SNF 2005.07 - Rolento versus Cammy

Description: Rolento and Cammy face off in a ring in a amusement park. Fun is had by all in this cap-stealing, knife-throwing, beret-borrowing, acrobatic fight, that doesn't quite end like one would expect... (Draw Match)

COMBATSYS: Cammy has started a fight here.

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Cammy            0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Rolento has joined the fight here.

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Cammy            0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0          Rolento

Yet another Saturday Night Fight is in the works; Within the Dreamland Amusement Park, most of the festitivies are only sideshows towards the main event of the area. A large ring has been set within an open area surrounded by multiple small food carts, in the standard tri-rope fashion with padded turnbuckles. There's milling tides of people who are around, but they are all a wary distance away from the edge. There's something of a novelty in seeing this pair; Especially with Rolento being a known global terrorist by media accounts. Geese truly brings them all into the folds.
In his standard fashion, Rolento doesn't arrive until the match is just about to begin; And only then heralded by the heavy purr of rotor blades as a helicopter whisks over and begins to descend towards the ring. Hair and clothing are whipped around in a frenzy by the new twister of wind, some people calling out in surprise and losing cups of soda and hats alike. Rolento then leaps out, trailing a zipline more for show then anything else. Yanking himself to a stop, he detaches the hook and somersaults into a heavy crouch in one corner.
Then the helicopter whisks up to a less annoying orbit, barely heard over the crowd and sounds of the amusement park. But still very much there. Rolento stretches his shoulders and flows to his feet. The baton twirls once, then impacts the commander's palm with a sharp crack. He's more interested in his opponent then any he's fought yet...

The helicopter does displace clothes and hair in the crowd, and particularly on the stiff-postured Zero Doll. Curious, brilliantly blue eyes watch the descent of the copter, Cammy ignoring the fact that the hood of her oversized trenchcoat was blasted off of her head to flap behind her along with the edges of the oversized garment at the descent of the machine, the helicopter taking it's toll on her little cap a few moments after her hood was blown off of her head. Now -that- she couldn't ignore.
Breaking out of her stiff, near-military posture, the Doll whirls around, and snaps a hand up in the air of the retreating cap... but too late, as the cap evades her grasp, and begins to flutter towards the crowd, a somewhat overweight man in that crowd snatching it from the air, and quickly overpowering the other fans that make a grab for it. Freezing in the motion of her grab towards the air, the corners of Cammy's lips turn downwards in a distressed sort of frown, as she watches the scuffle for her cap resolve. Ah, well.
Re-orienting herself towards Rolento, the now-capless girl lifts one of her hands to the front of her coat, taking a handful of the front of the heavy trench... and the reason why she wears such a oversized garment may be revealed, as she yanks upwards, deftly slipping her limbs from the sleeves as the coat goes upwards, the Doll ducking out the bottom, and sidestepping to avoid the descent of the garment.
This would normally be the time for her signature 'Come on!'... but Cammy chooses to skip such things, instead drawing herself back up into a stand, curling her hands into fists, and setting her feet a little wider than shoulder-width, where she bounces lightly from foot to foot, the entireity of her attention upon Rolento.

It would seem at the onset that this fight will be absolutely normal. But Rolento merely remains standing as per usual, observing the entirety of the conflict with a healthy bit of interest. She's definitely an armed forces individual, the discipline and training more then obvious to trained eyes. Yanking off a radio from the side of his hip, there's a few choice words of German. The helicopter shifts the flight pattern to hover over Rolento despite the high altitude. Something red then begins to flicker down over the arena. It's a red beret; And with a simple extension of his baton, the commando catches it before it can /also/ enter the crowd. Holding it up wordlessly, he then whisks it through the air towards Cammy. Well, he's at least making sure that the doll has every ounce of clothing she can.
"You appear to be special forces. I'm interested to see how this fight plays out." Rolento then twirls his baton a few times, shifting his stance and looking to prepare. A moment later he begins the festivities; By crouching down, flexing the baton near his foot, and then leaping forward. He's sent through the air with startling speed, unleashing a devestating overhead blow towards the side of Cammy's head with all the kinetic motion thusly gathered. That is the intent, at least; He lands in a crouch regardless, already prepared for whatever retaliation might come.

COMBATSYS: Rolento successfully hits Cammy with Mekong Delta.
- Power hit! -

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Cammy            0/-------/-----==|=------\-------\0          Rolento

Heaven knows Cammy could use all the clothing she can get her hands on, considering her 'uniform'. Pausing in her back and forth bouncing, Cammy snaps out a hand towards the beret, catching it out of the air, before fluidly bringing the replacement cap before her eyes, for a momentary inspection. If there was something wrong with the beret, Cammy's brief little inspection doesn't find it, the Doll then snapping the beret up towards her head, settling it atop there as her eyes watch Rolento quietly. With beret firmly atop her head, Cammy tilts it to a jaunty angle as she nods gratefully towards the man, and resettles into her little defensive posture.
Accepting his comment with another nod, the way Rolento approaches her could not be as easily ignored, the Doll darting to one side as Rolento approaches her... and being rewarded for her efforts by a mighty crack to the side of her head, the side of the head she was attempting to dodge in the direction of. Eyes go blank for a moment as the pain of the manuever ripples through her mind, Cammy pausing, and staggering in the opposite direction from the slap for a moment... but only a moment. The blankness doesn't seem to leave her eyes as she then charges the German, launching herself up towards his face when she gets close enough... inverting herself in mid-air as she pulls her left leg out of the way, to the point where it is almost flush with her body, while extending her right foot, aiming that towards the bottom of Rolento's face. And if the kick wasn't enough... a sparking sort of blue fire begins to emanate from the soles of Cammy's shoes in the midst of the attack, the energy licking it's way up to about the middle of her shin.

COMBATSYS: Cammy successfully hits Rolento with Cannon Spike.

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Cammy            0/-------/---====|====---\-------\0          Rolento

There was something of a token attempt to evade the sudden flurry of Cammy's kick, but it didn't appear that he was much worried one way or another. The blow cracks into his shoulder instead, causing a widening of his eyes and teeth grit before he snaps backwards and puts a small amount of space between himself and Cammy. His footwork is rather impressive, but he appears to be laying the groundwork for some kind of trap. Enough that he ceases an otherwise successful attack to wait patiently with baton raised and free hand hovering near his shoulder, where the harness of grenades is. It looks like the next assault will be the doll's; The crowds are rather curious about things thus far, and it's definitely been violent -- even if Rolento's not normally the most flashy and impressive fighter around. At least as far as aesthetics are concerned...

COMBATSYS: Rolento focuses on his next action.

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Cammy            0/-------/---====|====---\-------\0          Rolento

Recovering from her assault with a single backflip that causes her to land upon her feet, the Doll immeadiatly darting to one side, to evade a counterattack that never comes. Snapping up her closed fists before herself as she watches Rolento with a wary sort of expression, Cammy begins to step away from him with light, dancing sort of steps... giving the appearance that she wasn't going to approach Rolento at first... but with a sudden explosion of movement, Cammy sprints forward, before throwing herself into the air, tucking herself into a impossibly tight ball as she flies both downwards and towards Rolento.
Moments before her curled-up body impacts the ground, however... Cammy explodes out of the roll, whipping a foot towards the side of Rolento's knee, the Doll landing on the ground upon the flat of her back. If that hits, that initial blow will hopefully stagger Rolento enough for the Doll to kip-up to her feet, move to his side... and stick one of her thick legs behind both of the commando's, as her other hand seeks to place itself on the center of his chest, and shove him over her foot to a painful landing on the mat below.

COMBATSYS: Rolento fails to interrupt Hooligan Combination from Cammy with Mine Sweeper.

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Cammy            0/-------/--=====|===----\-------\0          Rolento

This was exactly as Rolento had planned it. The ball is somewhat new, but Rolento still begins the process of pulling out a few heavy grenades. However, the blow to his knee was not expected. The half-second needed to begin the assault is lost, and with a grunt of pain the rest of it concludes exactly as planned. Rolento crashes into a turnpike, grenades bouncing away and a couple rolling off the edge of the ring. These are grabbed up by the crowd, which is probably not a good thing. Rolento just shakes his head; That didn't particularly hurt, but it's doubtful he'll ever make up the lost ground at this stage of the conflict.
Baton pressing against the ground, Rolento smoothly gets to his feet before spreading his stance once more. There's not a lot of room for him to maneuver, and on top of that it's rather doubtful that Cammy is going to be kind enough to allow him a better position. He's heard tales of Cammy White -- so far it's nothing extraordinary, but still the personal calculations for potential victory are beginning to look very low.

No, grenades in the hands of the crowd is likely a Very Bad Thing. They'll keep them for souveneirs, or something, until the neighbor's kids get their little mitts on them... but ah well. Bouncing to one side in a little hop after her assault, Cammy leaps up into the air towards the crowd... but lands lightly atop one of the ropes in a deep crouch, before launching up off of that towards Rolento. Cammy was hoping to land on the man's shoulders. Should she land there, she would squeeze her thighs around his head, and cross her arms over her chest... right before flinging herself backwards, hopefully yanking Rolento off of his feet to smash the top of his head into the ground behind her. All the while, however... Cammy seemed to be murmuring something to herself.

COMBATSYS: Cammy successfully hits Rolento with Frankensteiner.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////              ]
Cammy            0/-------/-======|=====--\-------\0          Rolento

Things are not going well for Rolento, not in the slightest. A lurch downwards is attempted to escape the vice-like grip, but Rolento doesn't manage to do much more then get whipped through the air and slam into the ground with a healthy grunt of pain. But he immediately kipups to his feet, diving to the side and then launching himself towards the ropes with his baton. Impacting the ropes and crouching down, he then backflips a surprisingly high distance. It's an impressive arc, and in the midst of his newfound higher ground he yanks free a knife. Twirling it once, it's then hurled towards Cammy with a literal whistle of razor steel, trying to impact her in the shoulder. Even if it misses, it'll go down to the hilt in the ground. Whirling about with masterful acrobatic talent, Rolento then attempts to land on the turnbuckle in a crouch, baton poised and free hand gripping the rope for balance. This fight isn't over yet.

COMBATSYS: Cammy blocks Rolento's Stinger.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////                ]
Cammy            0/-------/=======|======-\-------\0          Rolento

Nassir has arrived.

No, the fight wasn't over by a long shot. Watching Rolento's acrobatics with a appreciative eye, Cammy notes the flash of steel at the height of his jump, and easily steps to the side, avoiding the blow... it wasn't until Cammy takes another step, a flare of pain arching up from her right leg as she puts weight on that foot, the Doll's face scrunching up with a look of surprise at that, as she drops her eyes to see... the knife, the blade buried halfway into her thigh. Quickly bringing a hand downwards, Cammy pulls the knife from her thigh and lightly tosses it towards the edge of the ring, before returning her attention towards Rolento, bringing her fists up as she gingerly puts weight on that leg again, her expression hardening somewhat... but for her blank-seeming eyes.

COMBATSYS: Cammy focuses on her next action.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////                ]
Cammy            0/-------/=======|======-\-------\0          Rolento

Well, this is working out somewhat. However, Rolento's plan of attack after the spectacular failure to turn this around is to continue the original intent. Blow Cammy up. Such simplicity can be surprisingly effective, actually. Yanking off a grenade, the safety and pin flying away to land on the ring, Rolento hurls himself at Cammy. Before then backflipping in mid-air, diverting the kinetic flow. The grenade is allowed to bounce upon the ring once, although the commando manages to miss directly impacting Cammy by less then a few inches. Landing in a heavy crouch, Rolento then leaps towards the edge of the ring just as a tremendous explosion takes place. There's screams from the crowd, who begin to mill away; Shrapnel flies in all directions, and a nice black singe is upon the ground. A few people got nicked, but the ring is raised enough that most of it went everywhere else. But if people didn't want to get exploded or shrapnelded, they shouldn't watch Rolento fight within roughly 200 yards. So nyah.

COMBATSYS: Cammy dodges Rolento's Grenadier.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////                 ]
Cammy            0/-------/=======|======-\-------\0          Rolento

As Rolento leaps towards the edge of the ring, so does Cammy White, the Doll landing lightly atop one of the turnbuckles in a deep crouch. Before she can topple forward or back, her gauntleted hands go to the ends of the top ropes on either side of her for balance, Cammy looking for all the world like a scantily-clad gargoyle, with blood seeping down her right leg from the earlier knife wound. But she wouldn't stay there, content to stare across at Rolento. Flicking her head out of the way of a bit of shrapnel, Cammy rises to her feet, and hops down from the turnbuckle, beginning a rapid sprint towards Rolento.
And when she closes to within a few meters of the man, she takes her attack airborne. Hopping upwards, and whipping around so that she was leaping towards Rolento feet-first, Cammy slaps one arm with weighted gauntlet over her chest, then the other, doing that in such a way that her jump begins to spin rapidly, more of the sparking blue energy emanating from her feet, and licking up to her mid-shin, little white motes of light flying from the dark blue flames as she goes, lightly drifting along in the air, and catching the light occasionally until they fade. Likely fairly pretty. But what Cammy intends to do to Rolento would not be so pretty. Bury her feet in his gut, before kicking off of him, to land lightly on her feet a small distance from him.

COMBATSYS: Rolento parries Cammy's Spiral Arrow!

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////                 ]
Cammy            0/-------/=======|=======\-------\0          Rolento

But there's absolutely no real reaction to Cammy hurling herself towards Rolento. He merely stands up straight, shoulders shifting backwards and baton arced towards the ground. He appears to be seeing beyond the fight at hand; All the motion, not the porveyeur of such. The world grows slower in the veteran's mind. Eyes narrowed. Body poised. Not yet. Not yet.
Rolento impacts the ground with uncanny speed, and Cammy goes flicking right over the commando. Rolento unleashes another of his knives, a vicious flash of steel intent on imbedding itself right in the small of Cammy's back. Both attacks will be over by the time Rolento's back impacts the matt, and he then begins to rapidly roll away in an almost comical fashion. That's more like it. Not enough to turn the tides, mayhaps, but there's definitely a chance now.

COMBATSYS: Rolento successfully hits Cammy with Stinger EX.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////                  ]
Cammy            1/-----==/=======|=======\-------\1          Rolento

The knife does imbed itself in the small of the Doll's back, just to one side of her spine, the girl crying out in pain as her flight wavers, the energy fading away from her feet as she sails through the gaps between the ropes. Into the crowd the Doll flies, shouts of surprise and pain sounding from those she sails into. With the knife stil in her back, and blood beginning to leak from that wound, Cammy takes a step back towards the ring, crouching low before launching herself into the air, in a jump that easily takes her above four meters into the air... and Cammy lands in the ring, knees bent in a deep crouch as both her fists drop between her to slap against the mat, that sound cracking through the area as she rises again, and begins to charge Rolento, throwing her arms to the sides as she charges the commando again.
Some say that insanity is doing something over, and over, and expecting a different result. While Cammy does leap into the air, feet-first towards Rolento, and slaps her arms over her chest to begin spiraling much like she just did... there was something different, this time. Those sensitive to such things would likely sense the buildup of energy within the Doll during her charge, and those that didn't would be more surprised as it seems both of her legs erupt into the sparking blue flame. Again, her feet were aimed for Rolento's gut. But this time...
if her feet strike his gut, they would stay there as her spin increases in velocity somehow, spinning three full rotations in the German's gut before she lashes out her left leg towards the ground, catching herself on that foot and giving her the support she needs to drag her right heel up Rolento's chest... and smash the blue-burning heel up into the underside of Rolento's chin.

COMBATSYS: Cammy successfully hits Rolento with Spin Drive Smasher.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///                           ]
Cammy            0/-------/-----==|=======\======-\1          Rolento

Well, there was an attempt by Rolento to raise his forearms and deflect the incoming attack. However, there's no real hope. Rolento realized that. He had no chance of moving aside in this particular maneuver, and wouldn't dare risk an attempted counter or other manner of interrupt. Breaking through his forearms, the heels find Rolento's stomach, and he lets out a tremendous snarl of pain. Doubling over, this only makes it much easier for the two feet to crash into his chin and send him backflipping twice before crashing upon a turnbuckle, bouncing off and getting his foot stuck in the ropes. He is completely sprawled out, bleeding and burned, and should be rather dead. Sadly, he's not.
Abruptly, Rolento yanks his right hand straight upwards. To the side, where the first stinger lays, a string attached to the hilt explodes upwards with violent force. Whirling around, Rolento attempts to weave his arm and wrap the steel wire around Cammy's neck as the helicopter begins to descend, one Shank Squad member flashing down on a zipline while holding a hook attached via chain.
And Rolento merely says the words that have been the last most ever hear. "Ready?"

COMBATSYS: Rolento successfully hits Cammy with Take No Prisoner.

[                         \\\\\  < >  ///                           ]
Cammy            0/-------/-======|===----\-------\0          Rolento

And then Rolento leaps upwards, and drags the hapless Cammy with him. The wire cuts in, not only stopping oxygen but also the delicious flow of blood to boot. Slotting the wire into the hook, Rolento then descends harshly towards the ground, right arm yanking Cammy up with all the force he can muster. He hits the ground, but the wire doesn't quite; Cammy's head slams into the hook, and the wire's tension climbs. The wire is pulled harder then it should be able. Either it has to snap, or Cammy's head has to come off.
"Go!" Rolento's baton, held a bit above, then lightly taps into the wire. This is enough to snap it given the immense tension, and allows Cammy to crash into the middle of the ring. That was probably one of the more painful things that could of took place.

It hurt. There was no denying that. Feeling the wisping touches of the wire at first, Cammy begins to duck her head, seeking a way out of this trap... but a way does not show itself, as the wire tightens terribly, cutting off the scream that was going to leave Cammy's lips into a mere gurgle, her hands going up to the wire, panickedly seeking a gap that she can stick her fingers into.
None presented itself.
Thankfully for Cammy, the wire snaps, depositing the Doll in the center of the ring, a series of chokes and coughs leaving her as the flow of precious air is restored, one of the Doll's hands going to her throat to hold it, blood seeping from the shallower wounds there... but her other hand? Goes behind her back, to remove the knife still there from before. Flipping the knife in her hands expertly, Cammy throws the knife straight up into the air, a few lingering coughs leaving the girl... moments before she leaps up into the air after it, spinning around in one full rotation, before extending her foot, and hitting the knife at just the right moment... that her foot impacts the bottom of the handle, sending the weapon rocketing through the air, point-first towards Rolento.

COMBATSYS: Cammy successfully hits Rolento with Thrown Object.

[                         \\\\\  < >                                ]
Cammy            0/-------/-======|====---\-------\0          Rolento

Well, there was an attempt to dodge the assault; One that actually had a rather good chance, Rolento would of liked to think. There's a hiss of pain as it sinks deeply into Rolento's leg. But that doesn't stop him from at least attempting to end this fight in a double-knockout; He lets out a snarl as he lurches towards Cammy, crouching down and then snapping the baton once more. He is sent flying across the arena, lifting up the weapon to deliver one final strike right into the girl's stomach with every ounce of force he can muster. Landing heavily on his hurt leg, regardless of circumstance -- unless Cammy takes the time to kick him again -- he'll collapse through the ropes and land on his back, hissing in pain and obviously in no further condition to continue the engagement. Ouch.

COMBATSYS: Rolento can no longer fight.

[                         \\\\\  <
Cammy            0/-------/-======|

COMBATSYS: Rolento successfully hits Cammy with Mekong Delta.

[                             \  <
Cammy            1/-------/=======|

Half-blank eyes watch Rolento's approach, and the Doll prepares to crouch down, to roll beneath the man and safely beneath the baton swing she was sure was coming. Wait... wait... right, n..! It was at that moment that her body shakes with another cough, slowing the Doll's reaction, the rest of the air in her lungs expelled as the baton slaps harshly into her belly. The Doll doesn't fall, not at first... taking a step away in the direction of the blow's momentum, Cammy crosses both her near muscular arms over her equally muscular belly... her features contorting in a expression of sheer pain... before she crumples to the ground, the borrowed beret tumbling off of her head to rest on the mat near her. Where she just lies there, curling up into a ball. Roughly ten seconds later, the voice of the announcer rings out. "DOUBLE KAY-OH!" he shouts, to the sounds of cheers and boos from the audience.

That's still better then a simple loss. Cammy's definitely the strongest opponent that Rolento has come across within Saturday Night Fights by a fair margin; It took every ounce of his raw power and skill to manage this. One arm snakes upwards and grasps the bottom rope, and with the assistance of his baton Rolento gets to his feet with a grunt. His white eyes peer across the ring, observing Cammy with untold of curiosity. "That... was a tremendous performance, Cammy White. Judgement! Grade AA! Superior fighting style!" Nothing was truly done wrong on either end. Rolento had sound tactics, but at times was no match for Cammy's speed. In the same vein, Cammy was not quick enough for some of Rolento's more vicious surprise tactics. He's now fully upright, and gestures in the air. His helicopter begins to descend, annoying the crowd a good amount; But another blade is thrown, whisking through the air before impacting just beside the Beret, edge pinned and keeping it from being blown away. "You are a Shadaloo assassin, correct?" Rolento muses, soft despite the approaching roar of his vehicle.

The words of judgement shouted across towards her seemed like a faraway thing in her mind... but the thunk of the blade into the mat, and the beret was enough to draw her from the pained stupor that she found herself in. Whipping her head, and attention towards Rolento, as her pigtails flutter in the approach of the helicopter, the lock of hair she wears combed over her right eye suffering the same fate.
"Posi..." Cammy begins, before belatedly taking note of the cameras trained upon her at this very moment. Remaining silent as her still-somewhat dazed, and drugged-feeling mind processes the information advailible to her, that gives Cammy time to slowly stand up to one knee, the worse looking wounds in her thigh and back ignored for the shallow, and fairly non-dangerous cut around her neck, her fingertips drifting along that cut. "Possibly." Cammy states, glancing up towards Rolento. "What is Shadaloo, and what definition of 'assassin' are you using?" she asks, her voice just a bit strained.

There's something of an amused expression creasing Rolento's features now. He looks aware of what Cammy had intended to say, but plays along rather easily. "My mistake." is called out, enough for the people around to get more confused then anything else. Lifting a booted foot, with a slow manner more comparable to an elder wrought with arthritis then anything else, the commando enters the ring and begins to limp towards Cammy. His baton impacts the ground now and then, shoulders slouched forward and other hand cupped over his stomach. A zipline then descends, slumping into the ground beside Rolento. But he doesn't immediately grasp it, scarred countenance still firmly centered on the younger girl. There's no doubt who Cammy is. Rolento is very well acquainted with the underworld whisperings, and Cammy was more a ghost in the wind then anything else. Almost like a myth settled before him. Grasping the zipline, he then moves it in front of himself. "Would you like to be airlifted out of the area?" This obviously appears to be more then just a simple offer. From his body language, it's easily seen as an invitation.

That was a strange thing. Despite how often Cammy was in the public eye, there was just so little honestly /known/ about her, by everyone. Reaching to one side with her left hand, she yanks the knife from the edge of the beret, and when the beret itself starts to flutter away, Cammy lifts herself somewhat on her right leg, the leg bent beneath her... and shoot her other foot backwards, digging the toe of her boot into the beret, keeping it in place. Despite the potential precariousness of that position... Cammy seemed fine with it, the muscles in her body visibly tensing to maintain that position as she flips the knife in her hand, so that the blade was caught between thumb and forefinger, and offers it, handle-first, back to it's owner. "Airlifted? For what ulterior purpose?" Cammy asks, her eyes rising towards the helicopter as she then squints suspiciously.

The knife is taken, and Rolento pulls free a dark red cloth from his pocket. He smoothly cleans the blade in a single swipe, leaving it gleaming in the air. His foot has moved to step upon the zipline during this, the helicopter patiently waiting above. Cameras remain upon the duo, maybe anticipating they will continue the onslaught until one is fully knocked out or dominant. But still, Rolento doesn't so much as spare a sideways glance. "I have heard stories about you, Cammy White. And you impressed me; Physically you are my superior, and it was only my training and ambush tactics that brought this fight even near to even." Sheathing the blade in his vest, the zipline is again taken up while the cloth is stuffed in his pocket. "If you are interested in palaver, I am more then content to move us to a more quiet location."

"Palaver?" Cammy repeats, pausing for a few moments as a somewhat confused look settles upon her features. Dragging the foot with trapped beret forward, Cammy both lifts her foot, and quickly snaps out her left hand to snatch up the beret, her fingers tightening around the hat. Slowly, and painfully drawing herself up to a stand, Cammy's narrowing eyes attempt to meet with Rolento's, her lip scrunching up as she ponders this turn of events. She should be fine, even if it turned out badly, and the chance to... talk was rare for her. "I accept." she states flatly, the corners of her lips then turning up into the faintest smile.

It would also be nice to get out of the area before one of the fans pulls the pin on the grenade. Rolento tugs twice, and then a second zipline descends. This one is only black rope. It has phenomenal grip, however. Coiling his hand about it, the commander waits for Cammy to do the same with a simple nod. As if she'd not have any hesitation in the slightest about dangling from a helicopter while badly injured as it zooms over the horizon for some unknown destination. "Good. Our obligation here is over."

Eh, she'd been in worse spots. And really, with the type of 'training' she's gone through, this wasn't going to be that difficult a trail of endurance. There was a risk as to Rolento's intentions for her, but... the payoff would be worth it, at least in Cammy's mind. Moving quickly, she yanks the rope up, tying a small loop in the very end in a manner of seconds, settling her foot into that loop, as she grips the rope tightly with both hands. That'll help a little, at least. Nodding her head towards Rolento, Cammy releases a small sigh, before stating. "I am prepared."

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