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Description: Sylvie Paula Paula finds a friend! Literately! Who knew you can just find one! Miguel and Sylvie are on the road to KOF!

It was meant to be a somewhat simple job. Bring the lug to the room, get him to put on the V-Gage, bring him on a plane to Japan, and await further instructions. But the burly woman Yoshiaki hired to capture Miguel, she was having quite a few problems.

The first suitcase that was going to carry Miguel was selected by Yoshiaki himself, along with her `disguise'. The poor women was left sitting in MacCarren Airport, sitting next to a large Hello Kitty suitcase, and was dressed as a nurse.

The only reason she was tolerating any of this, was the number of zeros the little pervert was paying her.

Doot do dooo!

There's a circus in town! Rather, there /will/ be, and that's why there's a very strange, even for Vegas, woman sitting about the Airport! Her luggage is actually a massive cute doggy-face, combined with some sort of monster! It's a nice monster though, with goofy eyes and a longue tongue and teeth that aren't sharp at all! It's on a chair near her, massive eyes staring at the woman dressed as a nurse. That's just the luggage too, because the eyes that her 'headdress' wears, stare down at the woman as well.

Finally, it seems, Sylvie is eyeing the nurse also. With all eyes on the nurse now, Sylvie finally speaks! "Helloooooooo nurse! Where are you off too?" She asks, beaming cheerfully to the woman. "Is there a patient here? I'm running out of patients, so maybe you can let me borrow them for a bit!" The cheerful woman exclaims, "Oooooh and you have a cute cat bag too! That's so lucky!" As an ambassador, Sylvie Paula Paula now has found herself representing a specific circus! She's in town to talk to some of the Vegas shows, too! Maybe they can do a live performance!

Already the wrong type of attention was drawn. Maybe not the normal kind, but the very bizarre girl that showed up and tried to converse with her, was drawing a lot of eyes. After attempting to endure the energy of Sylvie, she drew weary very quickly. Her relatively deep voice was very clear and authoritative when she addressed the energetic girl.

"Please miss, leave me alone. I don't really wanna talk about my suitcase. It's uh... part of a gift for a-um.... Patient."

"Just don't touch it"

A lot of eyes drawn towards the nurse that happen to be a part of Sylvie too, or worn by her. Sitting forwards now on her seat, hands on her knees, Sylvie rocks back and forth as she speaks to the woman. The deep voiced woman's response of course was to tell her to buzz off, not to talk about the suitcase, and not to touch it.

"Wha!? That's for your patient! Well, you said he's a patient!" Sylvie proclaims, hmphing a bit and getting up, pointing towards the woman, "And if he IS one then he HAS it! Patients! So they can wait while you get another one, okay? Sylvie will be taking this then!" And the woman attempts to try and grasp the bag as cheerful as she is. Just because she's happy doesn't mean that she isn't completely happy. Such a cute bag! "Sharing is caring you know!"

This lady was not going to take any of this. The hired hand pushed Sylvie off the bag onto the ground. She then yanked away the heavy suitcase. She then nearly shouted at Sylvie.

"I said do not! Touch the bag!"

The suitcase in question then produced a low pitched moan, as if a large Spanish man was regaining consciousness. She seemed to ingor this noise.

The woman was PUSHED! No wait, that was Sylvie! Paula pushed backwards, Sylvie flails her arms before they seems to catch in the air, her body laying backwards in the air, but held like she was on a rack. "NO WAAAAY!" Paula remarks, multiple eyes jiggling about as she has to actually catch herself, "Being so mean to cute Paula! But you know, just because she's a Paula person doesn't mean you can paula punish her! You're not even cute!"

"That's the worst part, that bag doesn't suit you! Especially not a cute bag that talks!" She thinks out loud, "Moan? I told you I want it! Now I want the cute moaning cat bag more! MEEE-OW!" Silvie exclaims, pushing off the ground with an electromagnetic pulse and sending herself flipping forwards, grabbing for suitcase as she does so!

Of course, if it's heavy enough, Sylvie would be left hanging upside down in the air, a bit surprised!

The woman's hope that Sylvie would back was quickly squashed. It was replaced with terror as Sylvie flew at her and the bag. She momentarily analyzed the situation. She was in an airport, she was dressed as a nurse, everyone was looking at her, Miguel might be waking up, people might know the bag is moaning, this crazy girl wanted the very noticeable bag, and she had was weird flipping stuff going on.

Conclusion: She was not getting paid enough to deal with this.

The woman simply backed away from the girl doing a handstand on the suitcase . "On second thought, you can keep the kitty bag. I hope you two get along." She then sprinted for the exit, hoping to get out alive.

Hanging upside down in the air, Sylvie was generating enough electricity to keep herself hanging up there! It was good... for her! As everything was looking at them, Sylvie's dress was fluffing out, which was fine, since she was a performer and she planned for it all! With the woman backing away, Saylvie gave her a two fingered salute (on one hand) and gave a hearty "Goooooodbye, nurse!" She beamed, before waving out to everyone, "Oh! And come see Sylvie at the soon to be Wonderous Land of Dreams at ... ah, we're still figuring out where! Las Vegas somewhere!" She beamed, before dismounting the bag with a little, HUP! and a leap. Patting herself off, she glanced at the bag, "My, aren't you a heavy kitty! Wonder what you ate! Paula's going to find out!"

With that, the bag would be opened!

The bag wiggled and crackled. The sides of it pulsed as she approached the zipper. When the zip sound was heard from within, it burst open violently.

Miguel Caballero Rojo rocketed out of the bag that was containing him. He let out a great roar of relief at being released. He paused for a moment and looked around him. A peculiar girl had freed him from his prison, he was in the middle of an airport, and he had something on his head. He reached up and touched it.

It was the cat ears again...

"Woah!!" Sylvie exclaims in surprise as she topples over once again, arms pinwheeling before they rest below herself, actching herself. No electrical chi or anything fancy, just good old natured glove to ground! "Woaaaah! The kitty had a litter!" The wonderous announcement causes Paula to clap her hands together, "Welcome into the world Mr. Kitten! You must be very proud! I guess that nurse lady was taking your mother to your father cat, but then she'd have been too late anyways!"

With a shrug, Sylvie extends a hand upwards! Then another! "Well, hello there! I'm Sylvie Paula Paula and don't you forget it!" A cheery smile as she bobs a bit back and forth, grinning wide! "I've never met a giant kitten before! Do I have to name you?"

Confused Miguel just kinda scratched his head. He was thankful that he was rescued, but the girl was kinda hard to put a finger on. He answered the girl, still confused.

"Umm, my name is Miguel, Miguel Caballero Rojo. Who are you?"

"Miguel... that's a weird name for a cat." Sylvie exclaims, before tilting her head and thinking long and hard. Nodding it up and down finally, a raised hand comes to a pointed finger, pointing now at ... Miguel! "That's it! I'll name you Miggy! No cat will compare!" Clearly all has been decided and no further problem shall be had! The question that comes from Miggy, though, makes Sylvie pause.

"I'm going to talk to some fancy owners to get the carnival in this town!" She beams, "Then they'll totally let me enter the King Of Fighters tournament! The Wonderland producers said ah-hem... 'Sylvie Paula Paula! Put those feet on the road and get on that plane! If you want to fight, you gotta take that flight!' But I couldn't get the Panda or that fighting Bear..."

She wrote him letters! She drew him pictures!

Miguel heard the words `King of Fighters'. Then he saw a poster on the wall, featuring the same words, with Lee appearing below them. Things started to all make sense. It was a piercing moment of clarity. He now had a goal that was straight and clear.

Miguel put both of his hands on Sylvie's shoulders and looked her in the eyes. "Sylvie Paula Paula, you want to fight in the King of Fighters Tournament? I will gladly fight with you. Let's get on that plane, and let's go win it."

"You and me."

Miguel stared at things, Sylvie holding both hands out, perhaps for a double shake. "Aaah, hiiii! I'm here!" Perhaps for something else (not to just hold them there though!!) but Miguel suddenly was in it! Both hands rest on her shoulders! Sylvie blinks her eyes twice, the others staying wide and open, eye-lid-less and all. "You want to be a Paula pal to Sylvie!?" Paula asks of Miguel, as he claims he'll gladly fight with her!

"Well, we can fight together but since we're on the same team I don't want someone to fight with me! We'll be pals!" Misunderstanding is a way of life, though Sylvie really isn't misunderstanding so much as acting out. "Me and you!" Sylvie responds, grinning wide!

"EVERYONE! We're going to win King of Fighters! ... ah, hey I might need to talk to someone befor ethe plane goes so Paula can get paid!" She remembers, raising a hand.

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