Full Name:Cherry Aguirre
Faction:Novus Orbis Librarium
Height:170cm (5'7")
Weight:57kg (126 lbs.)
Blood Type:O+
Hometown:Boise, Idaho
Eye Color:Blue
Hair Color:Scarlet
Date of Birth:July 4
Hobbies:Being vocals in a band, Instagram
Favorite Food:Pepper steak
Likes:Action, performing
Dislikes:Authority, red tape, Reddit
Best Sport:Target shooting
OOC Data
Game:Original Character
Voice Actor:Suzie Plakson
Theme Song:Heart -- "Barracuda"


"I'm always on when it counts!"

An all-American girl from Idaho, Cherry Aguirre would have had a totally normal life had she not been trapped in Illyria during the fae invasion. Saved from monsters by the Sacred Order, she resolved to join them when she got older, which she did... and soon found herself extremely bored. During a joint operation with the NOL, a freak accident led her to grab a weapon off the wall to fight for everyone's lives. What nobody anticipated was that the weapon would be a Legacy Weapon, and that this random 20-something from Boise could wield it like an extension of her own body. Recruited by the NOL, the wisecracking adrenaline junkie is a total fish out of water in such a rigid organization, but her ability to use "Haustor Arcanum: Rakshasa" when nobody else in the NOL could means she gets away with a lot... which is good, because her freewheeling, rules-be-damned, action movie-esque approach to her job often leaves her superiors exasperated at best.

Style:Intuitive Swordsmanship + Brawling
Signature Move:Love is a Battlefield -- PHYSICAL


[IC Info]
Cherry Aguirre joined the Sacred Order in her early 20s after being saved by them as a teenager who was visiting Illyria when Queen Mab invaded. However, she left them for the NOL after about a year or so, on amicable terms (the NOL requested her transfer, in fact). She was originally stationed in the San Francisco NOL office before being sent on "detached duty" to the Southtown office.

[OOC Info]
NOL or Sacred Order with high enough clearance (i.e. high-ranking officers) will know that Cherry's movement to the Librarium from the Order is because of her compatibility with a Legacy Weapon that, to date, no other NOL person has been able to use. Lower-ranking NOL folks will simply know that her file gives her "operational leeway" on the job; superiors will know this is because the Librarium is using her as a guinea pig to learn about the weapon.

[Profile Image Credits]
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Full profile/profile headshot -- Official Arknights artwork

Casual outfit -- Pixiv user ombre_t

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Vigilante Hunting - Cherry Aguirre has been assigned, for surely completely unknown reasons, to patrol through Southtown Village and investigate sightings of a masked vigilante using some kind of supernatural powers. It probably should have been a mind-numbingly boring assignment, but-- she actually ends up finding the vigilante. - Log created on 11:50:37 01/06/2024 by Daisuke, and last modified on 09:58:52 01/07/2024. Cast: Daisuke and Cherry.

Novis Orbis Librarium meets Workplace Sitcom - [OOC] Cherry says, "realtime cherry reaction footage: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L3aDgq5HQeM&t=6s" - Log created on 14:25:59 09/09/2023 by Cherry, and last modified on 20:05:12 09/09/2023. Cast: Katsuro and Cherry.

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