SNF 2017.07 - SNF: Let the Darkness Consume

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Description: And in a little too public MIDNIGHT CHANNEL, the rise of Darkstalkers in the King of Fighters tournament has left ripples in the fighting community. And with public appearance, comes public acceptance... even from the worst of the creatures. In the shadow of the Great Wall of China, a shade haunts. The living shadow Daniel Little, former agent of Interpol, has been seen at the place where he revealed to the public just how close he was to the Darkstalkers, a distant memory of a humanity that has long left him. Fighting him? The very creature that brought him into his sorry state, Lotus. Overseeing this match is the luscious and lovely Felicia; a representative of the King of Fighters with a team of her own. As chaos agent, she will be a free fighter in this match, free to interfere and fight as need be as she judges them worthy of the King of Fighters. Will these darkstalkers meet her high standards? Or can the cat handle it when the two opponents go at it... like dogs?

The Shanhai Pass wasn't isolated.

The section of the Great Wall was actually quite the tourist destination. A short walk from the train station, and a person could see the workshops and rustic shops that were filled to the brim with touristy delights. It was almost trashy, in only the way that a Chinese historical landmark could be. It was nearly always crowded, nearly always overflowing with people, and noisy, oh so noisy.

But not at midnight.

The site was upon the stone stairway leading up to the Zhendong Tower over it. It was dark, with a half moon staring over the steps. It was deathly quiet. The twelve foot tall walls all around loomed heavily over, with towers glaring down around the Horn Peak mountains. It was isolated now; not even the birds were out. Because there was a special flavor of fighting that would be coming here.

The first sounds comes with the mists.

Pale skinned figures and strange shapes flicker from the shadows over the wall, bearing camera equipment and sharp fangs as they transfix them to the building mists. Black, coiling smoke claw at the stone steps as they boil over. It was pooling, swimming. One of the creatures of the night, a hairy thing with furred knuckles, grunting at the beautiful catwoman at his side. "So is this supposed to be place? Where are the fighters?"

"Or is this just another dumb promotion from Lee Chaolan?

Felicia is there, in her lounge singer-esque attire--white cocktail dress and blue heels and gloves--sitting in a foldout chair at the top where the hairy guy is carrying the stuff up. She waves at him distractedly, pushing down the sunglasses she was wearing to peer at him with her green cat-like eyes.

"Just put that down over there, hon," she gives him a pleasant enough smile, she knows how to work the 'help' as it were, it appears. "And there'll be a cold six-pack in it for you, and maybe even more," she grinned, laughing a bit.

The silence resumes after the conversation between Felicia and her companions..... for a few moments, at least. A giggle is heard, and looking up wher the sound came from, a dark shape can be seen crawling down the side of the Great Wall, evading attempts to shine a light upon it!

Another bout of silence, when a voice whispers in the ear of the camera-carrier... breathy and sultry "Oh, we're here all right...". As Lotus says this, she slides a knife up to the individuals throat, and liiiiicks the side of his face slowly "You could be delicious..... too bad i have other 'plans'. Maybe later....".

The knife withdrawn and put away as her pale yellow eyes peer into the night in search "I wonder how my dear brother has been doing since our last meeting..... the news has been SO dire lately!". Another giggle.....

The creature can't help but bare his hungry teeth at the invitation of the catwoman. Placing down the camera and sound equipment, he breaths on his hairy palms, and slicks back the hair around his horns. "Well uh, I guess if you put it like that-"

And then, the giggling rises.

The arrival of Lotus comes with a little hesitation even from the other Darkstalkers. The camera-man's fur hackles up as he stumbles backwards, tripping over a boom mic and falling backwards. He would have something to say... except at the same time, the mists were spiraling around.

Lotus, Lotus, Lotus..."

The shadow rises up, taking humanoid form and shape. Only a shadow, with piercing yellow eyes and a row of sharklike teeth twisted in a grimace. Gradually, the features, the muscles, the silk clothing manifest around him, as the former Daniel Jack emerges as the Ladykiller. The shade tsk tsk tsks. "If you wanted my company, scuzzy, you should have looked for me. I would have snapped your bones and ground your face off, you worthless brat. You can't even get yourself together to find our mother, and my lover!" The detective lets out a feral snarl, as orange energy flares around him, before coughing in his fist. "Erm, you're lucky I've had a nice talk with a pleasant vampire lady. So yes, I'm doing well. Getting better controlllllll-

""lllllllwwwwwwhy hello there miss!"

Daniel Jack shifts into a formless cloud of black mist, slithering and sliding towards the camera, right up to Felicia. A certain charm comes on that smile, as he spreads his clawed fingers out. "My name's Daniel Jack; you can call me the ladykiller. Are you part of the entertainment tonight, or are just here to get a good look at me."

He gives Felicia a little wink.

Felicia laughs a little, her features demure and lady-like--in this form, anyway. She's got one leg folded over the other as she covers her mouth with her blue-gloved hand, tittering at the hairy man tripping over the boom mic and falling over. "So hard to find good help these days," she presses the back of her gloved hand to her forehead, melodramatically.

"Ladykiller? Acquitted?" Felicia smiles, her rouged cupid's bow lips forming a smile, as she blinks a bit up to him as she realizes the fighters are assembling.

"Both, actually," she answers engimatically.

With an amused grin, Lotus tosses a dagger up and down in one hand in anticipation "Oh, you wound me brother! Sometimes things must be savored a bit! You needed TIME to.... acclimate to your capabilities. Now that such time has passed..... well, lets just say its time for the fun to start". She gives a sideways glance at Felicia, grin still in place, and the guy on the floor now forgotten "Ooooohhhh....... you have his attention now. The question now is which way he wants to eat you.... the FUN way, or the MESSY way...... " she gives a laugh "Which is which depends ENTIRELY on personal perspective!". She seems to find her own joke far funnier than it really is......

Daniel Jack was actually feeling a bit calmer now.

Certainly, there was a feral drive. But around the other creatures of the night, especially the vampire ones, he couldn't help but feel a bit tamed. Baring his teeth, he was looking over the catlady, he waggles his eyebrows before Lotus has to come and interrupt. Daniel Jack growls, glaring daggers at Lotus, before asiding a glance towards Felicia. He lips his teeth with a pink tongue, considering. And then, he answers Lotus.

"Both, Actually.

Daniel Jack strides away from the catwoman, keeping his eyes on her for a moment longer, before coming to a rest at the steps. "You don't have anything to say about your mother, Lotus? She's dead you know. And she doesn't want to come back to take care of us. Doesn't that even give you a little twitch, or a flinch?" DAniel bares his teeth at her, as he falls into the defensive stance of Todoh-Ryuu, one palm forward, one palm behind it. And yet, his fingers curled in rage. "You're nothing more than a killing machine. I'll rip your SPINE from you AND CONSUME YOU!" Black mist coils around him with orange energy, as a bloodlust takes over him. The charm faded for a moment.

It wouldn't be back long.

COMBATSYS: Daniel has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Daniel           0/-------/-------|

Felicia re-crosses her legs and sits back as she begins to watch the two go at it. She has been looking forward to this fight and claps her hands as the /on call wet bar tender/ she has hired out for this excursion brings her up a mxed drink cocktail in a huge glass--the kind with a paper umbrella in it and straw, this catwoman is sitting pretty, after all. As Jack begins to glow with energy, she blinks and pushes her sunglasses back up onto the front of her hair, angling her head down to peer at the fight with greater scrutiny.

Lotus just seems to stare at Daniel, her grin never fading....

Her eyes, however, are ANOTHER story.

Her brow furrows, eyelids quivering slightly due to tensed muscles. Her gaze is one of cold fury "You know NOTHING. I want to see ALL my siblings kept safe. INCLUDING YOU you dunce! Bringing the dead back to life is NOT something within my power, so i've been doing what i CAN do: stay alive and see what i might come across". For a moment there is an expression of sadness (maybe even regret) on Lotus' face "I cared.... care about her as much as you do....".

Just as fast, the fury is back again "HOW DARE YOU ACCUSE ME OF DOING OTHERWISE!" She punctuates this by tossing that dagger in her hand at the poor tripped-over camera-carrier, pinning him through the shoulder to the floor "How dare you......". She glaaaaaaares at Daniel as she approaches him.

COMBATSYS: Lotus has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Daniel           0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0            Lotus

Certainly, Felicia would have her entertainment.

The poor camera carrier groans as he takes a knife to the shoulder, pinning him to the ground. "H-h-help!" He cries out, as the grim faced vampire just belts out. "Start the fight!" As chi energy builds around the shade, Daniel's gaze does not break. He sees that reaction through the grin. He could see that flicker of... well, it could be humanity. He wanted to take it, and twist it into the ground. Rage builds up over him.

Fio would forgive him for what he would do to his sister... and the bringer of his torment.

"All your siblings? Do you even know where they are sister? Sister..." He draws out, shaking his head. "You're not even family to me. You've gone to the shadows like the others, surrendering Fio to oblivion. I'll drag her back into Lord Dohma's clutches. And the first thing I'll make her do?"

"Make you into a little lapdog that I can give that sweet vampire lady!"

Daniel Jack leers as he bursts forward, whipping his arms up and over into a immaterial slash. His limb was a blur. But with it, came a cascade of chi energy, ripping forward in a deep slash of orange and black energy. Should it connect, it would blow Lotus right back.

And he would just keep on coming.

COMBATSYS: Daniel successfully hits Lotus with Kasane Ate.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Daniel           0/-------/-----==|===----\-------\0            Lotus

Lotus is too angry to think it through, and before she can bring up her guard, she's knocked back by Daniels energy blast!

But she recovers fast, and charges forwards to meet him!

"Shadows!?!? I've been out and about constantly LOOKING for who i could! AND FUCK YOU AND YOUR LAPDOGS!" She leaps at Daniel, daggers out, in an attempt to land on him as WELL as stab him!

COMBATSYS: Daniel interrupts Catch the Prey from Lotus with Jumping Jack Flash EX.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Daniel           0/-------/=======|=======\=------\1            Lotus

Not fast enough.

As Daniel unleashes the wave of energy, his body begins to burn brighter and brighter, the orange energy tendrils cascading over his shadowy form. He was building himself into a frenzy. He was striding towards Lotus, slipping between the material and immaterial. "Oh, so you've been looking? And don't knock the lapdogs, sister; you'd make a nice pet!" As Lotus takes to the air, daggers out, the detective rises up, leaping up in the air at her. The dagger drives deep into his shoulder as he seized his fellow abomination in both hands. Catching her by her chest, he whips her back over his head, and then, -drives- her into the ground headfirst, with an explosion of orange chi all around him. Landing fixed on his feet, he rips the dagger out from his shoulder, and tosses it to the ground. "Now that's you've been tamed a bit," He begins, grinning.

"Why don't you tell me who have you found, Sister?!"

With a growl, Lotus pulls herself free of the ground, hurting and bleeding from a variety of places, though no less furious than before "So far no one. As you have said, they've all slipped away. That DOESN'T mean i haven't LOOKED!". She blurs forwards, slashing from multiple angles in a rage, aiming for arteries and veins!

COMBATSYS: Daniel dodges Lotus' Slice and Dice.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Daniel           0/-------/=======|=======\=------\1            Lotus

"So in other words, useless."

Daniel carefully meets each of the slices with deft footwork, pushing aside the slashes as he repositions carefully, moving with a degree of focus as he keeps his minds eye on Lotus. The senses of Lotus, the hungry scent was filling him. "Looked and failed. Failure, failure, failure. I'm real disappointed Lotus. The only thing you seem to be useful for is licking the stones on the ground."


On the final slash, Daniel suddenly shifts through the slice, turning into a coiling mist as he passes through it. Repositioning against Lotus's flanks, he explodes forward with a palm strike with the left, chaining into a hand chop with the right. A familiar combination, as he continues to chain it with careful footwork, pushing in towards Lotus. He would follow the assault up with a driving elbow jab with the left, and then a second elbow jab, before finishing with a driving rising palm strike, aiming to send Lotus in the air. A familiar pattern, with only a little more. Daniel Jack was trapping Lotus in the Ladykiller loop. And with one purpose. "It looks like, Sister, I'm going to have to tame you."

"You're just out of control now, aren't you"

COMBATSYS: Daniel successfully hits Lotus with Zoot Suit Riot.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////                 ]
Daniel           1/------=/=======|=======\====---\1            Lotus

Unfortunately for Lotus, she is completely unprepared for Daniels offense. He has her badly off balance emotionally, and it's working extremely effectively.

Her body roocks with the impacts, the final palm strike sending her again flying back into the air! She spins and flicks a dagger, dripping with venom, towards him as she lands unsteadily. She abruptly grins, wiping blood from the corner of her mouth "It seems you really HAVE come into your abilities. MY plan succeeded, regardless of the results of this little spat....". She giggles, which becomes a mad cackle "So delicious!"

COMBATSYS: Lotus successfully hits Daniel with Pinprick.

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////                 ]
Daniel           1/-----==/=======|=======\======-\1            Lotus


Daniel Jack's response as he takes the knife was pained. Certainly, he tried to dodge after his assault come hammering into her. But the toxic blade comes out, straight into his gut with a grazing slice. Enough to cut in... and enough to bring the poison in. And yet, he doesn't yield. As the venom runs through him, it solidifies and clots the black mist, stiffening him. And yet, the bared teeth comes as Daniel starts pouring his presence straight at Lotus. His gaze was intensifying.

And his motives darkening.

"My plans are simple, Lotus. I'll make you help me find Doctor Tessitore. And then, when I find her soul, I'll have Lord Dohma revive her, and force her into service. I will have our mother back, and she will be mine."

"And so will you, Sister."

The black mist spreads around Daniel, as the tendrils lash out, attempting to brush against Lotus... harmlessly. The tendrils wouldn't seem to have much effect, as a coiling darkness begins to spread around Daniel, infecting the stone steps around the Great Wall. "Come on, Sister." He says to Lotus, teeth twisted into a grin.

"Lets see if you can scream."

COMBATSYS: Daniel Jacks it up a notch!

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////                 ]
Daniel           1/----===/=======|=======\======-\1            Lotus

Lotus puts her hands on her hips, rolling her eyes, laughter halting "You still don't GET it. You don't HAVE to MAKE me help do that. I WANT to do that! DUH! Ya big dummy!" She snickers "Except, you know.... that whole 'will be mine' shit. That's just weird".

She smiles as he says to 'Come on'. With that, she moves in, blurring this way and that to try to throw him off, before lunging at him in an attempt to sink her teeth into his upper body or neck!

COMBATSYS: Daniel interrupts Deadly Kiss from Lotus with You Got Jacked! EX.

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////                          ]
Daniel           0/-------/---====|=======\==-----\1            Lotus

Oh, you do now?"

Daniel's response was mirthful, as the tendrils stick to Lotus. As she forces her way through, it was almost like a web, faint and guiding. Daniel Jack was already lowering down, sinking lower and lower, as the perceptions of shadows shift and distort. Lotus was a blur, yes, but the tendrils, the shadows clung to her form. As she descends upon Daniel, bring those terrible fangs deep into his shoulder-

Daniel seizes her.

He rises higher and higher up, spiraling through the shadows. It could be miles, it could only be a few feet. The distortions of the shadows made distances impossible to gauge. As he reaches the apex, he swings her high up again once more. And then he descends. Faster and faster, long and longer. The shadows around spiral, cascading around into a whirlwind of light as it fades. There was a single black hole at the center, as Daniel bursts through, slamming Lotus through, deep into the depths with an explosion. Stones erupt upwards in shards, as the blast consumes all around, the shadow tendrils bleeding away into orange light. He buries Lotus so deep, so far in, so far in. "Well," Daniel says, grabbing the oozing black at his shoulder.

"Lets get weird then, Sister."

Silence across the battlefield.......

There is no sign of Lotus anywhere. The earth in the area is completely decimated, with rocks, dirt, and dust everywhere!

Suddenly, from the ground beneath his feet, Lotus BURST out of the loose soil, stabbing upwards with both weapons simultaniously aimed for center of mass!

Hit or miss, afterwards she leaps up and back, revealing just how much damage he had done: part of the left side of her scalp is gone, nothing but white bone covered in dirt-caked blood. The eye on that side dangles by the optic nerve, which itself hangs from the seemingly crushed socket. One of her legs has a HUGE gash in it, as does her torso and arms which bleed freely for a few moments.

Yet even now, the wounds can be visibly seen closing, disgustingly as it seems. She pulls out the pieces of crushed bone and pops her eye back into the socket with a sickening squish as her whole body spasms "Yeeeeeees.... "Things progress nicely. I'll be seeing YOU later, brother!".

With a blur she leaps away, vanishing into the darkness of the night with what speed she can manage!

COMBATSYS: Lotus can no longer fight.

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Daniel           0/-------/---====|

COMBATSYS: Daniel blocks Lotus' Spider Bite.

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Daniel           0/-------/--=====|

No dice.

Rebuffing the explosion of stone from below, the shade rips back at the slicing blades, catching the blades roughly as he beats them aside. He was tracking her, trailing her with a rising bloodlust. He was ready to break her even more, rip her apart, tear her apart. And then, as she pulls herself just back together she....

She was gone.

There was a round of applause, as Daniel stares, his eyes wide. Lip quivering, he stares around, as the crew begins to chattering, ready to pack up... and he turns to them.

"Get in here."

The camera goon, the create managing the camera, scoffs. "Come on man, you won. You can just move on-" Daniel Jack grabs the hairy creature, lifting by the neck. With a snarl he hurls him across at the steps, body burning with chi fire. He locks his eyes at Felicia, lust mingling with rage and hunger. "Get over here sweetheart. I'm not done fighting yet." He growls, beckoning Felicia with one finger. "Yeah, yeah, you don't even have to fight back if you don't wanna. Just promise me one thing." Daniel's former, battered and still bleeding black mist, sneers at the catgirl.

"Scream for me."

COMBATSYS: Daniel awaits the next challenger.

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Daniel           0/-------/-======|

"If you want a performance out of me, you best be prepared to pay," Felicia looks up from where she'd been watching the fighting from earlier, now just standing there. Her green eyes scan over to where Daniel hails her from, setting down a drink cocktail in a large fancy glass she had been drinking from, via a straw. There is the sound of clicking stiletto heels as Felicia approaches, still clad in her dress and lounge singer-ish human-form disguise--or at least one could consider it a disguise when she's around Lee. The shoes and dress are both expensive and Italian, courtesy of Chaolan's /impressive/ bankroll, not to mention her own salary as a Violet girl. This is why care is taken as she strips off her long blue shoulder-length gloves, casually slipping off each heel before setting them down and placing her folded gloves in the insides of them.

"Of course, when you play against a Catwoman, you best be prepared to be dealt,"--she throws off her rich white strapless evening gown with a flourish. In a flash of light, her amazon catwoman form is standing there, having hulked out in seconds from her more feminine form.

"From the /bottom/ of the deck, rrorrrowwl!" she flexes her now furred hands and feet, knuckles cracking in both at once and tosses the dress over the camera goon.

"Hold that for me, big boy, me and Daniel will be busy for a few minutes," she flicks her tail and leaps off the ground, flying directly toward Danial and jutting out the heel of her foot for a drop kick!

COMBATSYS: Felicia has joined the fight here on the right meter side.

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Daniel           0/-------/-======|-------\-------\0          Felicia

COMBATSYS: Daniel dodges Felicia's Light Kick.

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Daniel           0/-------/-======|-------\-------\0          Felicia

Daniel was fighting to keep his footing.

There was no reason to bring his rage into others, especially the crew. But he wanted more. More fighting, more combat, more everything, More, more, more. And the gorgeous catwoman in the cocktail dress, he was the focus point of every lust and hunger for the wild Darkstalker. As she approaches, Daniel could only lick his lips.

And she strikes.

"Queen beats a Jack," Daniel sneers, as he slips around the drop kick, leaving only a trail of black mist where he was. "But you aren't... spade? Sorry, I didn't think this through." Daniel's hasty apology comes in as the detective unleashes a swift palm strike with the left, followed by a hand strike with the right. A quick elbow jab from the left comes, before Daniel would attempt to seize up the minion of Lee Chaolan. And should he get a grip? He would pivot, whipping her around into a rough smash on her back.... and then attempt to get her arm into a lock, to pin her down. Rough.

But Daniel played rough.

COMBATSYS: Daniel successfully hits Felicia with Skiffle Drop.

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Daniel           1/------=/=======|======-\-------\0          Felicia

Felicia landed from her missed jump-kick with catlike agility, befitting her species, really--she could keep her balance and fight on surfaces and terrain that most humans could not. She is jabbed with that elbow, then taken for a ride (let me take you for a ride o/`) by Daniel, smashing her down on her back. Her hands and toes are visibly splayed out thanks to the racing waves of pain from the trauma. Her arm then put into a lock by the man above her. She winces and arches her back in pain--her tail trying to wrap around Daniel's throat like a snake to /squeeze/ and try to pull him off--as she bucks her back and tries to throw him off like a bronco.

But can Daniel ride this Catgirl?!

COMBATSYS: Daniel endures Felicia's Medium Throw.

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Daniel           1/----===/=======|======-\-------\0          Felicia

The answer was yes.

She was -much- stronger than he expected at first, the aggressive woman pouring in the relentless power. She was stronger than Lotus, physically at least. As she bucks and fights, Daniel Jack was beginning to smolder with orange chi. Cascading over his body, a black mist spreads around him, the tendrils of shadows lashing out on the catgirl as he fights to get a grip. As the tail whips around his neck, he finds himself unable to BREATH. And yet, the ex-detective's face was coiling into a twisted smile, fangs baring out. Oh, he was being strangled; and the fighting back was only making the pain worse. And his grip was not escaping.

No, it was tightening.

The shade was even repositioning his legs around, setting up a mount on Felicia as she continues to struggle, as she continued to suffer. "No, sweetheart, I told you to -scream-." Daniel snarled, as he begins another wrench, -harder- this time. He was moving to overpower, something that he was depending on his position to do. He was taking advantage of his position, and was going to dislocate the joint at the shoulder. And the elbow, and the -wrist- as he makes driving, twisting jerks up and down. If Felicia didn't buck him off fast, he would be ripping that pain from her. He would make her cooperate... as the crew continued to film. One of them has a cellphone out. "Someone call corporate." The vampire says.

"They won't like a Violet Girl getting Ladykiller'd."

COMBATSYS: Felicia blocks Daniel's Mad Jack Crack.

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Daniel           0/-------/--=====|=======\====---\1          Felicia

"They call your type gumshoe because you get stuck under feet a lot?" Felicia groans and winces as she is crunched in that position, eyes shut tight and teeth bared, the muscle in her arm tensing as Daniel attempted to pop it out of it's socket--it hurt, a lot--but her catwoman regeneration allowed her to resist losing the use of it.

Her feet swing back and toward him and would try to lock around his head to throw him off her that way--trying to throw him off and into the nearby stone wall!

"Didn't figure you for that type--that's more Stray's thing!" she coughs, clearing her throat.

COMBATSYS: Daniel dodges Felicia's Power Throw.

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Daniel           0/-------/--=====|=======\====---\1          Felicia

And Daniel Jack's temper was building.

The grin fades painfully as the former detective failed to get that extra TWIST out of Felicia. The woman was too strong, too... much. The regeneration, like with Lotus, should have gotten more pain out. And yet... only mere groans. There had to be something more. "Doubt Interpol's interested in my work anymore. Though I guess my old private PI license could get... dusted.... off..." He was struggle, trying to make the wrench. And like that, she was bringing her legs up, wrapping them around his head. The pivot comes, and Daniel is seized up. He is brought around, thrown away towards the very stone wall of the Great Wall. And finally, he releases Felicia...

And rebounds off the wall.

Leaping back off the wall, he was already bounding straight back across the air towards Felicia. Chi energy flows over him, the energy rolling across his form. No energy attacks this time, but a single aerial kick, snapped out in a quick jab. Daniel wasn't... well known for his air-based attacks. But as he dives back, he snaps back.

"Now can you give a damn SCREAM sweetheart?"

COMBATSYS: Daniel successfully hits Felicia with Light Kick.

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////               ]
Daniel           0/-------/-======|=======\=======\1          Felicia

"Maybe they had to scrape you off," Felicia she struggled under Daniel still. One could say this was an average start of a weekend for Felicia, groaning with some guy ontop of her--but then that someone would be handed their liver. Once she finally has Daniel off her, she pulls herself up to her feet with limberness still in her, cracking her neck and working her shoulder. It was still pretty tender, the joint that is--he'd nearly succeeded in disabling that arm, and catgirl regeneration was taking it's damn time, as usual. She could heal a bullet wound in seconds--the tearing involved with jerking a limb from the socket was in a lot of ways more severe.

"Speaking of scraping you off--they're going to have to off these walls when I'm finished with you!" She begins to flash in a prismatic array of colors as the catgirl rolls into a ball and speeds right towards Daniel, springing out of it with a flurry of dance-like punches and kicks--trying to lay him flat!

COMBATSYS: Felicia successfully hits Daniel with Dancing Flash.

[                  \\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////              ]
Daniel           1/----===/=======|====---\-------\0          Felicia

That was the ugly truth of Daniel.

As much of a monster as he was now, he was still Todoh-Ryuu. His strength wasn't even a great deal increased from his human form; his endurance was somewhat sideways as well. The loss of focus meant he struggled to keep his mind in a fight; he was in some ways more frail than he was before, with his weaker resolve. As he lands the kick, he recovers, a mess of mist. "No joke, they did sweetheart." Daniel would get into more details, but... Felicia wasn't letting him. The catgirl was -ripping- into him, unleashing a flurry of kicks and punches in a full dance show. Daniel might have appreciated in another context. But here....

Here... Daniel -does- end up splattered.

The final blow comes, and the shade hits the wall. A big, black smear on the wall, laid out flat by the sheer force of the assault. The content was... unclear, until the bones and organs poke out. Ick. The splatter quivers, and collapses. Daniel, groaning in agony, drags himself together, his own regeneration mustering together a complete form... well, incomplete, as the whole thing looks awfully lopsided. "Lady, that's not cool. I can't say I didn't ask for it, but.... nnnngh..." Daniel trembles, as his body burns with orange chi. He groans in pain, before the bloodlust takes over.


Daniel roars as he flings himself at Felicia, hurtling forward with a palm strike with the left, a hand chop with the right. And then he begins to unleash the full combination. Elbow jabs, hand chops, palm strikes, and kicks come in a storm, as the shade tries to break her back. Breathing hard, and still somewhat off-centered in appearance, he only breaks from the combination for one thing: Another lash out with both arms on the same arm he targeted before... for another pin into wrench, to utterly cripple the arm. The ex-detective wanted his scream. He needed it.

He fed off it.

COMBATSYS: Felicia dodges Daniel's Harlem Sunset.

[                   \\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////              ]
Daniel           0/-------/-----==|======-\-------\0          Felicia

A right cross, a blow to the stomach, followed by a spin and a knee to the chest--then Felicia followed it up with a kick as she leaned all the way back that was almost vertical--throwing Daniel back, smashing him against that wall indeed in a smear against it!

"Maybe you should get back to videotaping cheating husbands--the donuts haven't worn off you yet, detective man!" she shifts left and right, lightning fast--her movements jerky and almost too fast to see, like a Tim Burton stop motion effect--her knuckles crack and pop as she grabs his arms instead of letting him pin her, getting up close and personal as she shoves her face into his.

"One of us is gonna be screaming honey, but odds are it won't be me," she leaned forward and would attempt to drag her tongue up along his chin and then over the corner of his mouth, her eyes half mast with a pleased trill rousing from her throat. She then SHOVED him back and her clawed extended from the tips of her fingers in a bestial display, attempting to go in for a grab and swing herself around him, the claws trying to take into him as she literally tried to use him like a pole and swing around him--claws sinking in and tearing away at flesh as she went!

COMBATSYS: Daniel blocks Felicia's ES Hell Cat.

[                     \\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////              ]
Daniel           0/-------/---====|===----\-------\0          Felicia

"What a -tongue- you have!"

Daniel Jack was trying to catch her, trying to pin her down. The monster wanted her. The human? Actually grinning through that madness, as he chuckles between the lucid moments and feral rage. "You're a real charmer, you know that? All the better to -break you- with my dear."The tenacious spirit of the detective was fighting, was enduring, was clinging on. But the hunger, the ever consuming hunger. He wanted something from Felicia. But as she kept denying him it.

It just made him want it more.

As the shove back comes, Daniel's assault comes to an end, and his defense is made to begin. As the claws come, well, claws are a problem. As she swings around him like a pole, Daniel can only meet halfway; turtling up, he tries to guide Felicia away from his precious body, and only his limbs. Already, long contrails of black mist were oozing from him, as he goes from lopsided to almost deflated. He didn't have a great deal of fight left in him. As he struggled, brutally struggled, he needed to close this fight.

And he makes the attempt with a palm strike.

And a hand chop.

The combo begins like all the others, palm strike left, hand chop right. This time, when the elbow comes, the orange chi was boiling over him. He attempts to finish Felicia without the arm twisting; no, he was going outright with the waves of chi, not one, not two, but three swift slashes of chi, point blank, as his body continues to boiling out the black mist. He was barely able to stand. But as his yellow eyes burn, the teeth bare.

"I'll tame you yet catwoman!"

COMBATSYS: Daniel successfully hits Felicia with Ragtime Riot EX.

[                      \\\\\\\\  < >  ////////                      ]
Daniel           0/-------/=======|=======\==-----\1          Felicia

"Big bad wolf? But I'm not a grandma!" Felicia felt on the inside just a bit scared by how tenacious and ravenous man, he frightened even the darkstalker in her! Which was ferocious.

Felicia brings her left arm up to try and deflect the attack--the chop snaps the bone of her forearm like a pencil--leaving her arm hanging on only by tendons and skin--the skin very much bruised and reddened by bone protruding from the skin. Her first thought is to scream--but she digs her teeth into her lower lips--lower face, pin-pricking the skin there with her sharp teeth.

Felicia turns and blinking back tears of pain raises her arm--her chi causing the already amazon-esque bicep there to swell with power and BULGES with musculature--winding back with tremendous force as she forms a ball of energy and legs it drop--kicking it towards her while bringing her empowered arm in a bestial arc to 'pop' the energy wave and explode it against him!

COMBATSYS: Daniel blocks Felicia's ES Cat Spike.

[                       \\\\\\\  < >  ////////                      ]
Daniel           1/------=/=======|==-----\-------\0          Felicia

Daniel Jack was putting on the pressure, aiming more, and more, and more. And yet, he wasn't getting the screams, the sound of agony, the pure suffering. What he was getting was the kind of spirit the Ladykiller loathed, but Daniel himself used to love. The burning drive, the passion, the in it to win it. Felicia refuses to yield as the last energy slash comes.

And instead, she erupts right back at him.

The energy ball is manifested, and Daniel, losing no footing, nor gaining any, stands fast in the face of Felicia. Sweeping his arms, the lingering chi solidifies, making a kind of bulwark as he slams his limbs against the blast, blowing it apart... and nearly blowing himself apart. The shade's existance was quivering, trembling, barely intact. Daniel takes in a heaving breath, as he sweeps his arms again, the blue mingling with the orange, as he raises his arms up. "Gonna... gotta... oh jeeze-" He begins, he just SLAMS his limbs downwards, unleashing a massive shockwave all around, filling the entire arena. Slowly, though, in a semi-circle; if Felicia could get over it, she would be fine. But if she got caught in the path....

Well, she might need to practice her singing.

COMBATSYS: Felicia dodges Daniel's Chou Kasane Ate.

[                       \\\\\\\  < >  ////////                      ]
Daniel           1/------=/=======|==-----\-------\0          Felicia

Felicia is still able to leap into the air to avoid the shockwave--but between the snapped arm and the other injuries she has she looks half dead, frankly, it's terrible. She is still able to roll herself up into a ball and dash like that towards Daniel, however--trying to release a spinning uppercut to his demonly form!

COMBATSYS: Felicia successfully hits Daniel with Rolling Uppercut.
- Power hit! -

[                            \\  < >  ///////                       ]
Daniel           1/-======/=======|=======\-------\1          Felicia

So close.

As the shockwave comes, the catgirl is able to leap over it, deftly slipping over it... and into position. It was down to the wire, and Daniel Jack was lunging in, falling forward to slip under it and behind it. And if he made it, it would be lights out. But The timing was just off, as it would be, and instead of slipping behind, the ex-detective goes -right- into the uppercut, taking it cleaning, blasting his head apart into shadowstuff, as he takes to the air, and collapses.
And Daniel.

And Daniel.

And Daniel doesn't reform.

Not fully, not entirely. A shape of a shadow, hungry for dark lusts and the likes of feelings that only a monster could appreciate. The shapeless mass ebbs and pulses, as it sways. It only manages to grab form at the very last second, as it condenses into a singular point. And the shape of Daniel, the hazy form, still headless, -explodes- forward with a single punch, attempting to catch Felicia in the gut. Should she get swept up, then she would be carried to the end destination with an eruption of orange chi. And if she doesn't... well.. the outcome will be the same for Daniel, who will slam in the Great Wall of China, bursting into a shadowy smear.

Unable to reform for too long.

COMBATSYS: Daniel can no longer fight.

                                  >  ///////                       ]
                                  |=======\===----\1          Felicia

COMBATSYS: Daniel successfully hits Felicia with Fantastic Todoh Punch.

                                  >                                ]
                                  |>>>>>>>\>>>>>>>\2          Felicia

Felicia takes the punch and looks like she's completely out of air, she wavers for a moment, as if she's about to fall down, and then finally does--her eyes closing as that Catwoman regeneration begins to sew her arm most importantly back to gether. She seems peaceful, a balm of sleep settling over her as she lays against the top of that tower wall--the pain however around her body will soon turn to itching, gnawing soreness like that of a toothache, slowly diminishing as time goes on.

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