Full Name:Elenor "Leo" Kliesen
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Status:Available for Apps
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Leo Kliesen

Leo is the daughter of a world-famous spelunker and a top-rankede executive of the G Corporation. Her father disappeared during childhood, so she was determined to grow up to be a straight and earnest person. Years later, her mother was killed, leaving her with no living family members. What's worse is that the police closed the investigation suspiciously quickly, claiming that they hadn't enough evidence to find a culprit. Losing her last remaining parent was too much, so she became something of a recluse and shut everybody out. It was during this time that she studied the arts of bajiquan, knowing that she would have no one to depend upon but herself. Soon afterward, news of Kazuya Mishima reached her ears by way of a family friend still working in G Corporation and the man's less than wholesome dealings. Leo is now seeking a way to get at the man who is, currently, known as a hero to the corporation.

Signature Move:Startled Crane -- PHYSICAL
Signature Ability:VIGOR -- INNERVATE

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