Game: Original Character
Faction: Independent
Team: Independent
Profile: An electrically advantaged youth raised as a god in Greece due to his innate chi ability, Lykaio nevertheless has no great pretensions. When he left the small town he was raised in, he quickly heard of other people with power like his - who lived as if they were mere mortals - he began to believe that his job was that of the messenger. So he headed towards Southtown for a greater god who could teach him how to control his power, happy to bear the message of Truth that would form the beginnings of a new golden age. Despite this messianic mission, he's usually a pretty nice guy to his equals, and goofs off a fair amount of the time - even if he doesn't hold mere 'mortals' in the highest respect.
Style: Intuitive Electrical Arts
Signature Move: Release Omega -- ENERGY

OOC Data



Gender: Male
Age: 19
Height: 6'2"
Weight: ??
BloodType: ??
Nationality: Greek
Hometown: Middle of Nowhere, Greece
EyeColor: Brown'
HairColor: White
Wins: 3 Losses: 1 Ties: 1
Neo League Points/Fights: 2.0/1

Fight History

Loss SNF 2007.02 Hinako vs Lykaio/Aislinn Feb 11, 2007
Tie World Warrior 2007 [Pre] Ingrid vs Lykaio Feb 23, 2007
Win SNF 2007.03 Grand Melee Mar 03, 2007
Win Neo League 326 #328: Lykaio vs Azrael Mar 15, 2007
Win SNF 2007.03 Lykaio and Leilani vs Shermie Mar 24, 2007