Full Name:Ran Hibiki
Faction:Taiyo High
Age:Somewhere in her teens
Height:163 cm (a tiny bit over 5'4")
Weight:103 lbs. (47 kg)
Blood Type:0
Eye Color:
Hair Color:Black
OOC Data
Game:Rival Schools
Status:Available for Apps
Theme Song:


"Today I'm going to get this scoop!"

Taiyo High's resident shutterbug, Ran Hibiki seeks only one thing: The Scoop. Willing to do anything and everything to get a shot of the latest major news story, Ran is willing to risk her life to get photos for the school newspaper. Ironically, this has made the Taiyo News one of the best sources for information on fights in Southtown, as Ran is almost always on top of the latest news. Fancies herself a reporter, and may one day leave the school paper for real news. Willing to overcome anything in order to get the goods on a story, Ran's iron willpower may be inherited from her relative, Dan Hibiki, whom she lives with.

Style:Combat Journalism
Signature Move:Straddle Photo -- THROW ENERGY
Signature Ability:ANALYSIS -- CLARITY

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