempt. Sylvie had thrown the required energy necessary to immobilize the threat. Each step has only the amount of energy necessary to bring her forwards as slowly, slowly, Sylvie makes her way towards Yoshiaki. No words are wasted unlike the dictionary and then-some thrown at Yoshiaki before.

AY4M3 attempts to capture Sylvie, lunging forwards. Arms detonate off - Sylvie analyzing the impact, the attempt, the purpose, as wires whip their way towards the form of Sylvie Paula Paula - no, the NESTS creation. A different mind leaps backwards, electrokinesis forcing the form of the NESTS member across the room on bursts of electrical energy, veering to the side as the wires snake after. A wall is hit and legs kick off, the creation flipping off it, forwards, and over the wires as it passes now towards Yoshiaki. The dress laden form of creation accelerates towards Yoshiaki at mercilous speed, seeming to fly across the ground before coming to a dead stop above him, floating in the air.

"Threats disabled. New directive. Retrieval of possible resource." Eyes pierce forwards as if to look through Yoshiaki.

Then it all goes blank. The form of Sylvie topples from the air, the clack of her shoes hitting the ground causing a completely different set of eyes to open. "EH!? Oh! Wait! What!? Huh!?" Sylvie looks around, turning one way and then the other before glancing back down to Yoshiaki. "Sorry! Sylvie musta been sleepwalking~!" She cheerfully announces, "Buuuuut it looks like you got tired also. So Sylvie's gonna take all this and go, okay?" Leaning in towards Yoshiaki, the eyes sparkle mischeviously. "You. Too." A hand would reach out as she smiles, and the scientist would get a direct feed-back loop. Stunning him, if nothing else - just enough.

After all - he knew EVERYTHING there, right? And they wanted EVERYTHING she could find.

Win win WIN!!


Yoshiaki opens his eyes. And there is darkness. He... he couldn't remember what happened. He remember speed, and pain, and a flash. Where was his Combot. Where was his machine. Where was Sylvie. Where was anything. He last remembered trembling, and the woman- that thing was in his face. Laughing at him, with a smile. NESTS. Why did it have to be NESTS. He couldn't remember anything since he blacked out.

There is a voice.

"Don't worry about it, young lady." The voice comes. "You did the right thing taking him to us. Lost men are a common case here in Southtown. We'll take him to the shelter, and find a good home for him. We'll even let you visit him some time, if you like." There is a sound of an unlatching, and a door opening. A figure is outlined, as he steps in. He shuts the door behind him, and pounds on the side of... something. There is an engine sound. And he could feel himself move in the darkness.

And there was a light.

There was a fire.

Red flames suddenly circle around the figure, who sweeps his hand around. It was dressed in a courier outfit, like for UPS. It was a teenager, with black and white hair in sharp contrast. One hand had a silver-white glove, almost a sheen on it. The other? Exposed and aflame. The boy holds his burning hand up, as he stares at Yoshiaki. Yoshiaki tries and move his lips, to make a sound. Help. He needed help. The boy takes his white-sheened hand, and places it over Yoshiaki's mouth.

His mouth suddenly becomes very cold.

A layer of ice spreads over his mouth, as the teenager stares into his eyes, no emotion in them. The cold prickles down to his neck. The smell of burning flesh was increasing in the room, as his burning hand starts to crisp to the bone. "Make a sound." The boy says calmly.

"And I will cut your throat."

Yoshiaki feels a warmth down below, as tears build up in his eyes. The pressure on his neck increases. He nods his head, and the ice fades away. The boy squeezes his other hand, snuffing the flame out. AS the rest of the flames in the back begin to die down, the boy places a glove on his once burning hand. "Good."

"Welcome to NESTS, Mr. Shirata."

COMBATSYS: Sylvie has ended the fight here.

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