NFG Season One - Daisuke Drops In

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Description: Daisuke enters the Frost Warehouse, awakening a cavewoman--who has some questions for the young psycho power user.

The atmosphere had lightened just a bit for Ayala after her latest match--her training seemed to be finally paying off, guess there was hope for her--and her tribe--yet. Though she couldn't slow up just yet, she had put herself into some serious exercise most of the morning and training with one of the weight bags. She did however have a little too much for lunch and had passed out in one of the hammocks--the sleeping arrangements didn't seem to bother her. She knew what a hammock was, after all, after spending time in South America--and she didn't even need mosquito netting here. Nor did she question why she was living in what looked like a mechanic's garage, though, either--one that just happened to be fitted with exercise and training equipment. For her the roof was more than enough, it would appear. If she ever got cold she just started a fire nearby in one of the 'pits' she'd found and assembled with old hubcaps and car parts. The floor was cement anyway, so it wasn't exactly unsafe to do so. Course, she hadn't needed to practice firemaking like that lately with the weather, either. Currently she hung in one of the hammocks, looking like she'd just laid down there, after training--with most of her stuff still on, the fur bikini and scarf, etc--but just without her sneakers.

"Sssssnnnnhhhh..." the sound of her snoring somehow echoed throughout.

Ayala *might* have heard mention of an... 'intern' also being around to help Team Frost with... Things. Mostly running errands, probably, though there might have been mention of some kind of also putting the intern in question through training -- and to put the Team Frost students to train with *him*, potentially. But...

She'd probably never actually seen him, yet.

But now? Enter Daisuke.

One of the side doors to the warehouse opens up to permit a young, japanese man with *shockingly* red, messy hair inside. He manages to not make much noise -- he's used to moving along pretty quietly, and just kind of assumes at this point that *someone* could be sleeping in the warehouse at any point at this point. Sneaking might be his default mode of motion around this part of the city, too. He might be able to afford some measure of safety just from people already seeing him associated with Abigail and Juri, but... it's not *entirely* safe for him, still. And he doesn't feel exactly comfortable with allowing his set of psionic powers to be publicly seen, still.

Especially since he can't figure out a good way to disguise him here in the scorching summer heat of southwest US. The Red-and-white aloha shirt he has tackily chosen to wear for this "vacation" is pretty distinctive too, afterall.

That being said, the redhead looks... well, tired. He has been running *some* kind of stealthy errands for the Frost team's sponsors all day, and he all but drags his feet through the warehouse floor, and...

Before it even fully registers that someone else actually *is* there, his foot ends up sweeping into a wayvard, empty soda can, unintentionally sending it flying across the air for several feet before landing to bounce and clatter across the floor. Towards Ayala's hammock.

It's true--she might have heard mention of someone that had been sent in there to 'clean up the place' or what have you, but she'd never seen the youth before. Therefore, when the can hits the cement floor--the sound reverberating through the warehouse--

"Huhn?! Wha--" the woman in the hammock struggled awake--turning this way and that--before finally capsizing the netting and flipping over--she however is quick enough with her reflexes to grab onto the hammock as she flips, her feet finding the floor.

This might be a sort of 'you have alerted the horde' kind of moments for poor Daisuke.

"Who you?!" the cavewoman demands, finally rising to a stand and flipping the cat tail of her scarf behind her shoulder, her long golden curls frizzing out as she looks up at Daisuke with some consternation. It sounds like her command of the langauge isn't totally there yet, either--but she's making an attempt.

"Where you come from??" she doesn't realize this guy is part of Team Frost, yet, apparently. There is the sound of knuckles cracking, even.


It's very unfortunate that Daisuke didn't realize there was someone else there until Ayala had already begun to jolt up into wakefulness in the way that she did. He may or may not have heard about there being what amounts to a *barbarian lady* within Team Frost, but even if he did, he was *not prepared*.

Just seeing her readct like that and demanding an explanation from him in that mildly broken speech has him taking a step or two backwards, green eyes all widened up. And when the sound of knucklecracks comes?

"Whoa whoa whoa easy!" He protests, holding both of his hands up in the air like he was caught at gunpoint. "I w-work here! Juri hired me!" He offers, though there's already a bit of sweat beading at his brow with concern. "I-I'm Daisuke. I, uh-- I guess we just haven't... run into each other yet? Aheh..." He *really* hopes that sounds convincing enough.

Ayala, who has taken a length of lead pipe, and is holding it half like a club, or a spear, stops quick in her tracks--head tilting. "Scary foot lady?" Ayala lowered the lead pipe, though not dropping it quite yet. Instead she approached him, circling a little. "You not look like you belong here..." she looked him up and down, obviously the psionic was not quite the muscle-bearing specimen that Abigail preferred to keep company with, but if it was Juri who brought him there...

The pipe clattered to the floor, hollowly. No sense risking it, and the boy didn't look like he was here to do violence either.

"Woooh..." she lets out a breath, a sigh. "What you here for, then?" she put a hand on her hip, still circling around him and getting back to his front before she wound up in the same spot she was before.

"Name Ayala, 'Dai-skay'?" she phonetically sounded the word out, frowning a bit. "What you do then?"

"Errr..." Daisuke seems a *little* dubious by the way Ayala chooses to describe Juri, but... then again, it's not like it's exactly an *inaccurate* way to call her either, is it? "S-sure," he ultimatley confirms, for the woman's benefit. "The... scary foot lady..."

Once the pipe drops to the floor, tension visibly leaves the redhead's shoulders as well, along with a an exhale of breath he had been holding back for a bit now. His hands lower, too, though not without his left hand giving a quick scratch of a finger along his cheek. "Ah, not sure how she would take being called that, though..."

Daisuke's head promptly tips to one side with slight confusion at the initial question, murmuring out, "Uh... I mean, I guess I more or less am staying here, so, like...?" He offers, shifting his feet a bit uncomfortable while the barbarian woman is circling around him like a beast winding about their prey.

"A-ah, I guess you mean, like... RIght. I mean, I'm... an 'intern', I guess? I kinda just help around with running things here, and, uh..." His eyes close for just a second, feeling just faintly embarrassed when he hears how Ayala pronounces his name. "I guess Juri wanted me to help with training you guys? WHich I guess just means making you guys beat up on me or something, ahehehe..."

"Did not know you were Team Frost," Ayala rubbed the back of her head, a bit awkwardly, to be fair, she does feel fairly awkward right now--a bit sheepish, too. She just nearly beaned one of Juri's henchmen, that wouldn't go over well with the Spider, for sure.

"What intern?" she asked, not knowing what it meant, apparently, but also didn't seem too concerned about that--stepping up to Daisuke. "You not look like fighter, you do something /else/ for Juri?" she seemed confused about that. She'd seen guys without very much muscle before, sure--but it was also kind of foreign for her still, most guys from where she came from had some definition, at least. Daisuke was something sorta new for her to see so up close.

"Ayala not want to hurt Daisuke, how you train us?" she moved back to take a tentative seat on the hammock, maybe there was a milk crate or the like for Daisuke to sit on. "Ayala sorry for almost beating you," she gestured to the pipe on ground. Normally she used fists, but she thinks fast at times too--and it was nearby.

"... I mean, I'm only Frost by a technicality, I *guess*," Daisuke offers, mirroring Ayala's gesture with a rub to the back of his own head. He really does sound kind of uncertain about that, too.

"I mean--" He ias about to say then, only to find himself shuffling back just a bit when Ayala steps up to him, flickering his gaze off to the side uncomfortably. "I m-mean, it's not like I don't know how to fight..." He claims, and immediately coughs over the end of the barbarian woman's question. "Errr... It's... complicated? I don't really know for sure how to explain it..." That might end up making the relationship between him and Juri sound all the more suspicious, all told, but he's unfortunately entirely conscious of that.

"It's okay, honest, it's not like I announced myself properly or anything when I came in..." He offers with a sigh, casually stepping after Ayala once she's sat down on her hammock again, though he elects to remain standing for the time being himself. "But... I don't really know for *entirely* certain myself, I guess? I mean, I guess she just wanted help overall with everything, and for there to be someone to spar with that isn't... well..." He makes a vague gesture off to the side with his other hand. "Crazy strong like them? You know, like a mini-boss from a videogame!" HE seems proud of that comparison for all of five seconds, before his shoulders slump with some realization. "...Though I guess you probably don't know what a videogame is...?"

"Ayala think she understand," Ayala nodded her head, though whether this was accurate was a bit questionable. "Juri want someone not very buff for us to fight with, and brought you here--she pay you?" though this perhaps was an odd question. She probably assumed the Spider was, but sometimes Ayala asks obvious questions.

The somewhat blank stare from the cavewoman however inferred that she /did not/ quite get what he was referring to. "Ayala only been here couple of months, she came to a small village far south of here, when she came from Expanse," the capitalization is pronounced with how she says it, like it's The Expanse, for a reason.

"Crazy, terrible strong monsters and beasts there, Ayala fight! to keep tribe alive, but need more training, so she came here," hopefully this helps explain things for Daisuke. "Maybe Daisuke help us train with... something else? Chi powers?" she looked up brightly.

"Not very buff..." Daisuke pouts *just a bit* when he is described as such. Sure, it's not an 'inaccurate' statement, especially compared to someone like Abigail, but he still seems pretty self-conscious about it, all told. "It's not like I'm all just skin and bones, but I *guess*..."

While Ayala talks about where she came from, Daisuke wanders along to the side some, ending up eventually leaning his back against the wall just besides where the other end of the hammock is hung, propping one foot against it while his arms fold lazily over his midsection. "Mmmh... Where... exactly is that?" He eventually asks, what with curiousity taking the better of him. "I've never heard of an 'Expanse', like... ever. I can't imagine there's a lot of places where... um..." He *almost* said something bad. But he quickly backpedals in the form of a shake of his head and a sheepishly muttered, "...Nevermind."

He considers her last question, and he appears to hesitate for a good moment. "Uh... I don't really have anything special like that either, really..." He claims, though he's pretty quickly looking away again with that claim. It's a lie. It is not even a very well-delivered lie. But even with Juri's intentions for him, he isn't very comfortable with showing off what he is capable of without also masking himself first.

"Other world," Ayala simply responds, ebfore watching Daisuke move over along side her. She might be wondering just what it is he does around here. There is gotta be a reason, after all.

"What, so Daisuke has no power? He just... looks after place when Abigail and Juri not here?" she looks over at the slender man with a bit of an amused, curious expression. "Juri is tough... she must have reason for hiring," though she openly suspects, she doesn't seem to have any confirmation there, either. Daisuke didn't look like the air conditioner repairman type, either, after all--there had to be something there.

"Oh well, Daisuke make food? Ayala hungry," she grinned a little. She was somewhat curious if he /could/ cook as well, it appeared. Not that there was a lot of ammenities around the warehouse for that--for the fighters, a lot of such would takeout, catering, or food from hotels. Or just whatever she'd get from street vendors. It didn't seem to bother her. Food was food.

"Other... world...?" Daisuke repeats after Ayala in confusion, blinking his eyes at that even once, twice, three times while studying the fur-clad woman like she might as well have come from outer space. "I'm not really... sure waht you mean, but okay..." The redhead isn't exactly privy to any concepts regarding otherworldy dimensions or such, so it's not like that would pop into his head very quickly either.

There's another bit of a pouting huff thanks to Ayala more or deciding that Daisuke is powerless. WHich, granted, has been the image he has been trying to maintain, but it still doesn't strictly feel nice for someone to just so quickly jump to a conclusion like that. "I mean... it's... complicated...?" He decides to offer in response to it all, even if just saying that makes him laugh akwardly with a rub over the back of his head.

But being asked if he can cook? His eyes light up immediately... only for that brief moment of excitement to die down almost *immediately*. "Well... Yes, Daisuke makes-- er. I can cook! Just, um... There's not really anything they keep around here for cooking with..." He looks a bit sad about that, even, throwing another rueful look around the interior of the warehouse as he does. "Mostly Juri just has me go get takeout and microwaveable meals whenever it comes to food..."

"It mean not here--not, what you call it--Earth," Ayala shook her head a little bit, before trying to add, "Different place, like..." she stood up slowly from the hammock, careful not to tip herself over in it again. She slid her sneakers on and stood up to her full height, arching her back and fluffing the long blonde curls back, a bit shamelessly.

"Yeah, not want to roast anything here, probably has oil in it..." this is supposed to be a big car garage, not that she quite understood the true nature of that. Place where they stuff big rolling cart... things, is more like her understanding.

"Well guess we have to go out to eat then, Ayala will pay," she nodded, looking over to Daisuke. "You want to come with Ayala?" she asked, her voice casual, but also a little playful. Daisuke was uncomfortable, and she wasn't quite sure why, it seemed, not that she wasn't enjoying his company, that is.

"Eh?" Daisuke definitely didn't expect that kind of answer, and somehow the redhead's look at her just grows even more confused. "You're... not an alien, are you...?" He asks bluntly then, frowning with confusion. "I mean, like... You look... er... I mean--" His words stumble quickly with that, and some red actually gathers at his cheeks. He almost said something dumb, and that internal struggle ends up extending to his hands waving a bit besides him. "I m-mean, you look like everyone e-else! Mostly! Er-- that's to say--!" Those hands wave all the more rapidly with each word that comes out without any thinking before hand, before he just lets his head slump down and he sighs out, "...Nevermind..."

After he's straightened up again from *that* little shock to the system, he seems to be a *bit* uncertain about the woman's offer at first, before shrugging and allowing himself to agree with, "Yeah, alright. I guess I can do with walking around the city for some purpose other than errands for once, anyway..."

"Alien? Ayala not know what Daisuke mean," it sort've sounded familiar to her, but probably wasn't used in the same context as what Daisuke meant. She had no concept of space aliens, exactly--though she had definitely seen some strange things before.

"Daisuke say funny things, Ayala like that," she grinned a little, giving the slender convenience store clerk boy a pat on the shoulder--which might have been a little more rough than she intended.

"Ooh! Maybe we go shopping after!" Ayala jumped up a bit, seeming excited, those blonde curls jumping along with her. And yeah, she was going to just stride right out in the converse sneakers, and fur bikini and scarf. Ayala didn't seem to care.

What has Daisuke gotten himself into?!

"U-uhm, alien is like..." Daisuke hesitates in middle of his words, struggling to come up with a way to explain the term to the barbarian woman that she will actually understand in some manner. "People usually use it to describe, like... something not human that comes from space?" He offers, waving his hand vaguely up towards the sky. Or, well, ceiling, but the intent is still there! "I don't think you're not human, though..." But she *does* apparently come from outside of his world, so technically she still fulfills the defeinition of htat term? Not that Daisuke is really taking that into account.

"F-funny things...?" He repeats after her again, sounding a bit defeated this time. "Wait, 'like'--?" His question is cut short with the unintentionally forceful pat to his shoulder that causes him to jostle lightly with a surprised squeak.

"E-er, sure? --Hey, wait...?" It's only just then that he realizes how she is walking out. Or what she is dressed like for going out! "H-hey, shouldn't you put--?!" More clothes on, he was about to say. But she's probably already out the door by the time he can even attempt to finish that particular thought.

The poor redhead is left standing there for a moment longer, too, staring at the open door... before slapping his palm against his forehead and groaning, "We're so going to get mugged..."

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