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Game:King Of Fighters
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Sho Hayate

Sho Hayate is s a young man who aims to prove the strength of the art of Fu'un-Ken, a special style that combines martial arts with mastery of the boomerang. As the lone practitioner of his fighting style, Hayate is determined to show its might to anyone who bears witness. He hopes to one day become a true master, training non-stop and vigorously. While he is not from Australia, he is still a dedicated warrior who is a bit behind on the times. His most notable element, other than his boomerang fighting, is his ability to yell very loudly, for up to 8 seconds. His loud voice makes him unintentionally rude to others, which unfortunately gets him into a lot of fights.

Style:Fu'un Ken
Signature Move:Genei Hikon -- PHYSICAL ENERGY PROJECTILE
Signature Ability:RESOLVE -- GROOVE

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