Full Name:Miu Kurosaki
Faction:Seijyun High
Height:145 cm / 4'9"
Weight:38kg / 84lbs
Blood Type:A
Eye Color:Purple
Hair Color:Black
Hobbies:Poetry, crows.
Favorite Food:None.
Dislikes:You ask too much.
Best Sport:Jiiiiiiiiii.
OOC Data
Game:King of Fighters
Status:Available for Apps
Theme Song:


A mystery wrapped in an enigma, or so the more gossip- inclined little madames of Seijyun High would have you believe. Pale, raven-haired Miu is a quiet and secretive sort, fitting the common 'gothic' stereotype well enough that she has few friends and appears wholly unbothered by this, despite the best efforts of the few snobbish bullies who have dared to attempt abuse. They have only further cultivated the mild aura of fear that surrounds the girl, who happens to be a very capable martial artist, her natural skills bolstered by unusually powerful energy manifestations. Intent as she is on pursuing her own interests, it would be all too easy to assume Miss Kurosaki wholly antisocial - but below this standoffish exterior lies an intelligent and confident young lady who has only one real problem in life; her sickly younger brother, whose ever-ailing strength drives his sibling toward success. Perhaps one day she can discover a cure for his illness, and it is this thought that pushes her both on and off the field of combat. Whatever else might be uttered in rumour and in fact, Miu is a highly talented youth with a most promising future.

Style:Himitsu no Seishin
Signature Move:Kakure Amagakeri -- ENERGY PROJECTILE
Signature Ability:IMBUED-PSI -- NOVA

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