NFG Season One - A Big Surprise

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Description: Kongou drops in unexpectly to meet Djamila. Djamila confuses Kongou. But everybody seems happy.

When you're one of the largest fighters in the world (he would say -the- largest..), travel can be an issue. After all, how -does- a titanic brute from ane extradimensional realm of magic and the written rules of reality get around when he's trying to get to his matches on time?

Well without the aid of the Midnight Channel or Professional Fighting Worldwide to just...helicopter him into his matches....pretty much anyway he wants!

Indeed, his movements back and forth -to- his place of origins enable him to kind of....end up wherever he wants or needs to be when returning here to this realm...with a general margin of error. It's difficult and it leaves him somewhat drained from the efforts, already shackled and hamstringed by the fact that he struggles to be fully attuned and empowered in this world...but it does get him to where he needs to be by sort of pressing into places with an expensive vfx budget accompanying him. Thus though he did not know -exactly- where Ultratech HQ was and where the members of Team Metal were putting their feet up during this final round of NFG 2023...he had a good enough guess and reason enough to be here. A 'date' with an exotic dancer!

Speaking of margin of error though: A loud clap of thunder ripples through the skies above just outside of the large skyscraper Ultratech currently dominates three floors of. The people down in the plaza infront of the building look upwards in some bewilderment as a flash of light of reddish and magenta hues resulting from an emerging burst of energy some few dozen meters high above them sparkles into being like some sort of distant supernova being witnessed. The crackling bubble of light ripples outward in before expanding rapidly into a widening warbling arc that washes over the entire area and then second rumble of thunder, the immense body of the so called 'Strongest Titan' bursts into view and then descends downward towards the chosen arena, massive arms folded and legs and feet pointed straight down as if he were some sort of gigantic marble monolithic statue just falling in from above.

The various folk going about their business are forced to scatter in a panic though, to his credit, when he lands it's not far enough away to simply send people tumbling and briefcases and paperwork flying. A soft rippling warble quakes into the building itself but nothing threatening. The plaza, however, does experiencing winding cracks that spiderweb out from the impact zone as the cement sunders and the stone fractures under the brutes pressure.

He is silent for quite some time, arms just folded like some sort of monstrous djinn until he finally says simpley: " this the right address?"

Djamila was on her way down when it all started. When it ends, she can feel the Earthquake Kongou is causing. She likes Kongou. He's a nice Giant, but destruction happens easily with him around. It probably pisses some people off. SHe wonder if that fake Journalism trying to ask her about him was that. She isn't sure. The only thing she's sure about is he wasn't a journalist. Not that she knows it's him yet, but let just say she won't be surprised if it's him.

She makes her way outside the building and first feels the people still scattering. Then there is the damage to the Plaza, and finally... Yea, it's Kongou. Instead of moving away from the zone, however, she's making her way toward that zone. "Kongou. It's pretty hard to go unnoticed when you go somewhere, yeah?" She gives a soft smile. What else can she do?

After a moment of silence, as if she was taking in the whole thing and perhaps trying to imagine how it exactly happened. "Did you come to see me?" She grins. "I bet I made you curious with my message. I just wanted to warn you really. But if you have questions, I will try to answer them as best as I can. There's no worry." She smiles and leans on her staff. She doesn't seem worried about Kongou proper. He's just a friend. A very large and tall friend. Though she wouldn't want to piss him off.

He gives her the same smile he's known to give everyone. A big full toothed grin -seems- friendly enough. If he considers her a true 'friend' or is merely making the effort based on his limited understanding and processing of such matters as 'humans' see it is...another matter all together. If anything he's come to notice her and recognize her and exhibit no directed menace towards her. Even him knocking her around at Blazin' HQ could be said to have been done with 'good intentions'. If nothing else it's not too different from, say, an earthquake deciding to say hello to you...

"Hello again! So...this is Team Metal's home?" he muses aloud as if trying to decide on if he's impressed or not.

He settles on impressed after some contemplation. "Not like our gym, no. Perhaps we should have gotten a skyscraper. Maybe Hawksley wouldn't have lost to you!"

He seems to make no indication of his reason for being there despite her words, instead taking a moment to study the building as if attempting to see right through the walls and beyond the great glass panes before his attention returns back towards her with that big almost shark like smile again, brow furrowed as he speaks.

"Yeeeeeessss.." Kongou rumbles, "I did get your message. Fascinating..."

At this point he begins a slow approach towards her, heavy footfalls shaking the ground as he draws nearer. "You were not attacked, were you?"

She doesn't look like she feels threatened, at least. That could change. Maybe she is crazy, but this is Djamila. She's not like every other girl, and she's not a typical girl either. She's just Djamila.

"Yeah, that's where I've been training, living, eating." To her, if she says yes for herself, it means the others have been here too.". Then she ends up giggling. "I think the gym you have was great too. I don't think it's why he lost. Maybe it's because of Coco, maybe it's because I want that girl more than he does. But I've beat him fair and scare at that time." She smiles. "Yeah?"

Good thing I came outside, I don't think you would have fit inside well. I don't think security would have been super happy either." She grins. "But It's always interesting to see you."

She nods her head when he finally confirms why he's here. It makes sense, considering how quickly he came. "I was not attacked. I was questioned. I didn't trust that person at all, so I didn't give him any info about you or anything else, for that matter." She shrugs. "He was so weird and might have tried to scare me a little before I left, but he can fuck off really." She shrugs again. "I just know that wasn't a journalist like I said."

She tilts her head up at him but doesn't really move. Not at the moment. She's fine where she is. "Are you ok though?"

Now see, this is how rumors start because despite being rumored to be some towering force of nature and incarnatio of the definition of brute strength -- he's a gossip.

"Whaaaaat? You want that girl more then he does?"

The shipping wars commence.

He then belts out a big laugh, " beat him fair and square. Even if he was distracted it was still 'fair and square'. That's not your fault his mind wasn't on victory, now is it? No, no, no. " he confirms and then addss, "Unfortunante Team Blaze is no longer in the tournament but I will still observe and attend.."

He looks wistful, distracted, as his gaze lifts uwpards as if he's reminiscing on the spot about the past weeks, almost having seemingly forgotten why he's here in the first place. He then snaps his attention back down towards her again, listening for a second before musing, "Tried to scare you did he? Hmm.." He frowns mildly and though she cannot she can perhaps feel the shift in his aura and a rumble of mild irritation rippling through him. He's human enough, after all, it seems.

"Unfortunante. No, clear it is, that he was no 'journalist'. However, don't know many who would use such subterfuge to attempt to learn about me. I'm all to eager to be interviewed after all! How else can I be famous! However..."

That frown returns, the faintest hint of menace in his voice as he rumbles, "To threaten or scare someone to find out about me when I am simply right -here- to be found at will...speaks to something else. I have some guesses..."

He then stops, abruptly, as if finally honing in on her question.

"Am I okay?" He seems confused, uncertain about how to answer that and then says honestly, "Well..I've never been asked that before."

"Want to kick her ass. She tried to hurt Kenzo after their match. That's a big no-no. I am done with this shit." She doesn't seem worried she will try to hurt her after the match, though. But she's upset while talking about it for a short moment.

"You can cheer on me if you like." She laughs softly. "But that's up to you. Thanks for agreeing I beat him fair and square. I don't need anything shady. If I have to lose, then I will lose." She smiles softly and changes her position a bit.

"I think he wanted to want info. About you and stuff. That's why I've let you know. Because I consider you a friend." She shrugs. "I even had fun sparring with you. Though it was painful." She can't help but giggle a bit.

"It's ok, I will be fine. Next time, if there is one, maybe he will tell the truth. If you lie to me then you won't get what you want from me. It's simple. Honestly is best. Most time."

"Yeah, I mean, you're big and strong, but haven't you gotten hurt before? Or not feeling too good? I just want to know if you are ok because I told you, you're a friend." It was normal to her. She couldn't understand why no one would ask him such a caring question.


There's a lot to that 'himm'. FIrst, his shipping hopes have shattered into a thousand fallen dreams as he finally clues in that he was talking about Junko.

"Ah yes. Her." he muses. There is understanding in his voice. A simple acknowledgement and then he drifts on from that.

"My dear.." he begins, looking back towards her with an expression that softens and actual truer mirth reaches his eyes, tone and aura and he looks her over.

"You wear your heart on your sleeve and you must stop that before you are truly hurt by someone who you place your trust in but that means you harm..." speaks the bruiser from another world with a soft rumble to his voice, "You have met me four times now...and spoken to me at length only three of them ... .and because of that you are possibly in some danger...but you still call me friend and ask how I feel as if I were some playground associate of yours..."

His smile becomes more rueful, the undercurrent of menace no longer there as he just looks at her and then finally says: "Very well."

He unfolds his huge hand and gestures at her, "Because of your great heart..I will tell you what I think and take you under my protection. I believe you were harassed by a member of The NOL. I thought perhaps some bounty hunter but I believe this to be The NOL because.."

He ticks off on his fingers, "I was attacked by one in Blazin' HQ. Then - You. You spoke with me when there was an NOL officer there. Finally - you yourself came to Blazin' HQ so if it was being watched they would have seen you go there. This is possibly dangerous for you. Do you understand what the NOL is?"

When he just says her and nothing else, she nods her head. It's not like she wanted to go in deep length about it. She would let her powerful limb do the talking for her, when it will be time.

I follow my instinct mainly. I won't go into my sob story. I will simply say I got hurt by someone you should never be hurt by." She shrugs. "That made me a bit crazy I think." She chuckles. "Some people would say I am a bitch. I can be. I see no reason to not think of you as a friend, but if I find it, I will let you know." It's hard to say if she's kidding on that end. "Maybe fighting with you was enough, yeah?" She adds after that.

She thinks a moment because she still doesn't understand why no one would ask him if he's alright and why she shouldn't. But life has mysteries like that.

"Thank you for sharing." She nods her head and listens to him carefully. She's sure she will eventually be talked about this by Team Metal, but it's good to have different points of view to have a bigger picture.

When he's done explaining and asks his questions, she nods her head. "More or less. They have a problem with nonhuman people. Granted,some of them are dangerous and nasty, but not everyone." She sighs. "Now, if you want something more detailed, I will need to brush up on this. I am just a stripper. I don't have all the info." She laughs. She's in a good mood right now overall, it seems like.

Finally she goes back to his offer "Thank you for wanting to take me under your protection. Maybe one day I will return the favor." Probably not in pure strength, but who knows? She survived nasty odds more than one time.

"-Just- a stripper.."

The giant belts out a large laugh at that, and then rests both of his hands against his waist as he looks her over.

"Is that -really- all you are? No more, I think. You are part of a much bigger world now! Worlds, even!"

He makes a loose gesture to indicate the great Ultratech HQ and then moves his arm about to sweep over the whole of Metro City, "This....NFG.. It's drawn you into things and made you have to consider things you'd never had to deal with before. You are more then you attempt to let on. That you speak so openly with your heart.. That says much right there as is. No, no, you are not crazy. Merely overly empathic."

He curls his fingers up and then rolls them a few times in absent thought as his mind wanders for a moment there..and then his glowing eyes return to her.

"The Novus Orbis Librarium. NOl. Yes, ask your mentors...and tell them what happened. I doubt Ultratech will be able to or willing to do anything but if you are bothered again do -not- imply you think this person is from them. They may possibly grow hostile if so, unless you have smeone else there with you. Never when alone."

He considers this for a few more seconds and then says simply, "As to what they are, you have the right of it I believe. Mostly. I believe you received that much when we were talking with that one officer, yes? The card throwing magician?" He grins softly at her and then continues, "If I were to guess...they wish to find out how powerful or dangerous I am and could attempt to...legally by these laws at least...experiment or otherwise see what I am and capable of. I do not trust them but I am beginning to wonder if I -should- cause them a little trouble. I've no intention of bowing to their wishes and that will make me wanted by them if I'm not already so."

Just a stripper. She didn't need to say more. Of course, she was more than that. Everybody in NFG is now more than they were in the beginning, that's for sure. But she didn't want to say what she was or what she thought she was.

Back to the now. "Well, I made you laugh, at least. Does that happen often?" She wonders if it was as rare as someone who asks him how he is doing. Yes, she still can't stop thinking about that. There should be someone asking him that... Someone before her. Someone other than her.

I am many things Kongou I suppose. You are right. Someone who is on my bad side, has a lot of trouble getting back to my good side, if it's at all possible. All I will say. I am not like only love or anything like that. I may like easily. But I am loyal. Until you try to destroy me, then now we have a problem. I may not be anywhere near winning all the battles life is to throw at me, but I will not back down. Give me a destroying defeat, and I will learn from it." She shrugs. That's enough about this.

There is a moment of silence, as Kongou is thinking or something. She gets yet into another position. This time she climbs on her staff. Then, she only holds herself with her legs and puts herself in a sort of sitting position. It's like she's training right here right now working on leg strength.

"Yeah, I told them of the incident too. I just wanted to warn you as well, is all. I didn't think you would come all the way. It shows you care too in some way." She announces to him. At least, that's what she thinks. "Anyway, if I see them again, I will play stupid. I told you, I am just a stripper." She would wink right there if she could.

"Which is funny about her... She didn't seem completely human either... I guess I don't have to worry about them..." Though she seems to be thinking about it and a tad unsure if she could really dismiss them against herself.

She thinks a bit of that until he says he would do a little trouble. "Well, do what you think you must do, but don't get too hurt or captured. I would be sad. I mean I know you're hard to miss and you do bring a bit of destruction wherever you go but I mean, it's hard not to at your size." SHe smiles sheepishly. "I wouldn't punish you for that."

The truth of the matter is that he's undoubtly been asked 'How ya doing' or something to that effect when greeted by means of common vernacular. No doubt the likes of Hawksley has thrown that out there when in the Blazin' HQ.

But his perception of her question in context with her being harassed and seemingly someone searching for him with ill intent caused him to perceive the question not as a simple greeting or casual statement but true concern..and no...nobody has been concerned for him before. His well being. Hi sense of self. He's an enigmatic force, perhaps a force of nature as he implies. How does one ask what a landslide or an volcano 'feels' as if worried for them? He'd never even considered it before. Most who interact with him do so in much different ways.

He finds this all...slightly confusing. Humans are indeed strange beings.

"You are concerned for me again." he notes, attempting once more to process this and then, "Perhaps I've spent to much time in The Backyard.. I do laugh, yes. I find joy with strength and combat. I suppose I get frustrated. Even angry. But this...I do not understand..." Kongou rubs his bearded jaw in contemplation and then allows a slight smile as he addresses an earlier statement: "I would assume if someone tried to destroy you then you would have a problem. I suppose I am more amused by such attempts then troubled. As to me coming all this way? Well...I was curious and then he does admt, "It would not be appropriate for you to be endangered on my behalf. So I wanted to confirm my suspicons so I coudl decide on what to do next. Send a message to them, I think. Yes."

He then looks back at her and then seems amused once again, "You would be truly bothered if I was captured? Hmm...very well, I will not allow that to happen.. Fear not."

He takes a few steps away from her now, looking over her movements and then nodding his head in approval. Besides, World Warrior is still ongoing. I am simply waiting for next round. I certainly can't be captured before then! "Do not worry. I will deal with this now.."

Perhaps Djamila took it literally, or perhaps she still doesn't understand why no one would care for him. Earth is ,of course, alive, and you can care for her, but she can't answer you with words. Kongou can. It's a friend, so she cares. That might be her downfall one day. Caring in general, not Kongou in particular. Time will tell.

Yes, I am concerned for you. I meant it when I said you're a friend. If you are my friend, I am concerned for you. I don't care if you are nearly indestructible. Nearly means there could be one thing that hurts you. I would be sad then." Yep, will probably be her downfall one day for sure. "I think I am safe for now. If I was to disappear suddenly, it would be too weird. Besides someone can hurt me, even kill me, but damn, I wouldn't go down before doing as much damage as I could to everyone and everything around. I fully intend to leave a mark." She grins. She's not worried, at least not outwardly so. Who knows how she is feeling inside? Djamila might be a lot more of a mess inside than anything she lets on on the inside. What someone decides to show versus who they are and what they feel can be vastly different, after all.

She nods her head. "I would be bothered if you disappeared one day without any warning. If you tell me you leave somewhere then there's a reason." She inverses herself on the staff, her body upside down, for a moment.

"You're kicking ass in that tournament? I am sure that tournament is too far ahead of what I could do. I will concentrate on NFG. I can't promise I will win it, but I will give it my all. Semi finales, baby!" She laughs and pulls herself back up. "I am cheering for you in your tournament!

"Well you should at least watch some of the matches!" declares Kongou with that grin once more returning. A grin closer to the ones given when he first arrived.

The smile fades as he ponders, "Though...considering some of the match locations....I wonder how they are being broadcast. Two of my matches were quite far out and away from civilization. Ah well."

He turns now, preparing to walk out of the plaza.

"Do not worry for me! I can say I appreciate it. As you say, concentrate on your efforts to win NFG. With Team Blaze out, I suppose...I must find someone else to put my cheers behind. I was fond of that Kenzo's showmanship and entrances! I suppose now that he is out that I can't cheer for him."

He looks over his shoulder and grins, "Maybe you will do nicely!"

He lets out a rolling laugh and then turns and begins walking away. She may not be able to see his rumblign rolling gait but the ground certainly continues shaking...and she would hear the eventual car horns honking as he crosses the streets without bothering to wait for the lights. Perhaps there is some truth to the NOL needing to be concerned. Or not. No crashes can be heard this time.

"I should, but I don't watch videos too much unless it's someone I am going to fight. But I will try to find some of your matches and watch them. It ought to be fun."

She doesn't answer about the match locations there are different ways to broadcast, and she would guess even magic might be possible. She's not certain, however.

"I will concentrate on NFG. I have someone to beat." She laughs a bit. "I mean, I am the underdog. You either cheer for me, or you have to cheer for Team Thunder. I mean, there are some good people there, but there's no Djamila." She laughs again. She's just playing around. If she manages to beat Junko, she knows whoever she gets to fight in the Final after that will be something. But one match at a time. "I confirm, I will do nicely." She grins heavily. for a short moment."

She does hear him go away. The problem is, there is something to be concerned about some nonhumans, sure. But there are something to be concerns of some humans too. Oh well. She won't change the world right now. She asks Aria if she has any messages. If by chance someone from Team Metal has left a message, she goes back inside after all. Otherwise, she stays outside, walking on her own directly. She enjoys the feeling of the wind outside. One day... Yes, one day.

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