NFG Season One - Good Food Bad Thoughts

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Description: Djamila happens to find Daisuke loitering in Metro in between his busy schedule, and seems to sense something is bothering the Team Frost intern. Company and food is offered, and Djamila happens to get a sense of some issues Daisuke has he himself doesn't recognize.

Djamila was a bit of a mess, at least on her exposed skin. Recently, she had a spar with Braun, and although she won, Right before he was knocked out, she took his strong attack right on, and it was messy. She has been meditating most of the night to help heal her body. She's no longer bleeding at all, but the marks are there. There are more hidden under her black skirt and purple top, but yes. There will be healing still in order.

Right now, Djamila wants to be in the sun and find some food. She's hungry. She's going to Vito since with Hawksley she enjoyed the food. Her security is still giving her space. They don't want to piss her off. They already had a bit of her wrath when they took her away like a thief after the fight. They were worried.

Now Djamila is simply walking. She also has on her typical black blindfold over her eyes and of course, her staff. Black boots complete her outfit. She seems to know where she is going while on foot. Why be in a car when you want the sun?

Perhaps another adventure will happen today. Another reason to not be in a car.

Meanwhile, up ahead, a familiar sight can be seen. Well... a 'sight'. The last time Djamila met the boy was back in Sunshine City, during that disaster of a shoot. Maybe she might have heard that Daisuke was working as an intern with one of the NFG team's administrative side, so his presence in the city on the opposite side of the country now might not be that surprising.

The young, redhaired japanese man doesn't seem to notice her moving along the street right away, himself. He's leaned up against a light pole, and dressed... well, very much less like a tourist, now. With american-asians not being that uncommon of a sight, he actually kind of blends in now, with his white-and-black jersey jacket over a light-blue shirt and his cheap black jeans.

But he doesn't seem to be in a hurry anywhere. Truth is, he might be feeling a little... lost and exhausted, right now. And for that matter, he's currently staring at an open packet of cigarettes in his hand.

He doesn't smoke, mind you. But somehow, well before he was able to control and filter his empathic senses, he would always get a sense of calm and relaxation from the people he did hang out with who *did* imbibe in a cigarette in his presence.

And right now, he feels kind of overwhelmed. He could use a relaxation. A logical part of his brain is trying to remind him that the sense of relaxation might have very well been caussed by a sense of withdrawals getting pushed away, but...

In short, he's been affected by his company.

He does end up sticking one of the cigarettes into his mouth, and even flicks on a small zippo lighter in his other hand. The flame brought to hover right besides the other end of the cigarette for several long seconds...


But he ends up yanking the thing out from between his teeth before it gets lit. The lighter gets hidden into his jacket, too, and the unlit smoke that did visit his mouth gets dropped on the curb and stomped underneath a sneaker-clad foot.

Djamila is in her little world right now. Even if she's attentive to all the little sounds and other things going around her. You're never walking completely alone in big cities.

But at one point, she recognizes Daisuke. Perhaps it's the Damnit he lets out as he can't bring himself to smoke. Perhaps it's the stomp of his sneaker on the ground. It may even be something else, but she makes her way toward him. "Daisuke, right?" She tells him, trying make him jump in surprise, in case he did not notice her come in. "You remember me? I am the one who sent you in the water for the commercial." She half smiles, half smirks. It was a tragic yet funny moment. Hard to explain. It might not be so funny for Daisuke, though. "What's wrong? Do you want to come with me? I am going to grab a bit, and you can come with me, my treat." She sets her staff upright on the ground and leans on it while she awaits his decision. The company would be nice. Besides isn't he part of NFG too in some way... She thinks so, but she may be wrong.

Daisuke does, in fact, jump in place a little bit upon hearing someone suddenly addressing him right out of nowhere. It even comes with a little "Gah!" of a surprise from him as he jolts from the light post he was leaned up against.

It doesn't help that he has been just a *little* jumpy lately. He spins there in place to find the blindfolded woman facing him on the other side of the pole, his own eyes saucer-wide for a few seconds before he calms down again.

"Uhm..." It takes a moment eve nafter all that for recognition to properly sink in. He didn't really have a chance to talk with Djamila back at the beach, but he did at least familiarize himself with the public information available on all the NFG people. "...Fadel-san, right...?" He murmurs out eventually, sounding just a little uncertain of if his memory is serving him correctly here.

Honestly, he's a little taken off-guard by the offer. Maybe just *mildly* paranoid too, at that. But saying no would, honestly, probably look suspicious, so...

"...Yeah, sure. I'd... like that."

She giggles just a little bit. "I tried to not make you jump, I swear." She stops the giggling, shaking her hips lightly.

"Tell me I am not the only reason you are so jumpy?" She has to ask him. She doesn't think she is that scary unless someone is about to fight with her. When even the big guy thinks you hit hard. You're on to something.

Finally, she answers him. "Yeah. I am Fadel-San. You can Call me Djamila if you want. I never can call someone by their last name. I don't mean to be rude or anything. I just can't."

When he accepts the food offer, she offers her arm to him. "If you want to take it. If it calms you down or something. You need to talk, you let me know, alright?"

Whether he takes her arm or not, she starts walking again, with confidence in her step. "Vito has good food. I was heading there actually. So I hope you enjoy Italian food. Yeah?" She keeps walking to the restaurant not so far out.

"...N-no, I just... didn't expect you," mumbles Daisuke, looking just a *little* pouty over the laugh Djamila had at his expense.

For that matter, though, he does look a little confused by her stated inability to refer to people by their last names. It's the complete opposite of how things tend to go within japanese culture. First names are considered to be reserved for people who are intimately close.

And he looks even more taken back by the offer of the woman's arm. "Uhm..." His face flushes just a hint of red, but he ends up shuffling up to besides her to hook his arm with hers in the end. He at least *tries* to justify it in his head as giving a helping guidance to the woman.

Nevermind that she clearly hasn't needed anything like that so far. Might be the reason he can't shake off the blush.

"I like it, sure," he offers on the subject of the food they are aiming to get, though. "I cook it sometimes too. Not a lot of italian places in Southtown, so..."

"That's fair. I came out of nowhere I suppose. But I know you, and you were just there. I had to come. See if you were ok at least."

She is happy he takes her arm. It might make him feel more secure maybe. Or maybe he feels like he protects her. One of the two to distract him works.

She explains to him while walking, even if he didn't ask. "If you didn't know, I work as a stripper. Well, I did before NFG. You can be one of three things. Either you're a friend, or I don't like you, or I don't know you. If I know your name, and I like you, then you're my friend." She shrugs her shoulder. "If you think I am weird, it's ok. I probably am." She laughs softly.

"Oh! Cooking is a good skill. You can be proud. Able to even cook Italian, that's impressive." She means that then ponders. "Yeah, I didn't really see any Italian place in Southtown when I was there for the tournament."

Finally while walking, they arrive in front of Vito. It can be uncanny how Djamila seems to know where to go just like that. But she is who she is. She waits a moment, so if he wants to open the door, he has time to do so.

Walking arm in arm with the woman does leave the redhead nervous, still, albeit for entirely different reasons now. Though, yes, the idea that he is helping the allegedly blind woman, no matter how misguided that idea might be, is a good distraction.

Though when she mentions her profession, Daisuke promptly lets out an akward cough, and his face lights up *even more* with red color. "N-no, Fadel-san," he stutters out, even more akwardly than before. "I, um, did-- d-didn't know that." Not that it should really matter what she does for her job. He recognizes that much, too, but... he's a young man, only barely old enough to be considered a young adult in his home country. Dealing with information like that still hits you different when you're that age.

When they find themselves by the entrance to Vito's, Daisuke does in fact draw away from her enough to let him pull the door open and hold it so for her benefit. Ever the chivalrous boy, this one. "Here you go..."

"Thank you for escorting me. I feel safer with you. You're very nice." Now, it's more to make him feel at ease than needing protection. After all, her security was following at a good distance. But he seems nice enough and she wants him to feel good to a degree.

"Well now you know." She's not ashamed of what she used to do and will still do after the NFG is done. "Well, I hope it makes more sense why I call everyone by first name. It's not to be disrespectful." She talks with him like an equal right now. Not that she is much older than him."

"Thank you Daisuke. I appreciate that." She goes inside as he holds the door and then waits for him too. "You see any good table? You're my eyes right now." She says softly, letting him decide where they shall sit. Even if she had no problem going directly to Hawksley when she came in last time. When he finds one, she comes to join him. "So what got you so nervous, if I may ask?" She says as she takes a seat, settling her staff upright beside her.

"Um... it's because you're used to keeping things confidential, or something like that...?" Daisuke more or less guess out loud. "I don't really know what working like that is like, so..." He couldn't claim he has visited any strip clubs, or known any other people who have worked as strippers, so he has zero frame of reference.

Once through the door, he takes hold of her arm again, and carefully, with deliberate guiding motions, walks her along through the tables to one at the very back. One that just so happens to have direct sidelines to both the front door and the way to the staff areas. It's probably just a coincidence that he chose a table like that though, right?

"W-what, me, nervous?" He actually blurts out when she asks that question of him, and he's letting out an akward laugh while setting his jacket to be draped over the back of a chair before sitting down. "I'm not-- I don't know what you're talking about, I'm never nervous, aheh..." It's... not even a good lie, is it?

"More like It made me a people person. I suppose. However, you're not wrong in a way. I had to keep things confidential. But that's another story." She frowns a bit. "Which doesn't matter now. That was a problem which isn't one anymore. So we can drink to that." She smiles. "Thank you for the company, by the way.

as he guided her to said table if she knew what he did about two ways out, she didn't say about it in the first place. She's simply at the table with him. "Take anything you want, my treat, alright?" She offers him. At least this time, she won't have to ask him to read the menu like she had to ask Hawksley before.

"That's not even a lie at this point. It's denial." She says frankly. "I am not going to hurt you. If someone else tries to right now, well, I will at least scream like a banshee. I will also probably hit them with my staff. If you want to talk about it though, I have two ears for you." She offers him. While she says that, they both get a menu.

"That's... fair, I guess. Like I said, I um... haven't..." The redhead actually seems to wiggle with some faint akwardness there for a second. "You know..."

He does look a bit hesitant when she suggests he can get whatever he likes on her dime. "Um... Are you sure...?" He even asks, but... let's be honest here, even if she tells him yes, he's probably going to end up getting one of the cheaper things regardless.

When the menus come, he gives a look back over towards Djamila before trying to quickly ask of the waiter, "Uh, do you have one in braille...?" You know, just in case.

But the prompting to talk about what has him nervous, well... That has him fall a bit quiet, for a good moment. He looks down at the table uncertainty, his nose wrinkling for a moment. "...I can't really talk about it," he insists with a shake of his head. "It's... I appreciate the concern, but... Well. Honestly..."

The boy actually lets out a heavy sigh, then. "... I am just... really tired."

"Yeah, I don't think you've ever been in a strip club." She ponders, "How old are you anyway? If it's alright for me to ask?" She's aware not everyone likes to answer every question she might have about them. She's not that bad after all.

"I am sure. You look like you deserve a treat." Though she can't force him. That would be counterproductive like 'You take this, or I am going to beat you up, damn it.' She chuckles a little at the thought. She's just trying to do good here, after all. Like people do good with her.

The waiter looks confused and apologistic, but Djamila intervenes. "It's alright, I remember from last time. Thank you, though." The waiter this time will make sure to tell the owner about such a need. Djamila also thanks Daisuke for thinking about it. "I appreciate that." She smiles at him.

Then she listens to him when he says he can't really talk about it. "Very well. If you can't, I won't force you. Just know I think you're nice and I want to be too. It's ok though, we can have a good time while eating. We can talk about something else.

But then he lets out a piece of info. "Life seems hard on you." She figures he doesn't mean sleep exactly. "Is there a way I could help you a little? Lift you up a bit?"

"U-uhm, y-yeah..." Daisuke confirms for Djamila upon her outright stating he probably has never been in a strip club, swallowing a litlte nervously after the fact. "Er... I turned eighteen this summer."

She really tells him he deserves a treat. That makes Daisuke look a bit akward all over agian, but... not in such a nervous way this time. More in a kind of guilty way. "I... don't, really," he insists on that, too, as he glances off to the side, with a kind of pained expression.

The waiter does bring a pitcher of water and glasses for the two of them, too, while they're deciding on what to order to eat. And to order to drink, if they decide so, but the drinking age in the US is higher than his current age anyway.

It's well enough time of getting water poured for the redhead to let the mental exhaustion grow more obvious on his face, too. A good amount of time for him to contemplate the blindfolded woman's questions and offer.

"I... don't know," he says once the waiter is out of earshot again. "I'm sorry, I... I really don't know what to say to that." The truth is, he hasn't really even given any thought to what anyone could do for him. Or that he could even *get* to have someone do something for him. His spirit is twisted like that.

She nods her head. "I would have been very surprised if you had been in a strip club. It's ok. Not everyone needs to go in there. Besides, some really big perverts can be found there. The bad kind." She adds to everything, not that it helps anything. Her smile comes right back when he says he just made it to eighteen. "Ah welcome to semi adulthood. Hopefully, it goes better for you in the future." Presuming it hasn't been going too well so far, from what she can feel of him.

She frowns a bit when he tells her he doesn't deserve it. "I don't see why not. You don't seem like a monster or anything." She then leans a bit more toward him. "You know, there was a time when I thought I didn't deserve anything good. Then I got some help. Of course, after, it was the hardship of getting back up, mostly on my own. With some help, of course, but... Anyway, it's not about me. I just don't think you should be too hard on yourself."

She smiles at the waiter and thanks him for the service. Hawksley could order alcohol, but she can't. Daisuke is out also. So, there won't be wine or such this time around.

It gives her time to think. She wonders why Daisuke thinks he's not worthy. Did he really do something so bad, or has he been kicked down so many times he just feels worthless? She then wonders if he has parents who are still good and around for him. She doesn't think she should ask though, not right now.

She doesn't have to ask anything as Daisuke starts speaking again as the waiter leaves. She nods her head. "I see." She takes a sip of water before she starts speaking again. "Why don't we order our things, and if something comes to you or you want to share something more with me, then you can during the meal. Otherwise, you will at least have something good to eat. Works with you?" She doesn't want to push him to breaking point in a different direction. It wouldn't help him. At least, she doesn't think so.

"I... see." Daisuke sounds just a little bit worried over Djamila's short explanation of the kind that her workplace might attract. "That sounds like it was rough, I... I'm sorry." He winces a bit after saying that much.

The blindfold on Djamila might at least partially obscure her expressions, but the effect of the frown still carries on over to him. He feels just a bit self-conscious now about what he said might have sounded like, but... he's not terribly keen on explaining himself either. It's probably why he doesn't say anything -- the waiter's passage for the water ends up being a decent enough buffer for it, at least.

"Mmmh... Yeah, alright." He's able to agree easily enough with the notion of just getting something to eat, at least. It's another distraction from everything else. "Uh... THat being said..." His russet brows knit together subtly while he scans through the menu, with uncertain thought. "You've been here before, right...? Do you recommend anything?" Well, he seems like he's much more talkative when he isn't talking about himself.

Djamila thinks. "Oh, I actually enjoy stripping. It's... I don't want to get into the greedy details of my past. Let's just say I started stripping early. It was my lifesaver. It just was hard because when I started I was at the bottom. Climbing up sucks because it feels like you will be stuck at the bottom. But I pulled out. It helped the girls at the club become like my family. So, I am a lucky girl in the end. Here I am, and I am also doing well. Now I am having a meal with a nice guy I can call a friend. I am blessed."

Truth be told, she worries for him. She doesn't know him too well, but there is nothing to make her think he's bad in any way or a threat. So she wonders, and she wants to help. She just tries to not be a pushy bitch right now about it.

I feel like a chicken parmigiana. That's usually always good. Granted I am not sure if it's good here. But it shouldn't be bad. We could have an entire first if you like. We're still growing up, after all. We need nourishment. RIght?" She inquires to Daisuke. Maybe he will be more inclined to take something if she takes it, too. Besides, she means it. Her body needs a lot of nourishment. Working the pole takes muscles, and the muscles take food. Among other things. She takes another sip of water.

Daisuke just gives a polite kind of forced smile while Djamila talks about her life and... how her chosen profession worked out for it. Never did he think he would casually listen to someone equally casually talking about that kind of stuff, and even saying they enjoyed the whole stripping gig. It's not polite to be completely quiet either though, right? He has to say something. He just has to think about what exactly that is, and make sure he doesn't say anything stupid. Come on, Daisuke, don't say anything dumb or embarrassing, don't say anything dumb!

"I'm sure you're really good at it."

God DAMNIT, Daisuke.

At least he seems to realize what that must have sounded like immediately after the words left his mouth, seeing as his face very rapidly tries to mimic the appearance of his hair. "Uh-- I mean--" He stumbles over his own words, suddenly completely unable to look in Djamila's general direction. "T-that didn't come out right, uh--! I mean, like... s-ssheesh it's kinda warm in here, h-huh? Aheh..." He finds himself fanning his face with one hand, too, while he's making an utter fool of himself.

The food, though! Right, the food. His face is still burning up even when she makes the recommendation, and he fumbles akwardly with the menu for a moment before claiming simply, "S-sure, I'll try that, too... I'll, uh, probably be good with just the one, I don't wanna strain your wallet or anything..."

She appreciates him listening to what she might say is boring talk. When he decides to answer, 'I'm sure you're really good at it.', she can't help it. She burst out laughing. "Thank you. Yes, I am. At least I should be to make it a fighting style." She laughs some more until she realizes he feels uncomfortable saying that. "It's fine. I understand Daisuke. You mean well, and I am good at it. I am not ashamed. I am not a slut because I strip. If I was a slut, then that would be that too. You're fine Daisuke. Very few people at NFG bother me, and you're not one of them. Now, if you would tell me I can't fight because I am a woman... That would be different." She chuckles, "But that shouldn't even bother me. I've proved I can fight.

When it's time for food. He tells her he doesn't need an entree or something. "Well fine. I will order two, and the second one can just stay on the table." She sticks out her tongue.

When the waiter comes, she orders two avocado bruschetta as well as two chickens. She also orders drinks, so they can have something nice to go with the food. Nothing alcoholic though. She figured she had to take charge here so he wouldn't feel bad about it.

Her head goes back to facing him. "Ok, that's done. So, new conversation to make you feel better hopefully." She takes a second. "I think you are part of NFG somewhat, yeah? What do you do?

Hearing Djamila burst out laughing is... well, it's a better option than her getting offended for sure, but it still ends up making the poor redheaded boy feel like shrinking in place where he is sitting. And blush even more so from the particular way she words her assurances to him. She might be saying he's fine but for just a moment he couldn't help but feel like he might have unwittingly been like one of those unpleasant perverts she'd mentioned before.

Either way, once he has calmed down at least some, he does give a faintly guilty look over her deciding to order two entrees anyway with the clear intent of the other one being there for him. He can't help it, see. And as it happens, he just... apparently decides to go with water for his drink, too. He's really trying his best to not be a burden.

But the conversation inevitably goes back to him again. This one's a much easier subject than the one she'd asked him about before at least, but it's still clearly difficult for the redhead to talk about himself. "Uhm... I'm an intern on the administrative side of Team Frost," he offers after a moment, still. "Which... honestly in practice kinda means I just run a lot of errands for everyone else."

She just was so amused. There is a way to say things. One which is pervy, nasty, or bad. Another way which is good or innocent. With Daisuke, Djamila took it as the latter. But of course, she can't decide how he feels, on the inside. She doesn't have that kind of power. Besides, it needs to come from him.

As for the food, she doesn't want him to go famished. Besides she knows she can afford it. She wouldn't come to a restaurant every day, but at a time like this, and giving back as Hawksley gave to her, it's only fair. There is a bit of a silence during that time as Daisuke and Djamila are thinking.

But soon enough, after asking the question and Daisuke answering, things are a bit more lively again. "So you are an unpaid errand boy with extracurricular activities? It doesn't sound easy." She ponders. "I think I have it easier as a fighter than you do whatever you are doing." She bites her lips to not go again, to say how much he's worth it and all. Instead, she goes with, "Thank you for keeping me company. I didn't want to eat alone. I am happy I get to know you a bit better."

After that, she leaves it there for now. Just as the entrees are brought. One in front of Djamila, the other in front of Daisuke. She just gives a smile at that and thanks the server. Then she digs in. She doesn't eat like a pig, but she doesn't eat like a lady, either. She's hungry and not hiding it.

"Er... what exactly do you mean by 'extracurricular activities'...?" Daisuke asks for clarification, because that kind of thing might sound a *little* suspect in this exact context. "But, uh... yeah, unpaid errand boy sounds right..."

Well, there is more. There's a whole lot more. But that's among the things he expressly cannot talk about, unfortunately.

"It's... fine, I needed a distraction too, honestly," he mutters, somewhat self-consciously, in response to the words of gratitude he's gotten just for coming here with her. It makes him glance off aside, too.

When the entrees come, he gives the bruschetta set down in front of him kind of sheepishly. He said he didn't need anything, but it's rude to ignore food expressly brought for you, isn't it? So he at least indulges a little bit, even if he might look guilty for doing so.

"...So, um..." He does murmur eventually though, to break the silence. And no, he doesn't commit on Djamila's dining manners. "You... know Chloe-san and Eddow too...? You seemed pretty familiar back at the-- you know." He gives a vague wave of a gesture with his hand, though he must realize quickly afterwards too that it's probably a pointless thing to do with Djamila. "The... the thing." The music video shoot at the beach, that is. He doesn't really want to bring that one up directly either, for... *some reason*.

"I am thinking, maybe wrongly so you might be a punching ball or something. You don't have to say, but you seem to have such low self-esteem. So, adding two+two together. But you don't have to answer. That would be prying again. Just making an observation. I've seen two types of reactions. Either low self-esteem or anger. Could also be both at the same time." She shrugs. "Sorry, we can talk about something happier if you prefer."

"Well good. So the food is well earned. Enjoy yourself." She tells him, then dismissing it. It's not like she's paying him a mansion or something. She's inviting him to dinner freely.

Besides that, she continues eating the entree. Her body demands to be fed. She doesn't ignore her body.

Though when Daisuke asks her a new question, she answers him after cleaning her lips with a napkin. "I know Chloe. I won a date with her. I wasn't sure I wanted to go, but I went, and we had a great time together. So she became a friend." Then she ponders Eddow. "Do you mean Lisa? Is she your girlfriend?" She was a big confused about who Eddow referred to. So it was better to ask. Of course, asking if Lisa is his girlfriend wasn't necessary and was probably prying. No one is perfect.

"Er..." Daisuke is very, very much taken aback by the speculation about him that Djamila makes. It actually leaves him silent for a good moment in his stunned state. He's not personally so sure about the whole 'punching ball' thing, but...

The low-esteem guess might hit kind of close to home. The redhead frowns, and looks away, but... he doesn't say anything. Not even to try to deny it, or to try to turn the conversation elsewhere. Apparently he just kind of hopes she will let the thought pass and move on.

His brow does lift up when she lets him know just how exactly she knows Lucky Chloe. He chooses not to comment on that, mind you, and instead nods when she asks about the other girl. "Yeah, Raiza." Because it's still easier for him to say than 'Lisa'. Japanese phonetics and all. But the immediate guess Djamila makes about the relationship he has with the aforementioned girl...

Daisuke damn near chokes on his food.

"G-ghhh-- W-w-what, huh?!" He manages to recover from that quick enough to let out an embarrassed flow of stuttering noises, face positively burning up the whole time. "N-n-no, I mean-- we're not like-- I mean--- she'd probably slap me if I claimed she was--um, uh--!"

Oh no. She broke him.

Djamila partially analyzing him. She's not a psy, but she cares enough to try to guess. Doesn't mean he has to like it though. She can 'see' he's not comfortable talking about it. To be fair, he doesn't deny the low self-esteem part. She realizes he might have too low esteem to ask her to stop talking about personal things like that. She hesitates to come back to this later or just let it go completely. Are you a friend if you work out to help someone in need? Or are you a friend when you drop a subject when your friend doesn't want to talk about it? She wasn't sure. Maybe it depends on the friend.

Since he doesn't ask for more info about Chloe either, she doesn't add any details. She's not one to force things about herself either. At least she doesn't think so. "Ok, Raiza I can understand. Eddow, not so much. It's her family name? Like Eddow-San in this case?"

Soon after, she can hear the panic. "Sorry?" She tells him after. "I didn't mean anything by it. Just would be cool, is all." She almost seems to look at him. "Are you ok Daisuke? Have I asked too many questions? Sorry."

The waiter takes that moment to bring the main course. Djamila goes silent during that time. It's not any of the Waiter's business, but she gives a nod to him. "Food.Hope you enjoy." She says once the waiter is gone. What else could she say."

"C-cool..." Daisuke repeats after Djamila, and he somehow ends up just getting even redder still. He probably feels thankful for the fact that Djamila (probably?) can't actually see that, though. "I m-mean, she is-- cool and stuff-- but-- um... you know, it's like, she... I'm just..." Still struggling to find *something* coherent to say, to the point he has to down an entire glass of water to cool himself down.

"N-no, you're... you're fine, really, just..." he offers to her in an attempt to reassure her in spite of his little blushing attack. "'s okay."

"It's alright. You don't have to explain further." She tries to reassure Daisuke, as it's complicated for him. "You don't have to put words on it if you can't. She is what she is." She sighs softly. It's a bit complicated for a girl with no real filters at the time. Daisuke is completely different.

"Thanks. You regret meeting me today yet?" She chuckles a bit. "Seriously, I care, so I ask things about you. I don't mean to make it super difficult for you though. Let's eat and you will be free from this torture, maybe." She teases a little. "I am trying to be a nice friend. But not doing a great job at it. Just like maybe remember you're worth it." She smiles.

Then she starts eating the chicken, slower this time, and drinks some in between. The waiter comes to refill the water glass of Daisuke before being on his way again. "I bet it would have been easier if I had asked you to spar me instead." She idly wonders. Not that she thinks he would be easy or anything. She still needed some healing herself, and a nice dinner was better.

"...Yeah..." Daisuke looks off to the side, and worries at his lower lip with his teeth lightly. "She is what she is..." Just like that, he looks guilty all over again. He did almost make the girl cry before he left Sunshine City.

"Regret...? No, not really, honestly..." Daisuke insists, a bit akward in his tone still. This is not exactly the kind of conversation he would usually find himself having. "I wouldn't call it torture, you know... I mean... I got food. So there's that."

Food that he does slowly bite his way through, at least. There might still be guilt in having someone else pay for him, but he's not about to leave food on the table, you know?

BUt he pauses when she suggests she should have asked him to spar instead. "Uhhh... I mean... I'm not exactly a fighter, you know...?"

"You're a good guy Daisuke. I hope you can see it one day." She says after they agree Raiza is what she is. She means it too. She wouldn't stay with someone she doesn't feel good in some way to be. Staying with nasty people never ends well. She shives when talking about that.

She gets back to the now when Daisuke says he has no regrets. "Good, not torture. The food is also good, so there is that. You're not eating trash." She smiles. Though, if you're in a pinch, you can find some food in the restaurants' trash. Djamila knows that. But that's not really something she would share with much of anybody.

She continues eating, keeping a smile on her face when she can. She did her best to eat with her mouth closed.

That's why it takes a small moment to answer. "Oh, you're not a fighter. I thought you were. It's my bad. Good, we didn't fight then. I had enough practice with Braun anyway. Don't need to beat you. Especially if you don't fight."

She slowly goes through the main plate of food. Easily at that. This girl can eat.

Daisuke... tries to smile when Djamila insists that he is a good guy.

Giving genuine smiles is, unfortunately, not very easy for him. He can try to fake it, sure, but... Something's inside him that keeps him from actually smiling. From actually being happy.

And for that same reason, he chooses to not say anything about that notion either. Outright denyin it would... well, look weird, he knows that much.

But then, another akward little chuckle from the redhead's throat, and he even nervously rubs a hand along the side of his neck. "Ah, you know... It's not like I don't know how to fight a little bit. You kinda gotta when you study in Southtown, I guess... But I bet you'd beat my ass without even breaking a sweat."

"Thanks for trying to smile. I appreciate it." She simply says. She doesn't expand on how she knows. But she knows. "It's OK if you can't. I actually don't know what you went through. Life can be hard... So if it's the case for you, I hope it will get better."

She ponders if she wants desserts now. , while there is a bit of silence. She isn't in the mood for a dessert, so seems it will be all for her.

She gets back to the conversation as Daisuke admits he can fight, but she could kick her ass easily. "I don't know. I never saw you fight. I just know I have gotten better. Back then, I wouldn't have been able to do all I do today."

She does a little pause before she asks. "Do you want anything else? I will be honest. I am not in the mood for dessert, but I won't stop you if you want one."

Now that her appetite was sated, she could feel the soreness in her body, reminding her of the recent spar. She needs to meditate more. That part she keeps to herself though. The time with Daisuke is nice, and she doesn't want him to think otherwise. She certainly won't push him with the wind like she did back then. Now that she knows him better it feels mean. But then again it was for a commerical...

"...H-huh?" Now that's what truly surprises Daisuke. He actually leans back visibly when she calls him out on his attempt at smiling while his eyes move over the blindfold on her. Wait, but...? "How did you...?" Wait, does that mean she could tell he had been blushing too? He was really kind of hoping she would at least miss all his reactions to some of the things she said earlier.

But... No one has ever really called him out on the way he smiles. Or rather, doesn't smile. Not in any real kind of way, anyway. That leaves him in a strange state where... Well.

He can't really process that properly. Is it really even something that he even recognized of himself? After the initial surprise of realizing she had even see him "smile", he's left to just... stare blankly at Djamila. As if though he's not fully understanding what she even said. Like she had spontaneously spoken something in a completely different language before returning to something he understands again right after.

...And that all leads to him deliberately staying quiet on the matter, in the hopes the two of them will simply move on from. So he won't have to address it himself.

"Well... I don't fight professionally like you do, you know?" Daisuke insists on the matter about their fighting abilities, however. "When I say I know how to fight, I mean just like... the kind of fights you'd expect in a school... I don't train or anything."

That's also not true. But that one he's much better at lying about. He has gone to some pretty great lengths to try and hide his psychic abilities and all the fighting he *has* actually done as a masked vigilante of sorts.

The redhead scratches his cheek subtly when asked if he wants anything else. "No, I'm... okay, I don't need anything else. I, uh... Sorry, I kind of get a sense I might have been kind of a downer here."

"I have my ways. I use all of my senses and then some.". She isn't lying there. "I truly can't read regular text though." Another pause before she admits. "But I also know you've been very embarrassed at times. I didn't know someone could get so red outside of sunburns." She smiles. "It has been cute. You're something else, Daisuke." She stretches herself.

After a short moment she continues. "I wish you would smile more. But it can't be forced. Forced smiles don't look good on anyone. So I hope one day, someone can genuinely make you smile." She smirks. "Would it make you smile if I stripped for you?" It's hard to say if she is teasing or really offering.

There might be an awkward pause there from her question, but afterward, she continues. "Whatever it is, you will find a girl for yourself one day. One who will love you as you deserve. Though I am not offering. I don't want any mix-up. You're nice enough I can call you friend, but my interest goes elsewhere." One can't say she isn't straightforward about things at least

Finally, the subject seems to change, going back to fighting. "I didn't know. I assumed you were a fighter. That's my bad. You didn't say you could before." She ponders. "Do people fight a lot in school?" She asks like she is not familiar with it. "Anyway, I won't try to fight with you then. I promise."

"You're not a downer. You're complex and hurting inside. That's how I would say it. Now, if you agree with that or not, it's a different matter." She takes a deep breath. "If things are bad for you right now, just know it gets better at one point. Alright?" She then smiles again.

Well, there she goes on confirming she did in fact notice him getting embarrassed and all red. And that makes him look away in a sudden fit of further embarrassment while claiming, "I d-d-don't know what you are talking about..." Even though he definitely knows. He is just futilely trying to deny it.

He does make a point, still, to not say anything about him smiling, though. THough he does outright look almost unconvinced when she suggests someone might be able to make him smile one day.

And then she teases him like that, with the 'offer'. The redhead actually sputters upon hearing that (and thanks himself for not having attempted drinking water at that exact moment). That red color flushes FIERCELY over his face again, and self-conscious about the fact that she can in fact tell when that happens, he actually turns to try to hide it while he lets out an akward laugh. "C-come on, d-don't joke around like that, aheh, I know you wouldn't wanna do that for someone like me..." Well, his default assumption anyway is that she's probably just messing with him.

And that does leave a good, akward pause there, too -- one that lasts on Daisuke's part while Djamila speaks of such a serious matter.

And for the record, he... still doesn't look convinced about any prospects he might have.

"Uh... Kinda, I guess?" He suggests about people fighting in schools. "I mean, every place has bullies, but the schools in Southtown, uh... have kind of a certain kind of culture, I guess..."

He lowers his heada bit at her latter words. Things will get better, huh? He hadn't really thought about it too much. About how things would be for him, anyway. It's not his own well-being he keeps trying to work for, anyway.

"...I'm trying my best."

"We already concluded earlier you're not a great liar most of the time, haven't we? You know what I am talking about. We both know your lies." She smiles. Does it mean she knows all of the lies? Probably not. There is probably some teasing in there again, is all.

She shrugs. "I am not joking. I feel free with my body." She idly thinks in her head about the person she ends up with. They will need to be fine with other people seeing her body. She will unite only with them, but she will not quit her profession for anyone. For a short moment, some signs of sadness come on her face as she wonders if she will ever find someone like that. It's even more complicated since she hasn't really been showing signs to her teammate she is interested in. The sad signs on her face quickly disappear though. "A bit more, and your face will match your hair." This one is definitely teasing. "I wouldn't be disgusted doing it for you. I would do a private dance for you if I was paid for it. We're not friends with benefits, after all. But it was worth mentioning to see your reaction."

"I didn't go to school. I am more street smart than academic smart." Though there is probably more to it than that, she doesn't expand on it on her own. But that might also explain how she is so familiar with everyone. She didn't learn discipline at school either.

"If you are trying your best and seizing opportunities, then when you grow older, you won't have as many regrets." She says genuinely.

Daisuke actually huffs just a little when he is called out on his inability to lie so well. Though really, he can't exactly deny that one, can he?

"U-uhm... I s-see..." Is all Daisuke says when she confirms she was not, in fact, joking. That makes the blush remain on his face a bit longer, still, but... well, he doesn't judge, really. But the idea was planted briefly in his head, so it's doing it's work.

ONce he's shaken that thought off, though, he... does give a bit of a curious look at Djamila herself. He did catch that hint of sadness in her expression. He might be blocking all the psychic and empathic readings most of the time out of respect for people's privacy, now that he is able to do so, but he can still catch on to something like that even without it. "Um... Is everything okay?" He asks then, in a quieter voice, but one that speaks of some hint of genuien concern there for the person who decided to bring him along for food on a whim.

"You gotta practice lying better if you want to lie. Or you can stop. I don't know your life though, so I am not going to say you don't need to." She shrugs. "But if you do something, do it well."

Then, in the case of stripping, "Well, right now you wouldn't want me to strip because I have scars everywhere. Claws will do that to you. I will work on it later." The pain was getting to her a bit. Moving again would be good.

She smiles. "What? Oh yeah, mind wandering a bit, is all. I haven't been great with trying to hook up with someone I would like to hook up with. It might sound weird as I don't hold back what I want to say, but it never came up. Busy with all kinds of NFG stuff."

She ponders, back to the moving thoughts. "I am going to pay so we can leave, but you can still stick with me. I just want to be out and moving about. Tired to be sitting here you know?" She motions for the waiter, doing the check sign. It seems to be universal, "Or maybe I am just kidnapping you." She teases about that last part. At least she wasn't trying to get rid of him though.

Between the mention of all the injuries Djamila currently has to contend with, and the explanation she gives to him for that brief look of sadness, Daisuke actually frowns a bit. Two different point of concerns, though... it seems like her recovery is less concerning right now, seeing how she seems to be dealing with it. Part of the job then, he supposes.

"Okay, I'm... alright with that..." He finishes his current glass of water with that, preparing to get up but politely waiting until the payment has been settled. Though that teasing from the woman this time around gets a bit of a dubious look, and he actually tells her in complete deadpan, "...I'm not entirely sure what you would get out of kidnapping me."

"I sparred with the big guy and stayed in the way. I wanted to feel the top pain he could give me. It's much better than it was yesterday." She grins. "I just can't meditate 24/7 That's boring. I will be ok." As if she felt she needed to reassure him.

She uses what looks like a smartwatch on her arm to make the payment as soon as the waiter gives her the bill. She seems to work very well on things despite her handicap. "Ok, that's done.

Absolutely nothing. Except your company, but it would be forced then. But I didn't need to force you in the first place. You came with me well enough for the meal." She smiles.

"ok, let's go." She stands up, grabbing her staff. "Are you ready?" She seems to feel better being up. Or is it holding her staff that makes her feel better...

When he's ready too, she makes her way out of the restaurant with him.

Daisuke nods to Djamila with some clear understanding. He isn't really the type to meditate a *lot*, honestly, though he does sometimes in an effort to try to channel some of his abilities in a more focused manner. Still.

Once she's paid for things, he gets up to put his jacket back on -- and then steps up to leave the restaurant alongside her.

"Hey, uh, it's probably not really any of my business..." He murmusr on the way out through, rubbing his hand against the back of his head akwardly over the subject he's about to touch on. "This teammate you mentioned... you should tell them you're interested, you know?" He suggests that much with an akward little look on his face, though he tries to sound encouraging when he says it still. "That's how I feel, anyway... you shouldn't let chances go and all that."

She looks at him. "It's not your business." She starts. "But it's sweet." She walks slowly, using her staff. "I've never really been super good with things like this, but I will keep that in mind. I will try to see them and maybe have at least a date. That would be nice. Yeah?"

She walks with him more. "So besides trying to smoke and not... What would you be doing right now, if I hadn't taken you with me?" She chuckles. "I know, I know, I am curious."

You know if you want to leave, it's ok. You might have other things to do. I need to be thinking of you too. I might go to the park to take a breath of fresh air. You're welcome to come. I just don't want to keep you from something else either."

She walks a bit more before she asks more questions to him. At least she cares right? "What do you want to study? What do you want to work as? Do you know already?"

She didn't offer her arm this time for him. Maybe she knew of the embarrassment.

Daisuke winces just a bit when it is very much confirmed that it is not, in fact, any of his business. But at least she seems to appreciate the thought anyway, to an extent. "Yeah, well... I'm pretty awful with stuff like that too, honestly. So take my advice with a grain of salt, honestly... But yeah. That does sound nice..."

And yet anotehr wince thanks to his waffling with cigarettes earlier getting brought up. "Ah... You noticed that too, did you..." He doesn't seem particularly proud of that. He must be aware of all the health issues smoking must cause, and yet there he was, contemplating starting up a habit like that in an effort to ease his nerves. "I'm... not actually going to, for the record. I don't think, anyway..." He shakes his head at that, before going on. "I... honestly don't know, though. I guess I was gonna go back to work and stuff. I'm not really in a hurry to go back to do it, though..."

His hands stick into the pockets of his jacket while he walks along with her. He doesn't try to take her arm this time either, since... well, she's not offering. THat's just how it is for him, usually.

And she keeps asking questions about him. It's always difficult trying to answer those, but he tries t othink abotu this one, at least. "Mh... I dunno, honestly," is what he decides to tell her finally, though. "I haven't really thought about what I... really wanna *do*, I guess. I mean... I do want to help people, but, like..." He's not sure how exactly. What he's doing right now is probably not a sustainable lifestyle.

"It's okay for you too to ask a woman or a man out if you feel attracted." She smiles. "It's also none of my business. But when does that ever stop me, right?" She totally would wink this time again if she could.

"I see a lot of things because who hides in front of a blind girl anyway? It's not like I hide I know things. At least, I don't think I do. Am I? I am just physically blind, that's all. Not like I don't realize what's going on around me or anything."

She keeps walking toward the park. She doesn't hit anything or anyone. However, if someone is stupid and crashes into her. unless she dodged them, she would crash just like any other person.

That perks her ears up. "Are you allowed often to do what you want to do anyway? It's fine and all to live for other people, but you have to include yourself in the mix. If you ignore yourself and hurt yourself, you won't be able to help others anymore. You are part of people. Be kind to yourself ok?" She reaches to pat one of his shoulders if she can after that. Meaning what she just said.

"...It's my fault for assuming otherwise, then," Daisuke murmurs, seeming a bit embarrassed over having... well, making certain assumptions about Djamila. Mostly that she would have had the kind of issues he thought a blind person would have.

His hands stay there in his pockets, though, even when Djamila's hand finds it's way to pat at his shoulder. He glances off away from her wiht that, but... not because he's blushing or anything. Just because it's something of a difficult subject matter for him.

"...Is that so wrong, though?" He asks suddenly, after a moment of staying quiet. "Living for other people, I mean"

"It's ok. A blind person, a deaf person, a person who can't walk. We are expected to be weak and need help. We're not weaker than anyone else. It's just that everyone needs help sometimes. I do, too. I got help recently, and I appreciate it. We're just not weaker than anyone else. Just different. Alright?"

She appreciates she can pat his shoulder in a friendly gesture. It's easy to forget yourself for other people that's the problem. She ponders how to tell him this.

Suddenly, she has an idea. "Think of it this way. You buy a sword. The sword is not important to you. But you can defend yourself with it and save people. That's what matters. But you also need to take care of the sword. Otherwise, the blade will get dull, it might break, and the hilt might be slippery. Even if all you care about are other people, you need to take care of yourself, or you won't be able to efficiently protect other people. It's the same with you. Except you're not an object, you're also a person. If you don't take care of yourself. You won't be able to do what you want to do for other people. You get me, Daisuke?"

Talking and walking helps pass the time. At one point, Djamila says. "Well what do you know. Here's the park." She grins.

"I... understand," Daisuke offers to Djamila, though he still tips his head down slightly with some lingering shame. "Sorry, I dind't mean to imply anything. I'll be better."

He listens to her go through that particular allegory while they walk, though. His nose wrinkling every now and then, though he seems hard pressed to find any way to actually disagree with what she says.

"I mean, it's not like I don't take care of myself," he insists, and... well, he truly seems to believe that. And that he isn't in the wrong, either. "I eat, I sleep, I try to improve myself... You know. I know I will not be good for anything if I break apart. Just..."

It's something that is completely for his own benefit alone that he lacks, in his pursuits. He doesn't really recognize it, but everything he does for his own sake is out of pure necessity rather than desire.

But he seems to be fine with that.

"It's ok. We're all still learning Besides, not two persons are the same. So another blind person might have different needs than I do." She pats his shoulder again "This is just something to keep in mind, nothing else." She nods and removes her hand.

"Do you take care of your mind too? It's just not your physical body that can fail, you know? You are a person. You have emotions and thoughts. Try to not forget those either." She taps him with her staff lightly, on his leg. "Like really, don't forget those two things matter too."

She then looks around. "What do you want to do? I was thinking of finding a bench. Sit down in the sun and fresh air. Maybe let the wind heal the body some while at it." She turns her head toward Daisuke while waiting for his answer.

"A bench sounds good," the redhead murmurs, though he might very well be just going with the flow than offering any real opinion. At least that's what it might seem before he adds in afterwards, "...I've been walking and running around a lot lately. Could do with just sitting down for a bit."

That being said, he does give a light tug to Djamila's shoulder after spotting a bench with a decent line to the sun's rays -- the air is getting colder so the shade isn't really preferable right now. Sitting on one end of the bench there, and waiting for her to seat herself before addressing some of the things she said again.

Even if it is just in the form of him saying, simply, "I'm fine." It's said with kind of a flat tone -- like it's been practiced to be said almost automatically, without any real intent behind it.

"Good, happy to hear that." She then listens to Daisuke, saying he walks around a lot. "I presume you don't drive anything for your errands, so you do it by foot. Unless you have a bicycle or something, I suppose. That's something I can never do. Drive. No matter how good I do, I can't drive without eyes." At least, that's what she thinks.

She follows him. "Oooh, you're taking charge now." She teases him a little. If she didn't want to follow, she wouldn't. So she actually follows him to the bench. One would think she would need a jacket in such weather, but she seems fine. She sits down on the bench and sets her staff upright again. It takes less space to let it stand upright on its own than laying it down.

"Hopefully you can let someone who cares for you know when you're not fine though. It's important." That's the only thing she can think to add. Maybe he will think about it.

Let someone who cares about him know when he's not fine?

That thought does stew through Daisuke's head for at least a moment, with his lips pursing slightly. Mulling it over. Does he have someone like that? How would they know to let him know he's not fine, though? THese are things he just.. doesn't understand for himself. The way he sees things - and himself in particular - is just too different from what might be considered to be 'normal'.

But he decides not to speak on it any more than that. At least for now. He might have to if she presses him further, but... for now, he leans lazily against the backrest of the bench, with one of his arms draping along the top of it.

"I don't have a license for driving, so..." He murmurs, shrugging one shoulder at the thought. "I do probably need to get one soon, though. I'm at the age I could get one, anyway, and... well. I probably am going to need to be able to drive, eventually."

She relaxes a moment while there is silence. The wind starts circling her a bit. A soft breeze which caresses her body and presumably starts to slowly heal her. Or at least it slowly soothes her a bit.

Her voice seems softer when she talks. "At least you can get one when you are ready. Unless you're a public maniac when driving." She smirks a little. "I don't really think you are a maniac. Just got to tease you a bit is all."

"What makes you happy Daisuke? Well, you did mention helping other people. Is that all that makes you happy? Should I start minding my own business by now?" She rocks her body lightly on the bench. Not strongly, but it's noticeable.

"Who would you like to see win the final tournament which is coming up in NFG?" She thinks for a second. "Oh, you don't have to say me. Don't worry about that." She chuckles and waits for his answer.

"What makes me... happy...?"

He actually sounds pretty lost by that question. His eyes kind of wander off somewhere towards the distance, and he is left silent like that for a good, long while.

"I... I'm happy when I see someone else happy..." He murmurs quietly, in almost a whisper. Almost like it's not even meant for Djamila to be heard, even though she is the one who asked about it.

He shakes his head after saying so much, though, and frowns subtly. "It... Doesn't matter." He is clearly not feeling very comfortable talking about it, even if he isn't outright saying he wants to stop talking about it.

But when she asks about the tournament she's part of itself, he glances back to her with a curious quirk of one brow. "...I mean... I'm working for Frost, you know..." He points out with an akward little laugh. "So I guess I'm kind of supposed to be biased towards them?"

Nods "What makes you happy." She turns her face toward him, wondering about his answer.

Though while she wonders, it takes a while for him to answer it. Everything related to him seems lies or difficult to answer. She thinks of things in her head but doesn't speak them. She just waits for him to be ready to speak.

The typical response comes out. And he seems far away when saying it. It's just weird, but she can't judge him. There is something she can't put her finger upon and it's probably not for her to figure out anyway. "It matters Daisuke, but you don't want to talk about it really. It's ok. You don't have to. I've been prying on you quite a bit, but it's not like I should force you to tell me everything. You are your own person,

She ponders when he says he works for Frost. "Yeah, it makes sense. Anyone on Frost in particular, or any 5 of them?" She then quickly adds. "I won't go easy on them you?" She chuckles.

There is something definitely off about Daisuke.

The redhead doesn't really show it much, but when pressed like this? THere's just... well. Something wrong, to put it bluntly. The way he has answered Djamila's prying questions so far, the way his expression changes constantly... Really, he believes he is fine. But there is an almost machine-like quality to how he seems to process the subjects she is trying to get him to look at. It shows in the responses that sound like practiced lines whenever his own well-being is put into question, roundabout answers that don't really mean anything when trying to explain how he keeps himself together.

But he's trying his damn best to stay away from talking about it, with some subconscious part of him trying to keep him from saying too much.

And just like that, after Djamila has said that he doesn't have to tell her anything, well... he doesn't. He instead moves right on to the matter of the NFG's lineups themselves. His arms cross up over his chest, and he lets out a thoughtful sound at that now. "I... don't know if I really have a favorite one or anything, you know?" He suggests, with a shrug of his shoulders. "I don't really like fighting that much... So yeah, I guess just any one of the five of them."

How do you tell someone there is something wrong with him? There's no way to sound nice about it. It doesn't sound too friendly either. First, she decides to finish with that NFG thing.

"So yeah, it makes sense. You are loyal to your team but not loyal to anyone in particular. Whoever in that team wins is fine. That makes sense at least. I will do my best, and if it's not me, then it's not. I have a few people I care for, who I hope they can win then." She admits to him.

OK, now, she thinks about it. Does she go for it or not? "I can't put my finger on it exactly. I don't know all there is to know about you, and well, you're also not exactly easy to know anything of value, which in itself is fine but..." She hesitates a bit. "I feel like there is something wrong with you."

After a pause she adds. "I don't mean like, you're a bad guy or anything like that. But like... You're not an android, are you? You're made of flesh and blood?" She sighs. "I don't know. You might be hiding things even from yourself. I don't think you're trying to do that to me specifically or anything. Maybe you need to be like that to go on. I don't know. That might be too direct I am sorry. I just try to be a good friend and not just say what you want to hear..." What else is there to say besides that. She probably said too much. "It's whatever, I just wanted to let you know what I am feeling with this."

Well, now she has gone and said it.

Daisuke's gaze slowly turns fully on Djamila while she speaks, and then his head tilts slightly to one side, blinking with... genuine confusion over her question.

"An... android?" He repeats after her, sounding utterly baffled by this particular accusation. "I mean... I'm pretty sure I'm not?" He offers with an akward little chuckle in the back of his throat. How's he supposed to take being asked something like that, exactly?

"I mean..." He's growing more self-conscious now. Trying to look internally at himself, maybe, but... When it comes down to it, his answer is still the same as before:

"I don't think there's anything wrong with me...?"

He really can't see it.

"I'm sorry, uh... where's this coming from, exactly?"

In the end, Djamila doesn't have many filters, for different reasons. If she cares, if she's angry, if she's excited. So it doesn't let much time where she has a filter. So yes, she said it. A blessing? A Curse? It depends on who you ask.

Yeah. I am worried for you. Like you're not doing well, but you hide it from even yourself. You can hate me for this, it's totally your right. It doesn't sound nice." She takes a deep breath. "But if it ever feels like killing yourself is the right thing to do. Call me, call someone else, but find help." Her voice is very serious right now, laced with worries. "All your answers, or lack thereof of. Like you don't matter, and you want to hide things even from yourself." She grabs her staff and pauses a moment.

THen she continues. "If I am wrong, I just look like an idiot, or then you hate me for the way I spoke to you. I am willing to take that risk because suicide is no joke, and too many people keep it inside, unable to share. Once they do the deed, their loved ones aren't able to do anything for them. So I am speaking up now...

There is another deep breath. "If those thoughts ever come to your mind, I am telling you right now. I don't want you to die! You are loved, ok?" Her head turns to him. "You also have a lot to live for. Things will get better."

"U-uh?" Okay. Daisuke's taken back pretty hard now. Shocked, even. His eyes widen out when she mentions suicide outright. He's left to do little else but listen to her while she spills all of those concerned words out, and...

And well, he is left, to be put simply, stunned. He has to take a moment to process that, but at least it looks like it actually sunk in properly this time.

"...Um. I... I'm sorry..." He mumbles, apologetic now for some reason. "I... did someone you know...?" He can't quite bring himself to finish actually saying that question, though, and he's left to worry down at his lower lip with his teeth before he reaches over with one hand, setting it onto the woman's shoulder.

"It's not like that," he says, trying to put on a smile -- but still, it doesn't feel entirely real. "Look, I... I don't really know that there's anything wrong with how I live my life, you know? I mean..." He lowers his head slightly, without pulling his hand back. "...It's not like there's nothing I don't blame myself for, but. Well..."

As he slowly pulls his hand back, he shakes his head, and murmurs in a suddenly firm tone, "I can't die yet. There's still things expected of me."

"People are scared to talk about it, and that's on the people who care too. I expressed my concern to you. I know I only really talked with you today, and you might think I am out of it. It's worth it though. This is an important talk. I prefer to talk for nothing than thinking you are there and not doing anything." She explains that while he is stunned. She realizes she has hit him hard in some way.

She sighs. She never had someone kill themselves. Not someone she knew. "I never had to deal with suicide firsthand. I had to deal with other things. Things that could have ended my life prematurely." That could be all she says, but then she decides to add. "A bad past makes me care about people. I noticed something, I told you." She says again. "Wouldn't you speak up if you were worried someone might kill them?" She also shivers when his hand touches her shoulder.

When he explains himself, she has to say something again. "Well, if it ever gets to that, you will have my words to think back to. You are loved, and some people care for you. You must remember when you need it."

When he says he can't die yet because things are expected of him. "This is your life Daisuke. You have to live it sometimes for yourself. It's all good and dandy to help others. You're allowed to live for yourself tooa little.

After some more silent thinking, she says. "I think I am going to go back to Metal now. Sorry if I caused you some kind of distress."She pats his knee if she can. "I appreciated your company. Thank you. I just... Call me if you want to or need to." She gives him her number so he can take it if he wants. She doesn't force him to write it down, however.

After all that talk, she pulls herself up. It's hard to know how she is feeling exactly with not being able to see her eyes.

The way Djamila talks about it all... well, it acutally makes the redhead actually feel kind of guilty. For having made her react as she did, and think like that.

...Is that really what he comes across to people as?

He tries to offer another reassuring look when she says he's allowed to live life for himself too, and even nods to her as he murmurs, "Yeah..."

Well, he says that. But the truth is, even if he doesn't fully acknowledge it himself, he doesn't really think that. As far as his spiritual core is concerned, his life isn't meant for himself anymore.

He shakes his head then when she starts getting up with that apology of hers. "No, no, you're fine, Fadel-san. Really. I... I'm sorry if I made you uncomfortable." That's what he is thinking happened, anyway, with how she reacted.

For what it's worth, he does at least save her number into his own phone. But with her up on her feet again, he does look up to her from the bench, brows furrowed into a concerned, uncertain frown.

"Hey, you... Are you gonna be okay?" And yeah, apparently it's *her* he's worried about in spite of basically everything they just talked about.

She doesn't know what to say anymore. At this point, she will just repeat herself. She is either right or she is wrong. She doesn't want to hammer it in more either way. She said her piece. Talking anymore about it makes her feel like she would have a 'holier than thou' attitude.

"It's ok Daisuke. I could be wrong. I don't want to repeat myself now. This is what is happening." She does seem a bit skittish now. But you say I am fine. I am fine too. It's just." How can she explain? She feels triggered. She has a hard time understanding why PTSD happens now. Isn't it supposed to be a loud sound and shit? She's confused. Wasn't she cured when her father was taken out of her life completely? "Oh, I am ok. I just need time now. You are ok too alright? I am sorry. I feel weird, and I don't want to be all weird with you." She actually would cry right now if she could. "I have security nearby. They will help me." She motions for them. She doesn't trust herself completely."

Her security comes closer, and the first thing she tells them is. "He didn't do anything. I am just having... you know. I want to go home, please." Home is metal in this case. "I am sorry Daisuke, I am fine. I am not sure... I am fine." She doesn't continue what she was going to say. "I will text you later, just to let you know I got to metal safety, but with this security, there is no worry." Then she goes with them. She felt bad. she didn't want to make Daisuke worry, but she wasn't herself right now. She felt... She couldn't even define it. It was what it was.

Daisuke really keeps feeling worse about this whole deal now. He might still be keeping himself from outright reading any of her emotions out of respect for her privacy, but he can still tell something is wrong to an extent. He frowns with rising guilt and concern both, and after Djamila has taken her first step away from the bench, he rises up too.

"...I'm sorry," he murmurs after her. SHe might have said her piece to assure him that he didn't do anything, but he still can't help but feel bad. He does make a point of not stepping away from the bench and after her, though, out of fear of making things even worse.

"...Just let me know you get there okay, alright?" He does call after her, while she's still in hearing range with her security detail.

And once he has been left alone, he lets out a heavy, disappointed sigh -- disappointed at himself. He might even kick the side of the bench.

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