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Game:Art of Fighting
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Mysterious bodyguard of Wyler, it is not clear why Sinclair serves Wyler. Some consider her to be in debt to Wyler, some consider her a lover, others even believe she is an assassin. Why she serves him, is only known to Sinclair herself. But there is one thing clear: while she has the appearance of encouraging him to make his experiments, she ultimately is trying to guide him away from his obsession. While she is loyal to the man, she ultimately believes that his obsession to recreate his elixir will be his destruction. She hopes that by continuing to serve as his right hand, however, she might be able to change what she sees is his ultimately fate: oblivion. As a bodyguard, she is a frightfully skilled swordsman, able to combine beautiful yet deadly dancing with energy-infused bladework.

Style:Sword Dancing Techniques + Kenjutsu
Signature Move:Vision Cutter -- PHYSICAL ENERGY PROJECTILE
Signature Ability:MANIPULATE -- SHROUD

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