SNF 2005.05 - May-2005 Summary

Description: [OOC] One of the bulletin board posts from the May 2005 Saturday Night Fights. SNF took a back-seat to the King of Fighters 2005 tournament, hence the relatively few matches. If you'd happened to catch the other posts in a log, please email them to the MOTM admin account. Thanks!

SNF Schedule -- Sat May 14 -- Geese
As I cannot guarantee I'll be available to post this at the proper time, I am posting it now. I am /extremely/ busy; if this doesn't work out for someone, I can't do anything about this. Work it out amongst yourselves.

Match 1: Shinobu vs. Ramon, 1v1 standard rules. Go find somewhere to fight. Whoever wins, @mail me with that and where you fought.

Match 2: Ryu & Takuma vs. Vice, Akira, Freeman, Yuri -- 2v4 Simultaneous -- Howard Arena. Someone from the winning team @mail me.

That's it. I'm busy. VERY busy. AFK right after I post this, will not see pages or anything else.


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