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Game:King of Fighters
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This man is as enigmatic as he is striking in appearance. Tall and well-muscled, with skin so dark as to be almost ebony and unruly, spike-like hair of pure white, his various chalk-white tattoos and the intricately-patterned dress he wears give this man a primal and uncivilized aura. However, when dealing with others he is highly guarded, even wary; he underestimates no one and goes about his work in a methodical and diligent fashion. When he speaks, it is with great formality, even a slightly poetic turn... perhaps the best way to characterize it is 'old-fashioned.' However, the source of these personality traits becomes obvious in battle; beside great physical power, Mukai shows a strong connection to the element of Earth, able to call stone to attack his foes and empower his body with the qualities of earth and rock. Like stone itself, he is strong, resilient, and patient... and, also like a stone, his motives are known only to him.

Style:Unparalleled Earth Manipulation
Signature Move:Heavenly Shock -- PHYSICAL PROJECTILE
Signature Ability:BRACE -- BULWARK

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