Full Name:Yuki Kushinada
Faction:Taiyo High
Weight:116 lbs.
Blood Type:A
Eye Color:Brown
Hair Color:Brown
OOC Data
Game:King of Fighters
Status:Available for Apps
Theme Song:


Yuki Kushinada is an only child within the Kushinada household in Southtown whom despite her name popping up regularly on the Taiyo High school honor roll, impressive fashion sense, and amazing technique with the sewing needle, is more largely recognized as the girlfriend of Kyo Kusanagi. Raised and pushed toward the career of a fashion designer, the young woman recently decided upon persuing a career in nursing instead, much to the chagrin of her rather strict mother.

Signature Move:Nag -- ENERGY
Signature Ability:< Unrecorded >


Yuki grew up, living a rather ordinary life. Her father was a good man, but a workaholic, so she never saw him much. As for her mother? Since they were only able to have one child, her mother was *delighted* that it was a girl. Always a frilly sort of person herself who loved dolls and lace and fluffy dresses, she went a bit overboard on poor Yuki who found no interest in such things whatsoever.

Always a bright girl, Yuki did very well in school. She devoted herself completely to her studies, annihilating exams with perfect scores. Since she studied and prepared long in advance, she found she had too much time on her hands. And since idle time usually equated to 'Let's go shopping with mom for hours to try on clothes and shoes', Yuki joined various sports activities. The busier she was, the more fulfilled she felt. Her father seemed to approve of these extracurricular activities, which only served as further inspiration for Yuki to continue them.

Well-liked by her peers because of her frank and fearless personality, she had more than her share of admirers. Nothing scared her. She stood up for people that needed it, wasn't afraid to strike up conversations with anyone, and even managed to tame badboy Kyo Kusanagi. When he gave her attitude, she gave it right back. It was assumed that the two hated each other, but in reality, there was respect. She knew fully well of Kyo's reputation as a fighter. He was stronger and tougher than anyone she knew. And though he gave off the impression of being scary and unapproachable, she noticed that he never picked on the other students. He wasn't as big of a jerk as he let on, and Yuki was one of the few who noticed on her own.

She grew comfortable in his company, and before long, he'd grown accustomed to her as well. She wasn't scared of him, which was unusual, and tolerated...even LIKED...his company. It wasn't too long before they started dating.

Being the girlfriend of a martial artist isn't easy, particularly one as famous and sought after as Kyo. Many times she was targetted in order to manipulate Kyo, which Yuki deeply resented. But time after time, he came through for her, and their relationship only deepened as a result. They were separated for a time when Yuki left for America to pursue her studies after graduation. Currently, she's looking to transfer her scholarship to a university in Tokyo, but only on the condition that Kyo finally graduates from high school.

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