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Xiao Lon

Xiao Lon is the bastard offspring of Ron and an unnamed woman of the Hizoku clan. Both Xiao Lon and her mother was despised by Ron's wife, and when her mother passed away from an illness, she was treated as a pariah by her father. Rejected, Xiao Lon vowed to train her hardest to win her father's affection again, by making herself useful to the ninja clan. Trained by Lin at the age of 10, her practice in poison hand techniques eventually polluted her entire body, the lethal toxins running deep in her veins. Despite being a Hizoku assassin, Xiao Lon is usually a normal and curious girl. Prone to crying and mercy, she is disliked by most of the Hizoku clan and her powers alienate her from being truly accepted into regular society as well. She reverts to being an assassin once she leaves her home but seems to find displeasure in her profession. As well as the unique ninja magic of the Hizoku clan, her toxic body allows her to use incredibly lethal poisoning techniques, able to kill a man with only a kiss. Combined with the hidden weapons she conceals in her sleeves, she works hard to earn the love of her father again, and prove herself with her fellow clan members.

Style:Hizoku Shikodoku Mojutsu Keishinku + Anki
Signature Move:Dakki Makousatsu -- THROW ENERGY
Signature Ability:STYLE -- VERSATILE

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