NFG Season One - Call Me Liza!: Life's a Beach

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Description: Liza and Lucky Chloe decide to scout Daybreak Beach for Chloe's upcoming shoot. The pair come up with an idea for a community outreach cleanup and make plans to volunteer somebody else to do it. Djamila shows up to the scene of her most recent match, and is the first NFG fighter recruited for the project after lots of ~boy talk~.

It's not quite what she expected. When Lucky Chloe had decided to film her new music video on the beach in Sunshine City, she was imagining gorgeous golden sands, young and beautiful people basking in the sunlight and an attractive and vibrant amusement park. What she is faced with is something quite different.

"If I didn't have sneakers on, I'd have cut my foot on that glass!" she shrieks, pushing her pink cat ear sunglasses back in place. "Glass on a beach! That's before I even mention the soda cans, fast food wrappers and cigarette butts."

The blonde lets out a dramatic sigh and tugs on her long braid in frustration. "It's going to have to be all cleaned up before we can film here. It's not like we can just cancel the shoot, now we've traveled all this way to get here."

She lowers her shades and narrows her aquamarine eyes at Liza, her dark haired companion. "Why didn't you tell me your hometown was such a dump."

She sits down heavily, getting sand on the seat of her white shorts and blinks back tears of frustration. "I need an ice cream. SOMEBODY GET ME AN ICE CREAM!"

A middle aged man in a linen suit appears almost instantly at her side. "A scoop of strawberry and a scoop of vanilla as usual?" he checks.

"Yes" Chloe snaps. "With extra sprinkles. Get one for Liza too."

The shouting from Lucky Chloe is something that Liza has gotten used to during her time serving as a backing dancer for the blonde idol. She herself is wearing a pair of cheap brown-framed sunglasses, a red one-piece swimsuit under a pair of white shorts, and a pair of brown faux-leather foam flip-flops. Her hair is pulled up in her usual short, high ponytail. Contrary to Lucky Chloe, she seems to be enjoying herself, smiling as she revisits childhood memories in her mind (albeit ones with a bit less glass and gunk on the sand), breathing in the relatively fresh air.

At least, until Chloe calls her home town a dump, drawing a frown from Liza.

"Hey! It's not that bad! I mean, it used to be nicer, but now that it's not a major hotspot for making movies anymore, it's... well..."

It's a dump. But it's /her/ dump, which means Liza feels the compulsion to defend it even though Chloe isn't wrong.

"...a little more 'lived-in.'"

She looks around over her shoulder, then quickly catches the man in the linen suit's attention: "Make mine one mocha and one peanut butter!"

Turning back to Chloe, she suggests, "Why don't we make it a community event? You could use it as publicity for the new video. 'Help clean up the beach, star as an extra in Lucky Chloe's latest show.' Maybe we could get some of those NFG people involved. Like that girl who's really big on the environment, I bet she'd be willing to do a day's work."

Clearly Liza is unfamiliar with how notoriously lazy Constance Coalbridge is.

"I could talk to the ones that I already met - Buck and Kenzo. They seemed really cool. Did I mention I had burgers with them? Ooh! I could get my dad and Daisuke to help host a barbecue for the volunteers."

Meanwhile, Djamila is simply walking in Sunshine City\ toward where she fought last. Which happens to be the beach. Life is well done like that. She's walking at a leisurely pace using her staff as a cane at the moment. She might not need it, but she doesn't need to concentrate heavily all the time when just walking.

She hears some commotion as she gets closer. Real people are coming here for no reason. Weird. The yelling person sounds familiar. She decides to come closer. "Hello? Why the yelling for ice cream? I mean it's not hard. You can get it yourself. Even I could do that." She chuckles a bit.

She gets stopped however by some crew. "Oh, so now can't go to the beach because a celebrity or other is here. Really? I fought here, and it's a damn beach. I swear" She sighs. "Can I get on the beach, like pretty please I will be good and not disturb anyone?"

While she awaits an answer, she thinks when she becomes a renowned fighter, she's not going to try to separate herself from the people. Not that way. Like a public beach shouldn't be made her own. Even if it's a shitty beach anyway. Cleaning would be a good idea. She could also help, but she's at least waiting to see if she can access it now as it is, or if they will keep her from it.

As Liza talks, Chloe finds herself softening. The rage retracts and she actually starts to relax on the ramshackle and rubbish strewn beach.

"Sorry I dissed your home town. I suppose Metro City is no prize either these days. Not that I remember it when it was."

She plays with her butt length braid as she awaits the arrival of their ice creams and considers the suggestions the Sunshine City native made.

"I like what you're saying" the dance diva decides. "It will be fantastic publicity, as well as making the beach look better for the video."

A smile appears on her pretty and currently make up free face. "Getting the New Fighting Generation involved is genius too. Those guys are on fire right now. Not literally in most cases, but they are the hottest ticket in town. Dad and Daisuke on the barbecue and those cute guys you met hanging out. Maybe Brian Storm will come too."

Talking of the New Fighting Generation, as Djamila makes her case to be able to visit Daybreak Beach, the cautious crew soon stand down. Currently the two teens and their entourage are here to scope out the set of Lucky Chloe's lifeguard themed video, so no actual filming is under way yet.

"I mean, Sunshine City always felt like a pretty nice place to grow up to me," Liza says as the sound of gunfire echoes in the distance. "I mean, the part I grew up in, anyway. You should see my parents' place, it's actually pretty cool! They have a pool and everything."

She realizes that she's talking about her parents' house as if it isn't her own. It feels a little funny to her, what with not even being out of high school yet, but she's been living in Japan for the last year or so, and coming home has felt a little like visiting somewhere she used to go as a kid.

She shakes the introspection away and smiles.

"Hawksley's literally on fire in most of his matches! Not to mention the people he fights."

"Oh, isn't that Djamila Fadel from the NFG? She's really cool! She's an Aquarius, so it makes sense she'd be here at the beach. Have you ever seen her fight?" Liza asks Chloe, stepping close to gossip, before her cheeks go slightly red. "It's, umm, really cool! She's super flexible. And so mysterious. Go figure, with being an AB blood type. Do you think we should say hello?"

Djamila with her body language, almost giving the impression she glares at the crew. "Yeah, you let me go. I swear." She walks closer to the duo of teens. She manages to not step on anything dangerous. That happens a lot. Instinct perhaps.

"So what is going on here, want to do something with the place, and it's too dirty for you? Well ok, it could be cleaned up, but will it stay clean up for any length of time.?" She's addressing both of them.

Then she laughs. "I am Djamila alright. thank you for saying I am cool. I am just me with a temper sometimes, and I know my way with a staff." She shrugs. "I am here because I fought here before. Like a few days ago, and I want to come back to do some thinking. Doesn't look like it's a good day for that. But it's nice to meet new people, so I am Djamila, and you know that already. There's one of you who has a familiar voice, so I probably heard you somewhere." She even extends her hand. She can be social. she is most time.

Chloe can't help but giggle at the timing of the gunfire, but she doesn't make any futher comment. Instead she focuses on her friend's childhood home. "I'd love to see your parent's place and have a swim in the pool" she enthuses. "That's the thing about living in a penthouse apartment, there's no space for one. I do have a jacuzzi tub in my bathroom though."

Her manager, Takashi wanders over with the ice cream cones, handing them to Chloe and Liza in turn. "I'll be over by the water if you need me" he informs her, letting out a weary sigh before he wanders away.

"Oh yeah! Hawksley is on Team Blaze, which is who I'm rooting for" the singer says. "I'm not as big a fan as you, so I haven't been watching all the matches, but I have seen a few. I saw Djamila against Ichika early in the contest, so I have an idea of the way she fights."

As she speaks of the other dancer, her gaze wanders over that way. "I'm happy to say hi if you'd like to." Before she can head in her direction however, Djamila has decided to make the first move.

"I can't say it will stay clean forever" Chloe replies coolly. "That goes for most things in life though, so there's no point in just giving up."

She licks at the strawberry ice cream, savouring the sweetness, before accepting the hand to shake. "I'm Chloe, or Lucky Chloe to most people. How are you enjoying your new found stardom?"

Liza looks a little more shy as Djamila approaches - her cheeks turning a little redder as she realizes that the fighter has overheard her. Something about Djamila reminds her of her favourite professional fighter, Mai Shiranui. It's probably her... confidence. Or maybe the fact that they both wear eye-catching traditional outfits. Djamila's has caught Liza's eye whenever she's seen it. Fortunately, the pole fighter can't see the teen's awkward expression, at least.

"I wish I could work a pole as well as you can!" Liza blurts out. "Your fighting style is so interesting! I've never seen anything else like it! Where did you come up with all those moves?"

She's sure Takashi is giving her a weird look as she takes her peanut butter and mocha ice cream cone. She starts to lick it slowly as she considers Djamila's style. As her tongue is still running along it, she turns her eyes to Takashi and smiles gratefully, tongue still trailing. To her bemusement, Takashi seems put off by the show of gratitude, and she discreetly checks that her cone isn't dripping on her swimsuit or something.

"I used to say the same thing when my mom wanted me to clean my room," Liza mentions. "It never worked, though. So I guess we have to do it." The kunoichi smiles sweetly as she demonstrates her prowess at jumping through logical hoops. She can even do flips through them, backwards.

"I'm Liza! I'm guessing it's Chloe that you know, though. She sings 'Pretty Kitty.' The only things I've ever done online are Fairy Tail episode reviews, and those don't get a lot of views."

"You can take a horse to water, but you can't force it to drink." She refers to cleaning the beach. "I am willing to try though." Then she manages to shake hands with Lucky Chloe as she says her name. "I think I've been dancing to some of your songs. That's why your voice is familiar."

She turns her head toward Liza. "Thank you. I had to start pole dancing four years ago, and what do you know, I was good at it. It felt right to start my "own" style based on it. The rest came along. I am very comfortable with my body. Even the Hijab, it's a style from my country. It fits me, but I don't have to wear it. I don't have to hide my hair."

Back To Chloe. "It's weird to have a fan. I am just trying to be accessible. Also, I want to be an inspiration to anyone with a handicap. Your life doesn't end then. It just begins. If you let nothing stops you, then nothing will." She smiles.

Back to Liza. "It's very nice to meet you, Liza. It's Chloe I know. indeed. I can't say I gave your site an extra "view." But thumbs up for putting yourself out there.

She puts her staff down and lowers her upper body a bit, shaking her hips lightly from side to side. She's not trying to be especially sexy. It's more of her meditative pose. "So tell me about your plan to clean the beach." She ponders and then asks Chloe. "Don't you have people that come to the next spot you want to use for a video and check how feasible it is? They should have told you the beach was a mess. Someone is not doing a very good job.

Chloe snickers when Raiza expresses her wish. "I'm sure you could work one just fine, if that's your dream, sweetie. I'd miss you as my backing dancer though." She doesn't comment on how Djamila may have come up with her fighting style, leaving it for the woman herself to explain.

She shakes the poledancer's hand, still finding it strange when she doesn't have her cat hoody covering her own. Thanks to her stage costume, she probably spends more time with paws than without.

"My songs are great to dance to" she remarks. "I should know, since I spend most of my time doing just that." As well as the occasions she performs, she spends hours practicing her moves till they are perfect. There's a lot of negative comments that could be made about Lucky Chloe, but that she's lazy isn't one of them.

"What's your hair like underneath?" the idol wonders curiously, before swiftly switching topics to keep up with the conversation.

"I would normally send someone ahead yes, but this time it was a spur of the moment thing. I was hanging out with my friends, Raiza and Daisuke and it just came to me that Sunshine City would suit us all as a location. I'm not going to let the rubbish ruin my plans though. Raiza's idea is fantastic and it will give us some free publicity! Maybe you could act as one of the lifeguards in the video, Djamila. Or as someone who gets saved if you prefer! We'll need both as extras and also some people just sunbathing on the beach."

As her video vision starts coming together, Lucky actually leaps into the air!

"Oh, I wouldn't have to quit working for you to learn how to work with a pole! Maybe I could even use it as a prop in one of your videos! Like, to dance with! Wait... pole... dancing?" Liza's genki grin fades and she trails off indistinctly as the puzzle pieces that compose Djamila's fighting style start to lock into place. She's never seen the activity in progress before, but with Lucky Chloe's comments and Djamila having used the term, it suddenly makes sense.

"Wait, no! That's not what I meant! I don't want to be a poledancer, my Dad would ground me, like, forever!"

She's pretty sure that her Mom wouldn't be pleased, either, but her aunt Susie did once drunkenly claim that Liza's mother Sandra had paid her way through law school by working at a club called 'Pink Paradise.' Susie and Sandra aren't on speaking terms.

"It's cool that you turned it into a fighting style, though!" Liza declares, blushing again. "I heard that Team Thunder did a charity event already, so maybe one of the other teams will want to clean up the beach. It could be a competition! Maybe whoever collects the most garbage gets, umm..." She looks thoughtful, tapping on her lips, then smiles. "A date with Lucky Chloe!"

"Your songs are great to strip to as well. I mean that as a compliment. So rhythmic and all." She smiles

She then looks at Liza. "You know, you can take pole dancing classes without stripping. You can keep your clothes on and do a fun activity if it resonates with you." She tries to reassure the girl.

"What is my hair like?" She then answers Lucky Chloe. They are like this." She pulls off her hijab, making sure not to get her blindfold with it. Her hair is black and shiny, put in several buns at the back and top of her head in an intricate pattern. Then she pulls on one end, and the buns come undone. She shakes her head, and her hair falls in a cascade of black until it's one inch from the ground. That hair must take a long time to take care of, and it seems she takes care of them. "That's my hair. It can stay like this for the time behind. Even if Sunshine City doesn't have the best air." She chuckles.

Back to Liza. "I took the bad in my life and tried to turn most of it into a positive. I still have anger in me though. Perfection is a long road that never ends. Just have to take the scenery in while you walk it." She gives a smile.

Finally back to Chloe. "I know how to swim, and probably could even do something with wind if it's something you would like in the video. It would be cool for my image, I suppose. Not that my image is what is important. "Do I get to wear a bikini I can do a two a piece. But the blindfold stays on. It's non-negotiable!" She adds quickly. She is uninhibited by her body, except her eyes, whatever she is hiding under there.

She quickly changes the subject back to Liza "Whoever collects the most garbage gets a date with Chloe or with you. That would be an extra incentive."

The blonde girl starts to giggle as she watches Razia's realisation occur in real time. She then tilts her head to the side, as her friend tells the tale of her mother's mysterious past. "Pink Paradise huh? That sounds like a good name for an album for me. I'm picturing flamingos on the cover."

She nods along at the idea of a competition, not even seeming deterred by the date with herself as a prize. "We should definitely ask Team Blaze to do it. You know because, um, they have that English girl who's in to environmental things."

Yup, that's the reason. It's nothing at all to do with the fact Team Blaze has a certain six foot five blond wrestler as a member.

"If Raiza is also a potential prize, I bet she would like the fire guy to win" the dance diva decides. Apparently she doesn't want to share her own choice of date.

"Oh by the way, on a totally unrelated subject, did anyone see what happened to Brian's hair in the footage of that fight he had with the Canadian? I'm not sure even he can pull off that look. Maybe I should give him the number of my stylist."

Speaking of hair, it seems the singer's curiosity is about to be satisfied, as Djamila lets down her long locks. "Oh wow, your hair is as long as mine!" she gasps, freeing her own from its braid to prove her point. "I've never met anyone else with ankle-length hair before."

"Thanks for the compliment, by the way" she adds. "My usual fans are definitely not old enough to visit strip clubs, so it's good I'm expanding my market."

She nods along as Djamila dicusses perfection and then turns back to the fun subject of the filming.

"You could create a wind effect to knock someone over in the sea and then Liza can come and save them. Maybe it could be Daisuke" she suggests with a wink towards the teenage ninja.

"As for the bikini, sure. You can wear any colour but red. That's going to be for the lifeguards."

"Umm, I'm okay! I mean, probably," Liza says as Djamila suggests that she take up poledancing lessons. Her brain is still trying to process Djamila's claim that Lucky Chloe's music is good to strip to. The idea of someone like Djamila stripping to the upbeat teeny-bopper electro-J-pop is creating weird images in her head. Ones that involve Djamila wearing cat paws and dancing around a pink scratching post. Is that what guys like? She'll have to dutifully file it away for future consideration, like she does with all of Hiroko-sama's lessons.

"Oh, wow! I wish I had hair like that," Liza says enviously as she watches the Iraqi fighter's hair spill to the ground. Her own hair is thick and fairly modest in length, which is why she keeps it bundled up in the short shock of a ponytail that she wears.

"Wait, what? Why would anyone wanna date me? Especially if they have to pick up garbage to do it!" Liza says with a surprised expression at Djamila's suggestion. "I'm not an idol or anything! I'm just Lucky Chloe's geeky friend! My hair doesn't even reach my butt!"

The heat returns to her cheeks as Chloe seems to go along with the idea, even suggesting that she'd like to date Hawksley. Of course, Hawksley is the most reminiscent of a Shounen Jump protagonist, between his fiery attacks, never-give-up attitude and tendency to end up shirtless when fighting, but he's way too cool and probably wouldn't get her. She'd feel more comfortable dating someone who would understand her dreams of being a manga artist and the fact that she moonlights as a ninja. Someone who's equally in love with Japanese culture. Someone who's also probably caught 'em all, from Red to Scarlet.

Someone like Buford.

Something tells her that they'd never understand if she admitted that, though, and besides, if anime has taught her anything, a forbidden romance between a kunoichi and a samurai is like ninety percent likely to end up with the kunoichi getting killed off.

"I've got too much to live for," Liza says with a wistful sigh. "Oh, uh, sure! I can save Daisuke, no problem. Are you sure he's okay to be rescued, though? Last time we talked about it I had to give him the Heimlich maneuver, remember?"

"Not everyone is into guys." She adds. as there is talk of who would want who to win. It doesn't feel like it exactly fits in the discussion. But it was said.

The hair of Chloe surprises her, almost like she actually can see the length. Maybe she heard it fall or something. "I haven't met many people with hair as long as mine. That's kind of cool." She smiles but doesn't stay on it long.

"Anyway Raiza, you are as pretty as Chloe. Why wouldn't someone want to know you better? Like me, I was cool before I became part of NFG. Everyone has a story, and they are worth knowing. You should be a prize too." She shrugs her shoulders. "But I am not you. If it's not for you, then it's not. Be yourself.

Oh, I have my fans there. Not sure if they care what music I dance to though. But I have guys and some women. Thanks to them, I've been making enough cash to live decently." She goes silent a moment.

She thinking about knocking someone over in the sea. "Well ok, but as long as they are not in danger. I refuse to help drown someone for a music video." The way she said it, it sounds like she would be willing to drown someone for another reason.

"I will wear orange, I look good in orange. Or maybe a mix of black and orange. Anything suits me" She laughs. "I will not wear red. I promise."

"Lots of guys would wanna date you" Chloe informs Raiza. "There's our choking friend, who I will convince to be rescued by you and how about the blond guy you told me about? Isn't he a model or something?"

"Don't worry" she assures Djamila. "We don't want to actually kill Daisuke. He's good at cooking too and we don't want to lose him as a caterer."

She crinkles her cute little nose as the poledancer picks her costume colour. "Orange it is then. Although, do you think that would clash with red?" From the tone of her voice, it's obvious the idol does. Perhaps she's not as in to freedom of choice as she intially seemed to be.

She's finished with her ice cream now, so gestures for Takashi to bring her a wet wipe for her sticky fingers. It's way below his pay grade, but he does as she asks nonetheless.

"Thanks Takashi" she sing songs, before looking around for a bin to dump it in.

"Well, I'm into guys... I think," Liza says with a slightly uncertain expression. She usually finds talking to guys really awkward and sweaty, and gets a strong reaction out of reading those romantic manga that she doesn't tell anyone about. And those have nothing but guys in them! Besides, she knows the girls she would consider crush-worthy material all like boys, anyway. Mai is famously OTP with Andy Bogard, and Lucky Chloe - wait! Why are you eavesdropping on this list, anyway? Shoo!

"Oh, umm... thanks!" Liza says as she's complimented on her appearance by the blind dancer, wanting to asking a question but not sure whether it would be polite. "I'm probably too young, anyway. I'm only seventeen."

She realizes that she's been neglecting her peanut butter mocha cone and quickly starts slurping up the excess. She starts to go a little almost-cross-eyed when Djamila talks about looking good in orange, feeling that question rising up in her again, but decides to continue ignoring it.

"What, you think Daisuke wanf to date me?" Liza says to Lucky Chloe, catching a mouthful of ice cream that's started to slide off the cone halfway through her question. "And Rafferty? I think he was more interested in dating Hiroko-sama when we met. Plus, I saved his life twice, and I wouldn't want to date him just 'cause he thought he owed me."

Technically that logic kind of applies to Daisuke, too, since she saved him from bullies, but she dragged him into a deadly disaster zone shortly thereafter, so they're probably even.

"Thanksh, Takashi," Liza says to the manager as she takes a wet wipe for herself, too, having stuffed the rest of the ice cream into her mouth so she can use the wipe. The countdown to brain freeze is as inevitable as the countdowns to Lucky Chloe's birthday last month had been, and a grimace slowly contorts her features.

A nice conversation, but she feels like there are things she said that got to the other two. The orange costume, the fact that some people can like girls. She at least can't read minds... right?

She answers on the most important thing first. "Ok, if no one dies because of it, I will throw them in the sea. That's fine." She nods her head. If she has been led on about it, she will be very willing to give a piece of her mind.

Now, of course, how the hell Djamila would know how pretty Raiza or even Chloe is? Yes, she says weird things like that. Like somewhat she sees something. Maybe a different range of light, maybe something. Probably just an impression. "You're welcome. Never let anyone tell you otherwise. We're all beautiful.

All colors can clash with all other colors. Don't worry, I won't steal the lifeguard light. I mean, we're probably not even going to be in the same scenes. Unless the lifeguard runs really slowly or something, right? Have you ever seen a strawberry and an orange together? Yeah, healthy all around! So all is good."

"I didn't mean to start anything with that dating Liza thing. Just sometimes we all need to have fun."

"I figure Daisuke wouldn't say no" Chloe comments casually. "As for Rafferty, I thought he was about our age. Doesn't he go to Pacific? Surely Hiroko is at least seventy." She visibly shudders at the idea of that age gap romance.

She dismisses Djamila's concerns about discussing the dating, like it's her who it affects the most. "Oh it's fine, Fadel-san. It's fun to chat about boys, or girls if you prefer those."

She's not convinced by the claims that everyone is beautiful. It all sounds a bit positive vibes only to her, but she decides to bite her tongue rather than make a bitchy comment.

"Okay, you've convinced me on the orange. Just make sure the wind looks epic. Liza can leap into action and save the suffering schoolboy from the sea."

She stretches out her limbs and moves her weight from one foot to the other as she continues to chatter. "So how are things on Team Metal and in the New Fighting Generation in general, Djamila? Did you know that Liza's dad let them use his car showroom as one of the match venues?"

While Liza remains unconvinced that she can take Djamila's compliments on her appearance to heart, she does find herself admiring the dancer's objective positivity. Truly, someone like her can value the beauty of the kokoro over the beauty of the skin. Maybe Djamila would make a good match for Buford, actually. She files it away for her anonymous NFG ship slash doodle practice blog.

"Yeah, but be sure not to blow Daisuke too hard!" she suddenly chimes in as she switches trains of thought. "He seems like he's pretty accident-prone. Hiroko-sama says she isn't a day over fifty-five," Liza rambles on, "and then she smacked me with a tennis racket when I asked how come she looked like she was eighty if she was only in her fifties." She rubs the seat of her shorts and grimaces at the memory.

Somewhere, a retired nonagenarian ninja hmphs indignantly.

"Yeah, he's planning to host some more matches, too!" Liza enthuses. "It was great for business hosting the first one, and his fighter insurance is still in place, so we're all really excited."

Djamila listens to them a bit. She didn't know everyone they talked about, but it was ok. Like Daisuke and Rafferty. Maybe one day she will know. But not at the moment.

"I go both ways. There's fun on each side. Until I find the person or persons made for me." She shrugs. She doesn't seem to have a problem talking about some personal stuff either. She assumes herself. Maybe because she had to grow up quickly at one point. Who knows.

"The wind is always epic. It's people who are disappointing." She smirks a bit. "Liza probably knows what I mean, right?" She shrugs a bit.

"Anyway.." Don't blow Daisuke too hard that sounds naughty. She coughs. "I promise to not send him away too far away with the wind." There, it sounds better. She doesn't want to blow a guy she doesn't know after all. Again she doesn't know who that Hiroko is, but that's ok.

"Oh, I had no idea, I don't know who your father is. But I guess it's the guy who allowed us to have the car showroom as a match venue/ Cool." She chuckles. "He's a nice guy? He treats you right?"

Coughing hard, Chloe can't fight back her mirth at the unfortunate phrasing used by Liza. "Yeah Djamila, don't blow Daisuke too hard" she echoes the others, with a shake of her head.

"It'll be cool for your dad to host more matches if it's making him money" she approves. She may be a bubblegum popstar, but she can appreciate good business. "If he can get me a pink car, I could even get him some publicity." This isn't likely to be a standard colour provided by Ford.

She listens with interest as the Iraqui woman reveals her preferences. She's pretty unpertubed about the information being a Zoomer in the entertainment business.

"So when should we organise this Chloe's cleanup campaign for?" she ponders. "Probably the sooner the better, I'd say. TAKASHI! I NEED YOU TO MAKE SOME PHONE CALLS!" she yells, before heading in his direction.

"I'll catch you later" she calls to Djamila. "I'll be in touch about the shoot."

Liza has been consistently confused by Djamila's comments, and the one about the wind seems to have the same effect. Is she talking about Fujin? She's not sure, but...

"Huh! I usually don't find people disappointing! I guess it's a little disappointing when they bully other people, or throw ninja stars at my friends, but I mostly find people interesting to get to know, and usually cooler than I expect!" The Japanese-American gal smiles as she thinks about the interesting people she's met. Daisuke. Rafferty. Hisashi. Hiroko. Masayoshi. The Suzukis. The Miyama shinobi.

That other guy.

Her smile does a backflip, then rights itself again, like a rope being skipped between her cheeks.

"My Dad's really great! He's always friendly, and he's always treated me like a princess or something. He even gave me a car for my seventeenth birthday! I think he's trying to bribe me not to go back to Japan, but it's sweet. Plus he got me into gaming, so he's pretty cool. As cool as Dads are allowed to be, I guess."

She turns to Chloe. "I'm sure he could get you a pink car! I'm sure he's got contacts who could give a car a new paint job, if nothing else. I mean, if you want the car to own, he'll probably need you to, uhh, either pay for it or do a big promo or something, but I'm sure you could get a good deal! Oh, are we going now?"

She starts heading after Chloe, looking back to wave at Djamila before frowning as she realizes that it's not very considerate. "It's been nice to meet you, Djamila! Oh, hey, can I get a picture with you before I go?"

She turns back toward Djamila and jogs over, moving up close alongside her as she takes out her smartphone.

"I got some pictures with one of your teammates! Kenzo! He's really cool. The pictures are fun. I could describe them for you if you want..."

"Yeah, most people are not a disappointment. They just try to live their lives. Some people have everything, but they manage to fail. I find that disappointing." She shrugs.

So it's that time, ok. "That sounds good. Don't worry. I will have the brightest orange bikini you have ever seen. It will be like looking at the sun." She grins, she's kidding, but she felt the orange bikini bothered Chloe, so she's pushing on that before she brings her attention back to Liza.

"It's been great to meet you, Liza. I wonder why you're not the star." She nods her head. "Yeah, come here, let's take a picture together. The first picture of Djamila showing her hair, and you'll have it." She chuckles a bit and gets in position.

After the picture is taken. "You are a sweety." She pauses, then add. " When you have more time, you can describe the Kenzo pictures you have to me. Right now, if you don't follow Chloe, she will scream, and she's a better singer than a screamer." She sighs. "If I ever become a brat because I have stardom, hit me behind the head Liza. Remain me I told you to do that." She starts waving.

"Yeah, it's been great to meet you too! And such an honour that you're cool about taking a picture with your hair out with me!" Liza says as she snaps a couple of pictures, getting carried away until she realizes that Lucky Chloe is waiting for her. "...Oh, yeah! Actually, she's a pretty impressive screamer, too. I'd better go and catch up before she reminds me how much so. I hope you have a good time here in Sunshine!" she says, before turning around to chase after her friend slash boss. "Chloe! Wait up!"

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