Full Name: Unknown
Game: Art of Fighting
Faction: Southtown Syndicate
Team: Team SS
Profile: If Billy is a hands-off Second in Command over the Syndicate, then Mr. Big is the hands-on Third in Command. He has little to do with the legitimate side of the Syndicate's matters, but he does a majority of the decision-making for the criminal half of it. His extensive background in crime makes him well suited to this, and he is an efficient operator, ensuring his continued position of influence so long as he remains useful. Mr. Big also usually "takes the helm" if Geese is unavailable or unwilling to deal with absolutely pressing issues, so in many ways he has more exercised influence than Billy. Mr. Big is every bit as ruthless and murderous as Geese, but the major similarities end there; Mr. Big's taste in hobbies tends towards the more obvious and simplistic. Rumors abound that Mr. Big is also a "pimp" on the side, but it's not likely to be true, given his position. Still, much of his demeanor and how he dresses encourage the image, and so the rumors persist.
Style: Escrima Stick-fighting
Signature Move: California Romance -- PHYSICAL

OOC Data

VoiceActor: Chiwetel Ejiofor
ThemeSong: Geto Boys - Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangsta Game Theme:
Info: <Public> AIM: Cheevocabra YahooIM: Cheevocabra MSN:

<Public> Kobun says, "Mr. Big is an outstanding pillar of MOTM society.
<Public> Elle says, "Mr. Big is awesome."
COMBATSYS: Mr.Big parries Cody's Final Destruction!
COMBATSYS: Mr.Big parries Rolento's Take No Prisoner!
COMBATSYS: Mr.Big parries HeavyD's D. Crazy!
COMBATSYS: Mr.Big parries Rugal's Omega Destruction!


Gender: Male
Age: 41
Height: 6'2" (187 cm)
Weight: 178 lbs (81 kg)
BloodType: B
Nationality: ???
Hometown: Southtown, bitch.
EyeColor: ???
HairColor: Shaved
Wins: 9 Losses: 7 Ties: 1

Fight History

Loss SNF 2004.09 Mr.Big vs Ryo+Rock+Horatio Sep 25, 2004
Win SNF 2004.10 Tora and Mr.Big vs Ryu Oct 30, 2004
Loss SNF 2005.01 Mr.Big vs Yamazaki Jan 14, 2005
Loss KOF 2005 [R1] Vitriol vs SS Jun 01, 2005
Win SNF 2005.06 Vanessa/Big vs Cody/HeavyD! Jun 11, 2005
Loss Wheel of Madness Disco Ball Blast Aug 08, 2005
Win Medal Tournament Mr. Big vs Kula Nov 10, 2005
Win Medal Tournament Mr. Big vs Heavy D! Nov 13, 2005
Loss Medal Tournament Mr. Big vs Ryu Nov 14, 2005
Loss SNF 2007.01 CoOp2: Kain/Cammy vs Geese/Big Jan 21, 2007
Loss SNF 2007.01 B.Royale! Duke/Big/Yama/Kain Jan 28, 2007
Win SNF 2007.02 Toga Party! Urien v Big v Ralf Feb 12, 2007
Win SNF 2007.02 Form v Fury! Big v Rylee/Maki Feb 18, 2007
Win World Warrior 2007 [Pre] Nanako vs Mr.Big Feb 21, 2007
Win SNF 2007.02 Iori vs. Yamazaki/Mr. Big Feb 25, 2007
Win SNF 2007.03 Backyard Wrestling! Mar 11, 2007
Tie World Warrior 2007 [R2] Mr.Big vs Sagat Apr 02, 2007