SNF 2005.07 - Foxy vs Rolento

Description: Instead of having his regular SNF match with Vanessa, Rolento gets Foxy as a stand-in for an exhibition round. (Winner: Rolento)

While there -was- a match scheduled to take place here on the rooftop, it's, apparently, been circumvented. The original combatent has decided to opt out of the proceedings, or so the staff says. Having come by to witness some of the town's regular weekend events, presumably for the sake of recon, the rather... ecentric woman that's been talking among the staff has reached a rather nice conclusion. In spite of the fact that it's sure to win Geese's ire, the notion that the audience still gets to spectate a match is certainly nothing to sneeze at.
Exhibition or no, it's -something-. And with the combatent that's yet to arrive, the matchup should, at least, be entertaining.
Standing in the place that should by all means be occupied by the redheaded boxer is a woman who's hairstyle alone draws attention, nevermind the aristocratic get-up. Using a pristine white cloth in order to run it along the length of the silver rapier she carries, her poise and posture reflect the immaculate, almost victorian sense of style-- expression showing little more than stoicism, paired as it is with the usual attentiveness.
Her silence past the brief, diplomatic conversations with those among the fighting staff is notable, though that's only in terms of words. Humming a gentle tune under her breath, she places the rag along the tight belts that enricle her waist, her eyes going back to scanning the crowd for any indication of her would-be opponent.

Yet regardless of the current state of affairs with Vanessa's tardy mannerisms, Rolento himself as always appears on a dime. But scanning the crowds isn't the best way of finding him; Glancing up to the sky as a whirl of rotorblades flickers out, however, is another matter. A single Russian transport helicopter can be seen rapidly approaching the rooftop, lowering enough to send trails of dust blasting backwards and aggravating the bystanders thoroughly. A ziplined Rolento then dives out, right arm stretched to slow the descent before slicing it off with a flicker of knife. Flipping forward, the commander of the Shank Squad thusly lands in a crouch, open hand splayed on the cool rooftop before him. The zipline rapidly retracts, and the helicopter arches upwards to hover at more the level of a bothering buzz then anything else. It begins to circle the pair of fighters, a few bereted forms seen peering over the open side door.
Raising up in a smooth arch of his back, Rolento adjusts his beret and the front of his officer's vest before flexing his fingers. "You are not Vanessa. However, I have already won the desired income. If you wish to give the civilians a show, I will accept." Yanking down his leather gloves in the midst of his own neutral and stoic tone, he finally yanks out his baton in a rapid but graceful twirl before flitting to his combat stance; Weight balanced around his gut, and poised to snap in any direction.
"You appear to be an able combatant, but not of my calibre. I'll allow you to begin the engagement at your leisure."

COMBATSYS: Rolento has started a fight here.

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Rolento          0/-------/-------|

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Rolento          0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Foxy has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Foxy             0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0          Rolento

Given the rather flashy introduction Rolento puts forth, Foxy can't help the idle smile that curls across her lips, though the wry show of disaffected amusement is curtailed by the advent of further stoicism. If anything, there's remnants of the expression, however subdued-- arrogant, perhaps, but only if one chooses to read it that way. Extending her rapier as she gives a rather flashy bow of her own, one leg extended while her free hand sweeps outwards, she straightens with the same remnant glimmer of her a smile, her eyebrows raising as she favors her opponent, assuming the proper stance.
"While I must concede that your assessment is likely to be correct," she says, her tone harboring a bit of an accent, though it remains implacable-- hispanic, perhaps?-- "--I've no particular need for favors. Attack as you see fit, and the outcome will see to itself. Otherwise, your introduction is well met."
That said, the woman's apparent speed is shown in the swift glide across the ground, her body lowered as her foot lashes out to catch the commando along his ankles, the sweeping manuever putting her in a prime position to enact the next stage of the attack itself, dependant on whether or not he's deflected. If he -doesn't-... he'll find that rapier lashing upwards and across the whole of his torso in a sharp arc, the tip digging into both the material of the man's uniform and the skin beneath-- although it's not likely to be more than a papercut in terms of how deep it is. This, as is, is simply preliminary.

COMBATSYS: Rolento blocks Foxy's Tree of Wisdom.

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Foxy             0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0          Rolento

There's not so much as a flicker of worry in Rolento's expression, although he does appear somewhat impressed by how Foxy holds herself. It's rare to see someone with the same manner of discipline he holds. Taking a wary step backwards as Foxy advances, her strike outwards is met by the baton; The weapon is diverted enough that it only cuts a neat line in Rolento's shoulder, exposing a red line. Skipping backwards from any further assault, the commando takes a momento to press his gloves into the wound and eye the crimson arc. "Interesting technique." he comments dryly, before then crouching down. His baton impacts the ground, curving almost to a C before leaping forward. Boosted by the peculiar usage of his baton, Rolento is a literal blur in the air as he then flashes down his baton with a raising snarl in an attempt to strike Foxy across the face and send her likely sprawling to the ground. He lands in a crouch, appearing to try and suffocate her by remaining a bit too close for comfortable melee weapon combat. He knows how to counter something like a sword.

COMBATSYS: Foxy blocks Rolento's Mekong Delta.

[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Foxy             0/-------/------=|=------\-------\0          Rolento

Placing the flat of her hand on the flat of the blade, Foxy readies herself by raising the blade to deflect the worst of the damage brought down by the baton, shifting her body so that the weapon is made to graze along her shoulder. Both the impact and the light cuff of the baton is negligable, but the man's speed is, at the very least, highly admirable. So is his poise. In this... she finds herself all the more interested.
"I could say the same of you," she replies cordially, drawing her arm back in such a way to give herself some room, the sword immediatly poised to take action. The couple of steps she takes backwards, however, are indicative of the fact that she's back to assessment, taking a clear look at the man in front of her. "For your relative side, your speed is commendable," she goes on to say, assuming a stance that's familiar to those who know fencing. "Your name, if you could be so kind?"
Whether or not she knew it before her arrival is up in the air. But she is, if anything, keenly aware of manners, even in the midst of a fray.

COMBATSYS: Foxy focuses on her next action.

[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Foxy             0/-------/------=|=------\-------\0          Rolento

The commando slides along the ground with his strike, twisting away from a retaliation that doesn't come. Foxy chose to instead achieve a better position for assault; While attempting to offset the mercenary with pleasant enough conversation. The latter doesn't bothor him, but it's not about to cause Rolento to sacrifice his combat abilities, either. One hand flashes into his jacket, before he crouches, vaulting upwards in a massive leap. He easily reaches two stories, before backflipping violently. A knife sizzles through the air, attempting to imbed itself into Foxy's right thigh.
"Ex-Army Major Rolento Schugerg, Vietnam veteran leader of Green Berets in the Mekong Delta." Rolento lands once more, skipping backwards and twirling his baton anew. "Presently attempting to achieve a utopia, free of the global corruption in the world!" He then waits, having little more room for discussion given Foxy's likely incoming assault.

COMBATSYS: Foxy dodges Rolento's Stinger.

[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Foxy             0/-------/------=|=------\-------\0          Rolento

If it did cause him to falter, Foxy might find herself disappointed. Watching him carefully as he vaults into the air, the white-haired Venezuelan is careful in her choice of motions, waiting for the knife to break into the air before skirting backwards all of two paces, neatly avoiding the knifestrike in spite of the fact that it, like the formative strike, comes at her with surprising speed. She's impressed, and she has no particular need to hide that fact.
"It would appear as though our aims harbor similarities, even if our preferred modus operandi don't," she observes, sheathing her sword and drawing either of her arms together to criss-cross over her lower abdomen. Raising up swiftly, she brings either of her arms down in a sweeping arc, a small, bladed object lashing out towards Rolento with a bit more umph put into the speed she employs. Whatever it is...
...the moment it impacts, if it does, it embeds itself into the man's shoulder, a heartbeat passing before the light *beep* gives an indication as to what it is. The explosion is far from furious, but it's liable to leave a sizable wound if he doesn't make the effort to deflect it, a plume of bright energy left in the wake of the eruption.
Straightening and once again retrieving her sword from its place along her side, she offers a smile, saying, "I've no title to offer you-- the name you can address me with is 'Foxy.'"

COMBATSYS: Foxy successfully hits Rolento with Horn of the Unicorn.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Foxy             0/-------/-----==|===----\-------\0          Rolento

The weapon does impact Rolento in the chest; He makes an attempt to yank it off, but the detonation bursts off exactly as planned. Sending stumbled backwards, Rolento doesn't appear to be too hurt overall; His clothing is badly singed, and there's a wince of pain, yet it's obvious that the mercenary is made of stern stuff. And the fact she attacks like such further impresses Rolento -- the worry that she might be disciplined in a more negative fashion as far as acceptable assaults are concerned has been dismissed. Standing at attention, whirling his weapon around and shifting his stance backwards, Rolento appears to now be in a defensive position. At first glance; But really, he looks to instead be observing intently for an opening of his own.
"You are an impressive fighter with sound discipline. There are regretfully few of those in the world. I'm pleased this was my alternative battle." Vanessa's quite the opposite of what he likes. A fiery fighter who assaults with blind passion, rather then cool and focused precise strikes. "I look forward to the conclusion!"

COMBATSYS: Rolento focuses on his next action.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Foxy             0/-------/-----==|===----\-------\0          Rolento

It helps that Foxy approaches everything in her life with calculated determination. It's a passion, but the emotional edge of it is largely subdued by the analytical nature she harbors. Noting his interest in catching her unaware, she continues her stance, smiling in an almost whimsical fashion at the commando as his compliment is granted. "As do I, Mr. Shugerg," she replies, her tone just as airy and relaxed as it was at the beginning of all this. As is, this man shows great promise. Enough that he might warrant further attention.
"And it's a pleasure to be of assistance," is added in a vaguely facetious tone, though it's clear that she's enjoying the engagement enough not to taunt him.
Enough chatter, though!
Taking a couple particularly swift steps forward, she lunges towards the man with the sword aimed for his thigh, the intent becoming clear. Shoulder-- leg-- she means to incapacitate his ability for quick motion if at all possible. Slowly, but methodically. Either way, the lunge is fast and the rapier itself aimed towarsd the tendons and musculature along his leg rather than the soft epidermal layers. Once completed, she withdraws in preparation for whatever assault he sees it fit to answer with.

COMBATSYS: Rolento blocks Foxy's Tree of Beginning.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////         ]
Foxy             0/-------/----===|====---\-------\0          Rolento

There's not been a change in Rolento's tone, either. It's the same cool, unbiased neutrality as the onset. He takes a mild step backwards as Roxy strikes forward, knocking aside the strikes in the same manner as earlier. Each only nicks him, far from the vulnerable positions intended. The end result is significantly more cosmetic damage, but all the gashes are very shallow. It looks like he doesn't need to rely only upon his speed in a battle -- he's rather tough at the same time. The moment she withdraws, however, Rolento drives himself forward. His stick jabs out for Foxy's gut, attempting to impact her and double her over it while his other hand strikes out to grasp the sock-like protrusion from her head. The sheer ferocity and speed of the assault might be unexpected for someone so on the defensive. "Nnngh!"

COMBATSYS: Rolento successfully hits Foxy with Fatality Package.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Foxy             0/-------/=======|======-\-------\0          Rolento

[OOC] Foxy x.x "Ow."

And such appears to work as desired. Rolento then presses the baton forward, arching it into a heavy curve, then releases Foxy's WINDSOCK. She's launched upwards in a mayhaps comical manner. But when Rolento then leaps up, catches her by the neck, and slaps a sticky grenade to her back, it's likely not a laughing matter. Hurling her towards the corner of the rooftop, the explosion goes off just a second before Foxy hits the ground -- which likely ends in her impacting it twice as hard, outside the obvious burn of a grenade. Rolento then lands, deftly skipping backwards for some distance.

It's a surprise, to say the least. The blow to her stomach combined with the grip on her flag-tied hair is enough to make Foxy loosen a light gasp, eyes going wide for a brief couple seconds as she launched into the air. Having had no time to consider the idea of trying to get into a better position to properly handle this flurry of assaults, the sudden slam of the grenade on her back, as well as the imminent explosion that sends her against the ground with a remarkably fierce impact is taken in stride as best she can -- nevermind that pieces of the flag that binds her hair, as well as the material along her back, are not only singed, but ripped apart. Or rather, the flag itself is-- the uniform is, shockingly, made of stronger stuff, the minor tearing just as negligable as ever.
Raising back to her feet after a moment's consideration, she breathes out a light sigh, raising the hand that doesn't clasp the rapier to place it over her heart. Apparently, an effort to calm herself some.
She doesn't reply verbally this time-- instead, she takes a few steps forwards and leaps into the air, whipping around in a swift arc with a shouted, "Hah!" to bring her sword down against the commando, the blade digging fiercely into his shoulder and going down in a diagonal line towards his hip, the slicing power put behind it threatening to open coral epidermal layers and fresh blood to the open air. Presuming she's allowed to land without interruption, she does so with remarkable stability for someone who's just been blown up.
Or had the attempt made.
"Your ferocity is exemplary, Mr. Shurgerg," she says, audibly enough. "And your lack of overt aggression is equally so."

COMBATSYS: Rolento blocks Foxy's Silver Moon.

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Foxy             0/-------/=======|======-\-------\0          Rolento

Yet once more, Rolento merely raises up his baton and dutifully spars with Foxy. The assaults are simply struck aside, and they merely dig into him lightly. Deeper then the other ones, but it's still nothing he appears to have a great amount of difficulty with. Foxy's got a lot of speed behind her, most definitely; That's making this assault more dangerous then it might otherwise be. He looks to be slightly off his feet in the end, but not enough that he's unable to twist around and then unleash a devestating backhand with the one not grasping the baton, trying to strike Foxy in the side of the head to send her sprawling away. It's more to gain Rolento a bit more breathing room then anything else, before he falls to a crouch and raises his wooden weapon wardingly. "Aggression, in the proper doses and circumstances, can be quite effective." is commented.

COMBATSYS: Foxy blocks Rolento's Fierce Punch.

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Foxy             1/-------/=======|=======\-------\0          Rolento

Given the trajectory, Foxy is forced to raise her arm against the blow instead of absorb the worst of it with the flat of her blade, though she's hardly forced to the ground as intended. Offering up a light grunt in spite of her poise, she doesn't have the inclination to make a show of pride-- especially when her expertise is secondary to her true purposes. Raising back to her full height as she takes a couple steps back, it would appear as though Rolento is given another reprieve, if only in the fact that the aristocratic Spaniard is allowing herself to once again focus on his weak points-- should he have any.
"Agreed," she replies, her voice showing some of her fatigue in the battle, but she's hardly anywhere close to falling over. "Taking avenues such as this, a modicum of aggression, while not impassioned, can be considered an asset-- but only in concerns to landing the preferred attack, rather than letting it guide the hand. Such things are prone to cause a lapse of judgement-- a staple of poor character."

COMBATSYS: Foxy focuses on her next action.

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Foxy             1/-------/=======|=======\-------\0          Rolento

The commando appears to similarly be preparing himself, spreading his stance and twirling his baton. There's a good distance between the two, and he does take the time to listen to the entirety of Foxy's present analysis. "Couldn't say it better myself...!" is commented, before Rolento stamps his foot upon the ground. A blade pops out of the tip of his boost, and with a twist of his heel fires in a flash of C02 right towards Foxy. It's meant to hit her in the shoulder, but more throw off her following attack then do any real amount of damage. Rolento then begins to move rapidly to the side, rolling in a tight and comical little ball. The overall effect will hopefully give him the advantage in the near future.

COMBATSYS: Foxy fails to slow Thrown Object from Rolento with Horn of the Unicorn.

[                     \\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Foxy             1/----===/=======|=======\-------\1          Rolento

The impact is immense.
In the midst of her speech, Foxy had no immediate preparations for the oncoming assault, but for an attempt to lash out with one of her own projectiles in this specific case-- a manuever that costs her dearly. Struck dead-on in the shoulder, the woman is driven back along the ground with a sharp cry caused by the pain of the impact, her entirity skidding along the ground a good few feet before she finally comes to a stop. Her rapier discarded thanks to the enormity of the blow she's taken, she has to reassess her positioning some, getting back to her feet and snatching at the weapon on the ground.
Breathing steadily, she has to once again collect herself, shaken-- though only physically-- by the pain that's lancing along her shoulder. While it distracts her from landing another attack, it's allowing her to feed the pain into something else entirely, her eyes closing for a couple seconds.
Not enough to throw down her guard, of course-- that rapier is raised and she's ready for anything that might come at her.
"After this has reached its conclusion," she says, somewhat breathless, "I'd be quite interested in establishing a dialogue with you, if you're amicable."

The mercenary appears content. He managed to catch Foxy completely off-guard; And rather then being a sign of her weakness, it's instead an enormous accomplishment for Rolento. That move has caught many people unexpected. But there's no followup, and Rolento looks to be taking the time to prepare some manner of finale to the matters at hand. He is breathing deeply, still crouched, baton still poised. He glances up towards the helicopter a moment, but that's the only sign of what might be to come. Once more, pleasure that Foxy has managed to still continue the fight at hand. "It would be my pleasure." Rolento muses, but gestures with his free hand in a manner impossible not to acknowledge. Finish the matters at hand, even if at this point the commando might have achieved a lead that Foxy will be unable to pass.

COMBATSYS: Rolento focuses on his next action.

[                     \\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Foxy             1/----===/=======|=======\-------\1          Rolento

To Foxy's mind, she has one good chance to really make an impact.
Watching him steadily, she doesn't reply immediately to the acceptance of her offer-- instead, she takes a moment to assess, and make her decision. There are a few options she could take... and one is weighing heavily on her mind.
In the end, her decision is moot. He's worthy of the effort.
"The world is but a desert," she says gently, before leaping into the air, her sword coming down in a fierce slash towards Rolento, similar to the one enacted before-- though there's the rush of energy that blasts past him, apparently seeing it fit to dig into the ground underfoot.

COMBATSYS: Rolento endures Foxy's Prayer of the Planet.

[                     \\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////                  ]
Foxy             0/-------/-----==|=======\===----\1          Rolento

As the slicing energy barrels into Rolento, the rooftop underfoot erupts with a rush of silverblue light and sprayed concrete, the impact slamming heavily against his back, the force of it all but slamming him forwards even as the wave continues to barrel into him relentlessly. Landing with ease onto her feet, Foxy breathes out a sigh of exertion, though she remains perfectly upright once she straightens, waiting patiently for the imminent retaliation.

[OOC] Yashiro says, "Have fun, Foxy."

But Rolento doesn't appear to do anything. The vicious slashes, Foxy's second full impact on Rolento, bite into him deeply. But his stance is tightened, and he merely crouches forward while accepting all of it. His baton is wedged into a crack caused by the explosion, and he lets out a mild grunt. But nothing more. It looks like it took a chunk out of the commando, but not nearly a game-ender. And the reason for him staying as such is apparent as the moment Roxy straightens and breaths, thinking that she stopped the man, Rolento states a foreboding word.
And then he yanks up. A wire, hidden upon the rooftop, snaps out. He must of planted it, and then lured the NESTS agent exactly where he wanted. Going with his ambush enough to endure one of her more vicious strikes. She might have time to half-blink or begin the motion of inhaling; Maybe even twinge in a direction to defend or evade.
But more then likely, it's going to whisk around her neck and tighten enough to cut the very blood flow to her brain off.

COMBATSYS: Rolento successfully hits Foxy with Take No Prisoner.

[                                < >  ////////////                  ]
Foxy             1/-------/=======|====---\-------\0          Rolento

And then Rolento leaps upwards, still gripping the wire. Someone descends from the helicopter at rapid speed on a zipline; Holding a large hook, attached via cable. Rolento notches the wire into it, and then descends with a snarl. Upwards Foxy flies, the back of her head hitting the wire; It won't go any further down, but Rolento is still applying pressure. His hand is less then an inch from the ground, trembling from the force, wire singing as the tension builds. It would be an ounce from killing her before Rolento taps his baton against the wire. It's so taut that it snaps with a comical sproing, and sends Foxy falling a healthy two stories as the Shank Squad member giggles and gets pulled back to the helicopter.
"Go!! Mission complete!"

It's difficult to even tell what's going on the moment her throat is seized. The less oxygen she gets, the more she can feel herself tapping out in spite of her own determination, the blows she's taken up until this point making it impossible for her vision -not- to haze over. Dragged bodily off of the ground and then plummetted right back towards it, the attempt that was made to get out of it is long forgotten-- and sadly, her consciousness comes back to her as she makes a harsh impact with the rooftop, her rapier skittering across the ground once she hits.
Gasping audibly as she lays on her side, she appears to be down for the count-- though not entirely. Any idiot could see that she's got a chance at something else, even if...
Raising to a kneeling position, though it takes effort, the scientist-turned-fencer takes a light hold of the flag that holds her hair, brutalized as its been. Pulling it from her hair, she allows the platinum tresses to fall over her shoulders, the flag itself, the mark of NESTS obliterated from it thanks to the explosion it got ripped up by, cast to the ground.
"While I've ever capacity to answer in kind," she says gently, clearly winded, "...You are, without question, the victor of this fight. Therefor... I concede, Mr. Shurgerg."

COMBATSYS: Foxy takes no action.

[                  \\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Rolento          0/-------/---====|

COMBATSYS: Foxy can no longer fight.

[                  \\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Rolento          0/-------/---====|

There looks to be preparation for a final assault; Rolento is not about to count Foxy out for some manner of grand finale, even if he's unaware of her ability to self-destruct. Luckily enough she's apparently too damaged for such, and he immediately lowers his baton. The idea she might be feinting to drop his guard looks to have not crossed his mind. "An excellent battle. I hope my tactics for winning will not be frowned upon." The baton is slot back in his harness, behind his back much like some might hold a sword. "My philosophy is that in war, one should never hold any effective tactic back. As you have seen, mine were exceptionally so. Morality and honor are tools that weaken one's effectiveness -- combats are not simple games with rules to me. Few appear to agree." The helicopter does begin to descend now. And it can be seen that about five members of Shank Squad are on ziplines, stabbing the air upside down in full cheer of Rolento's victory.

Picking up her rapier, Foxy raises to her feet, somewhat enfeebled but far from able to walk. Her body hurts, but pain is such a transient state-- it's easily avoided with the help of concentration. This, she's become all too aware of throughout her training. Chuckling softly at the amusing show from the man's squad, she sheaths her rapier, collecting the flag from the ground in the same fashion, though she merely curls it behind her neck beneath her hair for the time being. In spite of the odd way it stuck out while pulled up, her hair lays flat in the here and now.
"Morality is only necessary behind enemy lines," she says, her tone apparently picking up a bit more strength. "In the midst of a battle, it becomes irrelevant-- one must do what has to be done in order to achieve their goals, lest they find themselves falling short of expectation." Seems she can proverb right back at him 'til the end of time. "Now... while I fear my enfeebled state may lead towards an early egress from whatever conversation we find ourselves in, I'd be more than happy to make good of my request-- Unless, of course, you find yourself pulled towards other matters, in which case we can postpone until a later date."

The helicopter's wind begins to boil once more, and it might not make Foxy very happy with her newfound balance issues. But Rolento stands as straight as the onset, ergo covered in multiple small scratches, as well as some deeper ones; Singed to a delicious level as well. But more then able to continue chugging along, unabated. "It pleases me to hear that the tactics which make the most sense as far as useful applications are not entirely lost in this world." Reaching into his harness, Rolento pulls out a simple white card and then flicks it towards the NESTS agent. It has a number on it for an international line, and little else. "I believe it best if we both enjoy a mild respite, Ms. Foxy." A zipline falls over the edge of the airplane, and Rolento grasps it firmly. "Arrange the meeting whenever you desire through my intermediaries. It can be in an hour, if you truly think yourself capable. I will make sure to monitor that line." As he begins to ascend, Rolento then throws Foxy a salute. It's sharp and precise, but not one of an enlisted officer to a superior. Or even a superior to a higher officer. That of two peers. And then, the helicopter whisks away, Rolento quickly vanishing over the skyline.

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