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Game:King of Fighters
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"The vertical integration of the passage of time crosses the event horizon, and the entropy accumulates."

A criminal considered so legendary as to be sealed away and forgotten in an underground prison, the one they call Xanadu is an individual who is difficult to comprehend. The dregs of society often see him as a great intellectual of his time, a man worthy of the title of the "King of the Underground," inspiring many low-lives to follow him. Things take a stranger turn when one encounters the man behind these lofty opinions. Speaking to him is often an exercise in confusion, going on strange tangents about reality and physics that are sometimes punctuated by keen observation before falling off once more into gibberish. Even when pushed to violence, his skill appears lacking - capable primarily of motions and movements resembling children at play or distress, rather than that of someone who would be possessed of the malice and cunning his reputation implies. Free of his prison by unknown circumstance, he now goes about doing as he pleases, and remains a poor fit for the world that exists outside of prison.

Signature Move:The Sorrow -- PHYSICAL
Signature Ability:PRESENCE -- ECLIPSE

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