Mortal Kombat - Regenerative Breaking

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Description: Dr. Tessitore's pet project is doing quite well for herself on Shang Tsung's island, but even she needs to rest, from time to time.

In a dark dark room......

Well, not exactly..... The blearly eyes of one red-headed, cat-eyed woman slowly open, the ghost of previous pain still echoing through her nervous system. Small beams of pale light from the dim sun spear through the lean-to she rests under as she groggily pulls herself up. Despite the vicious injuries sustained in the battle with Daniel, her enhanced physiology seems to have healed most of her injuries.... at least, that she can tell offhand.

Her head still hurts like a bitch, though, as a migrane hits full force

The lean-to was about all that Dr. Fio Tessitore could scrounge up on such short notice. It took about three minutes to assemble from a few stray pieces of driftwood and a whole lot of her spider webbing. All that, just to keep her experiment from overheating in the fair weather of the hellish island.

Knowing the intricate details of Lotus' physiology, leaving her in a lean-to was not a terrible option. She had... other tasks demanding her attention, after all.

The Italian spider-woman just happens to stroll back into the area not long after Lotus sits up. "Ahh, good... my dear protege awakens! You have been doing so -well-, you are making us all so proud..."

Unbidden, she strides into the lean-to and pulls out a washcloth, dunking it into the bucket of water nearby. One spider-leg takes grip of the washcloth, dabbing it gently along Lotus' forehead. "How do you feel...?"

A groan of pain comes from Lotus, though the washcloth is welcome "Head hurts..... looks like Daniel didn't finish me off, then?". She looks down at herself, noting the tears in her clothes, but the mostly healed injuries. She looks up at Tess, grinning through the pain "I live to serve, my mistress. I hope i am able to continue to succeed on our behalf!"

"That is correct. Daniel lacked the strength to go on." Tess smiles, though there is a measure of hesitation in her expression. "But... that is another matter. The important thing now is that you are alive and well, and that the trophies of your numerous victories remain fully intact."

Tessitore smiles cheerily, reaching into the folds of her lab coat. She withdraws a small syringe and a vial, extracting a chemical from it, and then jabbing it into the arm nearest her. The liquid contents are emptied into Lotus: a reddish but mostly transparent liquid.

"This should help with the headache. I ... I really must know, how does it feel in combat? Are there any... shortcomings you wish could be improved upon?"

Barely a wince passes Lotus' face as the needle pierces her skin, the concoction going to work quickly. As always, Tess does good work!

"It feels very gooooood...... what shortcomings exist seem more with my speed of perception than anything else. The speed, my healing factor.... " she gets a hunger in her eyes ".... the smell and taste of blood. I can MOVE faster, i just have to acclimate to THINK and REACT faster".

Clenching her arm a bit as the pinprick marking left by the needle heals in seconds, Lotus actually looks sane for a moment "Many battles still remain, and these gems..." the red gem embedded in her chest, where she gouged out a place to set it to allow the flesh to heal around it, seems to flicker a moment "..... i know i'm not all there sometimes, but these things take the wielder beyond such..... it only gets riskier. If i should fall, my sincerest apologies".

"That will come, with time. The more you fight, the more you succeed... the better you will be at gauging these sorts of things." In many ways, Tess seems more like a big sister than any sort of advisor or matron.

"In one-on-one battles, the scent of blood will keep you from falling astray. But outside of the tournament here, you will need to be careful that you are not led into traps."

Tess draws in her breath, nodding slowly at the suggestion that she will not, or perhaps cannot, continue the success streak. "... Just as long as you keep doing your best, we can keep bringing you back from the brink. Do not worry so much about what you have to do -- the main thing is that you continue slaying our enemies as best you can. That way... we can make Lord Dohma's vision come true all the sooner."

Lotus nods in response "Killing usually isn't my preference..... you can't play with a broken toy, after all..... but here the rules have changed.....". Another nod "I will fight his enemies to the last!".

Her eyes abruptly shift sideways, narrowing evenly "Speaking of which...... i sense someone approaching. I can hear their footsteps....". She listens longer "..... they seem to be looking for something. Stopping to search, to listen......

"... That may be true, but we have the numerical disadvantage. Every time you kill one of theirs, their chances of success drop. This is... as you know... not a typical battle." Tess smiles faintly, tucking the syringe back into her lab coat.

She tilts her head to the side, stretching out her aura senses. "... You hear someone? What... kind of someone? And where?"

Lotus turns to look off to the side, trying in vain to see who it is "They are not visible from here, but i can hear their footsteps...... If they came out this far, they may be after me....". She grins, the madness once again returning somewhat to her eyes "Best i see what they're up to. Maybe it will mean one less enemy by convenience". Daggers secured on her person, Lotus begins to stand.....

Tess laughs mirthlessly, withdrawing another syringe from her lab coat. "The problem with killing is... everyone else wants to take it as a personal affront for you hurting their friend or something." She doesn't think much of it, jamming a more intense syringe into her protege's shoulder. "At any rate, this should... improve your performance enough for a capable fight. Get over there and put an end to him!"

Phew! Those stims pack a punch, even with HER regeneration rate! "Thanks!".

Grinning savagely, Lotus takes off after the prey!

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