Springtide Rosalia 2021 - Rosalia #16) Don't Mind the Dust

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Description: Rachel to Nago while reviewing a scroll containing attendees: "This one was clever in securing her entrance. Obviously, she is no noble of Makai. But I feel compelled to reward such panache with a chance acquisition. If she can survive being the prey of that bloody creature, she will have more than earned it in the entertainment provided to my guests... Now, where was that old storage room anyway? The one with the... Gii! Fetch the map."

When the elite party, they really know how to party. When the monsters mash, they really know how to mash. When both are applicable, attending is to die for. Among the corpses in capes and corsets, and supernaturals who were technically au naturale was a mundanely unique case.

The technically elite but definitely monster of the pair was known to men as Greg Green. The fellow darkstalkers might vaguely recall him as Lord Gungreg the Green. As men went he was tall, for goblins he was towering. His shoulders were respectfully broad, but this was mired by the equally wide gut that he possessed. His green faced was gnarled with all the ugliness a goblin provides, pointed teeth in a greedy grin, narrow chin jutting far in front of his face, warty nose matching.

The beyond elite but clearly mortal of the two was a woman walking in parallel. She was tall like the goblin, but far thinner, with her long limbs providing a natural appearance of some elegance. She wore a suit that was white even brighter than the freshly cleaned bones of a nearby guest. Upon her head was her favorite silk hat, which trailed with her long black hair. Notable was the dark sunglasses she wore to such an evening event. Her heels placed her well above her counterpart.

The two entered the garden with the host of other refined guests. But before they entered the castle proper for the festivities, a servant interrupted the pair. A pallid face, forced to walk and talk in a mocking imitation of life. The sickened parody of speech brought an order to the pair. "The lady would request the Lord Gungreg, and his guest, to meet in the lower east stockage." Sybil provided a protest to request clarity. "To do what exactly, are we talking deals, drugs, or is there going to be something really Roman going on?". The servant only responded. "The lady would request the Lord Gungreg, and-" She waved off the servant for the mindless autonoma it was.

The Lord Gungreg in question attempted to calm his 'date', "Oh, The thing just repeats what it was ordered, but I have a good feeling about this, in fact." He attempted to grab her shoulder, but found his middle finger immediately intercepted and turned back where it was never meant to point. "Just walk me to the lower east stockage. "

The pair walked, and walked, and walked. The winding ways of the wyrd castle was bewildering to navigate. The decaying carpets made way for primordial stone, only to return to Persian imports. The lady on Green's arm was more guide than him, as the journey prolonged he knew less and less where they were. Meanwhile she seemed to understand more with each step. When that last step ended upon the door, Green gave a boorish attempt to be gentlemanly. "OH, Allow me to open the door for you, so you can keep your hands nice and-" Sybil entered well before he finished, ignoring him.

The room was what it was called, a stocker, storage. Furnishings, decors, and other less needed materials. Sybil felt the new space as she entered. The walls had candles so old and melted that they seemed stalactites of wax. There were a sparse two windows. The overarching feature that was differing of the room was the apparent abundance of toys.

Quickly establishing the patterns of clown dolls and wooden works, Her attention was drawn to the shelfing. Upon it rested a set of silver plates and cups, a break of the monotony. Her confusion of vampire possessing silverware was exacerbated by the presence of the wine rack. From the rack, she pulled an example that was truly caked in dust. She held the bottle, and she held it, and held it. She felt the bottle, saw the past decades it sat on shelves. She gleaned the year it was bottled, 1793. She saw it so far that she began to glimpse its fate. She then promptly uncorked it and poured it into the silver goblet. She leaned back into the antique chair and placed her feet on top of a crate of paintings, she swirled the silver before taking one fine sip of the delicious year.

It would be a waste for a bottle to shatter without being drunk by anyone. Besides, what need did a vampire have for wine.

The room is quiet, being a storage room off to the side of the castle. The sound of the goings on elsewhere in the castle can be heard, but are distant and muted by the thick walls and doors. Aside from this, the only sound in the room is that of the wind through the tattered curtains. Time passes as Sybil partakes of the win. When finished, should she reach for it again, she will find it not there. Nothing but a ring where it's former presence had disturbed the gathered dust.

Then, a faint sound.....




The sound echoes through the room. That of dripping, like a slow-leaking faucet. A small puddle forms on the floor a short distance away from Sybil. There, hanging from the ceiling, is a figure cloaked in the natural shadows of the room. Another few seconds pass before there is a satisfied sigh, and then the crash of the empty bottle as it lands on the puddled thats formed on the floor.

A pair of yellow glowing eyes, pupils slitted like that of a cat, open and peer down at Sybil. A voice thick with amusement speaks as Lotus makes herself known "Well well well. Aren't WE the lady of the castle, helping ourselves to the hosts wine on a whim, hmmmmmmmm? Hmhmhmhmhmhmh!". The giggle and amusement reach the eyes, even with the rest of her unseen.

Oh, but she knows.

Sybil knows when the woman takes the bottle, and she knew the body that was hanging above her like a chandelier. She knew that the girl would be the one shattering the bottle before it was even opened. She finished her savored sip before biting back. "Says the cur staining her floors and wasting her wine upon a whim." She didn't even look up.

She had a sense of bored disappointment; she was predicting something like this. "I surmise by the knives about your waist that you are either a cook, a trap set to attack me, or an unfortunate mix?" She took another sip of wine. She knew it was one of the latter two, otherwise she would not note Green running away in fear. She pulled out a wad of cash that she unraveled and allowed to wrap about her arm. She loosened her heels, knowing what was coming.

"If you are just a simple cook, I will be genuinely impressed if you dropped down and made a dish with the floor wine mixed with the lichen. Might even tip you if it's edible." She said sarcastically before downing a great gulp.

"Have YOU ever tried to drink a bottle of wine while hanging upside down from the ceiling? I managed to down MOST of it! Only a little bit dribbled".

Lotus drops from the ceiling, fingers tracing the handles of her larger knives "Naaahhh. My cullinary tastes are pretty simple. Never bother cooking. I just eat things raw". She slowly steps around Sybil, circling like a hunter considering prey, grinning like..... well, a madwoman.


"I figured i'd give you a demonstration of their sharpness!" her face takes on a cruel expression "First hand".

COMBATSYS: Sybil has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Sybil            0/-------/-======|

COMBATSYS: Lotus has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Lotus            0/-------/-------|======-\-------\0            Sybil

As the girl drops down, Sybil lowered the cup from her lips. The lady knew there was more to this room, but she needed the leisure to search, and this girl would make that... difficult. As she circles, the wine goblet spins. She took the rotation as opportunity to fully remove her heels and bring her bare feet to the stones below. Rising to a stand, she pulled out another wad of cash with her free hand.

"I'm fine with a secondary market." She says, downing the last of the wine. Tracking the path of the girl she spins, tossing the wad of money as it unfurls into a cloud of cash. Each bill serving as a medium to transfer Sybil's power, a strike before the blade can slash.

COMBATSYS: Sybil successfully hits Lotus with AFFLUENCE!.
Glancing Blow

[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Lotus            0/-------/-----==|=======\=------\1            Sybil

With superhuman agility, Lotus dashes forwards INTO the attack! She twists sideways as she goes, narrowly evading the full hit as she cuts it too close. The charged bills burn a small path across her skin leaving a charred line on her body. She doesn't seem to notice, or care, as she LEAPS towards Sybil! The daggers are out, and she goes to land ON the woman as she stabs down, daggers trailing behind her, and eyes flashing with strange light for a moment!

This is punctuated with her squeel of "WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHEEHEEHEEHEEEEEEE!"

COMBATSYS: Sybil counters Catch the Prey from Lotus with Shell Corporation EX.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Lotus            0/-------/=======|=======\====---\1            Sybil

As the Lotus enters the air, Sybil simply turns her face down, showing only her hat like it were some kind of shield. When the slasher lands on the woman, daggers pierce. But beneath the blades it looks like the lady just crumbles away. The sound of daggers hitting rock echoed, followed by the sounding clatter of silver striking stone. About her a similar cloud of stinging, charged, money puffs up where Sybil once appeared to be, as if she impacted a down pillow.

Upon the impacting flank, the real Sybil Lotus by the throat. With the element of surprise, she lifted her light attacker by the neck in one. High into the air she brought the slasher, allowing both gravity and her grip to work in tandem. The dollar double did its work, just as predicted.

Flesh in her grip, Sybil read her just like the bottle. The Lotus, so much violence, so little purpose, the past is an open, bloody, and useless book filled with unfunny jokes. The girl in her grip was less useful to her than a dog. And she realizes the death.

This dog killed the mayor, all that money into campaign funding that became 12% less efficient. This cur cost her that 12%!.

She presses her thumb ever so slightly more, her voice filling with spite. "So you are that assassin Lotus, you owe me money for who you killed." The moment the first muscle moves for Lotus to free herself, Sybil lets go of her grip, backing away from any immediate relation at the cost of releasing.

As Sybil holds her and strikes, Lotus laaaaaaaaughs! Blood spurts and douses the wall, and potentially Sybil herself, in a spray of red. The lunatic only stares, making eye contact with Sybil "I'm sorry ma'am. You'll have to be more specific!".

When Sybil attempts to let go and pull away, Lotus grabs out, attempting to get ahold of her, flip her over, and then jump on her with all her body weight! Granted, it isn't much, but she DOES weight over 100 pounds, so still enough to really hurt!

COMBATSYS: Sybil counters Strong Throw from Lotus with Corporate Takeover.
# Disabling hit! #

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Lotus            1/--=====/=======|=======\===----\1            Sybil

Sybil did not react as a drop of blood landed on her sunglasses. When Lotus gets ahold of her arm she only grinned, as Lotus had gotten hold of far more than she had bargained for. Exactly where her hand was placed, rising from the white sleave, was a collection of Lincolns that wrapped about her palm. From Sybils suit streamed half a man's salary.

The bills bolted from internal and external pockets all in a single barrage. Lotus was coated in the burning currency, head to toe. She was bound, her momentum stopped, and all 100+ pounds and 1000+ dollars fell to the floor. The darkstalker grounded, Sybil went for the throat once more. She pressed her foot into the fallen's neck, trying ever so hard to keep all that nasty blood from blooding up to that impolite mouth. She was waiting for the moment the slasher would try and struggle out.

"If you want me to be more specific, fine." She said, her voice scathing as she pressed in her heel. "You owe me $832,746.41, American."

Screams are heard as Lotus' flesh sizzles, and her neck cracks as its stepped upon. Her wide bloodshot eyes staaaaaaare up at Sybil, manic grin only growing larger. She's noticed her prey has been..... careful about avoiding getting messy.

Where's the fun in THAT!?!?

Despite being under a foot, she croaks out "Ment.... which.... kill". She then starts laughing.... before spitting blood up at Sybils face. It's harmless. It's just blood.

What she does next is not as harmless.....

If Sybil is distracted as she hopes, she grabs the foot, pushes up for some room, and tries to BITE right through her shoe into her foot with her sharp disgusting, and slightly venomous, teeth!

Lotus's eyes also assume a straaaaaaaaange glow as her mania peaks!

COMBATSYS: Sybil blocks Lotus' Deadly Kiss.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Lotus            0/-------/------=|=======\====---\1            Sybil

The red spittle is launched at Sybil's face. As it arcs forwards, she turned her head to the side, allowing the glob to pass an unplucked hair's length over her upper lip. When Lotus rose up to chew the shoe, she found the feet bare of the high heels that she could ruin. Instead, the broker turned her foot so the jaws would be denied purchase around it, only being allowed to taste her sole rather than risk damage to her soul.

Teeth sunk into flesh and thick skin, causing a most ugly tearing and painful tearing, but no large blood vessels were pierced. While she would need a major pedicure, there would be little more than red dots, no great flows of blood she knew Lotus ever so liked.

The dollars spiraled about in the air about them. A Hamilton dancing with Grant in the pale moonlight. Their owner was broiled by how this wastrel dared to attempt to sully her suit, sending her to scold her further. "I'm not telling you her name freak, humanizing hear won't make you shed a bloody tear and I won't give you the satisfaction of reminiscing on just another kill." As the pair of bills laned, they touched something round, something powerful.

She would bitterly pull the biter up with her foot, then dislodge her with a hip bump to the head. To rebound, the dollars piling up around her would rise up and slam her back to the ground. Target held in place, Sybil would have the luxury to rise up into the air for but a moment. Then she would crash back down, rear first, onto were Lotus's squishy organs ought to be.

But the bills upon the orb burn away in a magical smoke.

COMBATSYS: Lotus dodges Sybil's Triple Bottom Line.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Lotus            0/-------/------=|======-\-------\0            Sybil

Sometimes, the simple answers work best. Lotus is crazy, but not a COMPLETE idiot!

When Sybil raises her leg, Lotus simply lets go! She plops back to the floor and rolls away. When the dollar and currency pillar comes to strike, she isn't there anymore! Her superhuman dexterity is on full display as she begins narrowly dodging the trails and whips of energy-infused currency, almost as if it's as much an opponent as Sybil!

With a leap, she plants on the ceiling, and then with a timely pushoff, bounds through an opening of the dangerous resource, seeking to strike at Sybil herself as she passes by with a knife aimed at the womans abdoman. The fleshy bit between the ribcage and hips!

COMBATSYS: Sybil blocks Lotus' Disabling Swipe.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Lotus            0/-------/----===|======-\-------\0            Sybil

The strikes miss their mark as Sybil feels a great loss of $60. But from above her, struck the deadly Lotus, gunning for her guts. A bundle of Washingtons slid up Sybil's left sleave as she brought her hand up to stop the strike. The singles were damaged, but they managed to slow the point enough to only bring a sharp pain to her palm.

With a twist of the wrist, she would try and grab the slasher by her stabbing arm with the dollar covered hand. She would yank the arm, forcing the biter to show her back, then press the arm into her spine, pinning her into the crate of paintings.

COMBATSYS: Sybil successfully hits Lotus with Power Throw.

[                        \\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Lotus            1/------=/=======|=======\===----\1            Sybil

COMBATSYS: Lotus takes no action.

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Sybil            1/----===/=======|

COMBATSYS: Lotus can no longer fight.

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Sybil            1/----===/=======|

As Lotus almost literally flies by Sybil, she sees the woman reaching out for a grab. Unfortunately, shes a bit too confident in her own slipperiness.

Sybil gets a strong grip, messing up Lotus' rythm enough to leave her open to the followup. Her arm is twisted, and Sybils strike plows clean through her Lotus' body, through the spine and out the stomach! She half screams, half laughs in agony as her legs go limp and for the moment she simply dangles there from Sybils grip.

The power of the orb flickers

Sybil made modern art when she pressed into a body with more force and less resistance than she could foresee. In the mangled flesh, broken bone, and supernatural madness was a true horror. It was a bane upon existence, something that felt like a shattering of Sybil's soul. She let out a wail as she realized, and forced it all into the limp lump's ear.


With her free hand Sybil began to throttle Lotus in unadulterated rage. She knew this was the flesh that would repair, would mend from this damage. An idea sprouted in her head. With the arm already bloodstained, she had no compunctions about feeling her way around in there till she located a floating rib. The damaged dollar still in hand, she wrapped it about the bone, before pulling back her soaking arm.

The the sullied hand, Sybil wrapped her fingers about Lotus's throat, while the flesh might mend, the brain will not awaken without breath. Holding the slasher's breath, Sybil called out to the one servant she had available. "GREEN! Get back here you puke scented pusbag!" While she waited for her rotund Goblin to return, she began recalling places she could turn in the bounty. $60,000 could barely cover replacing the suit's jacket, but that still could get her a new suit jacket. When Gungreg finally entered the room once again, smelling of fresh fear vomit, Sybil began to bark new orders.

"Third crate to you left, get the rope." She pointed to him, and he tossed it to her. "This little tumor ruined my suit, get the backup dress out the bag." She requested as she began wrapping the rope about Lotus's neck. Green fumbled through the bag, trying to locate Sybil's backup dress. After setting aside a replacement shirt for himself, he located the dress and scarf. "Hang that up on the clown, then unload the paintings from this box." As the technical lord obeyed every order faster than a lowly servant, the broker bound the rest of Lotus, to prevent her from moving.

She removed each and every knife hidden on the slasher's body, and piled them around in a scattered mess. Gungreg tried to remove the lip, but could not locate any option beyond pulling up the nails with his own talons. Once the box was emptied, Sybil picked up Lotus and roughly dropped her in the painting's crate. Task done, she pointed back at the door. "Now take out the crate, get out, and guard it! I will know if you let it out of your sight." The goblin obeyed, pushing with all his might to get the crate out the door, closing it behind him.

Problem of Lotus delt with, she began wiping the blood off on the tattered remains of drapes that were in a pile on the ground. She changed out of her stained top and pants, replacing them with a strapless red dress, and white fox fur scarf, and luckily her hat was untouched, She began to walk back, to join the elites to party, and pull out an explanation.

Left behind, propped up on a pile of mishandled frames, was a painting of a pair girl. Sitting was a man, old, with long white hair and beard. Behind him was a small girl with long blond hair wearing a black dress . Both had deathly pale skin, and eyes a bloody red. The painting overlooked the shattered bottles, blood stained furnishings, a pile of knives, and the dusty space where a box once was.

Gone from the gaze was that orb, now rolling about in a goblin's bag.

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