NFG Season One - Unexpected Compatibility

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Description: Neither Djamila or Lucky Chloe had much hope of enjoying their "date night" together, but as the evening progresses, the two teenage dancers find themselves bonding over hot boys, cool clothes and strange snack food.

Djamila won the beach trash contest. Imagine that. She doesn't even know how the hell that happened. She knows she picked up trash. It's just not the clearest memory ever, but she won. Apparently, she is a great trash picker.

Djamila has bruised again in more ways than one after yesterday's match. She will need to talk with her sponsors, but for now, it was a fun time. At least she gets to choose what they do. She decided on a movie at the drive-in. She can sit down and just chill. She should be safe with Lucky Chloe. She also warned her guards ahead of time and they will follow her in their car. So it works out.

Right now she is in front of Pink Paradise. She wanted to be at the place she lost again. She had thinking today. So she asked Lucky Chloe if she could come pick her up there. She was nice enough to accept. Anyone watching her right now would feel like she's almost gazing at the place like she could see it. She is upset. She has all the tools she needs to win, but her mind fucks everything up. That's why she thinks she lost yesterday. Her mind. She's lost in her thoughts right now. The guards are observing her from the car, in a distance.

She is dressed in a black skirt and light blue top. She wanted to be comfortable today.

Pink Paradise seems like the perfect place for a pink wearing pussycat popstar driving a baby pink Suzuki Jimny jeep to show up. It might not be somewhere she'd expect to find her usual demographic of fans, being Sunshine City's most popular poledancing club, but according to Djamila her songs are played in such places! She hadn't passed that news on to her publicity team.

Speaking of Djamila, there she is right now, awaiting her ride to the Drive-In Theater. The dancer has picked the outdoor cinema as the venue for their 'date'. The prize won by the New Fighting Generation competitor for being Queen of the Cleanup Crew.

"Hi Djamila!" she calls with an enthusiastic wave, beckoning her over to the passenger side of the vehicle. "That's quite the new hairstyle. You look amazing! I'd love to do something dramatic with my hair but my fans and team would flip. I almost did when..." Her voice trails off and she shakes her head hard, sending her blonde pigtails bouncing. She's not prepared to go back to that dark place anymore.

Chloe is wearing the black and pink halter dress that makes up part of her signature stage costume but has wisely chosen to leave her hoody off for now. Its not an easy task to drive with kitty paws covering your hands.

Like Djamila she has security close by. Her personal bodyguard has chosen to tail the two teens in a black Range Rover Sentinel, keeping at a discreet distance in case his services are needed.

"So you want to see The Sound of Freedom? I gotta say it sounds a bit grim but your win, your choice."

She hits play on her jeep's sound system and an upbeat pop song pounds out of it. "This is Kiss of Life. I thought you might wanna hear it before the video shoot."

Music sorted, she sets the satnav to the right zip code and sets off driving.

Djamila is not a fan per se of Lucky Chloe. She danced to her music back to her club, but she danced to other music too. That said, she doesn't hate Lucky Chloe either. She just doesn't know that music about her. At least she indeed can sing. Djamila can't argue with that.

Anyway, she's lost in thoughts when Lucky Chloe comes. She quickly comes out of it, back to reality when Lucky Chloe calls to her. "Hello Chloe, I am coming." She walks to the car, smiling at what sounds like a genuine compliment. "Thank you. Your hairstyle works for what you do. Do you regret not being able to change? I suppose you would indeed get a lot of backlash for it. You do what you want, yet you're not free on certain things. It's sad.

She gets inside the car and continues. "You know, sometimes I think I was better off when I was unknown. No fans to disappoint by losing. I wasn't able to be tracked. But I was born to fight, I think. I do enjoy it." She confides to her. It didn't matter. She didn't matter to Lucky Chloe, so she could share that, and it wasn't a big deal.

The title is word it. I've listened to some good movies by title alone. Thank you. Who was your first pick if you could have decided the winner?

She listens to the track after that. "Thank you, yeah, that's pretty cool. She lays her head back, listening. She's attentive to that and Chloe.

Meanwhile two security teams follow the car. It has to be one of the most protected car right now.

As the catgirl drives, she's happy to chatter. "I do regret it at times, yes" she admits. "I'm eighteen, which is kinda the perfect time to be experimenting but I'm not complaining really. I'm very lucky in many ways, if you pardon the pun."

She laughs lightly as she turns a corner. She seems like a confident and calm driver and the traffic at this time of the evening isn't too bad. "Fame can be both a blessing and a curse. I've definitely seen both sides. It helps if you achieve it doing something you enjoy though. That way, on the rough days, you still get to earn a living doing something you love."

She hesitates briefly before adding. "I heard you lost your latest match. That can suck. I haven't fought for a while truth be told. The last time I did, Lyraelle Lightheart humiliated me at the Fighting Festival in Southtown."

Her hands grip tighter on the steering wheel. "Since then I've just been focusing on my music to distract me. What is it you enjoy most about what you do?"

It seems she's not the only one who's asking questions though. As Djamila turns the tables back on her, she actually blushes. "Oh, Brian Storm. One hundred per cent. I've been crushing on him since he joined the New Fighting Generation. I was hoping he'd win so I wouldn't have to actually get the nerve to call him up and ask him out. I'm not exactly sure what he'd make of someone like me though. Do you know him?"

"If you weren't there where you are, someone else would take your place." Hopefully, it doesn't sound like she's saying Lucky Chloe doesn't matter. It's just so many singers trying to break through. It's a bit like fighting. If Djamila left, ten would take her place. "Yeah, you love what you are doing. So you are lucky. I agree." She finally said.

"I do enjoy fighting. That's the thing. I already got the bad side of fame. Or at least one bad side. But it's ok. What doesn't kill me makes me stronger. You know the cliche." She sighs. "To do what we love, it's the only way." She smiles a bit.

"I mean, I lost to a friend, that's fine. But I shouldn't have lost in the first place. There is a problem with me. It's not anyone else saying so, it's me. I have all the tools to win. I just need to use them well. I am sorry about your humiliation, by the way.

"You're good with your music. You can't go on if you suck. You don't." She ponders a moment. "I want to show the world pole dancing and stripping are great. The workers in that domain are great people." She takes a deep breath. "I love to show that blind people can fight too." She then adds. "Finally I want to show I am more than a pretty girl. No matter how many times I get kicked down, in a fight or not. I come back up, like a fabulous bird with its ashes.

"Sorry you're stuck with me instead of Brian Storm. I don't even know how I picked the most trash, to be honest. Things are a bit blurry from that time." She chuckles. "Lucky Chloe, seriously, you're a beautiful, young, and talented girl. Just call him. If he says no, in the end, he loses more than you will." She knows him a little, not personally. She doesn't know what to say about him. "He's a wrestler." that helps anything. She doesn't add anything more.

"You're right" Chloe concedes. "They wouldn't exactly be Lucky Chloe of course but maybe they'd be Sucky Zoe or something."

She seems to amuse herself with this silliness and starts to giggle girlishly. "I'm not sure what her costume would be though. I dread to think."

She listens to Djamila as she continues to confide, glancing briefly at the other girl as she talks of the bad side of fame.

"That attack was horrific" she says with a shudder. "I knew something was wrong at the beach but I didn't get the details till later. I've had threats of course but for someone to actually act on it..."

It's almost a relief to switch subjects to Djamila's defeat by Ayala. "Well all we can do is the strive to be the very best we can be. If you do that, then you're no loser. You have some good messages to send out too. People will get behind those causes I'd say. Maybe you should get a Phoenix tattoo to go with your new edgy haircut."

As they arrive at their destination, she parks up the car. The place is about half full so far but the screen is still showing commercials for local businesses. Chloe spots one for the Natural Earth Food Store and another for Dragon Books.

"You make it sound so easy to just call Brian" she states, bringing her hands up to her face to cover her blushes. "If he says no, I'll cringe so much! Ooh! Maybe I could get Raiza, I mean Liza to call him and if he turns the offer down, I can get her to say she did it for a prank and I don't know anything about it."

She eyes the black haired beauty, pondering whether to ask her something and then decides to just go for it.

"So Djamila. Why did you wanna come to a movie screening when you can't see? Is it still fun to listen to the words and soundtrack?"

"Funky Chloe. That could go either way." She ponders and asks one more thing about that. "Are you very lucky in life?" It seems like a valid question, or maybe a sucky one, like the bad Chloe.

"So many people know about it. I just because I decided to show up when the sane thing to do would have been to be seen by the team medic there. I am not sure, probably didn't have all my head." She shrugs. "You can defend yourself if someone decides to make their threats a reality, right?" She gives a bit of a smile at that.

She listens to Chloe talk about some fighting wisdom. "You are right, thank you." She ponders about the tattoo after that. "I would completely rock it with a tattoo. Maybe it's what I am missing? Who knows? I will think about it." She grins a bit.

She can feel the car come to a stop they are there. "You're a good drive, Chloe." She says. It was true. It didn't feel bad to be in the same car as her while she drove.

"It's easy. You call him, ask him out. If he says no. It's another mistake by the big wrestler, while the pop idol knew what she wanted and went for it. Nothing can stop Lucky Chloe! That's what I would do, but I am not you. Just a girl that says, take what you want. If it doesn't work, well you went for it."

She chuckles. "I can listen to the movie, and I know what's going on to a point, just like I know what is going on in a fight. I mean I don't win all the time, but I kick some ass before I lose." She giggles. "I might know even more about the movie once it's over than you." She's mostly teasing.

"Funky Chloe sounds like she doesn't bathe much or is a horrible seventies throwback artist" Lucky laughs.

"Am I lucky in life? I guess? On balance? I have plenty of money, more fans than foes, a pop career, a fighting career, advertising deals, parents who I'm on polite terms with. I mean, we've never really been super close emotionally but they have always made sure I had what I wanted and they never stood in the way of my dreams. I'm also eighteen, live in a penthouse apartment in a vibrant city and drive a pink jeep. Yeah! I am lucky for sure!" she decides.

"As for someone coming at me like they did with you. It depends who it is and how they're approaching I guess. I can hold my own in a fight as you know but I'm by no means invincible and if someone had a weapon? All bets could be off. Of course I make sure my bodyguard is always close by." She nods towards the bald and buff Japanese man parked up in the black Range Rover beside them.

She seems pleased with the compliment on her driving but less so at the thought of being brave. "Agggh! I don't like rejection!" she admits. "You know what though, if you can be brave enough to be out and about after your attack and even enter the New Fighting Generation in the first place, then I can handle some California blond not being in to me. I'm gonna call him when I get home tonight. He seems like the kind to stay up late I think."

This settled she can focus on the film chat. "Alright. I'll be sure to ask you if I need to go to the bathroom and miss some of the movie. What's the best film you've ever seen? I mean...well, not seen. What's the best one you've ever experienced?"

She laughs at her take on Funky Chloe, but it quickly leaves when Chloe talks about her life. "This is nice. I mean I am sure you worked for what you have, don't take me wrong, but having supportive parents must have been something else." She smiles. "The wind has always been my support for as far as I remember. It's not that I learned it as such, it's just was always there yeah? I am lucky with that."

"Bodyguard helps. I have security too. I make sure they can keep track of me now. Those are nice. Not friends, security can never be friends, but they are nice. I am glad you have some too. It makes sense, you are a celebrity, so I am not surprised." She can't comment on the weapon part or such. She's not invincible either, and she got caught. That's all there is to it.

She giggles a bit. "Rejection is just practice until the next time when you will get a yes. Anyone who rejects you is making you a favor. If they say so, you wouldn't want to be with them in the first place. They don't have good tastes to match with yours. Rejection is also the first step toward your real soulmate. They certainly weren't it after all. Rejection just has too much negativity surrounding it. Just remember also, you're almost 18. You said it yourself. You have a lifetime to go with all types of love experiences. The world is yours. Just try things and learn. You won't lose." When she says she will call tonight. "I am proud of you, Chloe. You will ace this, no matter what happens."

"I've seen the 1957 version of 12 angry men.Lots of dialogs. Made me think. I don't know if you would like it. It's not a happy movie, but man would watch again." She giggles. "If you go to the bathroom, I will tell you what happened yeah. Nature does not wait." She giggles more, having more fun than she expected.

Chloe is having fun too. She'd thought of tonight as work but it's actually feeling a lot more like play. It's so good to get to just hang out and be truthful about her feelings. Raiza/Liza is the only other person she's connected with around her age and now maybe she's found another friend? Of course Daisuke is a friend of sorts too but he always seems vaguely terrified or mistrusting of her.

"You're pretty wise you know for someone our age. I mean, I am too I suppose in my own way. I feel much older than my years a lot of the time. We've both been through a lot but in different ways. I suspect I've had the easier path even if it has been hard work to walk it."

The movie that Djamila mentions isn't one she's seen though the title is familiar. "That's one of those classic black and white films isn't it? I must admit I don't go much for those. I think my favourite movie is Clueless. It's kinda retro and nineties but so much fun!"

The commercials are done with now and trailers have started to play for upcoming attractions on the giant screen. "Ooh! Joy Ride looks kinda fun. I might come back and see that some other time."

She is happy she came here. You might lose at an opportunity you take, but there are wins like right now. Any opportunity refused is an automatic loss. She lost against Ayala in her fight, but she should be happy. her friend won, her first victory. It was a long time coming. So it's ok. Learn from that too, and be happy. But focus on that later, right now Lucky Chloe.

She smiles. "I've had help, but I was on my own at fourteen years old. I had to grow up. I am probably not as smart as the university guys and girls, but I will tell you, strippers have a lot of wisdom. At least when we are treated right." She knows some strip clubs are horrible to their girls after all, and that makes things nasty.

There is a more recent movie with the same title, but I am not sure if it's a remake or something different. I go with the original in movies. Because the remake is either the vision of someone else forced into their vision or it's an exact vision of the previous movie, and then you don't need the remake. It's a lose-lose to me."

"Joy Ride is another good title. I would see it based on that title." She chuckles. "Thanks for owning your end of things. To be honest, I didn't think I would have this much fun. I guess I had a preconceived opinion about you, but talking with you now, you're cool. You're not just a singer that doesn't know the world around her. I am happy I was wrong."

"Smartness comes in different forms" Chloe comments. "I'm sure you're more streetwise than most your age and I bet you've got some incredible stories to share. Or not share, if you prefer it" she smiles softly.

"I don't think I've ever seen a movie remake that was better than the original. It's tough to find films that match up to books they're based on too. They usually have to miss out important parts of the story to keep the running time down."

She reaches into the back seat and produces a huge bag of mixed cheese and caramel popcorn. "Have you ever tried this stuff, Djamila? It sounds so wrong but it tastes so right! She opens the packet and offers it to her companion, giving her a chance to indulge in the strange scent of the snack.

"If you don't like it. I have the regular kind with butter too. Oh and some Gummi Bears!"

As she awaits the answer, she adds "I'm glad you said that. People either seem to think I'm some bubblegum airhead or a complete bitch. Maybe if more people got to know me they'd see the truth. Not that I give many a chance to" she admits.

"I don't read that much. I have some basic braille because one of my girls taught me a bit. She has a blind sister, as luck would have it. It helps with money." She shrugs. "Shows nobody can do everything. That's one story." She frowns. "I have many more, bad, good, and ugly. But I think there has been enough story with what has happened."

"I can't say I have, but it smells good." As Chloe proposes the cheese and caramel mix of popcorn. "It seems like it fits with me. It sounds like me. What could anyone have in common with a blind stripper? That sounds wrong like the poor girl must be getting abused all the time and shit." She takes a small handful. "Thank you." She tastes it. "mmmmm, good." She doesn't end what she started on though. Maybe the special popcorn taste distracted her too much.

"You're smart. I thought you were a bitch, but I was very wrong. I am probably a bitch to some people too. You heard what I said to that girl when she was ready to fight me. Good thing Kenzo came, or I probably would have flattened on the beach." She sighs. "You're really cool Chloe."

Lucky listens and learns a tiny part of how it might feel to be Djamila. "People need to do what they can" she chimes in. "You're right that none of us can do everything. That's why it is so important for us to focus on what we find we love and have a talent in."

She seems pleased that she has a fellow fan of the peculiar popcorn. "It's kinda addictive. Thankfully I burn off a bunch of calories with all the rehearsals I put in. It's probably the same for you between the poledancing and polefighting."

She grabs a handful herself, popping it into her pink painted mouth and making "mmm" sounds of appreciation.

She actually looks a little shy when Djamila calls her cool. "That's not a word I hear about myself often. Cute yes but rarely cool."

She takes some more of the delicious treat and chews thoughtfully. "I watched your first match against Ichika. That's when the bad blood began isn't it? I can be a bitch when I'm fighting too. I like to get under people's skin. It's easy to get into it when the adrenaline is flowing and fists are flying."

"In the end, only you know what's good for you. That's not to say you don't need anyone else. But you keep the people close to you that make you better, and the same for them. That's why we say the love of your life completes you because you solve each other's weak points with your strengths and love." She eats a little again and swallows before she says. "Not that I had a love myself. I play on both sides, but so far I am a free spirit. It will take a very special person to take all of little odd me, with all the luggage I am carrying."

She chuckles a bit, but all in good Faith. "I think that's because not many have had a behind the scene look at Lucky Chloe. Don't worry. Your secret is safe with me." She pats her hand as a friendly gesture before pulling hers away.

She eats a little more. It's true those are addictive. More than they have a right to be. "Yeah. I wasn't even full of myself. I tried to make peace, I guess even Ichika too, but we're meant to be rivals I guess. One day we will fight again. She might beat me, but it will prove nothing. I might beat her again, it will prove nothing either. I think it will be a rivalry that lasts forever. I think, in the end, it's a healthy rivalry. Even if it doesn't sound like it is. It's healthier than my blood-kin relationship." She forces a chuckle. "One day, will you do me the honor of giving me a fight? It could be a promotional thing, so that like you do me this favor, and it's also a favor for you or something." Djamila is ready to be beaten more. Now is it only because she wants to learn as much as she can, or is there a part of her that is unhealthy and think she deserves to be beaten up? That's the question.

"Can I tell you a seccret, Djamila?" Chloe asks, before continuing without waiting for a response. "I've never had a boyfriend. I've not even kissed a boy before. That's something to worry about if Brian -does- say yes. He's a man and he's probably kissed lots of women before."

She reaches into the back seat again, this time to fetch bottles of Diet Mountain Dew. She cracks one open and hands the other to Djamila.

"If you're into girls too, have you ever had a crush on one of your co-workers? I mean, all those beautiful women gyrating around in next to nothing. I can imagine it happening."

When her hand is patted by the poledancer she doesn't pull away. Her body language seems comfortable and relaxed. It's just lovely to not be rushing around somewhere.

"Rivalries can be a positive thing if we use them to fuel us and not drain us. You've got to make the anger work in your favour. They also make excellent drama, so I'm sure that the powers that be at the New Fighting Generation are loving your feud with Ichika."

She takes a moment to sip from the soda and then says "Sure, I'll fight you. Maybe we can do it for charity or something. Just promise not to make a fool out of me" she jokes. "Pussycats have their pride."

Djamila listens to Chloe as she has a secret and is told she never kissed. "Oh, the first time can be odd, but it's not that difficult. Don't use your tongue at random in a French kiss. You know how to dance, so if you French kiss, make your tongue dance with your partner. Your tongue is not a window cleaner trying to clean the boy's mouth." So apparently, she did kiss before. She takes the bottle "Thank you." then she continues. "I would show you, totally friend-like, because I don't mind, but I know I am not like totally normal. I am very open with my body. I am not shy. Most time anyway. So I don't want to like to make you uncomfortable in any way. Just thought I would throw that out there." She smiles. "Also, if you practice with a girl you trust, it doesn't make you a lesbian or anything like that." She chuckles. "Ok, I talked enough about it. Sorry."

But after there is a question. "No, the girls from my clubs are more like sisters or mothers to me. They got my back, I have theirs, but dating would be weird. As the saying goes, don't shit where you eat."

"Yeah, Ichika will Blossom at one point, one way or another, and I will be there to tell her to fuck off about it." She chuckles. "You are probably right, NFG loves it."

"I promise to be as friendly as Ayala. To not hold back, but to not taint the friendship either."

Nodding her head, Chloe takes in the information given to her by Djamila. "Thanks for the tips! I'm gonna pass on the practical lesson though, because I figure it will be more special if I wait to kiss someone I'm into. Maybe I can just be honest and admit it's my first time."

"I suppose I understand about not mixing business with pleasure. Some of my crew are pretty cute but I've never considered dating any of them."

Another trailer is on the screen, this time for the new Indiana Jones movie. "Speaking of cute. I mean, I guess he's old now but Harrison Ford when he was younger. Wow!

The distraction delays her commenting further on the New Fighting Generation cast for a couple of minutes but then she's back in the conversation, commenting on the names Djamila dropped in.

"You really do dislike Ichika don't you? It's not just for the drama. I'm glad you've made an ally too in Ayala. What about your teammates? Are they all cool? Raiza's favourite fighter is on your team. She got to meet him at her dad's dealership and she was super excited."

"Yeah, honesty is a great way. If a guy respects you, he will help you. If a guy leaves you because you haven't kissed before, he's not a boyfriend or anything material. Well same for girls, but they don't apply in your case." She laughs. "No worries, I offered, certainly not forced." She smiles. "Thanks for not freaking out though."

"Yeah, I could go with a girl or a guy from another club. A stripping job doesn't bother me. That would be unfair, but I don't want to work with the person I am dating. If I ever date."

There is talk about a young Harrison Ford. "Technically, how am I supposed to know?" She giggles. "I know what you mean. I will just say that. Like I can say, you have a good choice of clothes." She doesn't comment further, as she can see Chloe is distracted. A crush is a crush. She certainly had some and will have some.

She nods. "I am not Ichika's biggest fan. She has that big potential, and she manages to waste it each time. But I shouldn't judge her. I am wasting my potential lately too. I could do better."

"Oh em gee, Djamila!" Chloe cringes. "Of course you can't see him. I'm so dense at times. Let's just say he knows how to fill pants out nicely. Oh heh! Didn't you have a Star Wars themed round in Southtown? I guess you won't have had to take part since you went so far in the tournament."

She shrugs off the gratitude for not freaking out. "I don't care who does what with who, as long as everyone is consenting."

"Thanks for the clothes compliment but this is just a costume. I spend a lot of time in lounge wear when I'm hanging out at home."

A group of guys pull up next to the pink jeep on the opposite side to Chloe's bodyguard. One of them recognises the blonde and points her out to his friends. Soon they're all singing 'Pretty Kitty', the singers biggest hit to date.

"Oh hey! Isn't that Djamila too?" one of them notices. Soon both girls are the object of attention.

"You're good Chloe. I was just kidding. I enjoy it when someone talks to me like you do. They forget I am blind and just talk to me like they would talk to anyone. It's nice. I am more than my handicap." She smiles. "I know my blindfold brings attention to it, but it would be worse if I didn't have it." She doesn't explain further.

Instead, she goes to the Star Wars thing. "You're right. I didn't participate, I was having a very close match again Hawksley. I should have won." She chuckles, "Against Tamaki, I wasn't comfortable blocking back then. So that was part of my loss. In short, yeah, no Star Wars."

She nods, "That's the right way to go. Girls need to consent. Guys need to consent. If we can all understand that, we will live in a happier, cleaner world. Thank you, Chloe." She says again.

"It makes sense. I don't like to dress down myself. I enjoy being looked at. I kinda have to with my job. I feel good in nice clothes. I don't have to look whorish, but sexy in some way. I may be a slut though, but if I am, I fully assume it. Nobody can tell me what to do with my body but me."

Then comes the fans, and she's not sure how to handle those guys. Alone it would be easier, but if she does something inappropriate, it will also affect her new friends. She's also not used to having fans for her fighting. For her stripping, it's easy. No touching. She gives them a nod. "Great to see fans." But further than that, she's not the expert here. Another problem with being a celebrity, even as little as she is. It's hard to have some quiet in public. Chloe would probably realize she didn't know how to handle it at the moment.

Chloe's bodyguard is about to get out of the car when the boys back down. It seems they were just friendly rather than any real threat. His posture relaxes and he goes back to staring at the screen whilst keeping his senses alert for any other potential danger to the dance diva.

"Get used to having fans" she warns Djamila. "You've already got your own fansites online. Most of the New Fighting Generation have. Not that I've been looking or anything" she laughs.

"Actually, I totally have. I've kinda got caught up in it all. I blame Raiza. She's obsessed and it's rubbed off on me. Plus, getting to meet some of you guys in person makes it seem more exciting and vibrant."

"Hawksley is roommates with Brian. They are both on Blaze as you know and..."

She smacks herself on the side of the head. "Okay, now -I- sound obsessed."

She's saved from slipping any more by the feature film starting up. "Looks like this is it!" Lucky says, gently nudging Djamila. "Remember to take it all in, just in case I get lost."

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