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"In the end both you and I... no left right up down!"

A sad story of how a reckless pursuit of knowledge can end in catastrophe. Formerly he was an apprentice to Kokonoe and close friend of Litchi in Sector Seven nicknamed Roy. He even went internationally rogue when Kokonoe splintered from NOL and the world's nations. But a growing inferiority complex lead him to foolishly attempt turning himself into an artificial grimoire, one of Kokonoe's greater and less successful ambitions. The process failed, and he was incomplete, growing increasingly insane. In his madness, he saw a specter tell him that entering Sector Seven's kiln would fix him. The Kiln is direct access to a plane of energy called by many the Boundary, and the exposure turned him into a horrific amorphous monster infested with countless spiritual insects. Managing to escape after Litchi tried to help him, his sole goal has been to complete himself becoming a grimoire by devouring and absorbing others who possess them. His lucidity waxes and wanes, and he does not recognize his strange appearance or gibberish speak, wearing a mask to try and communicate better.

Style:Incomprehensible Manifestations
Signature Move:Zero Vector -- ENERGY PROJECTILE
Signature Ability:MANIPULATE -- SHROUD

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