NFG Season One - Ayala and Djamila Finally Meet Officially

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Description: Ayala and Djamila meets for the first time. Then it's slowly turning in a stripping tutorial.

Sunshine city was still a strange place to Ayala. Cities that large were something alien to her. Endlessly sprawling hot asphalt, towering buildings, heights of which she could only liken to mountains--the droves and droves of people. Nothing like the sorts of tribal villages or encampments she knew.

Still... they did seem to know how to party.

One might be able to spy Ayala, having blended in with a nearby pride parade, currently chugging what looked like a 20 oz can of beer. The whole 'gray fur cavegirl bikini and converse sneakers' outfit seemed to fit right in with all the people in leather and dog mask outfits as they rolled by, and nobody seemed to notice that they were marching with an actual cavewoman.

And the parade was rolling right by the hotel Djamila was staying. Fancy that!

At least Djamila managed to sleep better than last night than the night before. She's been up for some time now, but she had to eat and do other things. Now she was finally coming out of the place and what do you know, a pride parade. Yes, she knows it's a pride parade.

Perhaps it's because she overhears people talking about a gray fur cavegirl bikini. Perhaps it's something else, but Djamila looks for her. "Ayala, are you around?". She at least doesn't crash into people. Able to navigate through the happy crowd.

She decides to add. "It's Djamila, would just like to officially meet you." She keeps moving around. There are a lot of people there, after all, but she has the determination to find her target.

There is a bit of foaming beer spraying about as Ayala whips around with the 20 oz can still tipped back, Ayala blinking at who addressed her before it finally registered in her mind.

"Pole lady! Where is tiny green lady?" Ayala steps out of the parade, letting it saunter on. Probably for the best, that is.

"What you doing here? this where you staying?" Ayala asks in her clearly English Second Language kind of way. Heck the first language she learned when arriving on Earth wasn't even English, it was Spanish.

The cavewoman takes the idle moment to brush any suds off her face and chin, and to fluff up her hair.

"Yes. Pole and Blind Lady." She says, not to be mistaken for Chevy or something. "I am not sure she might still be sleeping or something." She realizes she hasn't even really officially met Nixie. But that's ok. She would get to that too. It was her goal right now. One person at a time." Djamila then moves aside too. "I didn't mean to interrupt what you were doing, but we haven't officially met yet." She smiles.

"I stay nearby, yea. You stay in a building or somewhere else?" She nods her head and extends her free hand. "Nice to meet you, Ayala. I heard you have a pretty fun style and all that." She is pretty friendly. So far, there is only one person she can't seem to stand, whatever she does, and it did look very mutual.

Thankfully, Ayala hasn't had too much time to devote to drinking yet, so she's just casually a little tipsy after what she had gotten into.

"Oh, it okay--will see green girl sometime, I'm Ayala, of Team Frost!" she had almost said her tribe name instead, not that it'd mean anything to Djamila, likely.

"Ayala here for a little bit, NFG stuff--also they wanting Ayala to be taking pictures with some things," sponsorship deals, it would sound like.

"Why does Pole lady wear hood? is you cold?" she tilted her head, clearly not sure why the other woman is wearing the hijab, if that's what it is.

"Yeah. She's a little mystery." She tells Ayala about Nixie. Now that's someone who deserved to win. She did great. "I am Djamila, of Team Metal. Very nice to meet you. Been wanting to for a while. But things get crazy sometimes."

She then laughs softly a bit. "What I am wearing is a hijab. It's a tradition from my birth country. I don't have to wear it, but for now, I choose to.

Then as if she knows. "Are you never cold with your outfit? They would love you at my strip club, I am sure." Though she would need to wear more fur until she starts stripping, that's something else.

"Have you been enjoying the NFG stuff so far?" She asks as she realized she skipped over that, but the hijab question got to her in a good way.

"Djamila! That your name," Ayala was used to using nicknames for people since she wasn't always great on the introduction thing. Or at least sometimes she didn't get a chance to. The cavewoman never the less shakes her head. "No, Ayala come from place where it hot and dry most of the time--here it a lot wetter," she might mean humidity is higher, but who knows. "Club? what kind of club? do they dance there?" she vaguely was aware of the word, but not the connotations of this one.

"Yeah, but Ayala need to train more, still..." she sighed a bit. "She not doing so well in the fight part of it," a bit of a sheepish grin.

"Yes, that's my name. I go by Jade sometimes in the stripping business. But hey, with you, Djamila is fine. "Hot and Dry. It makes sense you would wear what you wear then." She nods her head. "I hope you still enjoy the temperature here, even if the smell is probably a lot worse here." She chuckles.

A club where women and some men remove their clothes while dancing. Well, until they get to their underwear anyway. Always need to keep your panties on. It pays well enough. Kept me alive and afloat." She explains.

"Oh, I know technically we're not on the same team, but if sometimes you want, we can do some training together. Maybe some unofficial fighting. If you would like. Maybe it would help you feel better about yourself and/or your fighting style. Just offering, no pressure." She smiles at the other girl.

"Mmmh, cars and trucks don't smell too good, then again neither do some parts of Expanse," Ayala shrugged a little, then tilted her head again. "Take clothes off while dancing? I guess they get really drunk??" Ayala isn't still one hundred percent sure of this whole concept, but she's starting to slowly catch on.

"Ah, Ayala just need more training, need to get more skilled! she strong, but..." she gestured in the air. "What style does Djamila use?" the cavewoman seemed legitimately curious. She probably hasn't seen too many of her matches.

"Yeah, and sunshine city is not the best-smelling city either. It doesn't help anything. I guess most people get used to it after all a while." She shrugs her shoulders. "It's not like we have a choice anyway.

"Drunk? Oh no, people who do that get paid to remove clothes, and if people really like you, they put money in your underwear too. So you try to seduce them, but never sex." She didn't think she would have an in-depth conversation about stripping. But why not. She was proud of her job. It helped her survive, and now she has her fighting style based on it. Speaking of which.

"You feel strong Ayala. I think you will kick some ass one day. Once properly handled." She smiles. "well, for my stripping job, I dance on a pole. I use that in my fighting too." There is more to it, but she keeps it simple for now. "My job made me very flexible. That also helps in my fights." She adds.

"Eh, I guess you go here because there so many people, it makes sense," she shrugs in a 'whaddya gonna do?' sorta gesture, seeming to enjoy Djamila's company either way.

"Strange... usually when girls take off their clothes back home they don't get given money," Ayala whewed after that. "This world too weird," she laughed a little, but then slowly a gear or two was turning in her head.

"Wait, how much you get paid?" she seemed a bit more curious about it now, sidling up to Djamila's side, brow raised. Uh oh.

"Is that where you dance with the metal pole, right? that's all?"

"I love my stripping gig, but I also want to do more. Fighting allows me that. I am going to show the world what I can do. Already started." She smiles. "You will show them too. I know you will. It doesn't matter if you had a rocky start." She smiles more.

. Then she continues on the stripping topic. "Well if there is sex involved, then that's a whole other thing, but I won't get into that. We always keep our panties as I said. If someone tries to touch you or remove them, they get in trouble." She sighs. "But this world is weird. I give that to you. Very weird."

It depends if you're popular if you're pretty, and if you can dance. It's a whole bunch of things." She then whispers a number to Ayala. It's enough to live comfortably. Though does Ayala understand the difference between a little money and more money?

She ponders. "Just dancing sexy and removing your clothes in a sexy way too. If you're clumsy or gross, it's not going to work as well. Big bones are fine, some people love all types of women." She explains to Ayala. "It also helps where I am, all the girls are like a big family." It's also tilted in her head. Why should she be jealous of a little brat? She might not have parents, but she has a family. The best family. They don't judge her after all. She gets lost in thoughts for a short moment but brings herself back to the now with Ayala.

"Oooh, Ayala probably should, Abigail probably find Ayala and crush her head in bicep, like walnut," Ayala seemed to be legitimately concerned about that. As if it was a thing that was bound to happen. However, the question of whether or not she was pretty enough well, that seemed to be a bit fo a challenge--thems fightin' words, so to speak, it cave to the Feldspar honor.

"Ayala is pretty! Prettiest girl in tribe, and chief!" she seemed to be puffing a bit up, like a well... pufferfish. Or was it, pufferbitch?!

"You show Ayala this club, then perhaps we see," she grinned a little and put an arm around Djamila, pulling her closer, conspiracy-like.

Double ruh roh.

"If he tries to crush your head in biceps, then it's training, yeah? You try to survive as much as you can. Gotta use all you have. I know you will win soon. You sound very strong." She nods her head.

"Yeah, you're pretty, so that's one point for you already for that gig." She nods her head. "Now to see if you can dance and stuff." She chuckles. "I mean, I've never seen you dance, so I don't know." Yeah, a weird choice of word here."

"Well, the club is not in this city and I wouldn't dance in this city. Eek. At worse, at the end of NFG, I will take you to my city, and I will show you that club and I will even recommend you. That should help you. Been there for four years." She cracks her body a bit. "Like this, you can concentrate on your training right now. Even I don't have to work while I am sponsored. I just have to train and perform well. I can do that. I hope your sponsor makes sure you have food and all." She smiles and adds. "I like you, Ayala."

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