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Game:Art of Fighting
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Wyler was once many things. The head of the House of Wyler, a successful businessman, and a brilliant scientist, who had worked with Dr.Lawrence in the pursuit of a powerful new elixir; an elixir said to be able to unlock the true power of a warrior. After Dr. Lawrence and him had a falling out, Wyler had unsuccessfully followed his own research into naught. After his former cohort passed away, he sent after the doctor's home to uncover his notes... and found a sample of an elixir. Sampling it himself, it transformed him into a hulking beast, all powerful, and with only a child-like intellect. The taste of power was brief, and the idiocy lingered far longer. While he has managed to recover from the effects, the allure of the sheer power of the formula haunts him constantly. Eager to return to the same power before, he actively seeks out any remains of his old partner's research... and will pursue any means to satiate his craving.

Style:Original Grappling Style
Signature Move:Red Shoulder -- PHYSICAL REFLECT
Signature Ability:RESTORE -- REGENERATE

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