NFG Season One - Kenzo and Djamila Sitting In E.V.O.L.V.E

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Description: Two of the members of Team Metal happen to catch each other for a conversation. But with that conversation comes changes being made.

Djamila has been meditating in her room for a while now. To finish her healing. However, a thought keeps popping up. Something Daisuke told her, and he's probably right. If she doesn't try, she won't know. Maybe it wasn't in those words, but it was something like that.

At least the body is fine right now. It's a good time to take care of mind and heart now. She gets dressed in a black skirt and a purple top. Of course, she still has her blindfold, her staff, and a pair of black boots. She then makes her way to the elevator to get to the entertainment area. She's hungry, and she needs to eat. She also checks with her senses if Kenzo is there.

Ah, if Kenzo was here, that would be easier. If he's in metal at all, that will be easy. Otherwise, she supposes she will have to wait. She orders a full breakfast from the man. He tells her it won't be too long, and she nods her head then makes her way to the seating area. She's not doing anything special right? She's simply trying to think of the best way to say what she wants to say.

Bah, why is she making her life complicated? She just needs to say is straight and then see. There are only 2 outcomes possible in the end. One way or another, at least she will know then. Yeah. Just be straight when she finds him. Best solution.

Speaking of those who have to take care of mind and heart, there's Kenzo who hasn't been quite the same since he received that cheap shot from a spectator that did more to harm him from a psychological perspective than it did from physical one. Kenzo finally gets out of bed and arrives in his pajamas having already made his order and so he makes his way to the entertainment center's dumbwaiter to pick up his breakfast of salmon, steamed rice, and seaweed.

Every since the fight with 'Kunoichi Inazuma', staff and ARIA will have noticed a significant change in his behavior. When he trains, his attacks seem like something is missing even though he's still probably among one of the most technically sound fighters in the NFG. He hasn't been studying footage as much as he used to. He hasn't been asking questions of the training staff and the time he's spent in his room aka. Kenzo's workshop has increased significantly.

Upon grabbing his tray and sitting down he sees Djamila enter the EVOLVE's entertainment area greeting her with a smile though the person in question has a blind fold. That being said, any cameras or staff who happen to be around could with a good look at his face, see his smile looks out of place.

"Hey, Djamila."

Kenzo takes a moment to arrange the plates on his tray as well as chop sticks before lowering his head and saying, "Itadakimasu."

Djamila did feel something different when she watched the fight between Kenzo and Lisa. But should she mention that too? Should she mention what she wants to mention? If she doesn't do it now, who knows when she will be able to do it? Maybe she can do both. She does want to help Kenzo if she can.

"Hey Kenzo. How is it going?" She gives him a genuine smile like she's happy she is here. "Believe it or not, I wanted to see you. Well, talk with you." She smiles sheepishly now. "If you just give me a minute to get my things."

She waits patiently, but before she gets her things. "Oh, and if you want to talk, consider my two ears yours ok?" She finally added, giving him the choice to share something if he so desires.

She moves to get her own tray, and she makes her way to Kenzo. "Let me know if you want space, but the talking and listening will be easier if I sit nearby." She takes a seat down, on the same couch, but gives him some bubble space too.

Even if she's eager to let something out, she doesn't speak right away, just to see if Kenzo will start talking first.

She does say one more thing, however. "shahiat tayiba". She also smooths her skirt on her legs, and sets her staff upright in front of her.

Kenzo nods as his team mate takes her seat right next to him. Perhaps it was a sign that he's spent enough time alone and probably should start talking out his emotional issues with someone and Djamila practically volunteered. That being said she wanted to speak to him about something so he owes it to her to hear her out first.

"What did you want to talk about?"

Kenzo gets to work on eating his own breakfast using the chopsticks to break off a little bit of the fish and deposit it in his mouth. He closes his eyes for a moment as he chews and then opens them to look at Djamila once more. Glasses clad eyes to blindfold.

She takes a bite first, to give her a couple of seconds more. It's not that she was scared per se. It's more that it's new to her. What if she scares him or something? But Djamila is direct, downright lacking filters at times. So it's how she should go about it.

"I am interested in you Kenzo. For quite a bit. You've been here for me when I was at my worst. You weren't scared to get upset to protect me, even from myself." She pauses a moment.

"Ok, I am not good with this, but I will be straight about it. I would like to get to know you better and go on a date with you to see how we fit together if you can see yourself potentially enjoying that with me." She takes a deep breath. "There it's out. I will take a yes with excitement and a no with calmness because I know you will be honest with me either way, and the worst that can happen is we stay friends. A friend told me I should let the person I am interested in know. That was the right thing to say. So there you have it. You may also need time to think about it." She takes a deep breath but smiles.

"With that said, no matter your answer, you can talk with me. I am ready to listen and help you if I can. Hit me up." She takes a few bites again and drinks a bit of orange juice. It's a bit like a woman fidgetting with her clothes, but instead, Djamila focus on her food to calm her heart.

When Djamila says that, Kenzo's eyes go wide in surprise. After all, Kenzo isn't used to being the type of guy that women gravitate to. Kenzo's love life and his current NFG issues both stem from the same place even if the reactions to two issues are quite different. Both come from a place of not dealing with rejection well.

In his love life, it caused him to dive into his martial arts and his work as a maker with incredible focus. Because his attention was diverted elsewhere he often missed signs of when others were interested in him. Often, he needed, but never received a hit over the head with a clue by four since attempts to flirt with him often went over his head. If he never made himself vulnerable, he can't feel the pain of rejection.

In the case of fighting, he may have lost fights but he never felt as though he was being rejected by the fighting world as a whole. That is, until the fight with Liza, where he got punched just as he was about to get back into the ring. Now, Kenzo is dealing with the fact that not even sanctioned fighting is no longer an emotionally safe outlet for him to avoid rejection beyond talking heads on sports shows.

"If I'm being honest, I never pursued a relationship because I never thought I had a chance with you. I didn't even think I was on your radar of potential guys."

There's probably someone in Ultratech listening in on their Lifebands hoping Kenzo shuts up before he accidentally talks himself out of a date with Djamila.

"If you'd like, we could go out to Vito's for dinner and then watch a fight after. We just have to compare notes on our training schedules."

Kenzo nods and smiles and it's a genuine one this time.

"I haven't had much reason to smile lately."

Djamila can get a raise from any hetero man and any women loving women. That's what she thinks anyway. That's part of her job. Make someone feel pleasure, feel horny, and you will get more money out of them, and they will be happy for a moment. But flirting to get the attention of someone she feels her heart beating for. She doesn't really know how to do it. It was easier to be straight to the point with it. So that's what she did.

"You won over both male and female companionship. I go both ways, to be honest, but I never really dated before. That's why I am so awkward. I don't want to wrap you around my fingers like I would do people for my job. You're important to me." She hopes it makes sense. She isn't sure how a potential boyfriend or girlfriend feels about her job. But this is part of who she is.

She takes a deep breath. "You were on my radar, but it was hard to catch you. Both because of our schedules. Then the moments I was there didn't feel right. So I said nothing, but today the stars aligned, I guess." Maybe it would be good to stop talking too. The no filter and inexperience, in that matter perhaps showing there at the same time.

"Vito sounds good. I might get a VIP membership. I keep going there lately." She bites her lips. "They weren't dates as we will do though. Just friends I had to talk to." She feels like she is making this awkward. "I am sorry, this is very new to me. I don't want to mess things up." She smiled. she really wanted that date.

"But this smile is the most beautiful on your face. At least to your previous one." She admits to him, hinting she can see him.

"Before I put my foot in my mouth, how about you talk to me about what is going on with you? I promise to not judge you. I am just concerned for your mental wellness, and you mean a lot to me." Then she lets him talk about whatever it might be he wants to let out.

At first Kenzo blinks in surprise at the comparison of his smile to the previous smile. She's blindfolded and there's thick enough material to believe that it's not see-through but then he also remembers that she can control wind and it's not outside the realm of possibility for her to be able to pick up on the subtle shifts of air movement to allow her to map her surroundings. Or she might just have some other sense that stands in for her eyes.

He doesn't let himself go too far down that particular rabbit hole due to his eating companion having asked a question.

"The fact I was attacked by a spectator mid fight had shaken me up. I hadn't signed up to fight the audience along with my opponent."

He takes a deep breath. Just thinking about that fight makes him imbibe a cocktail of emotions. A shot of anger, with a bit of sadness, mixed with a bit of self-doubt. Shake until completely mixed-up.

"It made me question why am I even doing this. If some random stranger dislikes me so much that they would hit me out of nowhere for no personal gain, why am I here?"

She waits for Kenzo to be ready to share. She does not hurry him up. She's happy to be with him right now, and she wants to be there for him when he needs someone.

"You will get hardship in life, you will not understand. People will hate you because you're different. Maybe because you're more intelligent, maybe because they wish they would come up with the idea you came up with. In this case, someone was stupid in the audience and hit you. You have to realize though, you're not the problem. You're the victim." She pauses. She was tempted to like it too when her father hit her, but she didn't want to bring that in. She thinks she can help without that part.

She then continues. "You are here because you have talent. You have a brain and a body. You have earned your spot here." She takes another pause. "This guy was probably just jealous. There will always be people trying to put us down to feel bigger. Maybe he hoped if he did that, your opponent would notice him. Maybe he has a shitty life and thinks you're perfect. I don't know what went through his mind, but he had a reason, and it's not your fault.

After a short pause again. "The best you can do is remember who you are and ignore the people who can't see it. If you want a quiet life without anybody being stupid, you will need to become a monk. But please don't, not before our date. I want a chance to show you that you have a reason to totally not become a monk." She reaches her hand toward his cheek but slowly. If he desires to stop her, he can do so easily. Otherwise, she touches his cheek lightly, even over a device. "You are here because you earned it. And truthfully, you are here because I need you." She really can't imagine NFG without Kenzo. He's been a teammate ever since the beginning, a friend, and a potential boyfriend. No, Kenzo couldn't leave... unless it was what was best for him, of course.

Kenzo is quiet for a moment as the words from Djamila's lips echo repeatedly in his head. 'You're not the problem. You're the victim.' Almost simultaneously to Djamila's unvoiced thoughts, Kenzo thinks of the attack from her father. He doesn't dare bring that up for he's not about to inflict trauma onto someone who not only wants to help him but for some reason considers him boyfriend material.

It feels odd to have someone listing his good qualities. That's one of the pitfalls of having gone to a school like Justice. When one goes to a school like that, you hardly ever receive compliments unless one does something exemplary. In a school where excellence is expected you have to go above and beyond to gain recognition for it. Even in university, recognition is rare due to the expectation of excellence due to his background when those attending from other schools were more likely to hear those things about them.

He was tempted to make a joke about becoming a monk but the touch on the cheek cuts those thoughts off at the pass. He leans into her touch as he places the chopsticks on the plate with the salmon on it. With his hands now empty, he has one of the hands touching the hand that's touching his cheek. The other hand rests on her thigh.

"You make a good case for me sticking around but I didn't think you'd need me."

On her end, she didn't want to make it about her. It was a moment he needed help about, not her time to bring it back on her. Not that way.

After a moment of silence between them, his hands over hers "Look, that day when I almost fought Ichika at the beach. If you and Chevy hadn't stopped me, I would have gone on with it and that would have been pretty bad. I don't know if I would have made it out of the beach. Then we trained together, and I did one end of a blunder that didn't show me in a good light." She blushes a bit. "I feel like we have been in this together, making our way together. JD... we never even officially met really, so I don't feel close. The members I like them, but we haven't been in this together since the beginning. Only you and I. So yes, I need you."

She ponders a bit, then continues. "Be all you can be, and be the best you can. If you have people loving you and others hating you with all their guts, it means you are doing something right. It's when you get ignored by everyone you shouldn't stick to it. At least in fighting. Means you get no reactions at all." She smirks. "You certainly bring a reaction in me." She uses her free hand to make sure nothing falls to the ground, but that's not the most important thing in her mind right now. "You can't control the behaviors of anyone else. Only yours, so don't take the blame for someone else's behaviors alright? If you ever leave the fighting scene, do it for you. Stupid people will remain even if you leave. So don't leave for them." She leans in a bit closer, still careful.

As Djamila goes down memory lane, Kenzo remains quiet. Oddly enough, he doesn't remember some of those events the same way but Djamila has insight into those situations that he didn't have due to not perceiving them from her point of view just as he probably has insights to them due to not perceiving them from his point of view.

Then he ultimately receives the main takeaway from her. There's a part that as a ninja, who is at least feeling a little bit better, can't let go without some self-deprecating humor.

"But I thought ninja's aren't supposed to be drawing attention."

Kenzo likewise moves in closer to Djamila but he slides his tray over as well. He's not about to have ARIA read him the riot act on his Lifeband for not eating. Nope. That being said, he leans his head on Djamila's shoulder in between bites of his food.

She may have some events a little deformed because she's in love. She also managed to pick up the most trash that day at the beach with how out of it she was. She has no idea how that's even possible. But

"Maybe you're not the best Ninja, but then again, you might have stolen my heart. Quite a feat. No other ninja ever managed that." She giggles a bit.

With Kenzo sliding closer too, she goes for the kill. She leans in to put her lips on his for a kiss. It's not passionate, it's not long. It's a simple kiss to show he means to her. Then she pulls back slightly. She's hoping that she didn't do too much too soon. She goes silent a moment.

"I hope that was ok." She finally says. She enjoyed it, but there is the incertitude. Did Kenzo enjoy it, too? "I know, I know, a kiss is supposed to be after the date. But you know me, I don't do things correctly. I do them my way." She smiles.

There is a sudden increase in blood flow towards his face that one would not need his combat specs or the every day use version to see. While Djamila may not have sought out to wrap Kenzo around her finger, that is the result of her approach that even includes a ninja targeted pick-up line.

At first, Kenzo's eyes go wide in surprise. He wasn't expecting the kiss at all. That isn't to say that it isn't welcome because it was. So much so that he returns it in kind and when he feels her starting to pull back he does so as well.

"That... Was a pleasant surprise. I thought I wasn't supposed to get dessert until after I finished breakfast."

He then goes back to eating the rest of his breakfast while the Lifeband is suddenly picking up an increased heart rate brought on by being around his soon to be maybe girlfriend.

Well that's what may have happened, but she does not do it on purpose or to hurt him later by using him. That's not her plan. She's just going with what she feels in her heart.

She's happy after because she didn't exactly expect to be kissed back for it. She doesn't know what to expect from any of this. It is new territory. Much better than stripping but also much scarier. Though she got through things in life that might have broken some other people, she can do this too. It's just so... She doesn't even know how to describe it in her mind.

The band would pick up the same increase on Djamila's heart. She can't help it. "I just had to take it. I am a naughty girl." She smiles, and she starts eating too. "We might not need a date to figure things out, though I still want to go on one with you though. Because I want to be with you." She admits. Then she continues eating. She did need to put more nutrients inside that body.

"I want you happy Kenzo. With me or with someone else if it ends up not being me. But I feel good like this with you." She admits.

THen she switches the subject a little. "Do you feel better from those bad feelings you've been having? Can I count on you to do your very best in the tournament and beyond?" This wasn't for her sake. He didn't need to be the best in anything, but she thinks he needs it.

Kenzo definitely has a response to Djamila's 'naughty girl' comment but he stops himself. No need to give whoever may get access to the audio feed from their wearables wank/fanfic material. As for the here and now, he's content to continue eating though he does lean into her.

"We're young and still maturing so it's hard to say if we'll be together forever but at the very least I'll try to make our time together as enjoyable as possible."

When the subject changes Kenzo pauses the process of eating while he holds the carrot between the chopsticks as though he wanted to stop everything to put all of his focus into thinking about the answer to her questions.

"Feel better? Yes. Count on me to do my best? Yes. Why? Because I don't want you to have to come after me because I was not doing my absolute best."

Kenzo flashes a playful grin in Djamila's direction before placing the carrot in his mouth. As he chews something else ends up coming to mind.

"Did you happen to see the tournament brackets? I ended up getting matched up with Ayala... I wonder how she's doing? Also, I noticed that you got matched up against Genie and Iris got matched up with Buford. With all of us having fought Genie and the both of us having fought Buford, we could compare notes in preparation for the tournament. I especially want to see Buford get sent home early."

Djamila is pretty sure they listen as well. The things they will have heard. She's ok. She's not super worried about those things. She's a free card. Not important enough in the grand scheme of things. Not for high-ups.

"Oh, I am not asking for that kind of commitment. I am not asking you to marry me. But it would be nice to travel on the road of life together for a while. I don't know what the future holds, but I want you in it, as long as it makes us both happy." She says it's the most honest she can be about this.

She eats a bit more. she's slow about it compared to how she eats usually, but it's okay. It's a special day now.

"Oh, you're definitely smart. You don't want me coming after you and beating you up." She grins, teasing about that, or is she?

Yes. Genie, I should be able to handle it well enough. But if you want to share things. I will listen, of course." Then she ponders. "Buford, my speed was definitely a good counter to his things. I think I had an advantage because the smoke was not a problem for me. I don't see it that way. So if Iris can use her other senses when her eyes fail her, they should be able to work better. Ayala hits hard, but you can test her patience if the match lasts for a long time. You're a ninja, so you're fast. That's my take on all this. Of course, I lost against Ayala. My head wasn't in the right place. She still earned her victory, though. I love that girl." She means as a friend. "Does it help?"

She also want to add a little something, so he knows. "I sleep with the dog you made for me." She didn't know if that would sound stupid.

"I meant getting all of us together discuss our upcoming opponents so that we all benefit from the experiences of the others."

At this point, Kenzo is most of the way through his vegetables, most of the rice is gone and there's only one piece of salmon left which immediately goes right into his mouth.

"That being said, a lot of the things I sent in my email probably still apply but having the benefit of spending a decent portion of the Rumble facing off against Genie, I can say that not only does her energy feel different when compared to Iris, yours, or mine when our type of energy hits her, it hits her hard. So if you are using energy against her, either do so fast enough that it's difficult to return to sender or before she has a chance to react to you. She does seem to have much better fighting mechanics now."

The vegetables are next and Kenzo is on his way to finishing those as well. When he's done chewing he looks over to Djamila.

"My response to Buford's vape clouds was to just to just toss out my Pulse Device into the cloud to limit his avenues of approach as well make it a hostile location for him. I still think a lot of what I sent in the email applies there too though it did help to constantly pressure him and not let him regain his balance."

Kenzo then moves to the rice with a thoughtful expression.

"With Ayala, while I don't have the benefit of having faced her directly I did smash a car with her and what I got out of that was similar in terms of her being strong, I'm not sure I can test her patience like that with a lengthy fight but testing her endurance with well timed and accurate attacks could be on the table for me.

"Yeah, I could answer specific questions. I mean, we could all answer specific questions." She laughed softly, and she was slowly getting through her breakfast plate. She looks so happy and carefree right now.

I know not to take Genie lightly. The stars aligned in round 2 of Metro City for me. But I also have more tricks up my sleeve with her. I will be on my toes and be careful of her energy. If I can, I simply won't be there when she hits.. If I can't, I will hit quick and hard.

When he looks over Djamila, she almost seems to meet his eyes as she moves her head. There are those little things that seem pretty normal at first glance, but if someone pays real attention, it can seem weird.

"Haiku also destabilizes him I think. It's something you did as well. Probably better than I did." She grins. "I don't claim to be an expert Haiku user. I think Iris can kick his ass, personally."

She takes a huge bite of eggs, and she is done now. Left only with her orange juice at this time.

"That's one thing I have if I need it. Healing with the wind. Though I can't over-rely on it. Though she won't be used to all of your tools. She's not a tool girl. She's the opposite of you. As much as you are a tech guy, she's an 'au naturel' girl. I don't know what else to say. She's a good friend. Also, your brain will help you, though Ayala is also a very smart cookie, in her own way."

She looks down. "Kenzo? When you're done eating, can I take your hand in mine? I would like that if it's fine with you." She does put her plate on the table nearby for now. It's not long before staff come to get it. "I can't claim I know all the right etiquette for this. I am just me. I am not like a regular girl. I don't think. I am probably not the ideal woman parents would like to be honest. But I am honest, and you will always know what I am thinking." She smiles. "I am still a little nervous. I don't want to smother you or do something wrong with you." She smiles at him.

Kenzo finishes up the rice, stacks the bowl and plate as well as gathers Djamila's plate and glass and once everything is consolidated, he takes it all over to the dumbwaiter and puts in a call to the kitchen to let them know that the everything is coming back down. The ninja returns to where they were seated and extends a hand towards Djamila and smiles as he waits for her to place her hand in his.

"We could go hand in hand as we walk around the city for a bit. I don't think the training staff will object to us getting a little extra exercise from a walk."

The pair of fighters then walk to the elevator and ride down to the lobby hand in hand.

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