NFG Season One Finals - Round Two: Djamila vs Genie

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Description: "Genie and Djamila meets again. This time Genie is going to show Djamila what she is really made off. Is Djamila ready for it?

From the time the matchups were announced, Genie was filled with dread. Getting to this point had been a challenge, but she had endured. She'd had her shares of wins and losses...but none quite as severe as her matchup with Djamila.

But despite this, there was a bit of excitement. Certainly her last fight with the woman was not exactly a thrilling experience, but that was at much the venue as the opponent herself. She'd certainly done worse. She'd gotten a bit closer to Coco, but she was still abrasive. Kenzo seemed to have a vendetta against her for dismissing him, intentionally or not.

But the lingering dread had not disappeared yet.

No, as Genie entered the arena she fidgeted with her dobok, adjusting her uniform this way and that, as though there were a precise spot which it needed to be in and she couldn't quite find it.

Checking her hair ponytail, Genie rubbed her cheeks with her palms.

Djamila was wary. Wary enough to not dismiss Genie as if it would be an automatic win. There were a lot of factors that affected their previous fight, and if she didn't take this one seriously, she could definitely lose. So both the fight and Genie herself are taken seriously. Because Genie is a very good fighter. She did amazing things the whole NFG

Djamila comes out and makes her way to the ring. She's wearing a pair of shiny short shorts and a matching sport bra. She's also wearing her trademark black blindfold and black boots. The music "Jusqu'au bout" is playing on as she walks to the ring with her staff and a swing to her hips.

Once at the side of the ring, she uses the wind to lift herself over the ropes and inside. Once inside, she sets her staff down upright, climbs on it, and inverse herself on it. She holds herself by her legs and waves to the crowd before grabbing the staff with her hand and flipping herself to the ground, back on her feet.

The music eventually ends, and she goes to settle herself in her corner. She gives a smile to Genie and a thumb up. If she had eyes, Genie would see the respect she has for her. But lacking that, the thumb-up is her way of showing it at the moment.

Genie continues her stretches as Djamila makes her way into the ring with an acrobatic display. The Swiss miss can't help but pause and watch as it occurs, but when Djamila lands and gives her a thumbs-up, Genie does the same.

Then realizes that might not be appropriate, and instead bows. "Thank you. Good luck to you, too!"

Assuming a fighting stance, Genie keeps her distance for the moment, circling around Djamila cautiously.

COMBATSYS: Djamila has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Djamila          0/-------/-------|

"Thank you, we will give the audience something to remember this match by!" She finally speaks out as she moves toward Genie. A charm bracelet can also be seen on her.

Once close, she puts her staff down upright and she jumps on it, then inverts herself on it. She then reaches at Genie legs to trip her down. Her movements are different from before, like her moves are not set in stone.

Whenever she succeeds or not, if she can, she flips herself back down on her feet, her left hand holding her staff.

She adds. "I was impressed at your draw with Buck. He's quite the fighter."

COMBATSYS: Genie has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Genie            0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0          Djamila

COMBATSYS: Genie blocks Djamila's Inside Leg Hang EX.

[  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Genie            0/-------/------=|-------\-------\0          Djamila

Genie plants her front foot and intercepts the kick, staying much steadier than before even if there's a meaty thump and she has to resposition her other leg to keep upright. Her teeth grit, but she doesn't cry out, instead resolved to grin and bear it. If nothing else, her ability to take punishment has improved considerably over the course of the NFG.

"I hope so!" Genie answers, "I --" She starts to say something, then stops herself. "I will do my best, this time!"

And as she adjusts her footing, Genie hops backward, trying to get a bit of distance from the staff-wielding woman and her long reach. As she does, Genie gathers pink power in her palm, rapidly pulling it together and then forming a spear with a flash and crackle.

She throws the psychic spear forward suddenly and sharply, where it will explode in a flare of energy whether it hits Djamila or something else.

COMBATSYS: Djamila dodges Genie's Lance Du Lac EX.

[  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Genie            0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0          Djamila

"You already are doing better! You never stopped me the first time. Way to go!" It might be counterproductive to cheer her opponent, but why not? Genie is performing better, so why not tell her so? That doesn't mean she will not do her best anyway.

"If you always do your..." She doesn't finish yet, as she gets a psychic spear thrown at her. This was some amazing form of energy, which Djamila didn't really comprehend, but she preferred not to be there when the spear came. Instead, she gets on her staff, on the other side, so the spear comes past her and upon hitting the ground, explodes in energy. "Yeah, I prefer not to be there." She smiles and then pushes up as she disconnects her staff. Using the wind to be faster, she tries to come down by slamming it over her head. If she manages that. She jumps up to slam it down another time.

IF she gets the chance, she finishes her sentence, "If you always do your best and learn, you win all the time." She grins.

COMBATSYS: Djamila successfully hits Genie with Superman EX.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Genie            0/-------/--=====|>>-----\-------\0          Djamila

It is difficult to tell if Genie is encouraged or not by Djamila's praise in the chaos the encounter. Her psychic spear explodes into sparkles, and Genie tries to stay on the move. It does not work quite as intended when Djamila bears down on her, swinging over head.

In a surprising move, Genie seems ready to tank the hit and use it to get closer. This falls short when, upon being clonked, Genie instead staggers and stumbles backward. "Ow ow ow," She rubs her head. "I am not sure if I am really learning anything useful..." she mumbles to herself, shifting her footing.

But from her new stance, Genie kicks in low, then jumps into a kick-off, trying to push back and away from Djamila with agility she could not have imagined in earlier rounds.

It also makes a difference that, in this case, each kick is spiked with the lingering pink glow of Genie's Esper powers.

COMBATSYS: Djamila dodges Genie's Change-Up Kick.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Genie            0/-------/--=====|>>-----\-------\0          Djamila

"Oofs. That didn't look fun." As she manages to strike. She finished their last fight like this. This time would be different.

"You're still standing. you're learning something" She doesn't have time to say anymore, as she gets kicked. She jumps high on the first kick and uses her staff on the ground to push herself to the side before the jump kick-off hits. She can feel again the weird energy coming for her. She's glad so far, she didn't have to feel it hit.

The crowd is cheering them as they really go at it. Djamila enjoys that. It finally sinks in it's for her. Well for her and her opponent. Her fans cheering on.

Upon landing, she does a spinning kick. Which is not about strength in this case but seems more, about reach and speed. "I don't think I would like to get hit with your energy." She says as she finishes her kick.

COMBATSYS: Genie deflects Light Kick from Djamila with Bouclier De Galahad EX.

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Genie            0/-------/-======|>>>>>>-\-------\0          Djamila

Genie seems downright bewildered as Djamila jumps over her kick, but she doesn't linger on it as she once did. Instead, Genie backsteps and repositions, aiming to put herself a little further away when she has a moment to breath and plan her next move.

It pays off when she sees Djamila's kick coming this time and reacts appropriately. With a flash of pink energy, Genie tosses up a shield of psionic power, deflecting the incoming kick and pushing back against Djamila with a sharp thrust, hoping to throw her off balance.

"I did it," Genie mumbles to herself. "Thank you! I think." She says more loudly. "I have been working on strengthening it!"

The kick doesn't hit Genie, not like Djamila expected to. Instead hitting some energy, which deflects her kick and makes her fall hard. "Oof. Ok, you have up your game. I need to up mine."

She forces her way back up and slams her staff on the ground, sticking it there again. What is she going to do? What kind of attack is she going to do?

Well, holding her stand with both of her hands, she starts undulating her hips. Instead of pushing, she slows down the fight a bit. Winds start to circle her, and she does the om sound. She soothes her body. If Genie gets momentum, Djamila will let it pass. She's proud of Genie. It's totally different from the first fight, but she still wants to win. Let's see if it pays off.

COMBATSYS: Djamila makes the om sound and wind chi flies around her for a short moment.

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Genie            0/-------/-======|>>>>>>>\-------\1          Djamila

Genie takes deep breaths herself as Djamila gathers her energy. The movement is calm, relaxed, and Genie tries to match it by not losing her cool either. She takes deep breaths herself, inhaling deeply, then exhaling. Her hair starts to rise from beneath, as though caught by the breeze, as Genie's eyes begin to glow with that same shade of pink as her shield.

And suddenly, she surges forward, sweeping out with with a chop--which seems drastically short until psychic force erupts forth in a mirror of her strike, doing the attacking for her.

"Even if I do not win, I will definitely improve! I have already come this far!"

COMBATSYS: Djamila reflects Belles Mains from Genie with Quick Strike.

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Genie            0/-------/---====|>>>>>>>\-------\0          Djamila

She undulates her hips more. She's chill. Too chill almost. If she knows Genie is powering up, she gives no indication. She simply stays there at the moment.

Then it all happens. Genie comes. But she's not close enough to hit physically, is she? No, she'snot. It's her weird energy that's coming. Can the wind do something about it? Well, only one way to find out.

The thinking going quick, but her move has to be quicker. She unhooks her staff and she swings it to meet the energy, the chi making a sort of wind shield, to send that psychic energy back to sender. It's working out, as she doesn't feel the energy hitting her.

She lets out a breath she didn't know she was holding. "Oof, when you don't know if something is going to work. You definitely have improved. I can tell you that. You're keeping me on my toes." She keeps up, holding her staff in both hands. "Thank you for this. Whatever happens, you're making me push myself."

The hand of psychic force collides with the power of the wind, and Genie loses the exchange as her power washes back toward her, bowling her over and knocking her flat on her backside with a thump. Looking pained, the Swiss Miss closes one eye as she focuses not to cry out or lose her concentration. Instead, she plans her next move.

"Thank you," she says, "but I still need more. I am not there yet! You stay one step ahead!" It seems less frustration and more observation, but Genie's power surges again. She rolls back out of her seated position and kicks out at Djamila to try and widen the distance between the two of them.

COMBATSYS: Genie successfully hits Djamila with Evasive Kick.

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Genie            0/-------/-======|>>>>>>>\>>-----\1          Djamila

"You will get there. We're all trying our best." She smiles.

She smiles at least until Genie's does her kick. She was sure she would be able to move out of the way. But she doesn't get the ankle right, and the kick hits her in the stomach. It makes her back up and wince.

"Oof, you got me well with that one. You really surprised me." She grins. "Well done."

Winds starts circling her, giving her more speed and she comes back to Genie. She then sweeps at Genie's legs to take them from under her. If she succeeds, she then aims to slams her staff into her chest, using wind, to push it hard in. Then she pulls back.

COMBATSYS: Genie blocks Djamila's Jade Split.

[                  \\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////         ]
Genie            1/------=/=======|>------\-------\0          Djamila

Genie briefly winds up in a handstand before rolling back over and onto her feet after the kick connects. She rises smoothly, well, mostly smoothly, her footing a little unsteady as the blood has rushed to her head. Even so, she at least doesn't lose it completely, which she almost certainly would have earlier in the event.

And as Djamila moves to punish, Genie keeps it together still. She pushes back against the kick with her legs, softening the blow with counter force while bringing up her hands to block the incoming shot with the staff. It strikes heavily across her interlocked palms and pushes her back with the force. Genie, however, does not go down this time.

"I tried!" Genie says, running on adrenaline now. Don't get cocky, she tells herself. Don't let one good hit through you off your game. Keep up the pressure.

Genie steps forward with a low, light kick--then tries to hook her leg around Djamila's and pull her off balance. It's a dangerous move, considering Djamila's superior balance and agility, but Genie seems plenty cautious about it, almost testing.

COMBATSYS: Genie successfully hits Djamila with Kick Combo.
- Power hit! -

[                  \\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////             ]
Genie            1/----===/=======|====---\-------\0          Djamila

"You're doing well. Really much better than the last time we fought. You can be proud. I might even be getting worried here." She was right to take Genie seriously.

Especially when Genie comes at her legs. Djamila knows how to get out of this, and she goes for it, but she misses her timing, and Genie trips her down. She falls down hard. "Oops." Even her staff falls down. "Ok, I need to center myself." She stands back up, and turns her senses on, simply observing and centering herself. "But damn, good job. You're making me worried here." Maybe she shouldn't say this, but Genie definitely earned it.

COMBATSYS: Djamila stops moving and focuses herself.

[                  \\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Genie            1/----===/=======|====---\-------\0          Djamila

"I am glad," Genie says, "I would not want to disappoint after you have made it this far!" Genie rolls her tongue in her mouth, her muscles tensing. "Nor can I disappoint myself wit h a poor showing myself!" Genie surges with power again, pink psychic energy building up around her aura then focusing into a sphere in front of her. The sphere roils and reshapes, popping into the shape of a sword before she launches it forward at Djamila!

COMBATSYS: Djamila fails to reflect Courechouse EX from Genie with Power Strike.

[                  \\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////                    ]
Genie            0/-------/-----==|=======\-------\1          Djamila

"You're not disappointing at all." She admits truthfully.

She is still focusing when Genie surges with power. She gets ready.

When the sword projectile is sent toward her, she prepares to send it back, using the wind as before, but this time, The energy sword, goes right through and impales in the chest and she falls on one knee, feeling the pain and feeling drained. "Fuck."

She forces herself to stand back up but is not able to try to attack again after that failure.

Fortunately for both Genie and Djamila, the sword causes injuries more psychic in natural instead of physical. There's no actual wound from the blade, but it may certainly feel like there is until the sensation passes. For a brief moment, Genie seems thrilled that her attack landed cleanly--considering how often it's been parried, deflected, or even absorbed by someone in the NFG--but there's a healthy dose of concern mixed in as well.

But Genie restrains her urge to rush over and check on Djamila. That would not only be a poor strategic move on her part, but also an insult to Djamila's resilience and resolve. Steeling herself, Genie instead reaches out with psychic power, attempting to grab hold of Djamila with telekinetic force and bring her in close. If she succeeds, Genie then tries to hip-check the other woman powerfully, combining her own forward momentum with the psychically-assisted pull.

COMBATSYS: Djamila counters Siege Perilleux from Genie with Butterfly.

[                            \\  < >  /////////                     ]
Genie            1/-------/=======|===----\-------\0          Djamila

She feels bad for saying Fuck with Genie. She's not mad at her, she's mad at herself. The pain certainly does feel real, and feels like she has been stabbed, but she is standing.

She's waiting. She's standing in pain. Genie has the momentum.

Djamila feels the pull toward Genie. She doesn't fight it at all. When Close enough, when Genie does her attack, Djamila uses her staff to push herself even faster, in the air, and uses her powerful leg to break through Genie's attack. This time, the winds seems also to protect her, it even seems to make her plow faster/harder into Genie. She then lets herself roll on the ground, and stand back. "I am not done yet." She breathes deeply. Adrenaline flowing in. At least no one will be able to say she didn't do her best. Genie is giving her a run for her money and then some.

Genie has probably said worse in the heat of the moment, but even if not, her focus stays on the fight. Instead, there's excitement--a brief rush of anticipation as Djamila is pulled into striking range. She lowers her stance, ready to strike.

But then Djamila shifts into a counter-kick, trying above Genie's hip and catching her in the stomach. It knocks the wind out of her and sends her into a tumble as Djamila lands on the other side.

Genie's vision gets blurry, the last of her stamina sapped, but she sweeps out her arm. Psychic power flares into a pink shield of power, and Genie tries to wallop Djamila with it.

COMBATSYS: Genie can no longer fight.

[                     \\\\\\\\\  <
Djamila          0/-------/----===|

COMBATSYS: Djamila dodges Genie's Joyeuse Garde.

[                     \\\\\\\\\  <
Djamila          0/-------/----===|

Djamila is waiting. Waiting again. What else is there to do? The pain has lessened, but she's tired. Genie has taken a lot out of here. She certainly was right to not base this match on the previous one. Otherwise, she would have lost already.

She can see Genie doesn't seem to do too well, but she's there, doing an attack. Djamila pushes her legs to jump away from what she feels. Landing on one knee and one hand, her staff held in the other.... She's ready to attack again, but Genie is no longer coming. No sense in attacking someone who is down.

The Announcer after a moment, declares Djamila the winner as they confirm Genie can no longer fight. She stands back up and raises her hand in the air to the chair of the crowd.

Soon after, she goes to check on Genie. "Great fight babe. I was worried my body would not carry much further. You're the fighter who got me the closest to my breaking point since the rumble."

She then asks for a mic, when she gets it. "I would like you all now to give an ovation to Genie, who really kicked ass. This wasn't a one-sided fight. Genie hurts, Genie kicks ass." She then tries to help Genie up, so she can raise her hand up. Before giving her a hug, if Genie allows it.

Genie shakily gets up with Djamila, leaning on her when the hug occurs. Genie gradually returns it, her face flushed and still whoozy. "Ah, thank you. Thank you very much." She says, wavering on her feet. Her knees wobble, but she doesn't fall down yet.

"And thank you for the gift you sent," she adds, more quietly. Her voice raises again when she turns to speak into the microphone.

"I hope my showing goes to prove anyone can become a proper fighting with determination. I never thought I would have made it this far!"

Djamila is certainly not in top shape right now, but she manages to keep Genie up. Though Genie would feel she wasn't at her best right now either. It was no joke, Genie took a lot out of her.

"Like I said, we don't know one another much, but I like you. Regret not knowing you better. Maybe after all this is done." She smiles. "So you're welcome."

"Our showing proves anyone from any background and kind of fighting can give their all." She smiles and taps Genie's back. Then she carefully lets go, when she feels Genie can stand on her own. "Ok, now I am going to go somewhere, and freaking rest." She grins.

COMBATSYS: Djamila has ended the fight here.

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