NFG Season One - A Vrooming First Day on the Job!

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Description: Destruction! Ruin! Mayhem! And it all happened the night before...leaving the Superhuman Hot Rodder and his new intern to pick up te pieces at Team Frost's headquarters!

He had been up all night, tracking down old contacts. Reaching out to enemies and allies alike. Hitting up Black Dragon Cult hangouts and just sort of canvasing Sunshine City in search of another gargantuan enforcer. For old times sake.

And yet, his efforts have thus far proven fruitless. Instead, worn out, tired, annoyed and hungry..he retired to a hotel room because, hell, he got the money. He's a legit 'bizness' man.

But duty calls. Abigail may look like a bearded monstrous adult-juvinielle on a good day but despite his cosmetic habits and gorilla like behavior..he didn't build his car modding empire(?) on laziness and as such shortly after dawn he rises, enjoys a danish or two and then leaves the hotel inn while managing to only marginallyd distort the entrance with his juggernaut like passage versus taking the whole wall down.

It is then that he sees the text messages from Juri. He'd ignored them the night before because of course he did. Confusion creases his features as he looks them over. He sees an image of Zog but doesn't quite process it because..well that junk is wild looking. "THis some sorta photoshop?" he rumbles before focusing on roaring his monster truck down the highways of Sunshine City towards their teams villa. Towards..towards...towards...



He screeches his truck to a stop before it dips into a full on crater and then slowly unfolds his monstrous bulk from it..looming up and up as he braces against it and stares at the ruins of their designated home and traiing grounds. Shattered walls. Ruined concrete and piles of debris fill the landscape to the point that the truck has no hope of pulling in closer to the warehouse that is their main training yard. His jaw goes slack as he reaches up and removes his sunglasses and just sort of stares befoer finally roaring out:


Meanwhile, someone... kind of out of place with this entire region of Sunshine City pads through the streets.

Namely, a young japanese man with *shockingly* red, messy hair dressed in... uh. A red hawaiian pattern shirt. It screams very touristy-- and very much like the kind of outfit for someone who just immediately assumes any pacific city on the southern side of the United States would have outfits like this as a standard. And for that matter, he looks vaguely lost as he is, lugging a hefty rucksack over his shoulder like someone who definitely has not checked into a hotel yet and squinting at the GPS app on the screen of his phone while walking along. He definitely looks like an easy mark. And he probably has at least a couple of the local ne'er-do-wells already shadowing him, waiting for the opportune time to strike. And with how much deeper he is getting into these unsavory parts of the city, that moment seems to be growing nearer...

Though that roar that echoes through the street might at least momentarily discourage pretty much *anyone* from moving any further for a moment. Including the redheaded japanese tourist himself, when he lifts his head up with wide eyes to stare towards the direction of the sound...

And taking in the destruction past that truck mounted by an enormous man.

But. Rather than turning tail at that point, the redhead actually... goes striding further still. And straight for Abigail, at that! All the way up to the kind of speaking range where he can call out, "Uh, excuse me?" in accented english like he is about to casually ask for directions. The schools in Southtown have english as a mandatory subject, on account of how much international population the city draws to live there, so the tourist's english is decent enough... though he may or may not have listened his way through some english tapes just to refresh himself again.

Either way. He actually pads the rest of the way over after that initial call to stand right besides the truck, with one hand idly tugging on the strap of his rucksack, and crane his neck to look up, up... and up higher still, to look upon Abigail's face.

"You... wouldn't happen to be affiliated with Team Frost by chance...?"

It's kind of like an earthquake decided to just notice you. Such is the weight of Abigail's gaze and the mood of the bearded, mohawked, monstrosty as he dips his glaring eyes down and away from the wreckage..waaaayyyyy down towards Daisuke.

The fact that his featurs and demeanor, especially now, more resemble that of a junkyard bull dog then anything else and his death metal makeup, collar and other accoutrements are probably not helping here either.

His nostrils flare, his skin reddens, there is a sound like industrial strength leather being stretched as his sinew and muscles visibly bulk and bulge and steam begins hiss from his nostrils. His garments starting to split as his upper body builds up mass. We're on the verge of a full fledged max-power rage out moment! Those who had been shadowing Daisuke likey freeze wherever they are in anticiaptinn of what is surely about to be a display of apocalyptic strength:

"....Uh yeah. Who are you?"

Is the utterly calm answer as Abigail suddenly relaxes as if realizing he's talking to a skinny japanese fellow who..probably had nothing to do with this. Just..a turn on a dime.

"I got a little disaster on my hands here kid. Are you lost or something?"

He finally hops down from the truck. Landing with an earth shaking thud that causes another pile of rubble to fall over behind them both and sends a plume of dust roaring up and over both truck and the two speaking by it.

Despite the initial, *entirely* casual way the japanese redhead just... walked up to Abigail without a worry in the world, the moment the giant actually started leaning down? That's when the boy gulps a bit, and worried sweat beads faintly along one brow.

"Aheh..." That's the only thing that comes out first when his presence is verbally questioned. He doesn't outright shake in his shoes, though, which... well, credit to him, maybe?

"Kubo Daisuke, it's nice to m-meet you..." He offers, with a nervous little shake behind his voice that might sound like a partial, forced little laugh.

"I can... kinda tell, I guess? Um... I'm here for my... internship, I guess?"

Did anyone tell Abigail that there would be an intern coming to work for the team? ... What does a team like this have a need for an intern for, for that matter? But he doesn't sound like he's just blowing air out of his ass about that, at least.

But then he winces faintly, just after Abigail has landed on the curb proper, before he admits further from there: "Judging from what you yelled back there, um... I was kinda... Aheh..." It might very well be a nervous tic that makes him smile right in the middle of saying all this, along with the neurotic rub of a hand along the very back of his neck there. "...Hired by the person who did all this?"

"Yer kidding."

He knwos good and damn well he's not. Abigail sighs and reaches up to punch the bridge of his nose. He then lowers his hand and sniffs, rubbing at his nose with the back of his hand and sneezing slightly as he takes in a bit of dust.

"Yer joking." he repeats. He's really tryuing to roll to disbelieve here. But, despite his best efforts..Daisuke remains there and does not vanish into the ether. No, this is..quiet real But the behemothr emains confused as he looks on and truly begins to take in the timid looking japanese wanderer.

"..Wait a second.. how the hell do you know -Juri-? No offense kid but she's calmed down since I first met 'er a few years ago and she'd -still- eat you alive. What kinda meet up is this? Don't tell me..."

He frowns, searching his mind for an answer and then settles on:

"What're you..her boyfriend? I mean opposites do attract.." He turns his head to look over the area, "And honestly..I think she's maybe..half of the cause of this mess. From the looks of it..we got jumped by one of the other teams mentors and she took him down." He holds his smartphone out for Daisuke to look at if he wishes. The image of Zog's massive body, partially buried under a pile of rubble can be seen.

"I'm not kidding, sir," Daisuke states first, mostly deadpan... if it wasn't for the still-continuing nervous smile on his lips.

"I'm not joking, sir," he repeats right alongside with Abigail with the continued disbelief. He still simply stays there, without any seeming intend to even so much as back away despite the utterly imposing figure Abigail poses. And make no mistake, it's not like he's immune to that particular imposition either!

"Yeah, I know..." He sighs out, in reluctant agreement with the big man's initial assessment. Juri could absolutely eat hmi up, he has no way to argue that one. "It's kind of difficult to explain..." Especially more so since he isn't entirely sure how much of their particular arrangement he *should* be explaining.

But before he can even think of any adequate explanation, Abigail jumpst o a conclusion all on his own that... well. Has the poor boy sputtering right on the spot. "I-it's not like that!!" He blurts out, face quickly turning red and his free hand going waving in front of him in protest. "We're definitely n-not like... t-that!"

He doesn't quite manage to fully come down from the shock of that even by the time he is getting presented with the photo of... what appears to be an ogre, buried underneath some rubble. "Uh... I'm not entirely sure who that is... I haven't really kept up with all the news on this whole deal..." Why... why is he here then?

"What the--How're you supposed to be an intern then!?"

He's being slightly hypocritical here. He's a sponsor. A mentor. and at the first team meeting he'd neglected to even read up on who the fighters were, including one that was interested in studying under him. AT least at the time.

But for right now, his ire falls upon Daisuke as he sets his jaw into a deep bullish frowna nd his nostrils flare visibly with a displeased snort. "How're you supposed to work with us if you don't even know what the hell's going on!? Man..I got enough to deal with and now I gotta repair this place -and- bring you up to speed?? Kid you're operating at leas then a quarter tank! And from the looks of aint got much horsepower to give either. Where's your Vrooom and bang and boom Boom BOOM!"

As he rumbles nad roars he gets more and more animated, his tree truk dwarfing arms swinging about and his huge feet stomping back and forth as if trying to amp Daisuke up. THe ground rumbles and shakes under the pressure of his antics and then just like that he stops with a rumbling, "Rrrrrrt!"

"Listen this is Zog. He's one of the mentors with Team Blaze. One of our rivals. Juri sent a message but Imma need to reinforce it but on top of that I also gotta make sur I either get the gangs on our side or ounder our foot. You got me? And yer gonna help!"

Daisuke finally gives out wince when Abigail voices his complaint about Daisuke's... well, whole presence, more or less. "I wasn't really briefed a lot, I'm sorry!"

If the pep speech and the non-verbal gesticulating and stomping and rumbling were all meant to pump up Daisuke, it all unfortunately seems to do... somewhat of an opposite, to start with. The redheaded boy seems to shrink just a little there (which, granted, might not be that noticable next to someone of Abigail's size anyway).

"U-um, 'vroom'...?" Daisuke repeats too, in a slightly quieter voice, seeming confused. "I d-don't have a license, if that's what you mean..."

He might be starting to regret just coming in here blindly before getting into some kind of contact with Juri. Not a lot he can do now about it though. He kind of knew what he was getting into just for getting involved with her in the first place. At least he appears to listen attentively enough to Abigail when he starts to explain what the apparent plan going forward seems to be. Even if he does seem a *little* worried when he talks about stomping gangers under their feet.

"Eh?" And that slips out with a momentary agape mouth on the redhead's part when he is more or less enlisted into THAT process, too. "Eh?? Eeeeh?! Wait--" There goes that hand waving in front of him again. "Wait, hold on, no one said anything about gang warfare when I waas told to come here! I'm not some kind of enforcer or muscle or whatever!" It's true, he hardly looks like someone who would be seen in a fighting ring... well, unless he was one of those weird acrobatic types who flip all over the place. His physique seems to suggest runner more than anything else, honestly.

"What the--what kinda intern are you??"

Abigail clearly has a skewed vision of what it means to be an intern. Then again this is a guy who works out by crushing scrapped cars with his arms when hsi machinary is down or when bored. Who brings semi truck cabs in and drops them infront of his garage to smash apart with his save on the electric bill. Therefore 'intern' must equal 'smash things'.

"She didn't tell you about the gangs here? Or the tournament? Or the training? Or -anything-??" He shakes his head in exasperation and tosses his phone roughly back into his truck as he mumbles, " do look like you need abit of an engine upgrade. You can't drive without power!"

Resting one massive hand on his hips he reaches up with his other to rub the bottom of his jaw and then glances past Daisuke to look to the shadows of the streets beyond. "She kinda sent you in without any help eh? I mean look!" Lifting an arm bigger around then Daisuke is he points off in the distance. "You were even being followed on your way here! Man.. I got work to do. Are you -sure- yu're an intern? Can you even throw a punch??"

"...I'm supposed to be an administrative intern, apparently," Daisuke offers after another good moment of letting Abigail let everything out for the time being. While the big man was listing all those things, he couldn't really bring himself to do more than listen while feeling very, very small. "Y-you know? Scheduling and management and... stuff? I dunno, I guess also get coffee for everyone, if I was to understand some of that right..." He looks a *little* uncertain about that, thanks to the scratch to his cheek, but...

...For some reason, *now* he doesn't sound so entirely truthful. He might realize that too, himself, so he adds in after a few seconds of potentially getting stared down: "... I may or may not be a punching bag for your recruits too. I think. I mean..."

He lifts an arm, clenching one hand into a fist immediately as Abigail asks if he can even throw a punch. "...Yeah? I mean, I kinda have to, in Southtown. But I'm not officially a fighter or anything if that's what you're asking..."

As for him getting followed? Out of all the things Abigail has complaints about, *that* he just responds to with a completely deadpan look and a blunt declaration of: "I know." Did... did he ever even look their way, though?

Oh yes. Stare he does. Stare. Abigail's eyes bore into Daisuke once again as he listens. Basically pinprics given the intensity of that look as if he were counting the very pebbles and specs of dust on the ground by peering right through the young man.

When he doesn't completely just wilt under Abigail's stare, the huge man relents finally though he still doesn't seem entirely pleased.

That is then disrupted by the admission that the young man knew he was bieng followed all along and Abigail is forced to crank both of his eyebrows higher, almist lifting them from his head before staring at Daisuke once again.

"Whaddya mean 'I know'?? Are you nuts? You don't look like you can snap a strand of sphagetti but you all 'I know' about being followed aorund in a city like this? Listen. Rule #1..don't go anywhere by yerself in Sunshine CIty in this area. The Black Dragon Cult are nutjobs and even their small fry can be irritating." He considers matters before noting, "This aint no Southtown. I can't have you getting splatted. Juri would never stop yelling about it."

The look that hits Daisuke when Abigail calls him out on his absurd claim - true or false - suggests that he very much did not think that statement through. Perhaps for different reasons than what Abigail might assume, though!

"O-oh, um..." He stumbles immediately after, the deadpan look falling away like crumbling sand. "W-well, t-that's to say... I mean, what was I going to do just by knowing? Aheh..." Well, that one's true, anyway. He didn't want to draw attention to himself by trying anything -- ill-advised or otherwise. "I figured there'd be someone waiting here anyway, you know?" Someone much better equipped to ward off the unsavory types, the implication seems to be. That just seems to owe even more to the fact that he wasn't really prepared for coming here in any way or form.

"... I wasn't planning on... 'getting splatted', though, for what it's worth..." The redhead goes on to mumble, though there's not any bite behind his words there.

The japanese boy seems to consider his position here, though, and purses his lips with that thought. He's definitely not going to get anywhere by souring relations with the teammates of his 'employer'.

"Look," he eventually says, voice suddenly much lower, as if he might be afraid someone could be eavesdropping. "The reasons I was told to come here for aren't... entirely official, you know? But I kinda don't wanna talk about any of it here..."

He probably could have worded that much better. But surely there's no way Abigail would misinterpret that in any way still, right? Right?

"NOT OFFICIAL!?" bellows Abigail, several decibel higher then should be possible for a human being.

So much for that.

"You two knuckleheads better not be about tog et Team Frost disqualfiied! Th'hell Juri...?!" Abigail lifts his massive arms in exasperation and then finally drops them and seems to come to a final conclusion on the matter. "Well you're here now.. But this aint no office building or coffee shop and as far as being a punching bag for th others that aint gonna do them much good if you can't fight back. So you're going to have to train with them. You need some muscle on you anyway. A stronger sturdier frame and more horsepower. I can take care of that..."

He begins looking Daisuke over assessingly as if he were wearing some sort of invisible power level scouter on his head. His vast neck flares out abit in a thick flex as he tilts his chin up apraisingly and then nods his head. "..Yeah..I'll work with you. So if you wanna hang with Team frost, fine. I see the potential..."

With that, he thumbs his masive hand over at the wreckage, "But first things first. We gotta clean this all up and then maybe pay a visit to Team Blaze and then still track down Abobo. I guess you could be a decoy..."

The exclamation is certainly loud enough to send Daisuke's previously upright form leaning back, like a tree getting blown along with the wind!

He doesn't squeak, though. Barely.

"Ssshhhhh!" He tries to hush the giant right after, no matter how much just the notion of trying to calm someone like that down is immediately firing off all his instincts telling him NOT TO DO THAT. "Not so loud!! B-besides, it-- it's not that kind of thing!! B-besides, whatever you're planning sounds more disqualification worthy, but..." Beat. "... I guess I don't know the exact rules of this whole event, do I?"

Still, the redhead sighs, and leans to the side to take a look at... well, the ruins behind him. "... I can help with the cleaning, I guess," he offers. "But, uh... Who exactly is this Abobo person? And... what are you thinking about doing to them?"

"I'm a legit business man!"

Abigail looks aghast, even mortified, at the suggestion he's planning some sort of illegal action. The look is entirely not sincere in the slightest.

Abigail looks aghast, even mortified, at the suggestion he's planning some sort of illegal action. The look is entirely not sincere in the slightest.

"Alright, alright listen> Daisuke is it? Lemme help you out here since Juri clearly doesn't now what shes's doin.. Though..come to think of it. She -did- say something about some Daikatana guy.. Daisuke? So that is you. Hm.."

All that and she had already -told- him that Daisuke was coming?? The irony of thi sis utterly lost on him..or he was trolling Daisuke all this time. Or perhaps some combo of the two. His back is turned now so his expression unseen as he begins to trundle his way towards a pile of rubble that's blocking a potential route for his truck. "Basically Sunshine City's got a real problem with gagns and lowlifes. The area's run by them. Real bad sorts. One's called the Black Dragon Cult. Mercenary and thugs and low lifes. All sorts of bad dealings. Abobo is an enforcer who used to be with them but according ot Juri he's running his own thing right now. Basically we want to keep the gangs off our backs so that we cn freely train around the city or possibly even take a few of 'em on for...practice..without necessarily sparkin' a gang war. I..uh."

Pause. His identity as a Chief of Mad Gear, one of the most infamous gangs and criminal organizations that held an entire major U.S. city in their grip for years is...perhaps not something he wants to quickly reveal to the delicacy that is Daisuke. "I..uh." he repeats before finally just stating, "I got connections due to past work. Ask Juri about it later. I was hoping to get Abobo's attentions and kinda...'make sure' we had an understanding."

"...Soooo... You knew I was coming afterall...?" Asking that might be treading some dangerous waters, but then again, Daisuke might not seem like a very smart person. Eitehr that or he has some particular reason to believe Abigail won't actually get mad at him for asking that.

That little needling put aside, Daisuke listens attentively, nodding along every now and then -- and frowning towards the end, too. It's not a particularly displeased frown, though. It's one of understanding, one reinforced with a nod afterwards, along with an "I understand" on Daisuke's part. "Sounds like it will be a help to the locals too, honestly... Okay. I'll help however I can." Where's this sudden confidence coming from all of a sudden?! "...Um, that being said though..." Aaaand there's that much more familiar nervous expression again.

"...What was that about going to see Team Blaze, then...?"

"They came and saw us didn't they?" notes Abigail. He gestures at the wreckage and then wrinkles his nose as he notes dried remnants of Zog's ogre blood here and there.

"Look at this mess! Half if it is Juri probably but look you don't come over here and harass my people at my place of business and not hear from me about it!"

That said, he reaches down and grasp hold of a massive block of rubble. A distorted and busted up part of the ground which he then literally rips upward with a sundering of concrete and a shaking of the ground. The superhuman feat is casual. His muscles bulging like boulders under his skin but his expression hinting at effortless inhuman power. His back is still turned to Daisuke but his physique noticably bulks up and swells as he casually moves the incredible mass.

"I just wanna..have a 'word' with 'em. I guess Juri taught Zog a lesson so it doesn't make sense for me to after the fact but that don't mean I don't handle my business."

He turns now, slightly facing Daisuke and now..has a grin on his face that is more akin to what a slasher film villain might look like when smiling or some sort of hulking monstrous great white shark.

"And yeah..I knew yer name. But I wasn't sure.. She didn't exactly give me a description or use the word intern! She just said you were here to lend a hand, so whatever that means. I took that to mean fight! But you aint a fighter!"

"It *is* a hell of a mess..." Daisuke agrees easily, still kind of peering at the destruction from behind and around Abigail. "I feel like we would need, like... construction equipment at this point to get it all cleaned u-"

Aaaand Abigail is promptly hoisting up an enormous chunk of concrete like he was merely hoisting up a cardboard box used for storing stuff during a move from one apartment to another. Daisuke can do little more than just stare in bafflement over this truly monstrous showcase of power, and note, meekly, "...or that. I can't... do that, though..."

The shark-esque grin the pile of muscle flashes off over to him damn near makes his heart stop, though. But thankfully his bodily functions return to normal operations quickly enough that he can ask, dubiously, "So... your second guess was 'secret lover'?"

A deep sigh comes, and the (by comparison) small japanese redhead rubs one hand over his forehead, while considering the prospect of going to knock on the other team's doorstep over this whole incident. "Isn't it... Kinda settled mostly then? I mean I get wanting to tell them to knock it off with that kind of stuff, though. Just... Please tell me you're actually planning to *just* talk?"

The Mad Gear titan turns, holding the massive piece of rubble before him now, massive hands gripping either side of it with his arms splayed out as if he were grappling with a boulder width of the front end of a car. There is a sound of his tendons creaking and his muscle bunching followed by the soudn of the concrete compressing, cracking and then violently imploding as the behemoth shatters the debris and crushes it with the fanfare of someone smashing a piece of brittle clay. Dust plumes up violently and bits of stone rocket everywhere as the giant brings his hands together thunderously, his vast body leering through the cloud of dust like some sort of kaiju as the debris cloud envelops him.
%"Yeah. Talk."

This display of brute strength done, Abigail dusts his hands off and then points at Daisuke, leveling a finger as thick as a tree branch at him. "LIsten kid. FIghtres 'talk' all the time. You know how? With this!"

HE clenches his fist, grinning that slasher grin again as his knuckles pop and crack with a sound like boulders splintering. THe ground itself seems to shake from the giants pressure.
"My nickname is The SUperhuman Hot-Rodder and -this- is how I 'talk' when I'm not happy and I aint happy."

It's also how he 'talks' when he is so..there is that. But who iss arguing the details.

"Besides..what're you worried about? They're a rival team! f I did go prove a point ..aint that a good thing?"

After a pause he adds, "I wouldn' throw the first swing. You'er right n that Juri did take Zog down a peg but that don't mean they don't need to know Im watching them."

Abigail's manhandling of the massive slab of concrete gives Daisuke enough reason to take two steps back -- but even after that, once the piece shatters into a dust cloud, the young man's left coughing and hacking from the dirt invading in through the air.

"I m-mean, I guess that's fair..." The redhead allows, waving his hand in front of him to try to ward off at least some of the dust that is flowing about around his breathways. "All I'm saying is, wouldn't it be best to leave most of the fighting for the official matches, you know? And between the people you're sponsoring and stuff?"

Sighing again, a bit indignantly at that, he wanders off along to the side, where he can hop atop a larger pile of rubble, seating himself down along the edge of it like it was a wayward log in a forest used as an improvised seat. "... I was also kind of hoping I would be staying away from the other teams, honestly? Or at least away from cameras."

The bruiser watches Daisuke as he steps away. There is the faintest hint of a frown there. A slight tug of disappointment on the sides of his mouth. But then his lips purse and he ndos his head to himself before turning away.

"It's not just about the team matches kid.. The sponsors have their foot in play as well even though an official -tournament- is obviously left to those fighting but look...I'm not trying to make you do anything. I just thought maybe you'd be interested in learning a thing or two. I -are- an intern...right? That's what you introduced yerself oas. That's what interns do. But...."

He waves it off, "I'm not trying to force nothing on you like that. IF you got some reason to stay off camera and away from the other teams then that's on you and Juri. No skin off my back. I gotta warn you though.."

He makes a mild gesture to indicate the wreckage. "Obviously anything can happen and so regardless of what you're hoping for, you better be able to adapt cause anything can happen. Including cameras showing up. So.." He looks at Daisuke directly now, tone more even as if he's closing in on smething, "If you're trying to hide yourself and stay low and out of the spotlight.. joining in on this mess aint gonna cut it.."

"Staying out of the spotlight is... mostly just a personal preference," claims Daisuke, though he does seem to be very much purposefully glancing off to the side and away from Abigail when he says that, so there might very well be something else there to it all.

"But it's like you said, you know? I'm not a fighter." There's a faint, self-depracating smile on the redhead's lips when he says that, though he does roll his shoulders in the kind of shrug that seems to be meant to signal it's not really much skin off his back if he doesn't count as one.

"I honestly can't say for sure what everything has been planned for me here, but... At least on paper I'm just Daisuke the administrative assistant and intern."

It's not like he hasn't taken into account the possibility that Juri would just outright spill some of his secrets to the rest. He did kind of assume a lot of the things he's been hiding in his daily life would end up coming out to the world at large on this particular path anyway. But for the time being, he's content enough to keep playing the same student of Taiyo without any combat ability that he always has.

"Well. Anyway!" Suddenly perking up, he pushes himself off the large chunk of rubble, landing down on his feet on the curb once more with a slight bounce. "You said you needed me to be a decoy with that ganger guy?" THAT he's willing to just jump into?!

Abigail laughs. It's a rolling thunderous laugh that could only be managed by someone of his particular levels of immensity and personality. A quaking belly laugh that is followed by a bemused: "Yeah right."

Abigail makes a efw absent gestures at that, as if waving the whole thing away, "Listen..if you're hiding from something or on the run from something or need to keep your head's fine. No judgement 'ere, kid. But you should know, I got a sense for being able to tell when someone's not being straight with me or honest."

Being a chief in a gang known for various crimes ranging from kidnaping to extortion might have something to do with honing that particular sense.

"Keep your secrets though..." He considers Daisuke a little longer and then finally rumbles, " don't want to come with me to have a word with Team Blaze but you want to maybe throw youself in the line of fire in possblle negotiations with The Black Dragon Cult and other gangs? Huh."

He returns to his truck and reaches in, retrieving his discarded sunglasses before climbing in. "I guess Juri had you pegged right. She -said- you'd be willing to help and implied you had a bit of a heart in you.."

His Monster Truck revs to life with a thunderous roar and the ground creaks as his weight settles in and the wheels turn. "Just sit tight. Clean up a little bit if you can but don't wear yourself out. I'm gonna take a look inside and then decide on hitting the streets again or not. Relax. You're in good hands!"

"Everyone has secrets, right?" Daisuke suggests, while seemingly regarding Abigail much closer than before. There's a strange bit of... intent behind his look there, almost, one that lasts for roughly five seconds before he states, bluntly, "You have some too, don't you?"

Did... Did his eyes seem like they were glowing some there, just now? Just for a second? Nah, it's probably just a trick of the light. The sun shining right on the boy's face. Yeah, that's probably it.

The boy can't help but look sheepish when he's called out on his willingness to go engage with the gangs, and he almost looks embarrassed with his smile when he scratches at his cheek again. "Aheh... Well, I mean... It's kind of a different thing, I guess? It'd be a huge help to everyone around anyway, so... Yeah." He... doesn't really sound like he has a proper explanation for why this would be more acceptable for him to get involved with.

The loud rise of the truck's engine does make him flinch purely out of still not expecting just how bloody loud the thing is, but he does nod at Abigail's instructions... initially, anyway.

"Clean up...?" He repeats, dubiously, and slowly looks around at... everything. The massive slabs of cement reduced to rubble, the craters, the... everything.


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