Faction:Sector Seven
Blood Type:
Eye Color:
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Status:Available for Apps
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"Primary target acquired. Now initializing Idea Engine."

One of the failed Murakumo units developed by Relius Clover and discarded, powerful weapons intended to be capable of entering the Boundary and survive, Sector Seven operations managed to retrieve the seemingly defunct unit from NOL. Kokonoe then reactivated her, although the reasons for her failure are evident. Unsustainable corrupted memories forced Kokonoe to attempt and wipe her mind clean, but her initially emotionless shell already has begun to crack again, drawing on flawed memories with a volatile mind and soul. Her battle potential is far weaker than other Murakumo units despite wielding multiple blades with powerful energy manifestation, able to be easily bested even by Iron Tager. But her synchronization with Kokonoe's technology allows her to be quickly teleported around a globe, making her a vital asset for rapid deployment when Tager cannot respond immediately. Despite being a blank slate she has an innocent soul curious about the world, still retaining some unknown affection for Ragna the Bloodedge, attempting to discover life and emotions when not activated into a tool of war for Sector Seven's ambitions. Kokonoe has installed the prototype Idea Engine into her, an experimental power source, constantly using her as a test bed to adjust the device for expanded uses for Iron Tager, Minerva, and other applications.

Style:Murakumo Battle Arts
Signature Move:Sword Summoner -- PHYSICAL PROJECTILE
Signature Ability:ANALYSIS -- CLARITY

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