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Game:King of Fighters
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"I won so easily... is this how it's gonna be?"

The fighting world is made up of a diverse number of human beings, expressing themselves through an uncountable number of disciplines, expressed through an endless array of abilities. For some, their talents end up a curse that brings suffering, as was the case for Shun'ei. Disowned by his parents in China due to the ability to manifest two ghostly hands of flame and water, all seemed lost until he was taken under the wing of the kindly martial arts master Tung Fu Rue. Through his tutelage, he is emerging as a strong fighter with a style dubbed Hakkyougen'eiken, extending the reach of his strikes with the ghostly hands that he can manifest, combining flame and water to into a more powerful whole. Rather than let his childhood turn him bitter, he has resolved to come to grips with the unsettling nature of his powers, and to grow as a fighter and person with the help of his master Tung Fu Rue, and his best friend Meitenkun. Even so, he is plagued by doubts and fears of being rejected for his power, choosing to stay distant - and even distracted! - from others to keep focused on his ultimate goal.

Signature Move:Demolish Dimension -- PHYSICAL ENERGY
Signature Ability:CONTROL -- COMMAND

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