Full Name:Aulbath
Blood Type:
Eye Color:
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Status:Available for Apps
Voice Actor:Doug Jones
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"You're mistaken. I'm the predator, and you're the prey.

The former king of a group of permanently waterborne elementalists whose bloodlines had long since guided them to take the form of merfolk, Aulbath was driven onto land when a massive earthquake and volcanic eruption eradicated his home and his subjects beneath the Amazon, leaving him only one of two survivors. Though the merman's lithe, scaled green body might not appear any more peculiar than some of the more advanced fighters in the tournament circuits, his unique command of the sea and his extended exposure to all the denizens of the deep have given him and his kind a wholly unique physiology, allowing him to not only control water chi at will, but also screech at earsplitting volumes, generate pieces of pearl to strike his enemies, or even spray poisonous gases on anyone who gets too close. As much an idealist as he is a predator, he hopes desperately that more of his kind exist in the world, and he searches, looking for survivors who might have escaped as he had, attempting to repopulate what he sees as his race. He has become seclusionist, preferring greatly the water to dry land. Aulbath blames his kingdom's devastation on the land's excesses and has sworn revenge on the ones responsible.

Signature Move:Sonic Wave -- PHYSICAL PROJECTILE
Signature Ability:SMASH -- DAZE

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