SNF 2005.06 - Jun-2005 Summary

Description: [OOC] All the bulletin board posts from the June 2005 Saturday Night Fights.

New Match Unveiled -- Sat Jun 4 2005 -- Geese
This post reflects some OOC motive and info, though it does impact IC stuff. I did not expect KoF to be all but finished by this weekend, so I did not have a full SNF ready. Instead, I invited Yuri and Shingo to an exhibition match. One of the things I like doing is following the occasional whim. In order to give me more excuses for scenes with various people, I've created a new match prize for use when I feel like it. The 'Limited Favor' prize. Similar to how Calypso at the end of any Twisted Metal game would grant you a wish, the winner of one of these matches will get a chance to ask for a favor from me IC. It will theoretically be limited in scope, but it could expand to something larger based on how interesting I find the idea to be. Obvious smartassery like "I want half your fortune!" will result in a Double Reppuken, though asking for $10,000 might work. Asking for me to turn myself in to the police will result in a Jaeiken to your face, but asking for help in framing someone might be done. That sort of 'limited favor.' It can vary.

Anyway, this week's exhibition to debut that idea was Shingo vs. Yuri, 1v1, Howard Arena. Winner: Shingo ($2,500, Limited Favor). Yuri gets $300 and a 'better luck next time' sentiment from the prize-awarding staff.

Basically, this is just a mechanic/excuse for me to get extra scenes every so often. We'll see if it leads to anything fun, and if so, I'll keep doing them every so often.

SNF Resumed -- Wed Jun 8 2005 -- Geese
With most of KoF taken care of, I'm resuming SNF signups. There will be an SNF this weekend. Usual time. I apologize that this is pretty sudden, but let's see if it works.

SNF Matches: 6-11-2005 -- Fri Jun 10 2005 -- Geese
Because I'm not absolutely certain I'll be here on time to announce the matches at the usual scheduled hour, I'm posting the matches in advance. If you want to do your match sooner than 7 PM EST, feel free. Again, the winner needs to @mail me the results. Posting a log is not enough. Here are your matches:

Match 1: Birdie vs. Duck -- 1v1 Chaos Agent (Shingo is the Agent) -- Zoo (Use Southtown Village room to represent it)

Match 2: Ramon vs. Megumi -- 1v1 Standard -- Pao Pao Cafe

Match 3: Cody & Heavy D! vs. Vanessa & Mr. Big -- 2v2 Simultaneous -- Chinatown streets/sidewalks.

Main Event: Ryu, Iori, and Kain -- 3-Way Free For All -- Howard Arena

SNF Results: 6-11-2005 -- Sat Jun 11 2005 -- Geese
Match 1: Birdie vs. Duck with Shingo as Chaos Agent -- 1v1 Standard -- Zoo (Southtown Village room) -- Winner: Birdie ($3,500) Chaos Agent: Shingo ($3,000)

Match 2: Ramon vs. Megumi -- 1v1 Standard -- Pao Pao Cafe -- Winner: Megumi ($4,025)

Match 3: Cody and Heavy D! vs. Vanessa & Mr. Big -- 2v2 Simul -- Chinatown streets. -- Winner: Mr. Big and Vanessa ($6,750 apiece)

Main Event: Ryu, Iori, Kain -- 3-Way FFA -- Howard Arena -- 2nd: Iori, Kain (Tie: $3,375 apiece) -- Winner: Ryu ($9,500)


As usual, FFAs tend to pay off a little better than 1v1s. Team Fights likewise do. Shingo gets a full $3,000 for being a generally fair Chaos Agent. Those whose prizes aren't specifically listed got 10% of what the winner did. Also, PAY ATTENTION. READ THIS. I AM TYPING IN BIG LETTERS SO YOU NOTICE THIS PART. I would like to receive feedback on the following ideas by @mail, please:

#1: I am considering posting the matches a day in advance, and letting people play them out when they wish on Saturday, up to starting by no later than 7 PM EST. This was done this week by informal arrangement it seems, and I am considering making it an official provision. In other words, if you get on earlier than 7 and everyone wants to fight early, go right ahead.

#2: I am considering a hard time-limit of 7:20 PM EST for starting matches. If you're not here by 7:20 PM EST, if I implement this provision, you would be replaced with another opponent I pick.

SNF Signups Sat -- Jun 11 2005 -- Geese
Signups are open again, same time as usual. I may start putting this notice in with the Results post to cut down on spam, I think. We'll try that next week too and see what happens.

SNF Changes -- Tue Jun 14 2005 -- Geese
I've had two people @mail me their feedback, and about 3 or 4 more page me. All the comments were supportive of my plans, so I'm going to have to assume that these are ideas most of the players support. Below are the following changes to SNF:

Pre-Posted Schedules: Schedules will be posted shortly after the Signup Deadline. Said deadline is not changing from its present time. This will grant you more time in scheduling your matches. ICly, they may take place at just about any time on Saturday; the collection of fights is then edited, put together, and aired on TV as Saturday Night Fight, but some matches in it might happen during daytime. There's several reasons this would work out ICly, and that's how it'll be.

Deadline: There is a hard limit of 20 minutes past 7 PM EST for you to begin your matches. You may, and are encouraged to, begin them earlier. But if 7:20 PM EST hits and you aren't here, but your opponent is, I will award you a Forfeit Loss and may arrange for an alternate match. If both you and your opponent are not here, I will award Forfeit Losses to both of you. If it's a team bout and only portions of the participants are here, I'll figure something out.

Rankings: I am considering options for establishing a Ranking system within SNF. This would largely be used to create SNF championships. Things like "Champion: 1 on 1 World Class" (Ratios 4 and up), "Champion: 1 on 1 Standard Class" (Ratios 1 through 3), "Champions: 2 on 2" (one for each ratio division) and so on. If anyone has experience with setting up this sort of thing and would like to assist me, please contact me by @mail. Otherwise I will be learning as I go.

SNF Results: 6-18-2005 -- Sat Jun 18 2005 -- Geese
Okay, so we had an SNF after all. This does contradict what I posted. For those of you who signed up, but did not attend due to my cancellation post, I apologize. You will be given priority placement into the next SNF in the event of match-up conflicts (not enough matches to go around, for example), if you sign up.

Match 1: Sakura vs. Daisuke -- 1v1 Standard -- Cafe of Pacific High -- Winner: Double KO ($1,850 apiece)

Match 2: Heavy D! vs. Rolento -- 1v1 Standard -- Boardwalk -- Winner: Heavy D! ($4,250)

Match 3: Shingo vs. Megumi -- 1v1 Standard -- Sound Beach -- Winner: Double KO ($1,850 apiece)

Main Event: Geese vs. Ryu -- 1v1 Standard -- Howard Arena -- Winner: Geese ($0, See Notes)

Notes: In any match where I fight, it's like an episode of Win Ben Stein's Money. If I win, I don't gain any money, but since it's my money to begin with, I don't lose any. Unlike Ben Stein's Money, whenever my host gets annoying, I do not laugh. I Quadruple Reppuken him.

Prizes for Double KOs are calculated by full prize value, times 80%, then divided by 2. The result is awarded to both fighters.

Also, Signups are open again, effective immediately.

SNF Matches: 6-25-2005 -- Fri Jun 24 2005 -- Geese
This week, to match the 'collection of fights aired on TV' idea, I am posting suggested locations and IC times for the bouts. These are IC times, not OOC ones; you are left to schedule the OOC time as you wish with your opponents.

Match 1: Gabriel vs. Nassir - 1v1 Standard - Pao Pao Cafe - 10 AM
Match 2: Ryu & Malin vs. Mr.Big & Haggar - 2v2 Simultaneous - Sound Beach - 1 PM
Match 3: Cammy vs. K' with Akira as Chaos Agent - 1v1 Chaos Agent - Northwestern Forest - 2:30 PM
Match 4: Mai & Shingo vs. Ramon & Birdie - 2v2 Sequential - Boardwalk - 3:45 PM
Match 5: Vanessa vs. Shenwoo - 1v1 Standard - Chinatown streets - 4:30 PM
Match 6: Rolento vs. Guy - 1v1 Standard - On top of a landed airplane (Airport) - 5:15 PM
Match 7: Heavy D! vs. Megumi - 1v1 Standard - The Park - 6 PM
Main Event: Kain vs. Takuma - 1v1 Standard - Howard Arena - 8 PM

Special Rules: Some matches may have special rules in effect. If you receive an @mail containing instructions on your fight, the instructions are secret and you are NOT to reveal them to others. Following the instructions is optional, but encouraged. Following them can have positive benefits ranging from additional cash, to other prizes, to special consideration from me in the future.

Not abiding by them can result in penalties of various kinds, depending on how blatant your not following the special rules was. I will be randomly checking logs to determine who followed my rules. You cannot be Disqualified for not following a Special Rule unless I specifically note otherwise. Not all matches will have a Special Rule in effect.

Match 6 Participants will find that after three actions have been taken by both fighters, the Airplane begins to move. On your fourth action, enter a Slowdown value of 5. Your opponent is to do likewise on their fourth Action. Note that Interrupts if any kind count as Actions for purposes of determining when you've taken 3 actions, and if an Interrupt is to be your fourth action, you must apply the Slowdown BEFORE Interrupting. On the fifth action, the Slowdown becomes 10. Sixth action, becomes 15. Seventh action, 20. This reflects the plane picking up speed on the runway, upsetting your balance. After the seventh action, the plane begins to slow back down and restore your balance -- apply Slowdown 15 for your 8th Action, Slowdown 10 for your 9th Action, Slowdown 5 for 10th, and then no Slowdown after that. Note that you are not required to Attack on a turn in which you have a Slowdown penalty.

Match 6 participants not abiding by this rule will be Disqualified upon discovery. Note that all Slowdown values mentioned are the actual total you put in. Turn 4's penalty is NOT cumulative with Turn 5's, etc. While I use "fourth action is an interrupt, Slowdown first" as an example for your fourth action, the same rule applies to Interrupts for other turns as well. This includes cases where the penalty decreases, such as Actions 8, 9, and 10. Guy, Rolento, if this section is Unclear, contact me immediately to have it explained better.

SNF Results: 6-25-2005 -- Sat Jun 25 2005 -- Geese
Match 1: Gabriel vs. Nassir - 1v1 Standard - Pao Pao Cafe - 10 AM - Winner: Nassir ($1,000)

Match 2: Did Not Happen (RL/OOC schedule conflicts) - Match cancelled, no Forfeits given out as proper notice was given.
Match2a: Ryu vs. Malin, Dong Hwan, and Shinobu - 3v1 Simultaneous - Sound Beach - Winner: Ryu ($7,000)

Match 3: Cammy vs. K' with Akira as Chaos Agent - 1v1 Chaos Agent - Northwestern Forest - Winner: Cammy ($5,600) - See Notes, this match was unusual.

Match 4: Mai & Shingo vs. Ramon & Birdie - 2v2 Sequential - Boardwalk - Winner: Double KO ($1,600 to each competitor.)

Match 5: Did Not Happen (Reason Unknown) - Shenwoo receives a Forfeit Loss for non-attendance without notice.

Match 6: Did Not Happen (Reason Unknown) - Guy receives a Forfeit Loss for non-attendance without notice.
Match 6a: Vanessa vs. Rolento vs. Sakura - 3-Way FFA - On top of a landed airplane (Airport) - Winner: Sakura ($5,250) - 2nd: Vanessa ($3,000) - Loser: Rolento ($525)

Match 7: Heavy D! vs. Megumi - 1v1 Standard - The Park - Winner: Heavy D! ($4,250)

Main Event: Kain vs. Takuma - 1v1 Standard - Howard Arena - Winner: Kain ($6,650)

Notes: Forfeit Wins are worth less money than an actual win would be, obviously. No Forfeit Wins were issued this week as alternate matches were created to take their place. Forfeit Losses were issued however. Forfeits are issued if you have not begun your match by 7:20 PM EST, unless you have given me proper notice that the match cannot happen. In event of proper notice, the match is cancelled without Forfeits and I try to arrange an immediate alternate match if possible.

Akira was knocked out after the match by Cammy, though Akira did manage to Double KO her. Akira receives $3,000 for generally fair behavior.

Signups are cleared as of this post and open for next week.

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