NFG Season One - A Lesson In Environmentalism

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Description: In an attempt to spread knowledge and good cheer, Djamila takes it upon herself to educate the massive gigas Kongou on the matter of hoarding reusable bags meant for the masses and not just the massive and in doing so hopefully walks away with some encouragement to bolster her into the final fight of the tournament!

Djamila met Jace a few days ago. Good guy. It's also when she heard about reusable backs and how Kongou took all of them to do who knows what with them. Since then, she planned to talk to Kongou at one point. Today, after quite some intense training, she figured it would be a good time to do so.

So assuming, he's at Blaze HQ, she makes her way there. She's dressed in shorts and a sports bra. Today, she felt like using the temperature to harden her body. She never minded the cold a lot.

So here she is, at the warehouse again, and she peeks inside. "Anybody here?" She says. But if Kongou is in there, she will definitely see him. It's just more polite this way. Then she makes her way inside and closes the door, whether there is an answer or not. Because she doesn't mind being alone somewhere, and she doesn't see the harm.

The warehouse back entrance is indeed open. At the start of all of this, a certain ogre and broken the large sliding doors in his attempt to enter the large gym from the entrance used to bring in big pieces of equipment to assemble the training rings and other large assorted trainingg equipment. It went quite some time without being fixed but, even though it may be marginally functional now, it's wide open without much signs of security.

Upon entering the gym itself it may become apparent why. The massive open area has been largely cleared of equipment and said rings, instead makeshift christmas decorations are now partially up, a large wide open area, various tables and other assorted goods and happenings as if the place was being rennovated for some sort of event in the making. Dare one consider...a party!

But how this is being done isn't immediately clear as there is nobody present at first glance, though, perhaps htey're on break or people simply come and go as need be.

Of particular notice, however, is a massive cargo dumpster with several large boxes within it, a few opened showing piles of shopping bags scattered haphazardly about as if absenty studied and then discarded without much consideration given to them.

At the dancers voice, the ground does eventually begin rumbling. The approach of something or someone huge and massive. There's a number of possiblities but she's likely only met a couple of individuals capable of this feat and the other is far away at the Bay Area most likley.

"Hello there!" Kongou's deep voice rumbles as her senses pick up on his tectonic like presence. "What brings you here! Don't you a match to be attempting to win? Or did you come for more training? We'd have to do without a ring though...".

Taking in the whole scenery, especially inside is something special. It does look like there is a party in the making. A Christmas one, by the decorations. This is going to be fun for the people invited. Being in the former (or still current?) Blazing HQ, she doesn't assume anything about this party. She could be wrong, and it's not a party anyway.

It's also hard to miss the bags she came for in the first place. Yeah, damn it... that looks super messy and not useful at all. She really has to talk to Kongou about it.

When the ground begins to rumble, she does think of Kongou immediately, even if Zog probably makes the ground rumble too. She isn't sure. Anyway, it proves to be correct.

"Hey Kongou!" She grins. "I do have a match to kick ass in and probably have my ass kicked in return." She laughs. "I am here to talk about all the reusable bags you took... " She takes a deep breath. "I would love to train with you, but I can't risk an injury right now, can I?" She smiles.

She lets him take in why she is here and why she is likely not going to train with him today. She goes silent for a moment.

The earth shakes as Kongou moves, treading heavily further into the area and stopping to look over the gym.

"Aaah!" he remarks as if seeing it for the first time, "They are doing as I asked! Now that's great! I'm planning on a party, you see. I want to have one at the end of all of this. Something for all of the participants and sponsors and anyone else who feels so attached and inclined. You'll come, won't you?"

He turns slowly, facing her again, that ig shark like grin on his face, "Yeah, yeah. A party!" he repeats and then his lips purse together in thought as he processes her words, "Risk injury you say? Oh no, no, never! Very well, hold off on that, we will. But have your ass kicked? That I am unsure about. I understand you fought a baby fire goddess and emerged unmarred! Now..what's this about bags? What bags?"

"You're such a massive force." She grins. He knows it and she knows it. But she had to say it, just because.

But then he talks about a party, "A kind of afterparty mixed with Christmas. Count me in. I would crawl here if I had to." She grins more. "I will be there, I promise. That's a very cool thing you're doing. Do you need help to think of things or something?" Not that she wanted to offend him or anything, but just wasn't sure how much he knew about Christmas and parties in general. But anyway, that should be for later.

"Like I said, you're a force of nature. Though you've been careful last time" She nods her head."

"I mean, I can't consider Ichika bad or anything. She is in the final too for a reason." She ponders. "But you are right, I made Junko practically my bitch, until the monster inside her, or whatever it is, decided to fully come out. Then, I really pushed myself to protect myself. Mint did come to get me out at one point. Grateful for her. I am also grateful for the wind and my staff too.

She turns her head fully toward Kongou. "Oh yeah, the bags. Didn't you take a huge quantity of bags from a guy that was giving them away? Reusable bags like I see peeking out right there?" She points. "Or am I mistaken?" She awaits after that so Kongou can confirm or deny.


The giant considers this, looking upwards and reaching up to rub his jaw while producing a sound like dried metal brush scraping across concrete. "Take." he considers. Apparently the behemoth is rather literal at times and obtuse at others. In this case, conflating 'take' with literally taking something he wanted or even, perhaps, doing so by force or stealing it.

"I did not 'take' any bags." he continues.

"Oh these?" he rumbles, sweeping an arm out towards the bags sitting -right there-. "Ah yes. Yes. You are right. These bags were -given- to me by a celebrity named ....."

He pauses, realizing he's forgotten the mans name and then after a legnthy period of time it pops back to him. "Jace." The earth shakes again as he approaches the massive bin and he reaches over and into it to retrieve one single bag that had been sitting atop the pile of boxes on its own. This one he turns to hand towards Djamila though, after a half second of consideration, he explains being that she can't very well see what's on it: "He signed this one with his autograph! I don't think it's as valuable as Athena's signature though but...perhaps I can sell it in an auction!"

She chuckles a bit but lets him work it out. Then, he proceeds to explain what happened, sorta.

"Are you sure he gave them all to you and not just one while trying to give the rest to more people?" She asks as kindly as she can and slowly, too. Just to make sure he understands what she is saying. She pauses.

In the meantime, she gets one special bag to look at. She can see something on it, but she can't read it because the signature is too small. But since Kongou explained, she figures it is Jace written there. "It might get more valuable later, if he gets more popular you know? I would hold on to this one bag for a bit." She takes another pause, how is she going to explain this to him?

"OK, Jace was giving away reusable bags, so people would have them and not use plastic ones. But you... or Jace gives them all to you, and they are stuck in here. People didn't get any of those reusable bags, so they are going to continue to use plastic ones. All the bags here don't help the planet or anybody." She takes a deep breath. "Do you understand what I am saying?" She smiles at him. "It would be better that one bag go to one person. Maybe two bags at most. So then a lot of people would have a reusable bag, and all those people wouldn't need plastic ones." Again, she lets him digest everything in his mind.

"How strange.." muses Kongou as he hears her.

"Why would he give me all of the bags then? He made it quite clear that it was a gift. I suppose..I was doing some shopping for this party at the time so he suggested I use the bags to transfer the food back here...."

There is -some- twisted logic here perhaps. If one assumes Kongou is going to go shopping all the time and obtain the same volume of material all of the time and use these bags each time he went... But that seems to not be the case here.

Not to mention the rumor mill report that stated Jace was seen throwing all of the bags he had into a dumpster.

"No, no, he did not just give me a single bag." he confirms once more. Then he frowns ever so slightly, considering everything she has said and he asks simply:

"Are you suggesting that Jace has tricked me in some fashion?"

She listens to Kongou. She doesn't want to get him mad and get Jace maimed or something. "Maybe there was a misunderstanding. Maybe because you are so big, Jace thought you needed more bags? Maybe he's bad at giving bags. I don't know. Why don't we do it better? Would you be willing to let me take bags and give them away to people? I mean, you keep the signed one, of course, and if you want a few more. But the rest shouldn't be just staying here, ok?" She's pretty sure she wouldn't have too much trouble giving bags away. She knows how to get people's attention in different ways, after all. She probably would need Kongou's help to carry them somewhere else. As strong as she can be, she doesn't claim she is as strong as Kongou. Never would

"It's up to you anyway, but I think it would help our planet a lot more. Later on, I will talk with Jace and see what happened in more detail so that such a misunderstanding never happens again, and you can concentrate on the party!" She smiles.

"You are very kind, but it sounds like we would be doing Jace's work for him." suggests Kongou while raising an eyebrow in thought as he grows more and more perturbed as the situation continues to perculate in what passes for his mind.

"Hm....but you may have a point.." he also concedes, "...I was picking meat up for this party..however all of the bags weren't necessary for that trip. Also...fewer people know of his Public Service Announcement as he gave the bags all to me.. Hmmm..not very good, not every good at all. Perhaps we should give the bags back to Jace and make him give them out properly or show him how to do it?" he considers.

He then snaps his fingers, producing a loud thunderous sound as he grins.

"Aaaah...I have it!" he finally exclaims, "Ah yes. This will be good. We can give them out at the party!"

"That's true. We would be doing the work for him." She can't deny that. It's true. To Djamila, Kongou feels like a young kid. Young kids definitely can understand things and all. They can also be kind, just like Kongou is.

"You understood it all. I am proud of you." She grins, but she means it. She figured she might have a lot more trouble to make him understand that. She's about to add something after he mentions showing Jace how to do it, but Kongou gets another idea.

Giving them all at the party. That could work depending on how many people come, and at worst, everyone at the party can give some of their bags a little later. "Yeah, that could work. Just don't claim they are Christmas gifts." She pats a part of his leg if she can. "Can say you want to help everyone help the planet or something like that. Yeah?"

She thinks. "I will still see Jace at one point and talk with him and kick his ass if he did it on purpose." She teases.

It's certainly one way to see him. Not exactly a safe perspective or accurate but Djamila's tendency towards kindness does leave the door open to various interpretations of things when she's been made to deal with powerful elemental forces. It's certainly a strategy that seems to be working.

"But they -are- gifts." Kongou says.

Again: Seems to be working.

"They were given to me, seemingly in error, but nevertheless they were, and now they are mine and now I am giving them away to someone else! Perhaps we can also put something inside of them.."

Cue a gift wrapped in a plasqic bag being placed in the enviornmental friendly bags. A disaster in the making/

"It should work out fine and anything left over can be handed out after wards. You don't need to worry about taking the bags. We'll do this instead and you can concentrate on your match!"

Djamila either love someone, be it a friend, family, or significant other. Or she hates you. After that, it's hard to make her change her mind. But she was able to with Junko with all that happened.

"They are, but alone, it's just a bag that was free anyway. It doesn't necessarily mean 'I appreciate you.' But the party does that well enough, in my opinion."

"Something could be put inside them, yes. Would you like my help with any of that?" Perhaps she is expecting a mess. She wants to help prevent that."

"Ok, that sounds fair. I do have to be ready for the match. I will do my best to win it. I really want to. For myself, metal, all my friends." She beams. "If I don't... Well, I will have given my all. That I promise you." She means that. Mentally. Now, she seems ready enough.

It's perhaps not clear to her but Kongou is eyeing her with an intense gaze, his lightly glowing eyes piercing right into her as she speaks. How much of him is merely an affable act is maybe not exactly clear but he seems to have some perception and insight into affairs and the weight of his gaze studies her carefully as she speaks on her intentions and her hopes.

Then the giant rumbles, "You'll do fine. Of that I have no doubt. Win? Perhaps, perhaps not. The journey is what's important. A battle worth fought and worth winning or losing. More then most can say, I think. Yes, yes, don't worry about the bags. You've more important things to worry about. As to gifts and packing them - leave that to me. Now that you've brought this to my attention, I will deal with matters. And Jace if need be. Perhaps he can help hand out the bags at the party...."

He grins slowly, rubbing his jaw once more and then says, "As to everything else.. Stay focused on your upcoming battle and approach it with a clear and positive mind, not clouded as you were when thinking on Junko and others. You'll be happy both before and after the match. I believe this to be so."

If she knows about the intense gaze he gives her, she doesn't mention it or ask why he is looking at her like that. She doesn't seem to ever feel threatened by him. Oh, she knows he could really hurt her if he wanted to. She's not stupid. But she doesn't seem to think he would.

"I will show Ichika my truth. She will show hers, and we will both learn from each other. So..." She smiles wider. "You are right. It's a battle worth fighting. We both have something to prove. Ichika and I were in the first match of the NFG. We're going to be the last too. I find that amazing." She laughs. "I can't help it." Then she ponders. "Ok, yeah! You have Jace help you. He's part of that mess in one way or another. So he can help fix it."

"You're too smart sometimes, Kongou." She tells him. "Yeah, I was angry at myself for a while. I used that against Junko. I am at peace now, as best as I can." She smiles. "I am happy now." She tries to hug his leg if he lets her.

It was less a threatening look but more one of intense scrutiny as if reading more then can be perceived by normal senses. In that degree the two are not dissimilar to each other. A being of forces outside of this world, Kongou's inhumanity has its perks even as much as it makes his grasp on human conventions shakey at best.

He does permit the hug however, not moving away or attempting to stop her though he doesn't exactly return the gesture either so it's akin to her trying to wrap her arms around a pillar of some sort.

"Yes, you did get your aggression out on her now didn't you..." he muses as he considers what he was able to see of her match wtih Junko, "Set an arena ablaze as a result of that, no less. Not exactly what I would call healthy management of anger but I suppose if it's true that she's some sort of demon inside of her all this time then that explains much. I suppose it's oood I wasn't there. I wouldn't have been pleased to see Hawksley in danger." he pauses and then adds, "Or yourself. Either way, I will find Jace myself."

Close in some ways, far apart in others. Sometimes, she would say she doesn't understand how this world works. But this is a story for another day.

She is aware he doesn't return the hug, but he still hugs his leg and pats it with her hand before she pulls away. It's not something so little that will deter her from hugging when she wants to.

"Yes, I have. It's not my fault they did so poorly in the fight." She pulls out her tongue a moment. "Besides, it's better the demon came out somewhere secure, like the arena, instead of somewhere not protected at all, Yeah?" She smiles

"Oh, thanks babe, that means a lot. I wonder if Hawksley would have been hurt or able to support the heat. Oh well, I supported it. I am sure he would have found a way too. Coco, on the other hand. She was hurt enough, so it's good she didn't get hurt there."

She turns her head up at him. "Good luck finding Jace. Hope you have his number or something?"

He didn't stop he from hugging him so that counts for something.

"Hm? Coco was there? How interesting." considers the giant, rubbing his jaw once more.

"Hawksley is made of stern stuff. You all are! Perhaps more then you realize, especially now that you've had this special accelerated training and the rigors of this contest. Still, I would have to assess Junko myself to see what to make of her now.. Perhaps its good that a prolonged battle didn't occur. Either way, you are well and have more to do that's more important. As to Jace? Hmm..."

He considers the question for a moment and then nods his head, "I think I can determine a way to find him. I will consider some options."

His grin returns now as his heavy gaze falls upon her again, "Go then. Win your match - or lose gracefully. Whichever fate has decreed."

"Yeah. I think so. With Hawksley!" She shrugs. "They are together, so it makes sense."

She nods her head. "Yeah, who would have thought? I am at least second in this NFG." She grins. "Take that world!" She laughs. "I feel blessed. But we all paid our due, and we all learned things there." She ponders. "As for Junko, be careful, ok? I don't want to lose my favorite giant, ok?"

"Ok, I will let you find him. Thanks for listening to me. That was nice of you." She would wink, but she can't do that.

"Alright, alright. I will go and take care of things. I intend to win. Show what I am made of. It's just that I am sure Ichika feels the same way. So to the final!!" She laughs "Bye, Kongou!" She runs out of there, through the door. She seems to be in a very good mood. It seems Kongou even helped with that.

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