SNF 2005.05 - Shinobu vs Ramon

Description: A match between two high-energy fighters ends with a surprising finish. (Draw Match)

The center of Southtown's rich importing and exporting trade--as well as
the Syndicate's far wealthier arms dealing and drug trafficking business--the
harbor consists of a series of piers, docks, and warehouses, all filling the
area to the brim with activity at almost all hours of the night. At any given
time, large cargo ships are coming in and out, and the entire zone is
perpetually busy with men loading and unloading the ships. As of late, a war
between organized crime factions has likewise made the harbor into something
of a warzone, with outbreaks of violence an almost weekly occurence.

It's another Saturday Night Fight! Even a 'second event' like this one draws the crowds, though at a safe distance, of course. Along a pier, the space for the fight is already set up, while people watch from atop high boats, with a couple of cameras set up as well. In the meantime, 'security' - really just local goons paid to keep the peace for a night - walks about, keeping a sharp eye on things. Spotlights on the ships flicker back and forth, as the sun fades away and they get ready to shine some light on the upcoming conflict.
In the meantime, Shinobu is busy crouching, shifting her weight from leg to leg as she stretches, looking a little bored. Standing, she twists back and forth, warming up. She has a couple bandages as it is right now, but nothing serious. She keeps in motion as she waits, seeming antsy to get started.

And Shinobu is luckily not kept waiting too long; Only a few minutes after the official time for the combatants to begin, the black and green spandex form of Ramon enters the designated area in the midst of stretching. He's on the balls of his feet, almost bouncing in his own manner of anticipation. There's a few calls from the crowd as he becomes visible, and he makes a point of waving to each camera as well as those settled on the sidelines. The last few weeks Ramon has been making quite the wave in Southtown despite most of his roots being in Mexico, and now not all the faces are hispanic. "Hey!" is called out, gesturing. "Let's get it started!"

COMBATSYS: Shinobu has started a fight here.

"Okay!", comes the reply from Shinobu, apparently taking that literally as she charges at Ramon, the sound of sneaker against wood as she drives towards him. As she comes in, she ducks a little, slamming a backhanded punch towards Ramon's solar plexus. It almost looks like the distinctive punch of some kung fu styles, where a flick of the wrist is used to add power to the punch. "Super attack!...", she starts to shout. But, instead, Shinobu stops the punch, short, driving all that power... into a mere finger-flick. "... just kidding!"

Well, that was fairly unexpected for Ramon. The sheer intensity of Shinobu's charge at the onset causes him to start, but it quickly turns into a much more amiable grin as he spreads into a flowing fighter's stance. Both forearms raise, braced, to stop a much more significant charge. But the finger-flick strikes past his defenses and pokes him dutifully, causing a bewildered 'Oof!' to leave his lips before the man stumbles back. "Well... that's new." He rubs the spot upon his chest with a grin, although does look a bit winded. And then he simply flows down further, flexing and unflexing his fingers. "C'mon!"

COMBATSYS: Ramon focuses on his next action.

Shinobu hops back, and instead of pressing her attack, eyes Ramon skeptically. "You're supposed to punch back!" She stops, going into a rough horse stance, punching to one side. "Like this!" She punches to the other side, flexing her arm. "Or this!" She then turns towards Ramon, punching straight ahead. Well out of the actual striking range, mind. "Let's try it again, okay?", she says with a smile.

COMBATSYS: Shinobu gathers her will.

"I was just getting ready!" Ramon states with a laugh, before then snapping forward. There's a rather impressive leap upwards done, arms held outwards like a flying bird before then ducking down in a swift roll, passing just overhead. It's done with lightning speed, before he then attempts to snap backwards and press his back firmly against Shinobu's own. Rather flashy, if simple in it's effectiveness... But if it succeeds, Shinobu might realize that even if he's 'joking' around it doesn't make him any less dangerous.

COMBATSYS: Shinobu blocks Ramon's Snapmare.

Shinobu gets caught, but goes limp, flying and landing on her feet rather than avoid the attack. Her weight goes onto the ball of her foot, and she says, "Cool!", before then lashing out with a punch... and then the cry of "Yayayayayaya!" as she jumps at Ramon, unleashing of torrent of punches with one arm. The leap adds an advancing quality to the flurry, and she lands running, continuing the attack for two steps before finally coming to a halt.

Well, Shinobu is flipped hellishly over Ramon's shoulder, but given that she simply lands heavily upon her feet in front of him the less then effective assault is noticed. "Huh." is his only comment thusly, apparently not quite able to assess his opponent's peculiar fighting style. But the sheer speed doesn't appear to much bothor him, forearm snapping to strike them fluidly aside. A couple sneak through and graze him, but still it's far from outright damaging.

And then he once more leaps back, perching on the corner of a storage box in a deft crouch before once more leaping towards Shinobu. His aerial assaults appear to be in full gear today, as he attempts to grasp Shinobu about the neck in the swift motion. "Tiger...!"

COMBATSYS: Ramon successfully hits Shinobu with Tiger Neck Chancery.

And it seems that Shinobu is not very lucky today, as he manages to swiftly slide around and then launch himself in the air, the hapless girl held in tow. A couple violent spins follow, before they both scream downwards with a bone-cracking suplex punctuating the assault that causes the entire deck to >THUNK< in a rather climatic manner. It was sheerply impressive, but well-aimed; The entirety of the force is absorbed into Shinobu's temple, likely making her /very/ much dizzy.

Shinobu gets grabbed and slammed hard, boards from the pier detonating in wooden splinters as Shinobu goes... down. She struggles for a moment, getting back up. Closing her hands together, she then drops a blue bubble, jumping back and away. The bubble rolls towards Ramon, and then suddenly bursts in a geyser of blue chi. Meanwhile, Shinobu lands on one foot, hopping on it as she seems to lose her balance. And though she regains it, she seems rather... unsteady.

COMBATSYS: Shinobu successfully hits Ramon with Petite Pop.

The little bubble is given a cursory glance, but Ramon begins to advance on Shinobu regardless before suddenly realizing that, well, it's something more. He begins to flash to the right before he's caught in the burst of energy, blown backwards and impacting the ground with a heavy thud. That appears to have rang his bell a little bit, but not enough to stop him from rapidly regaining his footing and charging towards Shinobu with a mild wobble. He then launches through the air, attempting to grasp Shinobu by the head with both legs and then twist hellishly, to send her spiraling away while he lands in a pushup-position.

COMBATSYS: Shinobu blocks Ramon's Fast Throw.

COMBATSYS: Shinobu successfully hits Ramon with Rumble Pop.
- Power hit! -

Well, this isn't going too well for Ramon. He's been able to compensate for weird styles in the past, but this is definitely something else. He dives to the side, but the bubble snaps around him rather swiftly before he's belted into the ground. He simply strikes it face-first, doubled over before rolling upon his back and coughing. "Ouch." he manages to wheeze out, before then kip-upping to his feet in a fluid kipup.
He then snaps towards Shinobu, attempting to grasp her by the arm and then rather swiftly spin around a couple times before depositing her face-first against the corner of a large metal shipping crate. Thunk?

COMBATSYS: Ramon successfully hits Shinobu with Arm Whip.

Shinobu gets nailed - and how, still seeming a bit rattled from the earlier attack. She shimmies for a moment as she slumps away from the crate, leaving an intentation behind, and then suddenly, she balls both this, and says, "Sorry, but I can't lose - Dragon Entry!" And then, she unleashes a storm of punches, simultaneously barraging with both arms at Ramon. As she finishes, she comes to a halt, rearing back, and then unleashes a final haymaker to finish the combination, saying, "This is it!" loudly.

COMBATSYS: Ramon dodges Shinobu's Dragon Entry.

Of course, Ramon manages to weave away from all of the blows with utmost concentration, like greased lightning and definitely showing his ungodly amount of raw speed. The final haymaker is avoided by a backwards hand spring, ending in him landing once more in a crouch before snapping forward and twisting towards Shinobu. "You are right, this /is/ the end!" is said with utmost confidence air, before he tries to once more grasp the peculiar younger girl by the head and prepare her for his devestating Snapmare...

COMBATSYS: Shinobu blocks Ramon's Snapmare.

Shinobu lands on her feet again, and folds her hands together again, and then seems surprised as this time she gets more of a melon-sized bubble, and she pouts, whining, "You avoided it..." She then flings the wobbly projectile at Ramon. "... okay, have this!" The bubble goes towards Ramon like a bumblebee, suddenly detonating as it hits the ground nearby.

COMBATSYS: Ramon blocks Shinobu's Petite Pop.

This time Ramon doesn't do anything rash in the slightest; He braces his forearms before himself, stance spreading as the explosion sweeps over his form. But when it fades, he's still standing there with a fair amount of smoke wafting from the spandex green and black of his suit. He lets out a heavy huff of breath, which is similarly darkened. "Whew." He then brushes himself off very fastidiously, stretching as if the fight was already over. "Time to end this!" This is far too confident, despite the fact he's not really upon the top of his game. "You ready? You put up a good fight!"

COMBATSYS: Ramon focuses on his next action.

Sometimes.. Crazy things just happen in the harbor. And whats about to happen is one of those things. Near one of the docks, there's some rippling, then bubbles form, and then finally a small person in a scuba outfit surfaces, in a blue wetsuit with a snorkel and goggles about their face. Spitting out the snorkel, she gasps, "Oh man! I though I was gonna die out th- Woah.. This isn't the beach." She reaches for the ladder on the dock, scaleing it as she raises her goggles to reveal herself as the Heavenly Hip-Hop Honey, Li Xiangfei! Nice.

Shinobu then dashes towards Ramon, saying, "You haven't seen anything...", before then tripping as her toes hook on some of the wooden boards broken earlier. And she goes... flying right at Ramon, flailing, "Waaaaa!", she shouts. It's not a deliberate attack, it seems, but she coming at him at a pretty good clip. In fact, it's not unlike his own flying body attacks, though much, much less coordinated.

COMBATSYS: Ramon endures Shinobu's Accident.

"Yaaah!" There's no notice paid to any outward interruption on the part of the fight's climax, as Ramon merely bolts towards the girl opposite. His shoulder simply lowers however, and every ounce of her force is met in a flying tackle. Her force transfers in a rather heavy thud, but with grit teeth he endures and attempts to strike the girl upon her back in a less then chivalrous manner. Hopefully, it doesn't work right... Or indeed, the fight /will/ be over. "Tiger..." Both arms snap down, trying to grab Shinobu by the legs.

COMBATSYS: Ramon successfully hits Shinobu with Tiger Spin.

And thusly, Shinobu is straddled in a less then prude manner by the Lucha Libre, before he proceeds to spin around with devestating spin as a crimson sillouette bursts behind. A whirlwind sweeps around, likely blowing into Xiangfei with significant force before the hispanic arcs the girl upwards. For just a moment she pauses, crowd gasping, before downwards Shinobu is hurled. She impacts the dock hard enough for everyone to feel it lurch upwards, the sound of wood cracking groaning from very far inside. And of course, the impact is entirely upon her head -- but at least it's nowhere that is going to be seriously hurt, right? The sound of a roaring tiger is the manifestation of his chi as the energy screams out in a whuff, met by Ramon's finale. "SPIN!!!"

As Ramon goes for his finale, one of Shinobu's arms comes out, and she flails at him, throwing out punches right and left before being flung away, hitting the deck and lying still. It was a desperate move, but she didn't have much left... even with her ability to withstand blows, the throw proved too much for her. Her arm rises, throwing a couple more weak punches as she lies face down... before going limp.

Xiangfei gasps a bit for air, looking around seeming bewildered about where she ended up. Where was she? What if there was no way to get back home? *Gyuuuu*
Well first thing was first, and that was to get some eats before panicing. Seeming good with her plan, she walks on, looking for the nearest food court, pausing then to the seeming end of a battle, one of the combatants a familiar face who's getting high, "Oooooh. Man, -that- didn't look fun," she can just pretend she was here the whole time, 'scouting the fight'. However the impact as well as the gust of the whirlwind sends the already disoriented waitress spinning twice before falling over onto her stomach, "Oof."

COMBATSYS: Shinobu can no longer fight.
COMBATSYS: Shinobu successfully hits Ramon with Strong Punch.
- Power hit! -

Of course, this isn't condusive to Ramon staying conscious after the fight. He's rather swiftly punched during the entire asault, but that doesn't cause him to stop. But just as she impacts the ground, the Lucha Libre is clocked right in the face with a strike probably much more luck-filled then anything else. He then stumbles away, managing to thrust his hand towards the crowds before thudding over as the world blacks out. Well... saying it was a boring fight would be a lie, right?

COMBATSYS: Ramon takes no action.
COMBATSYS: Ramon can no longer fight.

And so, the spotlights turn to the two fallen forms. The TV commentary goes unheard, being spoken from a... secure location. A number of medics come out to cart the fighters away, and the security slips around them as they're carted off to the nearest medical facility... at least for the hour or two it takes a good fighter to get up again after a fight like this. And another Saturday Night Fight ends, with a surprising finish for both fighters.

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